Z1DA--Albany Main Chiller Plant and O.R. Chiller Plant Operation, Maintenance & Repair

State: New York
Level of Government: Federal
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Posted Date: Sep 12, 2020
Due Date: Sep 18, 2020
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Z1DA--Albany Main Chiller Plant and O.R. Chiller Plant Operation, Maintenance & Repair
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  • NAICS Code: 238210 - Electrical Contractors and Other Wiring Installation Contractors
  • Place of Performance:
    Stratton VA Medical Center 113 Holland Ave Ste 7A Albany , NY 12208
Synopsis: Please note that this is NOT a request for quotes or proposals, the Government is seeking information for market research purposes only. Network Contracting Office (NCO) 2 of the Department of Veterans Affairs is currently conducting a market survey for qualified firms capable of providing Main Chiller Plant and O.R. Chiller Plant Operation, Maintenance & Repair for the Stratton VA Medical Center in Albany, New York. The contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment, supplies, facilities, transportation, tools, materials, supervision, and other items and non-personal services necessary to perform Chiller Maintenance and repairs Service. The North American Industry Classification Systems (NAICS) is 238210. Responses to this notice must be submitting in writing (email) and must be received not later than September 18, 2020 at 10:00AM. Email: Janice.Brooks@va.gov. No telephone inquiries will be accepted. Interested parties MUST provide company/individual name, a capability statement, examples of same or similar work performed at other facilities, DUNS number and address, point of contact and social-economic. The purpose of this notice is to gain knowledge of potential qualified sources and their size classification/socioeconomic status (service-disabled veteran owned small business, veteran owned small business, women owned small business, HUB Zone, 8(a), small business or large business), relative to NAICS 238210. Responses to this notice will be used by the Government to make appropriate acquisition decisions. A solicitation is not currently available. If a solicitation is issued, it will be announced on Federal Business opportunities website http://www.fbo.gov at a later date, and all interested parties must respond to that solicitation announcement separately from the responses to this announcement. PERFORMANCE WORK STATEMENT Main Chiller Plant and O.R. Chiller Plant Operation, Maintenance & Repair Part 1 1. GENERAL: The Stratton VA Medical Center in Albany New York is requesting proposals for Central Chiller Plant and OR Chillers operation, maintenance and repair services. The intent is to cover preventive maintenance and repairs on all Main chiller plant equipment and OR chillers in the inventory listed below, as stipulated in this performance work statement. 1.1 Description of Services/Introduction: The contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment, supplies, facilities, transportation, tools, materials, supervision, and other items and non-personal services necessary to perform Chiller Maintenance and repairs Service as defined in this Performance Work Statement except for those items specified as government furnished property and services. The contractor shall perform to the standards in this contract. 1.2 Background: Main chiller Building # 54 Maintenance, Operation, Inspection, Repair. 1) #1 Trane Centrifugal Chiller 750-ton 1000# R-123 2) #2 Trane Centrifugal Chiller 750-ton 1000# R-123 3) #3 Trane Centrifugal Chiller 1000-ton 1700# R-123 4) Main Chiller Building Roof Cooling tower #1 BAC Model 3604A-2 5) Main Chiller Building Roof Cooling tower #2 BAC Model 3604A-2 * NOTE: (Tower 1 & 2 have a project to be replace in Fall of 2021 with similar units) 6) Main Chiller Building Roof Cooling tower #3 BAC Model 3456C-2 7) Variable Frequency Drives Equipment from Attachment A and D chiller plant inventory Main Hospital Sub basement OR Chiller Maintenance, Operation, Inspection, Repair. Carrier 30HXA186RY-650KA Condenser less screw chiller 160 ton Carrier 30HXA186RY-650KA Condenser less screw chiller 160 ton (OR Chillers are in design to be replaced ) Variable Frequency Drives Equipment from Attachment B OR /ARF plant inventory 1.3 Objectives: This contract will produce a tangible, implementable solution that assures safe efficient operation and maintenance of the Main Hospital chiller plant and OR Chillers Listed in the inventory at the Stratton VA Medical Center. 