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Posted Date: Sep 29, 2017
Due Date: Oct 11, 2017
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The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), Contracting Services Branch, is requesting professional qualification statements Standard Form (SF) 330's from all qualified firms for Architect and Engineering (A-E) Services to perform professional land surveyor services, licensed or registered in the State where the survey will be conducted to complete all legal surveys for easement boundaries being established and reestablished, including ingress and egress routes if required. The work will consist of various services including legal boundary surveys, measurements, computations, monumentation, marking and drawings.

This acquisition is being procured in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 36.6 Architect and Engineering - Brooks Act procedures. A-E firms meeting the requirements described in this announcement are invited to submit the documentation required in this notice. Firms responding to this announcement before the closing date will be considered for selection subject to any limitation indicated with respect to business size or any other limitations listed in this notice.

The work to be performed under this contract includes:

1) Legal boundary surveying services
2) Cadastral surveying services
3) Land surveying services
4) Geodetic surveying services
5) Geographic information system base mapping services

NRCS will provide the surveyor with a location map, map with aerial photograph of the proposed easement area, Preliminary Title Commitment and/or copy of the recorded Warranty Easement Deed and any maps or plats from the acquisition of the conservation easement. The map will include the area to be surveyed, the ingress and egress routes or points of access, and any other applicable descriptive information. The surveyor must furnish plat maps, written descriptions of the easement area, suitable electronic media of the survey information, and other items as required by the NRCS Land Survey Specifications that pertain to the survey task needed.

All work will be performed in the United States and its territories. All work performed for this requirement will be considered CONUS/OCONUS for purposes of this requirement and are not subject to international procurement regulations or exemptions therein.


The USDA-NRCS may make one or multiple, firm fixed price, Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) awards in each of the four (4) regions encompassing the entire United States of America and its territories (See Attachment 1 - NRCS regional map). The estimated number of awards is as follows:

a. Northeast - up to six awards, one in each sub region.
b. Southeast - up to seven awards, one in each sub region.
c. Central - up to six awards, one in each sub region.
d. West - up to six awards, one in each sub region.

The Northeast region will be divided into 6 sub regions as follows:
1) Sub-region 1-1: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island,
2) Sub-region 1-2: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania
3) Sub-region 1-3: Indiana and Michigan
4) Sub-region 1-4: Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont
5) Sub-region 1-5: New York
6) Sub-region 1-6: Ohio

The Southeast region will be divided into 7 sub regions as follows:
1) Sub-region 2-1: Alabama and Mississippi
2) Sub-region 2-2: Arkansas and Missouri
3) Sub-region 2-3: Florida and Georgia
4) Sub-region 2-4: Kentucky and Tennessee
5) Sub-region 2-5: Louisiana
6) Sub-region 2-6: North Carolina and South Carolina
7) Sub-region 2-7: Virginia and West Virginia

The Central region will be divided into 6 sub regions as follows:
1) Sub-region 3-1: Illinois and Wisconsin
2) Sub-region 3-2: Iowa and Nebraska
3) Sub-region 3-3: Kansas and Oklahoma
4) Sub-region 3-4: Minnesota
5) Sub-region 3-5: North Dakota
6) Sub-region 3-6: South Dakota

The West region will be divided into 6 sub regions as follows:
1) Sub-region 4-1: Arizona and New Mexico
2) Sub-region 4-2: California and Nevada
3) Sub-region 4-3: Colorado, Utah and Wyoming
4) Sub-region 4-4: Idaho and Montana
5) Sub-region 4-5: Oregon and Washington
6) Sub-region 4-6: Texas

Firms can submit qualification packages for one (1) sub-region or up to twenty-five (25); however, a standalone qualifications package must be submitted for each sub-region in which the firm would like to be considered. Firms are eligible to receive an award in more than one sub-region. Firms that may rank the most highly qualified in more than one sub-region will be given the opportunity to select whether to continue in both sub-regions or only be considered for one of the sub-regions.

The IDIQ contracts will be awarded for a base year plus four, one year option periods for a total of five years. The maximum value of each contract awarded will be $10 million total. The Government makes no guarantee on the number of task orders that the successful contractors will receive or the amount of money beyond the minimum order guarantee set forth in the Solicitation.

