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Posted Date: Oct 6, 2017
Due Date: Oct 16, 2017
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Analysis Requirements.

The Contractor shall provide MAGTF analysis lessons learned support to include development, production, staffing, and review of synthesized lessons learned reports principally derived from lessons learned collection efforts and trend analysis for the lessons learned topics identified in the annual Marine Corps lessons learned campaign plan and lessons learned materials, primarily command submitted after action reports, input into the MCCOLIS. MCCOLIS MCCOLISwill be utilized as the information system and data repository to support the process of developing MCCLL lessons learned reports. The development, production, staffing, and review of formal lessons learned reports are the primary focus of the requirements identified in this Analysis requirements section of this PWS.

The Contractor shall assist in the annual MCCLL lessons learned collection campaign plan development and execution process by providing lead analysis/facilitation support for each MAGTF element (Command Element (CE), Ground Combat Element (GCE), Aviation Combat Element (ACE), and Logistics Combat Element (LCE) lessons learned working groups. The Contractor shall document the results of each working group in the prescribed out brief format for the Government's review and approval. The Contractor shall also revisit the annual collection campaign plan at the mid-year mark (March/April) to revalidate existing topics and solicit emerging topics as required along with topics that are submitted throughout the year to support real world events such as Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Relief (HA/DR) and other crisis response operations as they arise. The annual lessons learned campaign plan results in the identification of approximately 16-30 annual lessons learned topics, categorized by MAGTF element. Each lessons learned topic develops into a collection effort with the results published in a MCCLL lessons learned reports.

The Contractor shall provide MAGTF analysis lessons learned support for the planning and execution for each lessons learned collection effort. Planning for each lessons learned collection effort includes the drafting, development, and collaboration of the collection proposal and collection plan. The Contractor shall provide MAGTF analysis support to advice and review collection proposals and plans for accuracy, completeness, and consistency, paying particular attention to the identification of collection focus areas and questions sets for commanders and key billet holders.

During the planning stage of each collection effort, the Contractor shall assist the collection team with the development of the collection proposal and collection plan. The collection proposal scopes the collection and includes the collection situation, mission, execution timelines, focus areas, units and key billets to be collected on; the collection plan adds the questions sets for each individual to be interviewed or surveyed as part of the collection effort. The Contractor shall provide quality control to help ensure consistent, high quality lessons learned collection efforts are performed.

The Contractor shall develop, draft, and review Marine Corps lessons learned reports following each collection effort identified in the annual lessons learned collection campaign plan. The annual lessons learned collection campaign plan includes approximately 16-24 formal in-depth collections efforts per year, with capacity for additional 6 collections per year for emergent crisis response requirements (contingencies, humanitarian assistance/disaster relief, etc.). As a result of each collection effort, the Contractor shall be provided a collection debrief prepared by the collection team leader. The collection team is typically a two-four person team of subject matter experts, comprised of military, civilians, and Contractors external to this effort. Along with the collection debrief, the Contractor shall analyze and review the materials collected during the collection and posted to the MCCOLIS, to include but not limited to interview transcripts of commanders and key staff members, and other documents, such as standard operating procedures, briefs, information papers and other materials necessary to prepare the lessons learned report. Literature search of MCCOLIS and other research will be conducted as necessary to support the development of the lessons learned reports that contribute to DOTMLPF analysis and provide the rigor necessary to support the recommendations made in the report.

The Contractor shall develop, draft, and review lessons learned MAGTF element lessons learned trend reports. MAGTF element lessons learned trends reports will be developed by data mining and analyzing unit after actions reports and other lessons learned materials contained in MCCOLIS. These materials will be analyzed by the Contractor for trends and best practices, with the results captured in a MCCLL draft report format on a periodicity not to exceed a semiannual basis for each MAGTF element (CE, GCE, ACE, LCE).

The Contractor shall assist in developing and drafting Marine Corps Lessons Learned periodicals to include the Marine Corps Center for Lessons Learned monthly newsletter, an unclassified/FOUO publication that provides summary and links to Marine Corps Unclassified/FOUO lessons learned materials, and other significant after action report materials received over the previous month. Other required lessons learned periodicals to be developed and drafted include the weekly Classified Operational Intelligence Summary.