1.4 Scope: Services to be provided are: Preventive Maintenance Chiller Operation / Automation Repairs Normal PM s and Emergency Operation integrity The contractor shall accomplish: All required preventive maintenance tasks and assignments outlined in the PWS. Repairs and emergency call in as outlined in the PWS. The contractor is responsible for providing all the required material, personnel, and equipment and tools to perform work outlined in the PWS. Period of Performance: The period of performance shall be for one (1) Base Year of 12 months and four (4) 12-month option years.) The Period of Performance reads as follows: Base Year (dates) Option Year 10-01-2020 to 09-31-2021 Option Year II 10-01-2021 to 09-31-2022 Option Year III 10-01-2022 to 09-31-2023 Option Year IV 10-01-2023 to 09-31-2024 1.6 General Information 1.6.1 Quality Control: The contractor shall develop and maintain an effective quality control program to ensure services are performed in accordance with this PWS. The contractor shall develop and implement procedures to identify, prevent, and ensure non-recurrence of defective services. The contractor s quality control program is the means by which he assures himself that his work complies with the requirement of the contract. 1.6.2 Quality Assurance: The government shall evaluate the contractor s performance under this contract in accordance with the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan. This plan is primarily focused on what the Government must do to ensure that the contractor has performed in accordance with the performance standards. It defines how the performance standards will be applied, the frequency of surveillance, and the minimum acceptable defect rate(s). 1.6.3 Contractor Requirements: Contractor shall provide all management, supervision, labor, parts, material, tools, incidental engineering services, and transportation necessary to perform maintenance, repair, inspection, testing, and component replacement to Maintain Heating and Cooling equipment ( as described in equipment inventory) operating as originally specified by equipment manufacturer or modified with the approval of the VA. All equipment to be maintained, operated and repaired as per Manufacturers recommendations. Contractor, without additional expense to the Government, shall obtain all licenses, permits, and insurance required to perform the work in this statement of work. Contractor shall comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws. Evidence of insurance, licenses, and permits shall be provided to the Contracting Officer prior to commencing work. Contractor shall comply with the most recent applicable codes and standards as outlined in this SOW. Contractor shall have a minimum of five (5) years of current (within the past seven (7) years) of successful experience maintaining commercial Chiller systems identical or similar to the equipment listed in this contract. Offerors shall submit references for the five (5) years of experience including names, addresses, and telephone numbers of specific companies and key personnel to contact. The Contractor shall provide a Contract Manager who shall be responsible for the performance of the work. The name of the contract manager and an alternate shall be designated in writing to the CO/COR prior to the contract start date. Changes to personnel shall be submitted to the Government within five (5) work days of the changes. The Contract Manager or alternate shall have full authority to act on all contract matters relating to the daily operation of the contract. The Contract Manager or alternate shall be available to speak/meet with the CO/COR within 24 hours of request during normal operating hours, and or within the next business day after Friday or a Federal holiday. Contractor shall provide HVAC/Chiller plant Technicians with Technical qualifications of at least 5 years successful experience in Commercial HVAC including Centrifugal chillers, Cooling towers, Hot water heat exchangers, VFD s, Automated Logic controls and Trane Tracer Ensemble. Certificates shall be submitted to the CO/COR. All employees of the contractor performing work under this contract at the VAMC for more than forty (40) hours over contract period shall have completed up to one hour of Infectious Control training provided by the VA. All employees of the contractor shall have completed a 10-hour OSHA Safety Course. Certificates of completion shall be submitted to the CO/COR. The selection, assignment, and management of contractor s employees are the responsibility of the Contractor. The Contactor shall not employ any individual identified as a potential threat to the health, safety, security, and general wellbeing, or operation of the VA/VAMC or personnel. The Contractor is fully responsible for the performance and conduct of his/her employees at all times. The Contractor shall not allow any employee to perform work under this contract while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other incapacitating agent. The contractor shall be responsible for the installation of signs and/barricades as related to equipment and/or systems as deemed necessary by the facility POC/COR. Recognized Holidays: Contractor will be required to maintain and repair for continuous mechanical operations of Heating and Cooling systems as