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Agency: Department of Veterans Affairs
State: South Dakota
Level of Government: Federal
  • V - Transportation, Travel and Relocation Services
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Posted Date: Oct 3, 2017
Due Date: Oct 6, 2017
Solicitation No: 36C26318Q0005
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Added: Oct 03, 2017 11:16 am
This is a sources sought notice only and it is not a solicitation notice. Please DO NOT provide a quote at this time. The purpose of this sources sought notice is to gain knowledge of qualified potential contractors and their socioeconomic size classification in accordance with NAICS code 485999. Responses will be used by the Government to make appropriate acquisition decisions.

After a review of the responses to the sources sought notice, a solicitation announcement may be posted to GSA s ebuy. A response to this sources sought notice is not an adequate reply to the forthcoming solicitation.

The VA in Iowa City, IA is seeking a qualified contractor to provide Airport Transportation Services. See attached performance work statement(PWS) for details.

This is not a solicitation and in no way obligates the Government to award any contract. Additionally, a response to this sources sought notice is not a request to be added to a prospective bidders list or to receive a copy of the solicitation. The purpose of this sources sought is strictly for market research purposes.

Please send all responses to Travis Johnson at travis.johnson2@va.gov NLT 12:pm CST on 6 October 2017.

Airport Transportation Services

For the Iowa City VA Health Care System (VAHCS)

Requirement. The Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Midwest Health Care Network, Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) 23, Iowa City VA Health Care System (VAHCS), Iowa City VA Health Care System, located at 601 Highway 6 West, Iowa City, Iowa 52246-2209 requires Airport Shuttle Services on an as-needed basis. The anticipated period of performance is from November 1, 2017 to October 31, 2018, and includes four (4) one-year option periods to be exercised at the discretion of the Government.

Background. One-way and Roundtrip Airport Shuttle Services are needed to/from the VAHCS and/or the contracted Transplant Lodging Hotel (identified below) to/from the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and to/from Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids to the Iowa City VA Health Care System (VAHCS) or the contracted Transplant Lodging Hotel. Transportation may be provided for transplant patients, donors, and support personnel. Vehicles must be equipped to transport VA beneficiaries in wheelchairs and/or assisted with other medical equipment. Trips are needed on an as-needed basis.

Description of Services.

Transportation will be needed on an as-needed basis and during all hours of airport operations, 365 days a year.

Passengers will be picked up/dropped off at the shuttle/Taxi pick-up area of the terminal or at the appropriate airline entrance.

The requirement is for a per trip charge, whether the Eastern Iowa Airport is the point of departure or destination.

Transportation must be provided by a licensed Shuttle, Taxi, or other passenger transportation service.

Transportation will be provided in a licensed and insured car, van or other passenger vehicle that can again accommodate wheelchairs and/or other medical equipment.

The estimated number of trips is: 30 round trips (60 one way trips) per month, or 360 round trips (720 one way trips) annually.

Driver s Conduct. The following acts are not permissible by drivers that provide services under this contract or while on VA premises:

Use of intoxicating liquors, narcotics, or controlled substances of any kind (excluding doctor s prescriptions which do not impair driver s driving ability) while on duty or reporting for duty while under the influence of liquors, narcotics, or controlled substance of any kind (excluding doctor s prescriptions which do not impair driver s driving ability).

Gambling in any form.

Smoking and other uses of tobacco while on duty. Drivers and passengers are prohibited from smoking in transportation vehicles. The smell and residual smoke may cause patients who will be riding in the transportation vehicle to become ill.

Carrying of pistols, firearms, or concealed weapons.

Playing loud, indecent, or profane music.

Resorting to physical violence to settle a dispute with a passenger in general public while on duty.

Spitting in prohibited places or any other unsanitary, offensive, or insensitive practices or behavior.

Use of loud, indecent, or profane language and/or making threatening or obscene gestures toward passengers or others.

Stopping for personal business, including excessive use of restroom facilities, while vehicle is occupied by a passenger. The driver shall not leave the vehicle with the key in the ignition at any time.

Engaging passengers in a verbal confrontation in an attempt to settle a disagreement. Should a disagreement arise, the driver is to contact his/her dispatcher/supervisor via the radio system. Also, drivers will not engage in any religious, political, or personal discussions with passengers.

Soliciting or accepting tips from passengers, companions, or others at any time.

Drivers will display professional manners at all times. Rude or obscene behavior or language will not be accepted. Aggressive driving will not be tolerated. Nor will drivers be expected to tolerate the same from the passengers.

