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Level of Government: Federal
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Posted Date: Nov 20, 2019
Due Date: Dec 19, 2019
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  • Original Published Date: Nov 19, 2019 02:40 pm EST
  • Original Response Date: Dec 19, 2019 11:59 pm EST
  • Inactive Policy: Manual
  • Original Inactive Date: Mar 27, 2020
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  • Original Set Aside: Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Set-Aside (FAR 19.14)
  • NAICS Code: 541310 - Architectural Services
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Page 11 of 11 THIS ANNOUNCEMENT IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL. THE GOVERNMENT WILL NOT PAY NOR REIMBURSE ANY COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH RESPONDING TO THIS REQUEST. THE GOVERNMENT IS UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO AWARD A CONTRACT AS A RESULT OF THIS ANNOUNCEMENT. The Department of Veterans Affairs is seeking a qualified Architect-Engineering (AE) firm to provide Schematics, Design Development, Construction Documents, Technical Specifications, Construction Period Services, Site Visits, Cost Estimates, As-Built Documentation, and all other related information for Project 526-19-529, Replace Loading Dock Roof Canopy. This Project will provide a new roof canopy for the Loading Dock platform located at the James J. Peters DVA Medical Center, 130 W. Kingsbridge Road, Bronx, NY 10468. This requirement is being procured in accordance with the Brooks Act as implemented in FAR Subpart 36.6. Applicable NAICS code is 541310 and small business size standard of $7.5 Million. Magnitude of Construction is between $250,000.00 and $500,000.00. This is a 100% Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Set Aside. The anticipated award date of the proposed Architect Engineer Contract is on or before February 28, 2020. Potential contractors must be registered in SAM (www.sam.gov) and visible/certified in Vet Biz (www.vetbiz.gov) at time of submission of their qualifications in order to be considered for an award. As a prospective offeror or bidder for this Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB) set aside, you are verifying your company meets the status requirements of a VOSB concern as established by 38 CFR Part 74. NOTE - Offerors are referred to 48 CFR 852.219-10 (c) (1): Services (except construction) at least 50 percent of personnel for contract performance will be spent for employees of the concern or employees of other eligible service disabled veteran-owned small business concerns . In order to assure compliance with this clause, all firms submitting a SF 330 for this Sources Sought Notice are required to indicate what percentage of the cost of contract performance will be expended by the concerns employees and in which discipline(s) and percentage of cost of contract performance to be expended (and in what disciplines) by any other subcontracted or otherwise used small or large business entity(s). Any subcontracted or otherwise business entity(s) used must be identified by name, office location and size/type of business (i.e. SDVOSB, VOSB, 8(a), large, etc). LOCATION James J. Peters DVA Medical Center, Bronx, NY. COST RANGE Estimated Construction Cost Range: Between $250,000 and $500,000. TYPE OF CONTRACT CONTEMPLATED The Department of Veterans Affairs is contemplating awarding a firm fixed price contract. ESTIMATED START AND COMPLETION DATES The Department of Veterans Affairs requires design and contract support services. The estimated start and end dates for the design are as follows: ITEM DATE Receive Notice to Proceed from (NTP) TBD Deliver Investigative Analysis Report, Conceptual Design 30 calendar days from NTP Review/Discussion of Report and Findings 45 calendar days from NTP Deliver 35% Design Submission 75 calendar days from NTP Review 35% Design Material 90 calendar days from NTP Deliver 100% Design Development Review Material 120 calendar days from NTP Review 100% Design Development Review Material 135 calendar days from NTP Deliver 100% Final Bid Documents 150 calendar days from NTP The A/E shall perform the work required within the limits of the following schedule. Professional architects, engineers and related design disciplines familiar with the work shall be provided, as directed by the Contracting Officer, to attend the VA reviews. Construction: Number of calendar days to complete construction is to be determined by the AE firm after the design is complete. The AE will provide Construction Period Services. SCOPE OF WORK ARCHITECTURAL/ENGINEERING SERVICES PROJECT #526-19-529 Replace Loading Dock Canopy Roof GENERAL SCOPE Supplement B defines the minimum requirements of completion for each phase of the project design. This document involves several disciplines. A/E will supply all labor, materials and services to include but is not limited to Architectural Specifications, electrical, mechanical, Value Engineering, progress phasing scheduling and estimating as well as other design considerations, to design for a complete and fully functional roofing and weatherproofing system