School Improvement Technical Assistance Partners RFI 19-067

Agency: State Government of Indiana
State: Indiana
Level of Government: State & Local
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Posted Date: Jan 7, 2019
Due Date: Feb 15, 2019
Source: Members Only
REQUEST FOR INFORMATION 19-067 INDIANA DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATIONOn Behalf Of: Indiana Department of EducationFor: School Improvement Technical Assistance Partners

Proposal Due Date: February 15, 2019 at 3:00 PM EST

This is an electronic version of a Request for Information (RFI). Any alteration to the text or any file associated with this RFI in any way that could be construed to change the intent of the original document is forbidden. Any changes made to the original document may result in your proposal being considered nonresponsive.

The original signed document is on file with the Indiana Department of Administration, Procurement Division.

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  • Request for Information 19-067
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    Request for Information RFI 19-067
    On Behalf of the
    Indiana Department of Education
    Solicitation For:
    School Improvement Technical Assistance Partners
    Response Due Date:
    Response Due Date: February 15, 2019 by 3:00 PM EST
    Stephanie Nelson, Senior Account Manager
    Indiana Department of Administration
    Procurement Division
    402 W. Washington St., Room W478
    Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
    Request for Information 19-067, Page 1 of 7
    This is a Request for Information (RFI) issued by the Indiana Department of Administration
    (IDOA) on behalf of the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) regarding School
    Improvement Technical Assistance Partners.
    It is the intent of IDOA to solicit responses to this Request for Information in accordance with
    the specifications contained in this document and associated attachments. Neither this RFI nor
    any response (proposal) submitted hereto is to be construed as a legal offer.
    The Indiana Department of Education invites technical assistance partners to join the state’s
    efforts to transform low-performing schools and ensure that all students, regardless of where
    they live, have access to schools that prepare them for college and career. Interested technical
    assistance partners will engage with district and school leaders to support innovative school
    improvement solutions across the state.
    Leaders need technical assistance partners willing to collaborate and able to add expertise and
    capacity to schools with persistent challenges. Too few, if any, opportunities exist for district and
    school leaders to meaningfully collaborate with potential external partners. Together, we can
    change this reality by working together for student success. The Indiana Department of
    Education is committed to ensuring that all districts, all schools, and all students are positively
    impacted by locally-driven school improvement efforts. To help realize this vision, the Indiana
    Department of Education is looking for expert partners willing to work with district and school
    leaders to design and support the implementation of innovative school improvement solutions.
    The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) creates an important opportunity to improve
    achievement for students in persistently low performing schools. The Indiana Department of
    Education will support the state’s low-performing schools by helping to facilitate strategic
    partnerships between local and national technical assistance partners and these schools and their
    districts. Research suggests that while school improvement strategies are varied, nearly every
    effective model relies on external support. As such, Indiana seeks to identify technical assistance
    partners that can provide best in-class, evidence-based supports to districts and schools that will
    dramatically improve student achievement. Specifically, the Indiana Department of Education
    will use responses to this RFI to:
    Create an inventory of high-quality, proven school improvement partners.
    Invite selected partners to join district and school leaders for an interactive school
    improvement summit scheduled for April 23-24, 2019. This summit will bring together local
    Indiana district and school leaders as well as the most promising school improvement
    Request for Information 19-067, Page 2 of 7
    partners from within Indiana and across the country. Technical assistance partners will have
    the opportunity to share their evidence-based interventions and track record of impact with
    district and school leaders; district and school leaders will leave the summit with potential
    technical assistance partners that meet their specific needs.
    The Indiana Department of Education seeks to identify expert technical assistance partners
    locally and across the country to join our district and school leaders in their efforts to transform
    Indiana’s lowest-performing schools. These technical assistance partners may provide a range of
    supports to schools, including but not limited to:
    1. Comprehensive school improvement providers who deliver holistic support on all aspects of
    school design/re-design.
    2. Technical assistance partners with targeted expertise in necessary elements of school
