Advisory Multi-Step RKSA

Agency: Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
State: District of Columbia
Level of Government: Federal
  • R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
Opps ID: NBD00159788019921481
Posted Date: Sep 29, 2017
Due Date: Oct 23, 2017
Solicitation No: TIB-2017-RFP-0001
Source: Members Only
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Added: Sep 18, 2017 12:17 pm
Recordkeeping Services Acquisition (RKSA)

1. Description. This Advisory Multi-Step related to the Request for Proposal, TIB-2017-RFP-0001, is issued under the authority of FAR 15.202, Advisory Multi-Step Process.

2. Introduction. The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board (FRTIB) is seeking qualified contractors to support TSP Recordkeeping and to provide defined contribution managed services that will operate and manage the associated people, processes, and systems required to deliver TSP retirement services as defined in the Recordkeeping Statement of Objectives (SOO).

3. Scope. FRTIB is seeking services that are world leading, agile and flawlessly delivered. This includes:
? Providing world class, global, scalable, responsive, accurate, and secure recordkeeping services to include, at a minimum,
? - Maintaining and updating plan records
? - Processing employing agencies' payroll data
? - Processing participants' transactions
? - Issuing account statements to participants
? - Processing forfeitures, other exceptions, and error correction
? - Providing access to a mutual fund window
? - Administering legal and death case processing
? - Protecting participant's personally identifiable information (PII) and the integrity
of all transactions
? - Identifying and resolving fraud
? - Providing innovative services based on state of the art industry capabilities
? - Responding proactively to meet changing demands without service disruption
? - Continuously improving the delivery of services
? - Minimizing number of processing errors
? Supporting participant inquiries and processing requests through an integrated multichannel contact center
? Facilitating a flawless transition with a minimal blackout period while retaining the confidence and trust of participants and stakeholders
? Enabling rapid integration and implementation of statutory and regulatory changes and new FRTIB guidance
? Providing responsive and thorough audit support

4. Advisory Multi-Step. The Advisory Multi-Step process is conducted to allow potential prime contractors to submit qualifying documentation demonstrating corporate qualifications that will allow the government to advise them about their potential to be viable competitors for the RKSA. This Advisory Multi-Step process asks potential interested offerors to submit limited information that focuses on the offeror's (1) corporate capability and (2) experience. Participation in the Advisory Multi-Step process is voluntary and is not a prerequisite for participation in RKSA.

The Government will assess all responses in accordance with the following criteria and advise each respondent in writing either that it will be invited to participate in the resultant acquisition or, based on the information submitted, that it is unlikely to be a viable competitor (including a general basis for that opinion). Notwithstanding the advice provided by the Government, offerors identified as unlikely to be viable competitors as prime contractors may still participate in the resultant acquisition. The Advisory Multi-Step process is entirely independent of the source selection process for the Recordkeeping Services awardee. While the outcome of the Advisory Multi-Step process does not preclude any interested offeror from submitting a proposal under the Recordkeeping solicitation, offerors who are determined to not be viable are suggested to consider teaming or subcontracting with another viable offeror.

5. Submission Instructions.

5.1 References. The Advisory Multi-Step library contains the following documents: Draft RKSA Statement of Objectives, TSP Constraints, Recordkeeping Defined, 2016 TSP Work Volumes, and the Client Engagement Experience Response form.

5.2 Format for Submissions. The RKSA Assessment Package shall be completed only by a Contractor or the Prime Contractor ("Prime" as referenced in the FAR means an arrangement in which 1) A contractor agrees with one or more other companies to have them act as it's subcontractors under a specified Government contract or acquisisitonprogram, or 2) Two or more companies form a relationship where one company acts as a lead contractor), both hereafter referred to as "Potential Offeror," and may include relevant corporate capabilities and experience from team members. Potential prime contractors are requested to provide the information outlined below. Information beyond that requested or beyond page limitations set forth is neither desired, nor will it be considered in the assessment.

5.2.1 Pages shall be formatted in a standard page style as follows. A page is defined as one side of an 8 1/2" x 11", with at least 1-inch margins on all sides, using not smaller than 12 point (non-compressed) Calibri font. Smaller font sizes (no less than 8 point Calibri) are acceptable for notional graphics such as computer screen mock-ups or form/report print-outs. Foldouts count as an equivalent number of 8 1/2" x 11" pages. For example, an 11" x 17" foldout will be counted as two pages. The metric standard format most closely approximating the described standard 8 1/2" x 11" size may also be used.

5.2.2 Potential Offerors shall arrange their RKSA Assessment Package into the sections as set forth below. The Table of Contents and Table of Acronyms (or a Glossary of Abbreviations) are excluded from the page counts and will not be assessed. Information shall not be incorporated by reference. All pages shall be numbered sequentially with Arabic numerals.

5.2.3 Format A cover sheet shall be included in the RKSA Assessment Package, clearly marked with date of the package, title, Solicitation number, the Potential Offeror's name, and company point of contact for this assessment. Each Potential Offeror is required to submit its RKSA Assessment Package in an electronic format via email. Emails must be titled in the subject line with the Solicitation Number, Company Name. Electronic copies of the RKSA Assessment Package shall be compatible with Microsoft Office 2013. Further, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets shall be submitted in Microsoft Excel format, and not in a scanned Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF file. Each section of the RKSA Assessment Package should be submitted as a separate electronic file. The Potential Offeror shall perform an anti-virus/anti-malware scan prior to package submission. Potential Offeror shall not embed sound or video files into the package files. Potential Offeror shall minimize the use of scanned images and keep embedded graphics as simple as possible. Page limitations are as follows: 1) Cover sheet, one page in MS Word, 2) Corporate Capabilities Statement, 10 pages in MS word, 3) Client Engagement Experience Response Form, one form per client engagement (no more than 6 engagements) in MS Excel. Costly, complex presentations are neither required nor desired

5.3 Content Requirements. All submissions must include the information described in sections 5.3.1 through 5.3.2. Note that content which exceeds the specified page limits may not be considered by the Government in conducing the Advisory Multi-Step viability assessment

5.3.1 Information previously submitted, if any, will not be considered unless it is resubmitted as part of the assessment; it must not be incorporated by reference. Potential Offerors shall not assume that the Assessment Team is aware of their company's abilities, corporate capabilities, plans, facilities, organization or any other pertinent fact that is important to the accomplishment of the assessment.