for the loading dock canopy. Design will include but is not limited to the following: Replace Loading Dock Canopy Roof Design for removal of the entire of loading dock canopy roof. Existing metal ceiling tiles, lights, and sprinkler system underneath to remain. Install new built up roofing system compromising of vapor barrier, insulation, dens deck or equal roof board, Ruberoid torch down layer, energy saving granule cap. Roof to not to exceed top edge of roof and be properly pitched away from the bldg. and into drains. Cap and Ruberoid layers underneath to have seems running in same direction as water runs to drain. Include all drip edges along canopy perimeter. Edges along Bldg. meeting roof to have flashing to water seal any potential penetrations. Front Metal fascia along entire canopy to be entirely replaced. Match exiting metal color and thickness. Roof has been leaking for some time in some locations. Check the integrity of the underlying metal decking. Show the areas in on the canopy where the metal decking is corroded and needs to be replaced at those sections. Match existing metal decking. Structural Integrity of roof supports to Bldg. to be checked. Some of the structural supports have been exposed to excessive water due to poor drainage and no maintenance has been done. Design for any replacement or repairs of the structural supports. All structural supports to be weatherproofed to protect against corrosion. The existing drainage of the roof to be removed and replaced with new. All drains to have drain covers. Test for any asbestos in roofing layers, flashing and around drains. If asbestos is found, design for methods of removal. Design for all construction signage, barriers, safety harnessing or perimeter guards as needed for safe installation. All designs to have dual dimensions metric and imperial. Each submission is to be sent to the VA Regional FPSE, Peter Leszczak for review. Construction drawings shall also be provided on AutoCAD Version 2014 and Autodesk Revit 2017, on CD ROM with a minimum of 700 mb capability. Cost estimates should reflect 10% for overhead and 10% for profit and an allowance for General Conditions. The final construction documents shall have bid alternates so that the lowest bid alternate is 10% less than the approved construction budget, based on the A/E's final cost estimate. B) All design to be done as per VA specifications, NFPA 99, 101, NEC, VA design manuals, ANSI/TIA and BICSI standards. C) Coordinate all construction with Project Engineer prior to start of work. D) All penetrations made during installation around wiring, conduits, junction boxes, pull boxes, pipes, etc must be sealed with Fire Sealant Caulking and/or materials. Hilti fire sealant is hospital standard. E) Provide patchwork, paint, replacement of ceiling tiles, etc to any area destroyed during construction. All materials must match existing type. F) Any drawings provided by the Government are for reference only and it is the responsibility of the contractor to field verify all drawings, installation methods and dimensions for accuracy. G) Must clean construction site on a daily basis. H) Contractor is to furnish all warranties, operation and service manuals for the job and new equipment prior to final payment. All warranties begin when approved and accepted by Bronx VA. I) Contractor is responsible for securing the construction site, while maintaining the integrity of the Medical Center security. J) Contractor must comply with all necessary James J. Peters Bronx VA Medical Center policies in regards to Security issues, Parking, Safety Procedures, Infection Control Measures, Construction Waste Management, Ethical Conduct, etc. B. The A/E shall address the need for special protective construction (Pre-construction risk assessments) and methods of work to assure the continued operations of medical center loading dock area. C. The A/E shall develop an appropriate phasing and coordination plan for the construction of the project so as to continue the normal operation of the medical center and assure the safety of patients, visitors, and employees during all construction. D. As-built drawings will be verified by the A/E prior to using information contained in these drawings for design. A/E design shall also include requirements contained in VA standards. Drawings shall be on standard VA drawing sheets in accordance with VA Construction Standards and VA Standard Details. Construction drawings shall be provided on AutoCAD 2014. VA Master Construction Specifications will be furnished in MS Word format. All final construction documents will be submitted to the VA on a CD provided by the A/E. The A/E will edit the specification specific to this project. All cost estimates shall be on VA Form 10-6238. Cost estimates shall be quantitative based on drawings and specifications, indicating labor and materials for each branch of work and reflecting estimated cost for each item. Cost estimates shall include 10% for overhead and 10% for profit and an allowance for General Conditions. The A/E shall develop bid alternates to keep the final construction cost within the approved budget. In order to accomplish this, the final construction documents