described in this PWS. The Contractor can address emergency services during these recognized Holidays if necessary. New Year s Day Labor Day Martin Luther King Jr. s Birthday Columbus Day President s Day Veteran s Day Memorial Day Thanksgiving Day Independence Day Christmas Day 1.6.4 Hours of Operation: The contractor is responsible for conducting business, between the hours of 6:00AM to 5:00PM Monday thru Friday except Federal holidays or when the Government facility is closed due to local or national emergencies, administrative closings, or similar Government directed facility closings. For other than firm fixed price contracts, the contractor will not be reimbursed when the government facility is closed for the above reasons. The Contractor must at all times maintain an adequate workforce for the uninterrupted performance of all tasks defined within this PWS when the Government facility is not closed for the above reasons. When hiring personnel, the Contractor shall keep in mind that the stability and continuity of the workforce are essential. 1.6.5 Place of Performance: The work under this contract will be performed at the Stratton VA Medical Center @ 113 Holland Avenue, Albany New York 12208. 1.6.6 Type of Contract: The government will award a firm fixed price. 1.6.7 Security Requirements: Contractor personnel performing work under this contract must have a contractor s badge with photo ID 30 Days After the proposal submission and must maintain the level of security required for the life of the contract. The security requirements are in accordance with VA Police policies and procedures. PHYSICAL Security: The contractor shall be responsible for safeguarding all government equipment, information and property provided for contractor use. At the close of each work period, government facilities, equipment, and materials shall be secured. Key Control the Contractor shall establish and implement methods of making sure all keys/key cards issued to the Contractor by the Government are not lost or misplaced and are not used by unauthorized persons. NOTE: All references to keys include key cards. No keys issued to the Contractor by the Government shall be duplicated. The Contractor shall develop procedures covering key control that shall be included in the Quality Control Plan. Such procedures shall include turn-in of any issued keys by personnel who no longer require access to locked areas. The Contractor shall immediately report any occurrences of lost or duplicate keys/key cards to the Contracting Officer. In the event keys, other than master keys, are lost or duplicated, the Contractor shall, upon direction of the Contracting Officer, re-key or replace the affected lock or locks; however, the Government, at its option, may replace the affected lock or locks or perform re-keying. When the replacement of locks or re-keying is performed by the Government, the total cost of re-keying or the replacement of the lock or locks shall be deducted from the monthly payment due the Contractor. In the event a master key is lost or duplicated, all locks and keys for that system shall be replaced by the Government and the total cost deducted from the monthly payment due the Contractor. The Contractor shall prohibit the use of Government issued keys/key cards by any persons other than the Contractor s employees. The Contractor shall prohibit the opening of locked areas by Contractor employees to permit entrance of persons other than Contractor employees engaged in the performance of assigned work in those areas, or personnel authorized entrance by the Contracting Officer. 1.6.8 Special Qualifications: A.) Successful offer is required to have Chiller plant Automation Experience on the currently installed and functioning systems at the Albany Stratton VA, (Automated Logic Control, maintained by OEM Factory trained. Main Chill plant operates on ALC) Trane Ensemble OEM factory Trained secondary, B.) Technical Personnel - Competent HVAC / Commercial chiller Experience C.) Engineering Design D.) Licensing to do business and provide complete services/ Refrigeration E.) Preventive maintenance Experience F.) Required Reference Information 1.6.9 Post Award Conference/Periodic Progress Meetings: The Contractor agrees to attend any post award conference convened by the contracting activity or contract administration office in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 42.5. The contracting officer, Contracting Officers Representative (COR), and other Government personnel, as appropriate, may meet periodically with the contractor to review the contractor's performance. At these meetings the contracting officer will apprise the contractor of how the government views the contractor's performance and the contractor will apprise the Government of problems, if any, being experienced. Appropriate action shall be taken to resolve outstanding issues. These meetings shall be at no additional cost to the government. 