The minimum guarantee is $2,500. The options may be exercised within the timeframe specified in the resultant contract at the sole discretion of the Government subject to workload and/or satisfaction of the A/E performance under the subject contract.

Work requirements will be awarded through individual fixed-price task orders. Award of task orders will be based on performance and quality of deliverables under the current contract, current capacity to accomplish the task order in the required time, previous experience, uniquely specialized experience, type of services required, geographic location, and customer satisfaction. All awardees within the particular region will be provided fair opportunity to be considered for each task order award. Maximum task order award amount will not exceed $10 Million. Completion of task orders must be performed by land surveyors licensed to practice in the state or territory where the project is located.


This procurement is being solicited as a Total Small Business Set Aside. The NAICS Code for these services is 541370 - Surveying and Mapping (except Geophysical Services) and the SBA size standard is $15.0 million. For purposes of this announcement, a concern is considered to be a small business if its average annual receipts for the past three years do not exceed $15.0 million. Under FAR 52.219-14- Limitations of Subcontracting, the prime contractor must perform at least 50% of the cost of contract performance with his/her own employees.

If a small business subcontracts/consults/ teams/joint ventures with another firm (large or small), the Limitations of Subcontracting clause must be adhered to.

Joint Ventures and Teaming:
Teaming arrangements and joint ventures between offerors are encouraged under FAR 9.6, 13 CFR 121, 124, or 126 guidance and other applicable laws and regulations, if required, to provide the experience and capability required under this solicitation and resulting contracts. Teaming arrangements can benefit both contractors in their experience levels, small business mentoring, as well as provide opportunities for both contractors to obtain a portion of the available work. If the prime contractor proposes subcontractors as "team members," the "team members" shall be identified by business size and name. Joint ventures must include a copy of the legal joint venture signed by an authorized officer from each of the firms comprising the joint venture with the chief executive of each entity identified.
In addition to the information provided in the SF-330, provide the CAGE and DUNS number for each member of the proposed team. Joint Ventures (JV), Limited Liability Companies (LLC), and Limited Partnerships (LTD) shall submit the following additional documentation regarding their business entities:

a. A copy of the JV, LLC or LTD agreement.

b. A detailed statement outlining the following in terms of percentages where appropriate -

(1) The relationship of the team/partners/parties in terms of business ownership, capital contribution, profit distribution or loss sharing.
(2) The management approach in terms of who will conduct, direct, supervise, and control.
(3) The structure and decision-making responsibilities of the partners/parties in terms of who will control the manner and method of performance of work.
(4) Identify (by name and title) the personnel having the authority to legally bind the partners/parties (including authority to execute the contract documents).

c. A list of partners/parties, to include company name, DUNS and CAGE numbers, address, point of contact, Email address, phone number and facsimile number.

In the event this written documentation is not complete at the time of the SF-330 submission, the partnership or joint venture shall submit a notarized letter of intent documenting the intent to form the partnership or joint venture to act as a potential prime contractor for award of this contract and fully disclosing the company relationships. The partnership or joint venture may (but need not) be in the form of a separate legal entity. The partnership or joint venture need not be registered in SAM.gov at time of SF-330 submission, but each partner in the partnership or joint venture must be registered at the time of submission and the partnership or joint venture must be registered in SAM.gov prior to contract award. The documentation verifying the joint venture will not be considered as part of the page limit for SF-330 submission.

The awarded contract will be subject to specific provisions addressing the avoidance of organizational conflicts of interest, including 48 CFR 1309.507-2(d) Organizational Conflicts of Interest. The selected firm, its subsidiaries or affiliates that design or prepare specifications for a construction contract cannot provide the construction services for the same contract. This includes concept design, which includes preparation of project programming documents for all work identified in the Scope of Services or other activities that result in identification of project scope and cost. The prime firm and sub-consultants for this contract will be required to perform throughout the contract term.


Please refer to Attachment 2 - Combined NRCS Land Survey Specifications and NRCS Land Survey Boundary Reestablished Specifications for the details relative to the varied services that will be required under this contract.