shall have bid alternates so that the lowest bid alternate is 10% less than the approved construction budget, based on the A/E's final cost estimate. II. Method of Procedure A. The A/E shall make an on-site inspection of all areas within the scope of the project to familiarize themselves with existing conditions. The A/E shall verify all dimensions including verification of drawings and information furnished the A/E by the VA. B. Upon appointment by the Director, Facility Management Service Center, the A/E will be assisted by VA Facility Management staff in confirming existing conditions. The VA makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of any as-built drawings furnished or information provided. The A/E must verify all conditions. C. The A/E shall meet with all necessary staff and medical center management in order to determine the Medical Centers requirements. The A/E shall use this information and provide several planning options to address these requirements. III Review Requirements The following are minimum requirements for review purposes only. This does not relieve the Engineering Firm of responsibility to produce a complete set of construction documents and estimates in accordance with industry standard practice and VA criteria. A. The Engineering Firm shall prepare and coordinate all engineering and site drawings, calculations, specifications and cost estimates. The degree of completion and the stages of submission shall be as specified. B. For each submission, the Engineering Firm shall incorporate the corrections, adjustments, and changes made by the VA at the previous review. The Engineering Firm shall date all reports, studies, and other submission material. C. Provide computations and sizing calculations for mechanical, plumbing, and electrical designs. For computerized calculations, submit complete and clear documentation of computer programs, interpretations of input/output and description of program procedures. D. If subsurface investigation is necessary, submit the criteria for the subsurface investigation and the qualifications of consultants being considered for the investigation. Start subsurface investigation upon approval of the proposal by the COTR. E. The Engineering Firm shall submit a construction cost estimate with the drawings at each project submission. This estimate shall show the cost of construction which would be expected to be reflected by the construction contractors' bids, if the bids were submitted on the same day as the estimate. The level of detail for this estimate shall be consistent with the degree of completeness of the drawings being submitted. For detailed elements, "lump sum" or "allowance" figures will not be accepted. DESIGN SUBMISSIONS: Preliminary Investigation, Analysis Report and Conceptual Design: AE will provide a Preliminary Analysis; a comprehensive, investigative report within 30 days of Award/NTP, with specific findings, photos, and documentation detailing existing conditions of canopy roof, along with recommendations on repair and/or replacement of structures. The AE will investigate and determine points of failure of existing roof, as the roof is currently in a dilapidated condition and is leaking in several locations. AE will provide a basic conceptual design that will illustrate the design intent moving forward. This will allow VA COR, Chief, Engineer, and Contracting Officer to understand the extent of the repairs and/or replacements needed. The AE will provide Value Engineering ideas and solutions, in order to reduce construction costs, while fulfilling the needs of the project overall. Based on the outcome and discussion of the Preliminary report and its findings, the VA will request the AE to move forward to 35% Design. B. 35% Design Submission This review shall include the following: 1. Drawings shall be completed to the extent the following is shown: a. Demolition work required for each area. b. Investigation as necessary as described in the SOW for metal decking, structural, drainage, asbestos, etc. 2. Provide a design analysis that will evaluate for the Bronx VAMC: Phasing Analysis. b. Impact Analysis c. Recommendations/Solutions. d. Review of applicable Codes. e. 1/4 or 1/2-inch scale drawings (typical). 3. Specifications: provide a listing of all applicable VA Master Specification sections to be used for this project. 4. Provide a cost estimate based on drawings, specifications, and design analysis. Provide appropriate adjustments for phasing and local or market conditions. 5. Provide five (5) copies of design analysis, drawings and cost estimates. 6. The A/E shall attend a design review meeting at James J. Peter s /VAMC Bronx, New York. 7. Provide design via PDF and AutoCAD on CD. C. Final Project Review - 100% Completed Design Drawings/Specs- 1. The 100% phase involves the production of complete drawings, specifications, and other documents necessary for the bidding and construction of the project. Also included at this phase are the final detailed cost estimate, the final phasing plan and the construction schedule. 2. It is the A/E Firm's responsibility to provide a quality set of documents. Related documents shall be complete, fully coordinated and ready for reproduction for contract. 