Great Plains Area AE IDIQ

Agency: Department of Health and Human Services
State: South Dakota
Level of Government: Federal
  • C - Architect and Engineering Services - Construction
Opps ID: NBD00159791159465099
Posted Date: Sep 29, 2017
Due Date: Oct 26, 2017
Solicitation No: 17-102-SOL-00046
Source: Members Only
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Request for Qualifications

This acquisition is for a Total Small Business Set?Aside. The Government will only accept qualifications from small business concerns. All other firms are deemed ineligible to submit offers. The North American Industry Classification (NAICS) Code is 541310. To be considered a small business under NAICS Code 541310, Architectural Services, average annual revenues must be $7.5 Million or less.

In accordance with and pursuant to FAR 36.6, The Indian Health Service (IHS), Division of Engineering, is seeking qualification statements of Architect?Engineer (A/E) firms to provide professional design services for various projects in the Great Plains Area.

Architect-Engineer Qualification Statements (SF 330s) submitted in response to this notice will be used to select the most highly qualified A/E for award of an Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract. Professional services include planning, design, construction contract administration, and post construction contract services for various Federal and Tribal health facilities located in South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa. Health facilities include health care clinics, wellness centers, support buildings, and associated infrastructure ranging in size from 1,000 square feet to 50,000 square feet. Under the Health Facilities Engineering (HFE) program, IHS conducts projects to perform major maintenance, periodic repair of building components, and facility improvements. Design and construction contract administration work will typically be carried out in accordance with 2016 Version of the IHS A-E Design Guide:

Description: The Government is contemplating awarding three-zoned A/E Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts from one solicitation for a one-year Base plus 4 option years with a Not-to-Exceed (NTE) amount of $5 Million for each awarded IDIQ contract. The Respondent will be required to submit Qualification Statements, SF 330s (, for evaluation by the Government. Source selection procedures in accordance with FAR 36.602 will be used.

The IDIQ contracts will contain negotiated rates for use to establish firm fixed-priced task orders. It is estimated there will be 4-10 task orders during the first year with the most common cost magnitude per task order ranging from $25k-$100k. This is a new procurement and does not replace any existing contracts.

Background: The Great Plains Area Office in Aberdeen, South Dakota works in conjunction with its 19 federally and tribally managed Service Units to provide health care to approximately 130,000 Native Americans located in North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa. The Area Office's service units include seven hospitals, eight health centers, and several smaller health stations and satellite clinics.

Each facility incorporates a comprehensive health care delivery system. The hospitals, health centers, and satellite clinics provide inpatient and outpatient care and conduct preventive and curative clinics. The Great Plains Area also operates an active research effort through its Area Epidemiology Program. Research projects deal with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and the application of health risk appraisals in all communities.

The respondent shall provide all labor, management, facilities, supplies, equipment and material and complete all actions necessary for performance of the work as defined in each issued task order. Work will include is but not limited to studies, evaluations, design, plans and specification development and technical assistance with all types of building and grounds infrastructure throughout the Great Plains Indian Health Service.

Services include, but are not limited to:

a. Evaluations, Assessments, and Planning Services: facility condition assessments; site development feasibility studies; conceptual designs; cost estimating; space planning and space efficiency studies; energy modeling and investment-grade energy feasibilities studies; building systems evaluations; electrical studies including short-circuit coordination studies and evaluation of power quality problems; pre-design commissioning activities; environmental testing and environmental site assessments; geotechnical and soil investigation and testing; water quality analysis; legal survey work for real property transfers including metes and bounds surveys.

b. Design Services: development of design and construction documents (i.e. drawings, specifications) and associated engineering work in accordance with the Indian Health Service "Architect/Engineer (A/E) Design Guide," dated 2016.

c. Construction Contract Administration Support Services: participating in pre-construction conferences; responding to contractor requests for information (RFIs); reviewing construction submittals and shop drawings; performing inspections and field observation reports; advising the project officer regarding deficiencies and actions required or recommended; preparing supplementary drawings or revision drawings; managing document versions and revisions; reviewing contract modification proposals; reviewing contractor progress payments.

d. Post-Construction Contract Services: commissioning; preparing operation and maintenance manuals; preparing conformed-set drawings; preparing record drawings and as-built drawings; issuing certificates of completion (often required to be prepared and signed by a registered professional engineer); providing training on proper operation, maintenance of equipment, support for building automation, and systems troubleshooting (IHS provides support to tribal utility departments and may identify needs to provide training and troubleshooting of systems through this contract.)

e. Integration of Sustainable Features: To the maximum extent possible these scope items shall integrate or include sustainability features that will reduce the energy usage, water usage, reduce emissions, divert solid waste, reduce consumption of toxic materials and chemicals, increase organic waste diversion, ensure retrofitting and renovation promotes building's long term viability, and other sustainable enhancements.