1.6.10 Contracting Officer Representative (COR): The (COR) will be identified by separate letter. The COR monitors all technical aspects of the contract and assists in contract administration The COR is authorized to perform the following functions: assure that the Contractor performs the technical requirements of the contract: perform inspections necessary in connection with contract performance: maintain written and oral communications with the Contractor concerning technical aspects of the contract: issue written interpretations of technical requirements, including Government drawings, designs, specifications: monitor Contractor's performance and notifies both the Contracting Officer and Contractor of any deficiencies; coordinate availability of government furnished property, and provide site entry of Contractor personnel. A letter of designation issued to the COR, a copy of which is sent to the Contractor, states the responsibilities and limitations of the COR, especially with regard to changes in cost or price, estimates or changes in delivery dates. The COR is not authorized to change any of the terms and conditions of the resulting order. 1.6.11 Key Personnel: The follow personnel are considered key personnel by the government: Kenneth Eigen Chief Engineer. Michael Fenton Assistant Chief Engineer. Mark Zakrzewski Maintenance & Operations Manager. Darren Schaperjahn Utilities Operator Repair Supervisor The contractor shall provide a contract manager who shall be responsible for the performance of the work. The name of this person and an alternate who shall act for the contractor when the manager is absent shall be designated in writing to the contracting officer. The contract manager or alternate shall have full authority to act for the contractor on all contract matters relating to daily operation of this contract. The contract manager or alternate shall be available between 07:00 AM to 5:30 PM , Monday thru Friday except Federal holidays or when the government facility is closed for administrative reasons. 1.6.12 Identification of Contractor Employees All contract personnel attending meetings, answering Government telephones, and working in other situations where their contractor status is not obvious to third parties are required to identify themselves as such to avoid creating an impression in the minds of members of the public that they are Government officials. They must also ensure that all documents or reports produced by contractors are suitably marked as contractor products or that contractor participation is appropriately disclosed. Contractor employees must wear contractor uniform with clear marking for company logo. Contractor must also wear government issues contractor badge at all times when working on federal property. 1.6.13 Other Direct Costs: The Contractor shall furnish and install all parts that are new and to the original manufacturer's design and specification or equal to ensure all elevators in this performance work statement remain functional at all times. Parts for the purpose of preventive maintenance will be included in the offeror s proposal. Parts used for the propose of general reoccurring repairs will be included in the offeror s proposal 1.6.14 Data Rights The Government has unlimited rights to all documents/material produced under this contract. All documents and materials, to include the source codes of any software, produced under this contract shall be Government owned and are the property of the Government with all rights and privileges of ownership/copyright belonging exclusively to the Government. These documents and materials may not be used or sold by the contractor without written permission from the Contracting Officer. All materials supplied to the Government shall be the sole property of the Government and may not be used for any other purpose. This right does not abrogate any other Government rights. 1.6.15 Organizational Conflict of Interest: Contractor and subcontractor personnel performing work under this contract may receive, have access to or participate in the development of proprietary or source selection information (e.g., cost or pricing information, budget information or analyses, specifications or work statements, etc.) or perform evaluation services which may create a current or subsequent Organizational Conflict of Interests (OCI) as defined in FAR Subpart 9.5. The Contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer immediately whenever it becomes aware that such access or participation may result in any actual or potential OCI and shall promptly submit a plan to the Contracting Officer to avoid or mitigate any such OCI. The Contractor s mitigation plan will be determined to be acceptable solely at the discretion of the Contracting Officer and in the event the Contracting Officer unilaterally determines that any such OCI cannot be satisfactorily avoided or mitigated, the Contracting Officer may effect other remedies as he or she deems necessary, including prohibiting the Contractor from participation in subsequent contracted requirements which may be affected by the OCI. PART 2 DEFINITIONS & ACRONYMS 2. DEFINITIONS AND ACRONYMS: 2.1. DEFINITIONS 2.1.1. CONTRACTOR. A supplier or vendor awarded a contract to provide specific supplies or service to the government. The term used in this contract refers to the prime. 