3. Prior to reproduction for issue for construction bids, the Engineering Firm shall make any changes to the documents identified as necessary. 4. The A/E Firm shall deliver the original contract drawings to the Project Manager for signature, after the previous review comments are incorporated and the contract drawings have been approved. The contract drawings shall bear the seal of the Registered Architect and Professional Engineer responsible for the design. 5. Submit a complete set of applicable VA Master Specifications edited to reflect the scope of work of the project. Also, submit copies of any architectural specifications prepared by the Engineering Firm from any source other than VA Master Specifications. Ensure the specifications have been edited and tailored in their application to represent accurate coordination between the drawings and specifications. A. ARCHITECTURAL 1. Submit a 100% complete and coordinated set of construction drawings and specifications. 2. Submit fully dimensioned floor plans showing all revisions required by comments from the previous review meetings. 3. Submit interior details. 4. Submit drafting symbols, and abbreviations, general notes and schedules that are complete and coordinated with all contract documents. 5. Submit a complete and coordinated finish schedule. 6. Submit demolition plans, existing finish schedule and notes, on demolition plans. 7. Submit completed building sections, wall sections and exterior elevations that show finish floor elevations, and indicate all building systems and materials. 8. Submit completed reflected ceiling plans for entire buildings, indicating all ceiling mounted equipment, lighting fixtures, air diffusers, registers, etc. 9. Submit equipment plans and details with all revisions from comments on previous submittal. B. INTERIOR DESIGN 1. Provided 100% completed finish schedule and specifications for all rooms and areas. These shall be fully coordinated between the drawings and specifications. C. ARCHITECTURAL SPECIFICATIONS 1. Assure the original specification drafts have been edited and tailored in their application to represent accurate coordination between the drawings and specifications. 2. Submit one full set of drawings of all disciplines, fully coordinate. 3. Submit a brief description of work for inclusion in the Pre-Solicitation Notice. 4. Final Bid Document Submittal: a. Revise draft specifications to incorporate: 1. All changes, resolution of conflicts and modifications noted in previous reviews. 2. Results of any drawing changes not shown on the drawings that affect the specifications. b. Type the specifications in final format and content including any desk copy changes made by the VA staff at the previous reviews. Submit a complete set of the typed architectural specifications including one full set of final drawings of all disciplines, fully coordinate. D. EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS 1. Submit typed master specifications in final format and content. 2. Include a set of equipment drawings fully coordinate. E. STRUCTURAL 1. Include all completed structural drawings if needed. All drawings shall be checked and coordinated with other disciplines prior to submission for review. F. SANITARY 1. Submit 100% complete drawings to include the following if needed: a. Previously submitted drawings that have incorporated comments of the last review. b. Legend, notes, and details. G. PLUMBING 1. Submit 100% complete drawings to include the following if needed: a. Previously submitted drawings that have incorporated comments of the last review. b. All piping sized. c. Plumbing riser diagram plans. d. Demolition plumbing floor plans. e. Legend, notes and details. H. HEATING, VENTILATION AND AIR CONDITIONING (HVAC) 1. Provide complete and final engineering calculations of all systems. In addition to the updated room by room heating and cooling calculations, the following additional calculations shall be performed and submitted: a. Final selection of all pumps with head calculations based on the actual piping layout and takeoffs, and pressure drop through the equipment selected for the systems. b. Final selection of all fans with the fan static pressure calculations based on the actual duct layouts and takeoffs, and static pressure drop through the equipment for all systems. c. Sizing and selection of all expansion tanks based on the actual piping layout and volume computation. d. Sizing and selection of all steam to hot water converters and heat exchangers based on the flow requirement of each terminal unit, that is, duct mounted reheat coil, box (air terminal unit) mounted reheat coil, unit heaters, convectors, finned tube radiation, radiant ceiling panels, etc. e. Sound analysis of various systems and steps taken to ensure compliance with the specified noise levels. 2. Provide complete selection data, including catalog cuts and calculations, for all HVAC equipment and drawings showing all equipment schedules. 