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About the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO)
As the Single Real Property Manager for the U.S. Government's diplomatic facilities abroad, the Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO) real property portfolio spans 275 posts in locations worldwide. To achieve our mission of providing safe, secure, and functional buildings that represent the U.S. to host nations, OBO and its global customers depend on receiving the right data, services, and products at the right time.

About the Ideal Operational State Initiative (IOS) at OBO
To that end, OBO established the Ideal Operational State (IOS) initiative to improve functions at OBO related to information management, data accuracy, and business processes. The overarching goal of IOS is to ensure that data is ready, reliable, and relevant at any point in the lifecycle of a project or piece of real property, which in turn will enable the highest quality of information for data-driven decisions at OBO and across the world.

A major component of the IOS initiative is to implement an integrated enterprise system of record that will provide unified, accurate, and easily accessible data on all OBO-managed projects and real property. Once implemented, this system will enable better access to data to support data-driven decision-making.

About Lease Abstracting at OBO
For successful implementation of the IOS enterprise system, OBO must convert all existing real property leases into abstracted, machine-readable lease data (i.e. lease abstracts) and then upload that data into the TRIRIGA integrated workplace management system. For the purposes of this request for information, a lease abstract is a summary of the key financial, business and legal information that exists in a real estate lease.

Currently, OBO manages 17,047 leases for properties at diplomatic posts around the world. The formats of these leases include (but are not limited to) hard copy papers, various image types, unstructured/structured databases (e.g. Microsoft Excel), PDFs, and word processing documents.

These leases cover the below three property types:
1. Functional properties
a. Number: 1,993 (12% of lease portfolio)
b. Lease types: Single 100-200 square foot garages to 100,000 to 200,000 square foot office spaces.
c. Attached example lease: Simple, short lease for a small office and a lengthier, more complex lease for a large office.

2. Primary residential properties
a. Number: 1,047 (6% of lease portfolio)
b. Lease types: Large residences (up to 36,000 square feet) and culturally significant properties.
c. Attached example lease: Primary residence (chief of mission).

3. Staff housing properties
a. Number: 14,006 (82% of lease portfolio)
b. Lease types: Single 500 square foot apartments to entire blocks of apartments covering multiple thousands of square feet.
c. Attached example lease: Model lease for staff housing.
Examples of each of the three types of leases (primary, functional, staff housing) are attached as addendums to this RFI.

This section outlines a scope of objectives based on OBO subject matter experts' existing knowledge of lease management processes. OBO welcomes feedback on the below process.

1.0 Project Management Plan

1.1 Develop strategy for a phased approach of OBO lease abstraction that incorporates lessons learned from industry best practices.
1.2 Develop a draft lease abstraction project management plan.
1.2.1 Recommend business process rules for less-than-complete leases.

1.2.2 Determine how information in OBO leases matches data fields available in the out-of-the-box version of IBM TRIRIGA.
1.2.3 Determine a structure for the input of lease abstraction data that the contractor will later transfer into IBM TRIRIGA.
1.2.4 Outline a test lease abstracting phase.
1.2.5 Outline a phase for abstraction of functional property leases.
1.2.6 Outline a phase for abstraction of primary residential property leases.
1.2.7 Outline a phase for abstraction of staff housing leases.
1.2.8 Specify quality control measures.
1.3 Recommend a final project management plan and timeline for full abstraction of all OBO leases.

2.0 Lease Abstraction

2.1 Abstract data from all 17,047OBO leases and record this data in a structured, machine readable Microsoft Excel format.
2.2 This abstraction shall take place in four phases.
2.2.1 For Phase 1 (test phase), abstract 20 primary property leases from an OBO-provided repository of primary property leases.
2.2.2 For Phase 2, abstract 1,993 leases from an OBO-provided repository of functional property leases.
2.2.3 For Phase 3, abstract 1,047 leases from an OBO-provided repository of primary property leases.
2.2.4 For Phase 4, abstract 14,006 leases from an OBO-provided repository of staff housing leases.

3.0 Closeout and Transfer of Lease Abstraction Data

3.1 Provide OBO with a CD/DVD ROM copy and a web-based downloadable copy of all abstracted lease data in Microsoft Excel format and in a format compatible with IBM TRIRIGA.