2.1.2. CONTRACTING OFFICER. A person with authority to enter into, administer, and or terminate contracts, and make related determinations and findings on behalf of the government. Note: The only individual who can legally bind the government. 2.1.3. CONTRACTING OFFICER'S REPRESENTATIVE (COR). An employee of the U.S. Government appointed by the contracting officer to administer the contract. Such appointment shall be in writing and shall state the scope of authority and limitations. This individual has authority to provide technical direction to the Contractor as long as that direction is within the scope of the contract, does not constitute a change, and has no funding implications. This individual does NOT have authority to change the terms and conditions of the contract. 2.1.4. DEFECTIVE SERVICE. A service output that does not meet the standard of performance associated with the Performance Work Statement. 2.1.5. DELIVERABLE. Anything that can be physically delivered, but may include non-manufactured things such as meeting minutes or reports. 2.1.6. KEY PERSONNEL. Contractor personnel that are evaluated in a source selection process and that may be required to be used in the performance of a contract by the Key Personnel listed in the PWS. When key personnel are used as an evaluation factor in best value procurement, an offer can be rejected if it does not have a firm commitment from the persons that are listed in the proposal. 2.1.7. PHYSICAL SECURITY. Actions that prevent the loss or damage of Government property. 2.1.8. QUALITY ASSURANCE. The government procedures to verify that services being performed by the Contractor are performed according to acceptable standards. 2.1.9. QUALITY ASSURANCE Surveillance Plan (QASP). An organized written document specifying the surveillance methodology to be used for surveillance of contractor performance. 2.1.10. QUALITY CONTROL. All necessary measures taken by the Contractor to assure that the quality of an end product or service shall meet contract requirements. 2.1.11. SUBCONTRACTOR. One that enters into a contract with a prime contractor. The Government does not have privity of contract with the subcontractor. 2.1.12. WORK DAY. The number of hours per day the Contractor provides services in accordance with the contract. 2.1.12. WORK WEEK. Monday through Friday, unless specified otherwise. PART 3 GOVERNMENT FURNISHED PROPERTY, EQUIPMENT, AND SERVICES 3. GOVERNMENT FURNISHED ITEMS AND SERVICES: 3.1 Facilities: The Government will provide an office space in the main Chiller Plant as the contractor s workspace for performing operational checks, conducting business as it relates to this PWS. PART 4 CONTRACTOR FURNISHED ITEMS AND SERVICES 4. CONTRACTOR FURNISHED ITEMS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 4.1 General: The Contractor shall furnish all supplies, equipment, facilities and services required to perform work under this contract that are not listed under Section 3 of this PWS. PART 5 SPECIFIC TASKS 5. Specific Tasks: 5.1. Basic Services: The contractor shall provide services for * Preventive Maintenance * Repairs, both emergency and non-emergency (scheduled repairs) * Operation of Chiller plant and Heating equipment as listed in Equipment inventory 5.1.1 Scheduled Maintenance, Inspection, Repair and Replacement: Contractor is required to furnish all parts, tools, equipment, and labor to accomplish the task of scheduled maintenance inspections of the chiller plant equipment. Maintenance and repairs services shall be provided by the contractor on all equipment and associated devices related to the Stratton VA Medical Center chill plant, as outlined within this specification. The services provided shall ensure the equipment is maintained and operates covered systems at optimum comfort and efficiency. Scheduled maintenance inspections shall be performed on a monthly basis throughout the year as per inspection schedule provided by the VA. Intervals must meet manufacturer s recommendations and specifications. The equipment list on the spreadsheet labeled Chiller Inventory and PM Frequency indicates the equipment that will be serviced, maintained and repaired. The contractor shall perform scheduled preventative, predictive and diagnostic services on the PC workstation specified annually. Contractor shall perform system analysis on the equipment covered to detect early signs of deteriorating performance and to predict potential equipment failures. Identified potential problem areas, shall be assigned corrective action, as