Communication System. The Contractor s Communication System shall consist of:

The Contractor shall make available sufficient telephone capacity to ensure immediate communication access between the Iowa City VAHCS and the Contractor s facility for the purposes of canceling trip requests as well as handling other emergencies.

The Contractor shall have telephone coverage to accept calls from the Iowa City VAHCS during the hours of 5:30AM to 10:00PM.

The Contractor shall ensure the availability of GPS tracking devices, mobile radio and/or cellular telephone communication with all vehicles providing transportation service at all times.

Service Disruption.

Hazardous Weather. When conditions, neither foreseeable and/or controllable by the Contractor occur, such as but not limited to severe storms, flooding, blizzards, snow, hazardous road and travel conditions, time and distance requirements shall be considered secondary to safety precautions. Delays or exceptions to the required quality of services will be reported to the COR or AOD. The COR will make a determination as to whether such delays in service will be excused.

Accidents. Contractor shall immediately report all incidents and accidents to the VAHCS COR, and/or other appropriate officials, including those where there is no apparent injury to the patient, which occurs while transporting VA beneficiaries. A written report from the driver documenting the facts of the incident/accident must be provided to the VAHCS COR within 24 hours of the occurrence. The written report will include the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of any witnesses as well as any applicable Police Reports. Any accident involving major damage, serious personal injury or loss of life shall be reported to the COR immediately. Records shall be kept for three (3) years for each accident where a VA beneficiary is involved.

Breakdowns. The Contractor shall report to the COR or AOD any and all vehicle breakdowns (with vehicle number) or other problems, which may cause service disruptions immediately. When a breakdown occurs, it is the responsibility of the Contractor to provide back-up transportation to minimize any delay or inconvenience to the passenger(s).

Provision of Services.

Drivers shall wear appropriate attire with a picture identification badge that clearly identifies the company they work for and the contract employee s name.

Driver shall ensure the employees or patients are seated in an approved seat prior to transportation actually beginning from a location. No one will sit on the floor or stand in the vehicle, if equipped.

Contractor s performance shall be in conformance with the contract and all applicable Federal, state, and local laws to include Department of Transportation, 49 CFR, Parts 27, 37, 38, 571 and VA Standards. All regulations of the State Public Service Commission (PSC) (of where the Contractor s facility is located) governing the control, operation of and licensing of the transportation contractor are incorporated herein by reference. All records submitted to and/or compiled by the Contractor regarding vehicle inspections, safety, maintenance records, and manifests, etc. may be reviewed prior to awarding a contract and periodically throughout the term of the contract.

If required or needed, if the vehicle is not equipped with an automatic step and one is needed, the driver will exit the vehicle and place a step at the door to assist passengers loading and unloading the vehicle.

Equipment and Vehicles.

The Government reserves the right to inspect Contractor equipment and vehicles, or require documentation of compliance with contract specifications. Such an inspection if conducted does not constitute a warranty by the Government that the Contractor s vehicles and equipment are properly maintained.

The Government reserves the right to restrict the Contractor s use of equipment and vehicles which are in need of repair, unclean, unsafe, damaged on the interior or exterior body, and are not in compliance with contract specifications. The restriction of such equipment and vehicles shall not relieve the Contractor from providing all required services as defined herein.

The Contractor shall transport beneficiaries in vehicles (for the required purpose) that meet the specifications identified herein. Vehicles and equipment used in performance of this contract shall be as follows:

All vehicles shall meet current applicable Federal, State and local specifications and regulations including, but not limited to, licensing, registration, insurance coverage and safety standards. Licensing by the State of Iowa is required. Vehicles shall also meet any city or county requirements as mandated by these agencies.

Vehicles shall be clean and in good repair at all times during the performance of this contract. All vehicles shall be equipped with a first aid kit and a warning triangle.

Vehicles shall undergo continual preventive maintenance as per manufacturer s recommendation.

All vehicles shall be equipped with a cellular phone and GPS that shall be operational at all times during contract performance. Vehicles shall meet or exceed all applicable Federal, State and local regulations in regard to chauffeuring paying clients. This shall include all Department of Transportation requirements.

The vehicle(s) and their equipment and supplies must be of the quality, model and condition to assure high quality transportation and shall meet the minimum standards for maintenance, equipment and staffing of all sedans operated. If a shuttle is used, it must have adequate straps and seat belts necessary to secure passengers. The Contractor must have records of preventive maintenance of all sedans being used for service to the VA. Vehicles and maintenance records will be made available to the VA for quarterly inspections or whenever the COR feels such inspections are needed.