3. Complete the coordination requirements with electrical, plumbing, and steam generation by providing revised information (if any) developed since the last submission. In addition, complete coordination with the architectural drawings (Examples: Louvers, ceiling access panels reflected ceiling plans, etc.) and structural drawings (Examples: Operating weights of ceiling and floor mounted equipment, concrete and steel supports, roof and floor openings, etc.). 4. Submit 1/8 inch scale HVAC floor plans for all areas showing all ductwork and piping on separate floor plans. Show all duct/pipe sizes and quantities, that is, air quantities for each room and each air inlet/outlet, expressed in cubic feet per minute (CFM) and fluid quantity, where required, in gallons per minute (GPM). Show all volume dampers, fire dampers, smoke dampers, automatic control dampers, risers and drops in ductwork, air inlet/outlets, etc., on the air distribution floor plans. Show all piping specialties, such as expansion loops, anchors, valves, drip assemblies, balancing fittings, etc. on the piping floor plans. All architectural room names and numbers must be shown on the floor plans along with designated smoke and smoke/fire barriers. 5. Submit 1/4 inch scale HVAC floor plans for all mechanical equipment rooms with at least two cross-sections taken at right angles to each other. Show all equipment located on roof and/or grade. 6. Provide updated design and drawings of the outside chilled water distribution work showing pipe sizes and insulation with plans, profile, sections, details and all accessories such as anchors, expansion loops/joints, valves, manholes, capped and flanged connections, interface between the new and existing work (if any). The outside piping layout drawings shall clearly indicate interferences (if any) with the existing utilities and/or landscape elements. The scope of work shall show rerouting any utilities, cuttings of roads, pavements, trees, etc., and the extent of new and demolition work, thus, involved. The outside utility drawings shall be based on the study of the latest site drawings, discussions with engineering personnel and actual site inspection of the existing utility. To determine the actual location of the existing utility, should it become necessary to perform limited excavation, the Engineering Firm shall make necessary arrangements to do so in consultation with the site engineering personnel and project manager. 7. Update all automatic temperature control drawings showing revisions (if any) since the last submission. All duct detectors, control valves/dampers static pressure sensors, differential pressure control assemblies, etc., whose actual physical location is critical for the intended sequence of the operation shall be clearly shown on the floor plans and identified as such. For projects involving a central Engineering Control Center (ECC), provide a point schedule with intended analog/digital input/outputs, graphics capabilities and requirements of the other trades to be included in the ECC. Provide a riser diagram showing locations of all field data gathering panels and their interface with the ECC. The actual location of the ECC and peripherals should be shown on the floor plans. 8. Submit VA standard detail drawings. The details shall be edited to suit the project. Include any special details deemed useful and necessary for the project. 9. Provide complete HVAC demolition drawing showing clearly the extent of demolition work. Indicate major sizes of ductwork and piping to be dismantled. Show capacities and sizes of the existing equipment to be removed. Show clearly, points of connection and disconnection, blank offs, dead end flanges with isolating valves. Coordinate demolition and restoration work with other disciplines. The revised capacities of the systems affected by the demolition work shall be clearly stated together with additional efforts, if any, involved in testing, balancing and adjusting them. 10. Provide edited sections of the VA Master Specifications. Include all information which is applicable to the project. I. ELECTRICAL 1. Submit 100% complete drawings including legend symbol list, details and schedules. 2. On the electrical one-line diagrams and risers show the final sizes, ratings, feeders and identification of the electrical equipment. 3. Plans shall include any major equipment to be removed and/or relocated. Any equipment, devices or fixtures to remain and be reused shall be shown where necessary for rewiring. 4. Submit the complete final lighting, load and sizing calculations. (ie, transformers, conductors, panelboards, etc.). 5. Indicate the short-circuit current values available at each level of distribution on the one-line and riser diagrams. 6. Submit a full set of floor plans. Show locations of primary distribution switchgear, engine generator sets, unit substations, feeder routing plan and other major pieces of equipment. 7. All floor plans shall have room titles and area functions shown on the drawings. Location of all equipment, lighting fixtures, outlets for power, fire alarm devices, and signal outlets and devices shall be shown. Layouts of specialty areas (radiology, office/exam, bed areas, O.R.'s, I.C.U.'s, etc) are to be laid out. 8. All electrical drawings shall show smoke partitions and fire alarm zones. Submit fire alarm and signal (nurse call, telephone, MATV, CCTV, radio, PA, etc.) riser diagrams. 