outlined in this specification. The contractor shall perform maintenance tasks on all covered field hardware at appropriate intervals. Such tasks will include, but not be limited too, the running of diagnostic programs, checking of input and output device calibration, and verification of control command execution. Contractor shall provide all parts and labor necessary to diagnose and repair or replace faulty equipment under this contract. All parts, components, and/or devices that either are worn or not in proper operational condition shall be repaired, and/or replaced with new parts, components, or devices. This includes software, Workstation hardware and field hardware. The contractor shall replace obsolete or discontinued parts with a new part of equivalent or better operational performance and functional capability. In instances where new parts or components hold extensive delivery times, the contractor may substitute reconditioned parts and components upon approval of the COR. For those parts of the system that are U.L. Listed, the contractor will be responsible for replacing said parts with U.L. Listed components so as to maintain the entire system's U.L. Listing. 5.1.2 Automated Logic and Ensemble control Systems: Contractor shall provide system software maintenance, application software maintenance and building-management software maintenance servicing the Automated Logic Controls (ALC) Software System in use at the Main Chiller plant and all associated hardware installed in the hospital chiller plant. Also Maintain Trane Ensemble control system used on OR chillers and Main hot water heat exchangers. Tasks required include, but are not limited to, reviewing current data files to verify that current application and programs are working properly and perform system administrative functions such as security software upgrades. Support of application software must be provided to maximize system utilization. On-site evaluation and implementation of changes to improve system operation is required. The contractor will provide complete backup for all software on and off site to minimize system downtime and improve system maintenance. As the manufacturer provides new software revisions, the contractor will provide and install these revisions at no cost to the VA. The revisions will be provided to enhance current system performance and prevent system obsolescence. The contractor must install these revisions within 30 days of their release by factory if there is enhancement to the system s current operation. 5.1.3 Remote Monitoring: All systems are currently remotely monitored. It is the intent of this contract that the successful offeror will maintain and establish the remote monitoring for troubleshooting and identifying system trouble issues when applicable. Contractor HVAC specialist from the remote monitoring facility shall take immediate action in the event of an alarm. This action includes but is not limited to diagnose the nature of the issue that triggered the alarm, perform troubleshooting from his/her interface with the system in order to attempt fixing the problem, and if necessary, engage on-site personnel. In the event that the issue cannot be corrected remotely, the monitoring facility must dispatch a service technician in order to correct the issue on site. The contractor is required to provide the VA with 24/7/365 monitoring of their most critical alarms from a dedicated remote facility staffed with HVAC technical specialists, shift supervisors and managerial staff. This monitoring center must have full redundancy in systems at the data center level to fully support a 24/7/365 operation, including but not limited to electrical systems, phone systems, data base systems and support systems. In the event of an outage at the primary remote center, a redundant site must be in place to provide additional backup and support independent of the VA network and shared with VA personnel. 5.1.4 System Reports: Contractor must provide written reports to the contracting officer s representative (COR) following each scheduled and unscheduled inspection, repair, maintenance or emergency call, including but not limited to PM tasks such as cooling tower cleaning and maintenance, operations checks, refrigerant logs in accordance with the EPA. The contractor must test the VA building control system on a weekly schedule. A weekly record of successful tests, as well as a record of each automated critical alarm recorded and the actions associated with it, must be delivered to the COR via email. 5.1.5 System Design Support: The Contractor shall be available, at no additional charge, for consultation regarding design changes and equipment selection, based on past experiences with similar systems 5.1.6 Critical Inventory: The contractor will identify a Critical Inventory within fourteen (14) days of award notification. Critical inventory shall be stored on site. The Critical Inventory will be based on the specific covered systems, to be maintained. This inventory will include the component model number, and delivery lead-time, and reasoning as to its inclusion as a Critical Inventory item. The contractor will review the Critical Inventory with the customer to determine what items will be in the final inventory. 