5.3.2 Corporate Capability. A Potential Offerors corporate capabilities and experience (including government and commercial) should indicate the relevant aspects of delivering recordkeeping services similar in size and scope, to the required levels for this assessment. The Potential Offeror shall provide the following information regarding their corporate capabilities and experience relevant to the objectives of this pre-solicitation.

At this time, FRTIB is assessing what a Potential Offeror has done and not how a Potential Offeror has performed. Therefore, the Potential Offeror shall not discuss information that describes how the Potential Offeror performed as it will not be used for this assessment.

Where applicable, Potential Offerors may provide the capabilities and/or experience of their parent, partner, teaming partners, or predecessor company where the firms qualification demonstrates that the capabilities and/or experience of the parent, partner, predecessor is relevant. If a parent, partner, teaming partners, or predecessor company is used, then the provider of the capabilities and/or experience must be explicitly identified in the Capabilities Statement and/or Client Engagement Experience Response Form. Potential Offerors shall provide a corporate capabilities statement discussing why your company/team has the experience to provide services similar to the recordkeeping services required in the Draft SOO. The corporate capabilities statement shall include a company profile of the Offeror (and its teaming partners, if applicable) such as company name(s), number of employees, Defined Contribution /Deferred Compensation plan count, and plan types. The Potential Offeror shall provide the total Defined Contribution / Deferred Compensation participant count and attest to having at least a 2,500,000 participant count for all active Defined Contribution / Deferred Compensation plans (i.e., book of business) as of June 30, 2017 or the most recent calendar quarter explicitly stated. At a minimum, the Offeror shall also include the following information in the corporate capabilities statement:
(1) corporate organizational structure,
(2) corporate management philosophy,
(3) corporate recordkeeping offerings,
(4) defined contribution/deferred compensation business size over time,
(5) facilities,
(6) training, and
(7) security standards

5.3.3 Experience. Using the Client Engagement Experience Response Form, Potential Offerors shall provide three to six completed or ongoing client engagements (i.e. contracts) with an end date no earlier than January 1, 2012 to describe: Participant account size per client engagement equal to or greater than 100,000. Client engagements' similarity to the entire RKSA scope as defined in Section 3 of the Draft SOO. While the primary objective of this section is to understand the Potential Offeror's and major subcontractor's experience with contracts of similar scope and size, the FRTIB may gather additional information from other public sources for this assessment.

6. Assessment of the Advisory Multi-Step Submissions. The Government will assess viability based on an assessment of the following criteria:
- Corporate Capability
- Experience

7. Disclaimer. This notice does not constitute a solicitation. Potential offerors are solely responsible for all expenses associated with responding to this notice and will not be reimbursed the by the Government.

8. During the review of Assessment packages received in response to this notice, the following Contractors may be utilized:

ASI Government
1655 Ft Meyer Drive, Suite 1000
Arlington VA, 22209

1900 Campus Commons Drive
Reston, VA 20191

Gartner, Inc.
5 Top Gallant Road
Stamford, CT 06902

255 State Street
Boston MA 02109

RVK, Inc.
One Penn Plaza, STE 2128
New York NY 10119

9618 Larkview Ct.
Fairfax Station VA 22039

The appropriate non-disclosure forms have been signed by all Contractor personnel and are on file with the FRTIB Contracting Officer.

9. Questions/comments regarding this Advisory Multi-Step notice shall cite the solicitation number and be directed to the Contracting Officer at the following email address: Questions/comments submitted to other email addresses will not be considered. Questions/comments shall provide specific references (paragraph numbers). All questions/comments shall be submitted no later than September 22, 2018, 12:00PM EST. Responses to all questions will be posted to

10. The Assessment package shall be submitted no later than 12:00PM EST, October 23, 2017, in accordance with the instructions reflected in Section 5.

Added: Sep 28, 2017 11:33 am
28 SEP 2017 UPDATE
A document containing the questions posed by industry and Agency responses on this Advisory Multi-Step has been posted under the file name "AMS responses to industry questions".
Please consult the list of document viewers if you cannot open a file.
RKSA Advisory Multi-Step
Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..)
RKSA Advisory Multi-Step
Posted Date:
September 18, 2017
Description: Recordkeeping Defined
Description: RKSA Statement of Objectives DRAFT
Description: TSP Constraints
Description: 2016 TSP Work Volumnes
Description: Experience Response Form
AMS Response to Industry Questions
Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..)
AMS Response to Industry Questions
Posted Date:
September 28, 2017
Description: FRTIB responses to industry questions regarding the Advisory Multi-Step for RKSA. Industry questions were due on 22 Sep 17
Contracting Office Address :
77 K Street NE, Suite 1000
Washington, District of Columbia 20002
United States
Primary Point of Contact. :
Linda K. Bethke-Cyr,
Contracting Officer

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