9. Phasing and shutdown requirements. J. BARRIER FREE DESIGN 1. Complete all drawings and specifications. Ensure that every effort to make this facility accessible to handicapped employees and patients has been taken in this design. K. FIRE PROTECTION 1. Complete all drawings and specifications if needed. Ensure compliance with NFPA. Provide hydraulic calculations used to derive the pipe and equipment dimensions and ratings. L. PHASING REQUIREMENTS 1. Phasing requirements shall describe the general sequence of the project work, estimated project duration (including allowances for delivery items), and what government constraints will exist that will influence the Contractor's approach to the construction project. In addition, special attention shall be given to asbestos abatement requirements to ensure that the project phasing plan and associated cost are reasonable. Adequate time shall be allocated for the evaluation for asbestos abatement areas in addition to the time to perform the asbestos abatement work that must precede the general construction. The Engineering Firm shall submit the following phasing information: a. Phasing Narrative in written form which outlines phasing requirements and sequence with all areas of the project identified as a part of some phase. Each phase description shall include constraints particular to that phase, what other phases that must precede it, and any VA moves which must precede the start of the phase or phases. If equipment and other removable items require storage and relocation by the government, because of asbestos abatement, these requirements shall be listed in the phasing narrative. Special phasing constraints which may be common to the project should be listed at the end of the narrative and not within each individual phase description. b. Individual phases shall be outlined and labeled on all drawings including site, architectural, structural, plumbing and electrical drawings. Phases shall be outlined on the submitted full sized drawings. c. All systems shall be designed so that, upon completion of a particular phase, the entire area covered by that phase can be occupied by the Medical Center personnel with all systems functioning properly. The A/E (Engineering Firm) shall incorporate all comments from the previous review into the final working drawings and specifications. 1. Final construction cost estimate shall be provided. 2. Final construction specifications. 3. Final construction contract drawings. 4. Final construction project schedule. 5. Provide five (5) copies of all review material. NOTE: All final construction specifications must be provided on Microsoft Word in addition to providing five (5) hardcopies. All drawings shall be stamped and signed. All final construction drawings must be provided on latest version of AutoCAD and PDF, (see attached description), Abobe .pdf, in addition to providing one (1) set of Mylar and five (5) blue line copies. IV Construction Period Services A. Review materials, submittals, shop drawings, schedules, etc. 1. Provide recommendation to Project Engineer as to each submittal being approved, disapproved, or approved as noted. Include review comments as to appropriateness of submittal and conformance to construction drawings and specifications. 2. Provide list of submittals and status report of submittals processed. B. Review and advise the VA of contractors request for information. C. Review change orders and provide A/E cost estimate to support VA's negotiations with contractor. D. Furnish as-built drawings at completion of construction. E. Advise the VA of the timeliness of the contract with his approved schedule. F. Site visits: 1. Prebid Conference. 2. Preconstruction Conference. 3. Eight (8) field visits during construction (All field visits are to be followed by a job meeting). 4. One (1) Final Inspection, to include construction punch list/report. SELECTION CRITERIA/DESCRIPTIONS The selection criteria descriptions are provided below. PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS NECESSARY FOR SATISFACTORY PERFORMANCE OF REQUIRED SERVICES. Provide brief resumes of proposed team members who will specifically serve as the Project Managers and Designers of Record. The Designers of Record shall perform and direct the design within their respective discipline and shall sign and seal the drawings. All Designers of Record must be professionally registered in their discipline. Each resume shall include a minimum of two (2) specific completed projects that best illustrate the individual team members experience relevant to this contract scope; SPECIALIZED EXPERIENCE AND TECHNICAL COMPETENCE Specialized experience and technical competence required for this specific project, including, where appropriate, experience in energy conservation, pollution prevention, waste reduction, and the use of recovered materials. CAPACITY This factor evaluates the ability of the firm, given their current projected workload and the availability of their key personnel, to accomplish the possible myriad of design projects in the required time. The general workload and staffing capacity of the design office will be evaluated. List