Vehicle Specifications.

All vehicles under the terms and conditions of this contract shall be licensed and meet the minimum vehicle requirements as mandated by the Department of Transportation in the State of which the vehicle is operated (Iowa).

All vehicles must have the following:

Contractor shall provide a list of all vehicles utilized on this contract to the COR. The list shall include vehicle identification numbers and insurance certificates prior to providing service.

Contractor shall submit vehicle list to the COR quarterly.

Vehicles shall have a functioning speedometer which indicates speed in miles per hour (MPH) and a functioning odometer which indicates distance correctly in tenths of a mile.

Vehicles shall be equipped with operational heating and air conditioning systems. Contractor shall not operate a vehicle for beneficiary pick-up if the Heating System is inoperable and the temperature is forecasted to be below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or if the AC system is inoperable and the temperature is forecasted to exceed 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Vehicles shall not have grime, oil or other substances, cracks, breaks, dents, and damaged points that noticeably detract from the overall appearance of the vehicle.

Vehicles shall have all body molding in place, or if removed, holes shall he filled and painted.

Vehicles shall have passenger compartments that are clean and empty.

Vehicles shall not have torn upholstery or floor coverings, damaged or broken seats, sharp objects or edges that are protruding, or insects and vermin.

Vehicles shall have windows and doors, which can be opened and closed in accordance with manufacturer standards.

Vehicles shall meet all safety and mechanical standards established by Federal, State and local statutes and regulations.

Vehicles shall have flares and reflective emergency cones or similar devices in the event of a breakdown.

Vehicle Inspection. The COR shall inspect all vehicles that are to be utilized in the performance of this contract.

The Government reserves the right to inspect any vehicle used to provide transportation services under this contract and reject equipment, without advance notification which is found to be in a condition or equipped in a manner which does not comply with contractual provisions. Such suspensions will be effective at the time of arrival of such equipment, or at the time the COR notifies the contractor that deficiencies have been reported.

Inspections shall be conducted:

Prior to contract start.

At the beginning of each contract period.

Before each initial use of a vehicle that is added to the quarterly list.

Quarterly throughout the life of the contract.

Whenever the COR determines an inspection is warranted.

Before a vehicle that has been out for repairs is returned to the fleet.

Contractor shall not use any vehicles for this contract that do not pass inspection.

COR shall contact the Contractor to coordinate the date, time, and location for inspections.

Driver s List. The Contractor shall provide the COR a list of all drivers, utilized for this contract, quarterly. The Contractor shall ensure that all drivers providing services under this contract will have less than five (5) current points on their driver s license, none of which were assessed for Reckless Driving. The VAHCS Iowa City reserves the right to order the removal from service under this contract, any driver who violates the provisions of this section. Contractor shall provide a copy of the state driver s license as supporting documentation.

Passenger Complaints.

The COR will monitor the service provided.

The Contractor shall cooperate with the COR in providing information and answering questions in a timely manner when requested.

The Contractor shall refer complaints received directly from the customer(s) to the COR.

All complaints received by the COR and forwarded to the Contractor shall be investigated promptly. After investigation and disposition, the Contractor shall respond to the COR within five (5) working days after receipt by the Contractor.

Complaints against driver for inappropriate behavior or discourtesy will be submitted to the VAHCS COR and may result in the Iowa City VAHCS requiring Contractor to remove offending driver(s) from service. Drivers who accumulate five (5) unrelated, substantiated complaints in a 12-month period shall be prohibited from providing any further services under this contract.

The Contractor shall maintain a record of each employee as to the character, current driving records and physical capabilities of performing the duties under the contract. This record will be made available for inspection upon request by the Contracting Officer or the COR/ACOR.

Patient Welfare.

The Government expects the successful offeror to exercise extreme caution and care in handling of patients.

Any abuse of patients will be grounds for default action or termination of the contract.

The VA reserves the right to bar any driver from transporting VA beneficiaries should he/she violate any terms of this contract.

The Contractor will meet or exceed all regulatory agency requirements including patient confidentiality and safety standards.
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Posted Date:
October 3, 2017
Description: 36C26318Q0005 36C26318Q0005_1.docx
Contracting Office Address :
Department of Veterans Affairs;NETWORK 23 CONTRACTING OFFICE;2501 W. 22nd St.;Sioux Falls SD 57105
Point of Contact(s) :
Travis Johnson



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