    improvement such as:
    a. Leadership development;
    b. Teacher development;
    c. Rigorous instruction;
    d. Data-driven decision making;
    e. Culturally responsive teaching; and
    f. Student and school culture.
    3. Targeted support to address opportunity and achievement gaps felt by specific subgroups of
    students such as English Language Learners, exceptional learners, or students of color.
    4. Direct student services including tutoring, college and career counseling, and alternative
    access to unique courses such as AP courses.
    The Indiana Department of Education welcomes responses from a range of entities, including
    not-for-profits, start-up organizations, and institutions of higher education. These organizations
    must be willing to partner with local districts and schools to co-construct and execute school
    improvement strategies.
    The Indiana Department of Education requests that potential partners supply the required
    information (listed below) in order to determine their eligibility to be invited to the school
    improvement summit. A list of and background information on invited partners will be provided
    to district and school leaders in advance of the summit to review for alignment to their school
    improvement challenges and needs.
    If a technical assistance partner responded to RFI 18-094 in 2018 and was selected to attend the
    2018 School Improvement Summit based on the merits of their response, the technical assistance
    partner must still respond to this RFI to be considered for the 2019 School Improvement
    Request for Information 19-067, Page 3 of 7
    Respondents should submit responses to the RFI describing how they will meet the specific
    requirements of this RFI and the deliverables included within. All narrative responses must be
    provided to the State in Microsoft Word format. Respondents must structure their response
    according to the sections outlined below to facilitate the State’s review of the responses.
    In no more than five (5) pages, please tell us about your organization, its accomplishments, and
    how it can help improve educational outcomes for students in low-performing schools across
    Indiana. Please be sure to include the information requested below.
    o Legal form of the respondent’s business organization.
    o Organization name.
    o Organization address.
    o Organization contact person, contact email, and phone number.
    o Summarize your organization’s mission and its connection to Indiana’s plan for
    struggling schools.
    o How will you differentiate your services to meet the unique needs of districts and
    schools in Indiana?
    o Describe your experience working with other third-party providers to support
    collaborative district and school improvement efforts.
    o What are the attributes of your ideal partner district and/or school?
    o What support from the state, district, or school partners would enhance your success
    in Indiana?
    Evidence of Track Record of Student and School Outcomes
    o Illustrate your organization’s track record of improving schools and/or increasing
    outcomes for targeted subgroups of students.
    o Describe the evidentiary threshold (Table 1) met by your organization’s service(s),
    citing at least one study with a statistically significant positive effect on student
    o It is the respondent’s responsibility to describe at least one study with a
    statistically significant positive effect on student outcomes for each of the
    services that they are proposing.
    o Respondents can utilize multiple resources to help them determine if an intervention,
    strategy, or activity meets the evidence requirements outlined in Table 1, based on
    rigorous studies from a reputable third-party evaluator.
    What Works Clearinghouse:
    Institute of Education Sciences (IES) Resources:
    Request for Information 19-067, Page 4 of 7
    o The Indiana Department of Education will not accept a response that does not
    meet these evidentiary requirements as defined by the Every Student Succeeds
    Act (ESSA)
    Table 1: Evidence-Based Interventions as Defined by ESSA
    Evidence Level
    Evidentiary Threshold
    Strong Evidence
    Based on at least one (1) well-designed and well-implemented
    experimental study.
    Moderate Evidence Based on at least one (1) well-designed and well-implemented quasi-
    experimental study.
    Promising Evidence Based on at least one (1) well-designed and well-implemented
    correlational study with statistical controls for selection bias.
    o Include a list of at least (3) three clients for whom the respondent has provided
    services that are the same or similar to the services requested in this RFI.
    o Information provided should include the name, title, organization, and phone
    number of a person who may be contacted for further information.
    School Improvement Summit Attendance
    o If invited, are you able to attend our school improvement summit on April 23-24,
    2019 in Indianapolis?
    o Which individuals from your organization would attend?
    If you would like to provide a response to this RFI for the IDOE, you must provide your
    response to the State as shown in the RFI Timeline and Response Submission section below in
    Word format.
    Request for Information 19-067, Page 5 of 7
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