The following selection criteria, in descending order of importance, will be used to evaluate the qualifications of the A-E firms:

1. Professional Qualifications

Firms shall possess professional qualifications necessary for satisfactory performance of required services similar in nature to those required as part of this requirement. Evaluation will be based upon the professional engineering and land surveying registration and qualified personnel work experience associated with legal boundary surveys, and their availability to work on this contract. Examples of previous legal boundary work shall be provided for review, as well as a description of the type of surveys performed and references with phone numbers. Previous legal boundary work examples will be evaluated based on the complexity of work.

2. Specialized Experience and Technical Competence

Firms shall possess specialized experience and technical competence by the prime firm and any subcontractors or partners and their key personnel similar in nature to the requirements denoted herein. Evaluation will based on the extent of directly related experience in performing legal boundary surveys; specialized education at the university level, and all other applicable education and training in the engineering and land surveying disciplines. Examples of previous rural and remote boundary survey work in the contract area shall be provide for review. Previous work examples of rural and remote boundary survey work in the contract area will be evaluated based on difficulty of terrain.

3. Capacity to accomplish the work

Firms shall have the capacity to accomplish the work in the required time with sufficient resources across the entire sub-region. The firm shall demonstrate their ability and any subcontractors or partners to provide surveys services across the entire sub-region. Considerations will include the overall capacity of the prime and any subcontractors or partners' capacity to perform the work in the required time; Evaluation will be based on the number of qualified personnel available to work on this contract, the array of field equipment and software/hardware available to work on this contract, and the quantity of work currently under contract and the completion dates of existing contract work. Examples of field equipment are: quantity and size of survey crew trucks, all-terrain vehicles, airboats, boats, survey equipment, and AutoCAD software applications.

4. Location

Firms shall provide evidence of their knowledge of the locality and general geographical area for the sub-region for which they wish to be considered. Evaluation will be based on the firm's proximity to the contract area and ability to provide service in a cost effective manner and past rural boundary survey work experience in contract area similar in size and scope.

5. Past Performance

The prime contractor and/or team members shall provide information to demonstrate how well the firm has performed on recent (within 5 years), relevant projects performed for any of the following entities: Governmental agencies (i.e. Federal or State), and/or private industry in terms of cost control, quality of product/work and compliance with performance schedules similar in nature to the work required as part of this announcement. Evaluation of this factor will be based on past performance data from projects presented in Section F of the SF 330 (provide at least 3 references with telephone numbers and email addresses).

Following an evaluation of the qualifications submitted, discussion will be held with at least three (3) most highly qualified firms per sub-region in accordance with FAR 36.602-1(c). Upon conclusion of discussions and final ranking of firms, the most highly qualified firm per sub-region will be selected for price negotiation and other terms and conditions in accordance with FAR 36.606.

In order to comply with the Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996, all contractors must be registered in the System for Award Management System (SAMS) to be considered for an award of a Federal contract. For information regarding registration contact the SAMS website at https://www.sam.gov/portal/public/SAM/.


When submitting a SF-330 - Qualifications Statement, it is very important that all firms understand it is their responsibility to ensure they meet all requirements of the solicitation and prepare the SF-330's in accordance with the requirements. Failure to comply with solicitation requirements may result in the firm being removed from the competition as the Government reserves the right to eliminate firms whose SF-330's do not conform.

The SF-330's shall be clear, concise, and shall include sufficient detail for effective evaluation and for substantiating the validity of stated claims. The SF-330's should not simply rephrase or restate the Government's requirements, but rather shall provide convincing rationale to address how the firm meets the Government's requirements. Firms shall assume that the Government has no prior knowledge of their facilities and experience, and will base its evaluation on the information presented in the firm's SF- 330's Qualification Statements.

Interested A-E firms which meet the requirements described in this announcement must submit two (2) copies of the SF 330 Part I and Part II and a digital file on a CD for each sub-region for which they wish to be considered directly to Shaukat Syed, Contract Specialist, Natural Resources Conservation Service, 501 W. Felix Street, Bldg. 23, Fort Worth, TX 76115, no later than 5:00 p.m. Central time on October 11, 2017. Only those firms responding by the time and date identified herein will be considered for selection. Facsimile transmissions and email transmissions will not be accepted. Solicitation packages are not provided and no additional project information will be given to firms during the announcement period.