5.1.7 Disruption of Operation of Owners Equipment: The contractor will be permitted to stop and start all primary equipment incidental to the mechanical system(s) related to covered systems, as required, to perform necessary maintenance and repair service. All scheduled disruptions of operation of such equipment will be coordinated in advance with the owners' representative(s). The contractor will be required to notify the owner of disruption of operation of equipment and/or systems not providing life safety functions as follows: disruptions of up to fifteen (15) minutes in duration, provide notice at least two (2) hours in advance disruptions of up to one (1) hour in duration, provide notice at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance disruptions of up to four (4) hours in duration, provide notice at least one (1) week in advance disruptions in excess of four (4) hours in duration, provide notice at least two (2) weeks in advance Disruption of operation of equipment and/or systems providing life safety functions, such has fume hoods, will require at least two (2) weeks advance notice. 5.1.8 Cooling / Heating Season: Seasonal work is defined as, Cooling Season April 1st September 30th, Heating Season October 1st March 31st, although several areas of the Medical Center are required to have both heating and cooling throughout the year. 5.1.9 Out of scope work: Services that are outside the scope of this requirement, which are later identified as required work are not included. Services that are within scope but not specifically addressed in this statement of work, shall not be performed prior to the authorization by the CO. This authorization must come in the form of contract modification, and contractor must receive said modification prior to performance of these tasks. 5.2 Emergency Services: Emergency services and repairs are included on a 24 -hour per day, 365 days per year basis. PART 6 APPLICABLE PUBLICATIONS 6. APPLICABLE PUBLICATIONS (CURRENT EDITIONS) 6.1. The Contractor must abide by all applicable regulations, publications, manuals, and local policies and procedures. Including refrigerant logs as outlined with the EPA and NSYDEC. PART 7 ATTACHMENT/TECHNICAL EXHIBIT LISTING Attachment/Technical Exhibit List: Attachment 1/Technical Exhibit 1 Performance Requirements Summary: Vendor to provide objectives to meet PRS#1 for preventive maintenance. Attachment 2/Technical Exhibit 2 Deliverables Schedule Attachment 3/Technical Exhibit 3 Estimated Workload Data Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan The contractor service requirements are summarized into performance objectives that relate directly to mission essential items. The performance threshold briefly describes the minimum acceptable levels of service required for each requirement. These thresholds are critical to mission success. Performance Objective (The Service required usually a shall statement) Standard Performance Threshold (This is the maximum error rate. It could possibly be Zero deviation from standard ) Method of Surveillance PRS # 1. The contractor shall provide preventive maintenance service to Main and OR Chiller systems as provided in the equipment inventory. Minimum of 1 time per month or as directed by the manufacturer s recommendations Percent Threshold is 95% Weekly Surveillance and follow up with VA COR PRS # 2 Non-Emergency Repairs 4- Hour on site response time when vendor is notified 75% of the time meet 4- hour response Weekly Surveillance and follow up by VA COR PRS # 3 Emergency Repairs 2-Hour on site response when Vendor is notified 95% timely response Daily Surveillance and Follow up with VA COR PRS # 4 Operation of Chiller plant The contractor provides Minimum engagement to maintain Chill water system and Heating system integrity 95% percent threshold Daily Surveillance and Follow up with VA COR DELIVERABLES SCHEDULE Deliverable Frequency # of Copies Medium/Format Submit To Preventive Maintenance document hours per month per specific equipment Monthly PM hours per specific listed equipment at intervals no less than 20 days apart. Maintenance Records will be provided after each preventive maintenance per specific equipment Email record to VA Cor and Maintenance Manager No later than 5 days after Maintenance activity Annual equipment inspections Annual during off season Inspection report for each specific equipment Email to VA COR and Maintenance Manager No later than 5 days after Maintenance activity Field Reports After each repair One electronic copy Email No later than 5 days after Maintenance activity
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