current projects with a design fee of greater than $20,000 being designed in the firms office. Indicate the firms present workload and the availability of the project team (including sub-consultants) for the specified contract performance period; Describe experience in successfully delivering projects per performance schedule, providing timely construction support, and successfully completing multiple projects with similar delivery dates PAST PERFORMANCE: VISN2 will evaluate past performance on recent and relevant contracts with government agencies (emphasis on VA work) and private industry in terms of cost control, quality of work, compliance with performance schedules and a record of significant claims against the firm due to improper or incomplete engineering services (references required). Recent is defined as performance occurring within 5 years of the date of this Sources Sought, except that ongoing projects must have begun no less than one (1) year prior to the issuance of this Sources Sought. Relevancy is defined as performance of work on projects that are similar in scope to the types of projects anticipated under the resultant contracts. Respondents with no previous past performance shall state this when addressing the selection criteria. Where there is no record of past performance, the proposal will be evaluated neither favorably nor unfavorably. Superior performance ratings on relevant projects may be considered more favorably in the evaluation. Submission Requirements: Submit a minimal of three (3) references; any of the following evaluations are acceptable: Contractor Performance Assessment Report System (CPARS), or Past Performance Questionnaire (PPQ) evaluation for each project submitted under Criterion 2. If a completed CPARS evaluation is available, it shall be submitted with the completed SF330 package. If there is not a completed CPARS evaluation, the PPQ included with this notice is provided for the Offeror or its team members to submit for each project included in criterion (2). If a PPQ is submitted, but an official CPARS evaluation is found for that project in government databases, the official evaluation will take precedence. If a CPARS evaluation is not available, ensure correct phone numbers and email addresses are provided for each contract customer/reference. Completed PPQs should be submitted with your SF330. If the A-E is unable to obtain a completed PPQ from a contract customer/reference for a project before the response date set forth in this notice, the A-E should complete and submit with their response the first page of the PPQ (Attachment #1), including contract and point of contact information for the respective projects. A-Es should follow-up with references to ensure timely submittal of questionnaires. At the reference s request, questionnaires may be submitted directly to the Governments point of contact, _Patricia Cordero, via email at _patricia.cordero@va.gov__, prior to the response date. A-Es shall not incorporate by references into their response CPARS or PPQ evaluations previously submitted in response to other A-E services procurements. However, this does not preclude the Government from utilizing previously submitted PPQ information in the past performance evaluation. Submitted CPARS and PPQ evaluations will not be counted as part of the 30 page limitation and shall be attached to the SF330, behind the SF330 Part II document LOCATION The A/E Firm proximity to the James J. Peters VA Medical Center, Bronx, NY 10468 is an evaluation criteria. This distance is determined according to http://maps.google.com/ This factor evaluates the distance the AE firm's design office or offices lies from the location of work. Please provide the address (es) and distance of your closest office to the address listed below. (6) Reputation and standing of the firm and its principal officials with respect to professional performance, General Management, and cooperativeness. (7) Record of significant claims against the firm because of improper or incomplete architectural and engineering services. (8) Specific Experience and Qualifications of personnel proposed assignment to the project and their record of working together as a team. PLEASE NOTE: The AE Evaluation Board must be provided with complete and accurate information for ALL eight (8) evaluation factors above in order to rank as qualified and eligible firms. Therefore, the AE firm must expand upon, as it deems necessary, on any evaluation factor not well demonstrated or addressed with Part 1A to Part IG and Part II of the SF330. The AE firm shall use Part IH and/or use additional sheets to supplement/address all evaluation factors to clearly demonstrate its qualifications. SUBMISSIONS THAT FAIL TO FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES ABOVE WILL BE CONSIDERED "UNRESPONSIVE" LIMITATIONS VA Notice of Total Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Set-Aside (DEC 2009) (a)Definition. For the Department of Veterans Affairs, Service-disabled veteran-owned small business concern : (1) Means a small business concern: (i) Not less than 51 percent of which is owned by one or more service-disabled veterans or, in the case of any publicly