Each qualification package submission shall be clearly indexed, labeled and logically assembled to indicate which sub-region the information shall be considered for, i.e. Sub-Region 1-4 , Sub-Region 2-3, Sub-Region 3-2 or Sub-Region 4-1. Cover letters and extraneous materials (brochures, etc.) will not be considered.

The qualifications package submittal, including the SF 330, shall not exceed 25 pages in length (includes all attachments, subcontractor, consultant information, etc.). The eight (8) pages of instructions are not required to be submitted as part of the SF 330 and are not included in the 25 page limit. Qualification packages exceeding the maximum page limitations may not be considered. Cover pages, tab pages, and divider pages will not count towards the 25 page limit. Submissions may include single or double sided sheets, but shall not exceed the 25 page limitation. A page is defined as one side of an 8 x 11 inch sheet of paper, with at least one inch margins on all sides. The SF 330 form is exempt from the marking and character size limits; follow the SF 330 instructions for completing the form. The 1 inch margin and 10 point font limits are only applicable to pages formatted by the A/E firm. Resumes in Section E and example projects in Section F shall not exceed one page each.

Forward Pricing Rate Agreement (FPRA):

For the purpose of simplifying and increasing efficiency in the negotiation and to assist in the execution of Task Orders against the IDIQ, the apparent most highly qualified firms, when notified, shall submit an acceptable FPRA proposal to the Contracting Officer to be eligible for award. The apparent most highly qualified firms shall provide a FPRA proposal within the requested time period to be identified by the Government (DO NOT SUBMIT UNTIL REQUESTED). The FPRA proposal shall include, but is not limited to, a description of direct labor categories, direct labor rates, annual escalation of all rates, G&A rates, overhead rates, Computer Assisted Design Rates, and other recurring costs. Where practicable, the contractor may provide Fixed Price Rates for Unit Pricing Elements. The FPRA proposal will be negotiated and a formal Forward Price Rate Agreement will be incorporated into the resultant IDIQ contract. Apparent most highly qualified firms, who fail to negotiate an acceptable FPRA with the Contracting Officer will be ineligible for award. The contractor agrees to submit a Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data, as required by FAR 15.403-4(a), for all Task Orders and modifications exceeding $750,000.

Other Information:

Firms are herein advised that if a fair and reasonable price cannot be negotiated with the most highly qualified firm(s), the Government reserves the right to close negotiations with that firm and open negotiations with the next most highly qualified firm(s). This process will be repeated until an appropriate number of IDIQ contracts have been successfully negotiated and awarded. Selection of firms for negotiation shall be made in order of preference based on the demonstrated competence and qualifications necessary for satisfactory performance in accordance with the specific selection criteria listed in this announcement.

Qualification packages are not provided and no additional project information will be given to firms during the announcement period. All submissions must be clearly marked with the following caption "RELEASEABLE TO GOVERNMENT AGENCIES FOR EVALUATION PURPOSES ONLY." Qualification packages that fail to comply with the above instructions or present ideas not pertinent to subject, may not be reviewed.

All questions should be submitted in writing and forwarded via e-mail to Mr. Shaukat Syed, shaukat.syed@wdc.usda.gov . Questions submitted within 10 days of the closing date may not be answered by the Government. All responses to questions received will be posted via amendment to FBO.gov.

Please consult the list of document viewers if you cannot open a file.
Solicitation 1
Posted Date:
September 7, 2017
Description: NRCS Regional Map
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Download/View Attachment_2_-_Combined_NRCS_Land_Survey_Specifications_and_NRCS_Land_Survey_Boundary_Reestablishment_Specifications.pdf
Description: Combined NRCS Land Survey Specifications and NRCS Land Survey Boundary Reestablishment Specifications
Amendment 1
Posted Date:
September 26, 2017
Description: Amendment No. 1
Amendment 2
Posted Date:
September 28, 2017
Description: Amendment No. 2
Primary Point of Contact. :
Shaukat Syed
Phone: 817-509-3781

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