At this time, there is no requirement for a facility security clearance or cleared staff under the National Industrial Security Program (NISP). However, if a respondent participates in the NISP and has facility and personnel clearances, that information should be provided in the response.

1. How does your company approach base leases and amendments during the abstraction process? Are the leases and amendments classified as separately priced items to be abstracted, or combined into a package? For instance, for pricing purposes, would a base lease with three amendments count as four items (base plus 3 amendments), two items (base plus final amendment), or one item (single package)?

2. In terms of large, multinational organizations (with lease portfolios similar to OBO's), how do lease abstraction consultants determine what information from a lease should be abstracted? What is the process to determine how much lease information an organization needs to abstract from its leases?

3. What is your company's experience in transferring abstracted lease data into TRIRIGA? How has your company approached preparing lease abstraction data for transfer into IBM TRIRIGA for other clients?

4. Based on the above description of OBO's lease abstraction project, and the complexity of each type of OBO lease (primary, functional, staff housing), what would be the hours required and cost per lease for abstraction? Can you provide a sample project schedule, based on your labor hour estimate here and your experience with similar abstraction projects?

5. Based on the above description of OBO's lease abstraction project, what kind of experience would the project team need to complete this project? What types of staffing positions would be required (Program Manager, Deputy Program Manager, Document Specialist, etc)? And how many hours would each position need to work to complete this project?

6. What is your company's experience in using optical character recognition (OCR) for the purpose of lease abstraction? What advantages and disadvantages come with using OCR to complete a lease abstraction project?

The responses should be in the following format/order:
1. Responses must be limited to 15 letter-size pages or less, in Microsoft Word or Portable Document format (PDF), using Times New Roman 12-point font. Include your company Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number, CAGE code (if applicable), company point of contact (POC) and your firm's relevant and appropriate NAICS code(s).
2. Respondents must indicate whether their firm is a small or large business. If small, indicate the classification.
3. Respondents must indicate whether they offer the required services on ANY Federal Supply Schedules. If so, please list the schedule numbers.
4. Proprietary information, if any, should be minimized and MUST BE CLEARLY MARKED. To aid OBO, please segregate and clearly mark proprietary information. Please be advised that all submissions become the property of the Government and will not be returned.

The responses should be in the following format/order:
1. General Business Information: Provide general information about your business, to include the information contained in the Responses' section (immediately above), as well as any National Industrial Security Program clearance information.
2. Requirements: Address the requirements contained in Section I (Introduction) and Section II (Scope of Objectives); weight and detail paragraphs and bullets, as appropriate.
3. Experience: Provide experience, capabilities, contracts, and customer information, as appropriate.
4. Questions: Respond to questions in Section V.
5. Points of Contact: List one or more points of contact for your company.
6. Summary: Provide brief concluding remarks, as appropriate.
Restrictions on Response

The government will not entertain telephone calls or questions for this RFI.

How to Respond
Please submit your response no later than October 12, 2017, at 10:00AM Eastern Time, with electronic copies sent to the points of contact listed below. Please enter "OBO Lease Abstraction RFI" into the email subject field.

Patrick Dermidoff, Contracting Officer:

Please consult the list of document viewers if you cannot open a file.
Sample Leases
Other (Draft RFPs/RFIs, Responses to Questions, etc..)
Sample Leases
Posted Date:
September 28, 2017
Lease Abstract RFI - Example Lease Staff Housing (Mo... (267.93 Kb)
Download/View Lease Abstract RFI - Example Lease Staff Housing (Model Lease) - REDACTED.pdf
Description: Sample Lease - Staff Housing
Lease Abstract RFI - Example Lease Small Office - RE... (5,380.07 Kb)
Download/View Lease Abstract RFI - Example Lease Small Office - REDACTED.pdf
Description: Sample Lease - Small Office
Lease Abstract RFI - Example Lease Primary Residence... (6,266.46 Kb)
Download/View Lease Abstract RFI - Example Lease Primary Residence CMR - REDACTED.pdf
Description: Sample Lease - Primary Residence
Lease Abstract RFI - Example Lease Large Office - RE... (8,633.78 Kb)
Download/View Lease Abstract RFI - Example Lease Large Office - REDACTED.pdf
Description: Sample Lease - Large Office
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Arlington, Virginia 22209
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Patrick T. Dermidoff


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