owned business, not less than 51 percent of the stock of which is owned by one or more service-disabled veterans (or eligible surviving spouses); (ii) The management and daily business operations of which are controlled by one or more service-disabled veterans (or eligible surviving spouses) or, in the case of a service-disabled veteran with permanent and severe disability, the spouse or permanent caregiver of such veteran; (iii) The business meets Federal small business size standards for the applicable North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code identified in the solicitation document; and (iv) The business has been verified for ownership and control and is so listed in the Vendor Information Pages database, (http://www.VetBiz.gov). (2) Service-disabled veteran means a veteran, as defined in 38 U.S.C. 101(2), with a disability that is service-connected, as defined in 38 U.S.C. 101(16). (b)General. (1) Offers are solicited only from service-disabled veteran-owned small business concerns. Offers received from concerns that are not service-disabled veteran-owned small business concerns shall not be considered. (2) Any award resulting from this solicitation shall be made to a service-disabled veteran-owned small business concern. (c)Agreement. A service-disabled veteran-owned small business concern agrees that in the performance of the contract, in the case of a contract for: (1) Services (except construction), at least 50 percent of the cost of personnel for contract performance will be spent for employees of the concern or employees of other eligible service-disabled veteran-owned small business concerns; (2) Supplies (other than acquisition from a nonmanufacturer of the supplies), at least 50 percent of the cost of manufacturing, excluding the cost of materials, will be performed by the concern or other eligible service-disabled veteran-owned small business concerns; (3) General construction, at least 15 percent of the cost of the contract performance incurred for personnel will be spent on the concern's employees or the employees of other eligible service-disabled veteran-owned small business concerns; or (4) Construction by special trade contractors, at least 25 percent of the cost of the contract performance incurred for personnel will be spent on the concern's employees or the employees of other eligible service-disabled veteran-owned small business concerns. (d) A joint venture may be considered a service-disabled veteran owned small business concern if - (1) At least one member of the joint venture is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business concern, and makes the following representations: That it is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business concern, and that it is a small business concern under the North American Industry Classification Systems (NAICS) code assigned to the procurement; (2) Each other concern is small under the size standard corresponding to the NAICS code assigned to the procurement; and (3) The joint venture meets the requirements of paragraph 7 of the explanation of Affiliates in 19.101 of the Federal Acquisition Regulation. (4) The joint venture meets the requirements of 13 CFR 125.15(b). (e) Any service-disabled veteran-owned small business concern (non-manufacturer) must meet the requirements in 19.102(f) of the Federal Acquisition Regulation to receive a benefit under this program. SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS Qualified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business firms are required to submit Three (3) hard copies of the SF 330 (which can be downloaded from www.gsa.gov/forms ) and one (1) Compact Disc (CD) which contains digital copies of the SF 330. All packages shall be submitted no later than __December 19, 2019 at 2PM EST__ including Past Performance (CPARS) evaluations or Questionnaires (attachment 1). All submittals must be sent to the attention of: PATRICIA CORDERO Room GC-125 James J. Peters VA Medical Center 130 W. Kingsbridge Road Bronx, NY 10468 The submission must include an insert detailing the following information: 1. Dun & Bradstreet Number; 2. Tax ID Number; 3. The e-mail address and phone number of the Primary Point of Contact and; 4. A copy of the firms CVE verification The Contracting Officer is not responsible for not receiving submissions due to the offeror misaddressing the package or illegibility of the information. NOTE: Any request for assistance with submission or other procedural matters shall be submitted via email only to __Patricia Cordero, at patricia.cordero@va.gov___. Telephone inquiries will not be honored/accepted. THIS ANNOUNCEMENT IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL. THE GOVERNMENT WILL NOT PAY NOR REIMBURSE ANY COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH RESPONDING TO THIS REQUEST. THE GOVERNMENT IS UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO AWARD A CONTRACT AS A RESULT OF THIS ANNOUNCEMENT.
Contact Information
Contracting Office Address
  • ALBANY , NY 12208
Primary Point of Contact
Secondary Point of Contact

  • Nov 19, 2019 02:40 pm ESTSources Sought (Original)


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