Although it is required that the A&E firm be able to provide the full scope of required services, the (a) Evaluations, Assessments, and Planning Services and (b) Design Services will likely be utilized the most frequently.

SF330 Architect-Engineer Qualifications:

All interested firms are required to submit one (1) electronic copy of a recently completed Standard Form 330 (SF 330), Architect?Engineer Qualifications and a signed copy of any and all SF30 (Amendments) issued for this RFQ, which are due to the Contracting Officer (as noted below) no later 1300 (1 P.M.) Pacific Time on October 26, 2017. When completing your SF 330, be sure to include information of the team you will be using for this contract, including key personnel of subs and consultants. A cover letter, or otherwise identified, may be submitted that is no more than two (2) pages in length. You may submit supplementary information that illustrates your firm's ability to meet the evaluation criteria listed below. SF 330 PARTs I & II shall not exceed a combined total of fifty (50) 8.5"x11" single-sided pages.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In formulating the Qualifications submission, potential respondents should consider that FAR 52.219?14, which will be incorporated into any resultant contract, requires the Prime Contractor to perform services under the contract equivalent to 50% or more of the contract value in personnel costs throughout the life of the contract. This is a positive requirement rather than one where an indication of capacity, capability or willingness to meet these requirements would be acceptable. Respondent(s) should demonstrate in their Qualifications submission how they will meet this requirement.

Address your submission electronically as follows (Please note FAR 15.208(b)(1)(i) regarding late electronic proposals):

SF330: 17?102?SOL?00046 RFQ
Attn: Mimi Hetzel (Contracting Officer)
Email to:

Note: The Government is unable to receive files larger than 8 MB. If your file is sent in multiple emails please number them (X of XX) so the Government can determine it has received the complete package.

All respondent(s) are advised that registration in the Systems for Award Management (SAM) database is required prior to award of a contract. Failure to register in the SAM database may render your firm ineligible for award. For more information, visit the SAM Website at Completion of the electronic annual representations and certifications in SAM are also mandatory prior to the award of any contract. No-cost assistance in completing SAM may be obtained by contacting the Procurement Technical Assistance Center ( in your area.

IHS intends to develop a short list or make a final selection of A?E respondent(s) based solely upon initial Respondent submissions without discussions. Therefore, respondent(s) should not presume they will have an opportunity to clarify or revise any aspect of the initial submission. Respondent(s) included on the developed short list may be required to attend a face?to? face interview with the Source Selection Board members. Appropriate respondent(s) will be notified when and if interviews will be conducted as part of the evaluation process.

All responses will be evaluated by the following criteria, listed in descending order of importance:

1. Professional Qualification and Experience
2. Management Plan and Team Organization
3. Past Performance
4. Specialized experience
5. Capacity to Accomplish the Work
6. Geographic Proximity
For purposes of this evaluation, the relative weights of the identified criteria are as follows:

Criterion 1 is significantly more important than Criterion 2.
Criterion 2 is significantly more important than Criterion 3.
Criterion 3 is more important than Criterion 4.
Criterion 4 is more important than Criterion 5.
Criterion 5 is more important than Criterion 6.

CRITERION 1: Professional Qualifications and Experience -- Relevant qualifications and experience covering the following activities as related to health facilities and associated structures: Assessment, Evaluation and Planning Services, Design Services, Construction Contract Administration Support Services, Post Construction Contract Services, Integration of Sustainability into Design of Construction and Renovation Projects.

CRITERION 2: Management Plan & Team Organization -- Respondent shall demonstrate the degree to which the anticipated management plan and team organization, including degree of principle participation, coordination, division of work, quality assurance, cost control, and prior experience of the project team as a unit, will meet the overall requirements of this contract. For purposes of this evaluation criterion, Indian Owned firms will be evaluated favorably. Indian Owned firms are defined as:
? The business must be an (IEE) Indian Economic Enterprise. A for profit business that is at least 51 percent Indian/Indian Tribe owned
? The IEE owners must be members of a federally recognized Indian tribe or Alaska Native village
? The IEE must manage the contract
? The Indian or Indian Tribe must receive majority of the earnings from the contract
? The Indian or Indian Tribe must control the daily business operations

CRITERION 3: Past Performance -- The Respondent and any major subcontractors' past performance on related relevant contracts, similar in size and scope, in whole or in part, to the instant requirement herein over the last 3 years will be evaluated to determine, as appropriate, successful performance of contract requirements, quality and timeliness of delivery of goods and services, effective management of subcontractors, cost management, level of communication between the contracting parties, proactive management and customer satisfaction.