The Contractor shall be responsible for maintaining derivative classification certification, an annual requirement provided by the Marine Corps Combat Development Command Security Manager , to ensure that support personnel are properly trained and certified to mark, down to the individual paragraph level, all classified SECRET and unclassified FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY materials developed as a result of this effort, in accordance with applicable clearance guides and Marine Corps directives.

The Contractor shall provide analysis support for lessons learned information requests/taskers from higher headquarters in the form of draft information papers and briefs. This includes supporting lessons learned information taskers periodically received from higher headquarters, providing inputs for Operational Advisor Groups (OAGs), and other Marine Corps working groups. Outputs of this requirement include information papers, briefings, talking points and other materials.

The Contractor shall assist in lessons learned collection team training by providing orientation and training briefings to new lessons learned collection team members. The purpose of the orientation and training briefings is to provide lessons learned collection teams the tactics, techniques and procedures to conduct high quality collection efforts and collection debriefs for turnover to the Contractor. The training materials normally consist of four existing two-hour classes: 1) Senior Analyst Orientation; 2) Survey TTPs and Development; 3) Post-Collection Data Compilation and Debrief; and 4) Collection Practical Application: Interviews, Summaries, and Transcriptions. The Contractor shall maintain this training and provide it on an as required basis, typically once every other month for collection team or new MCCLL personnel training.

The Contractor shall provide senior editor quality control, to review all collection reports for consistency, readability, and analytical rigor.

Records/Data Management Requirements

The Contractor shall catalogue and archive lessons learned records, documents, and other electronic data in both the classified (SECRET) and unclassified/FOUO Lesson Management System as appropriate by receiving and reviewing lessons learned materials, to include but not limited to, unit after action reports, information briefs, standard operating procedures, etc. These records reviewed against an applicable classification guide to ensure proper classification level, and will be cataloged with appropriate tagging, such as unit, operation/exercise, classification, and other categories as appropriate in order to be retrieved effectively using search functionality.

The contractor shall develop the FOUO lessons learned new data rollups (a weekly compilation of new inputs to the Marine Corps Lessons Management System (MCCOLIS).

The Contractor shall maintain user accounts, profile information of Lessons Management System subscribers. As of October 2015, there are over 14,000 MCCOLIS subscribers. The Contractor shall maintain the MCCOLIS subscriber list ensuring that unit, rank, and other relevant user profile information is current.

The Contractor shall maintain the Lesson Management System webpage content to include, but is not limited to, communities of practice, battle board records, binders, archived document libraries, and all other MCCOLIS webpage content.

The Contractor shall maintain and update Lesson Management System user guides; as required. When

MCCOLIS application functionality is upgraded; the user guides will be updated accordingly.

The Contractor shall provide subject matter expertise and functionality testing of Lesson Management

System upgrades, prior to user acceptance testing of MCCOLIS system upgrades.

The Contractor shall provide subscriber helpdesk support.

The Contractor shall maintain email distribution lists, using MCCLL distribution software (LISTSERV) The unclassified distribution list has approximately 30,000 individuals, and classified distribution list has approximately 4,000 individuals.

The Contractor shall provide transcription support to convert audio interview files into word documents. MCCLL averages 600 sixty minute interviews per year. Each sixty minute interview takes about 6-8 hours of processing time, from raw audio file, to final published transcript. Transcriptions shall be completed in a timely manner to support the development of Marine Corps Lessons Learned reports.

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Sources Sought Announcement
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Sources Sought Announcement
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October 6, 2017
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Description: Performance Work Statement
Contracting Office Address :
2010 Henderson Road
Quantico, Virginia 22134-5045
United States
Place of Performance :
Marine Corps Center for Lessons Learned (MCCLL)
1776 Elliot Road
Quantico, Virginia 22134
United States
Primary Point of Contact. :
Joy Hughes,
Senior Contract Specialist
Phone: (703) 432-1086
Secondary Point of Contact :
Michael P. Bogatyr,
Contract Specialist
Phone: (703) 432-1782


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