The Government reserves the right to assess the past performance of proposed subcontractors. The Government will use its discretion to determine the sources of past performance information used in the evaluation, and the information may be obtained from references provided by the Respondent, the agency's knowledge of contractor performance, other Government agencies or commercial entities, or past performance databases.

If a Respondent does not have a history of relevant contract experience, or if past performance information is not available, the Respondent will receive a neutral (neither favorable nor unfavorable) past performance rating.

CRITERION 4: Specialized Experience - Extent and quality of relevant specialized experience relating to engineering and architectural assessment of health facilities and the planning, design, construction contract administrative support, post-construction support, and facility maintenance support services relating to small facility renovations, expansions, maintenance, improvement and environmental projects at rural health centers serving American Indians and Alaska Natives, and working in a federal context. Examples include, but are not limited to: Experience working with small communities; Experience assisting clients in complying with federal environmental protection rules and laws associated with the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA); Experience working with Tribes or American Indian/Alaska Native communities; Experience working with LEED or other environmentally sustainable design principles. Familiarity with the unique fiduciary responsibilities held by the federal government. Experience working with federal agencies.

CRITERION 5: Capacity to Accomplish Work -- Project team's capacity to perform and respond to a varying and uncertain workload in a timely manner and the stability/solvency of the firm.

CRITERION 6: Geographic Proximity -- Location of offices and staff in the vicinity of potential work sites to increase the efficiency of service delivery and increase availability during task orders. The majority of work will be located on land held in Trust by the federal government for federally-recognized Tribes distributed throughout the Great Plains Area.

Pre?Qualification Inquiries (PQI): If you determine that the contractual requirements of this RFQ require clarification(s) in order to permit submittal of an acceptable or responsive qualification you may submit an inquiry for clarification. Pre?Qualification Inquiries (PQI) shall be submitted via e?mail to: Pre?Qualification Inquiries will be accepted up to 5 days prior to due date of the qualifications. Responses to PQIs will be provided via amendment to this RFQ.

The estimated cost range of this design requirement is Not-to-Exceed $5M per IDIQ contract.

Contracting Office Address:
Indian Health Service, Division of Engineering Services - Seattle
701 5th Avenue, Suite 1600, Mail Stop RX?24 Seattle, Washington 98104

Place of Performance:
IHS Great Plains Area

The Government Intends to award one A/E IDIQ per each the zone as listed below:

Zone 1:

Belcourt Service Unit, Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation, North Dakota
Fort Yates Service Unit, Standing Rock Indian Reservation, North Dakota and South Dakota
Youth Regional Treatment Center, Wakpala, South Dakota
Fort Totten Service Unit, Spirit Lake Indian Reservation, North Dakota
Fort Berthold Service Unit, Fort Berthold Indian Reservation, North Dakota

Zone 2:

Fort Thompson Service Unit, Crow Creek Indian Reservation, South Dakota Lower Brule Service Unit, Lower Brule Indian Reservation, South Dakota Rosebud Service Unit, Rosebud Indian Reservation, South Dakota Sisseton Service Unit, Lake Traverse Indian Reservation, North Dakota and South Dakota Winnebago Service Unit, Winnebago Indian Reservation, Nebraska Drug Dependency Unit, Winnebago, Nebraska

Zone 3:

Pine Ridge Service Unit, Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota Rapid City Service Unit, Rapid City, South Dakota Cheyenne River Service Unit, Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, South Dakota

Please consult the list of document viewers if you cannot open a file.
Solicitation 1
Posted Date:
September 28, 2017
Description: Request for Qualifications
Contracting Office Address :
701 Fifth Ave
STE 1600, MS-24
Seattle, Washington 98104
United States
Place of Performance :
Great Plains Area
Multiple Locations Great Plains Area, South Dakota
United States
Primary Point of Contact. :
Mimi Antonio Hetzel,
Contracting Officer
Phone: 2066152465
Secondary Point of Contact :
Melissa Warmath,
Chief of the Contracting Office

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