Preventative Maintenance for the Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Agency: State Government of Indiana
State: Indiana
Level of Government: State & Local
  • J - Maintenance, Repair, and Rebuilding of Equipment
  • S - Utilities and Training Services
Opps ID: NBD00165528928529887
Posted Date: Aug 5, 2022
Due Date: Aug 17, 2022
Solicitation No: 103-23-08659 Rebid #1
Source: Members Only
Project Number (PWP#) Project Title Bid Date and Time Addenda DAPW Project Manager Documents Available From Date Entered Last Modified
103-23-08659 Rebid #1 Preventative Maintenance for the Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning 8/17/2022
4:01 PM
NONE Megan Kennemore
IDOA-Public Works Division

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State Form 21234 (R15/9-15) / DAPW 35
Project No:
Requisition No:
Will be received at the
(Indianapolis time) 4:01 PM
(Contact person and phone number)
Page 1 of 16
Submit your quotation for furnishing all labor, and materiel to repair, replace and/or install the work called for in
accompanying instructions for quotations, general conditions, specifications and/or drawings.
a. This work is estimated by the Department of Administration, Public Works Division to be less than $150,000.00.
Bid must comply with the below listed requirements and utilize DAPW Form 35.
b. Prequalification is not required.
a. Said building and/or the land upon which it stands are the property of State of Indiana, and the making of the
contract for this project is the duty of the Commissioner, Department of Administration, acting with the approval of the
Governor and through the Director, Public Works as required by IC 4-13.6. All references to the title owner of said
property hereinafter will be by the term "State" and all references to the person, firm, or corporation awarded the
contract for the project will be by the term "Contractor".
b. The terms bid and quotation as used in these instructions is synonymous.
a. Prior to preparing and submitting a quotation, the Contractor is encouraged to visit the project and thoroughly
familiarize himself with the work to be done and with existing conditions to be met. The successful Contractor will not
be allowed any extra compensation for any matter or thing which the Contractor could have observed prior to the
preparation and submitting of his quotation.
b. Should any question arise during the preparation of the quotation concerning the true meaning of any part of the
plans, specifications or other documents, the Contractor shall, if time permits, submit a written request to the Public
Works Division for interpretation. The Public Works Division will make an interpretation and it will be mailed to each
interested party. Issuance of all clarifications or addenda shall be by the Designer and/or Public Works Division no
later than seven (7) calendar days prior to the scheduled date for quotation.
c. All correspondence pertaining to this contract shall carry both the project description and requisition number.
d. The Contractor shall use the enclosed contract as his quotation form. Quotation form DAPW 35 (Last Page)
must be enclosed in a sealed envelope. The sealed envelope must be marked as described in paragraph g.
e. Quotations must have original hand written signatures of authorized representatives of the bidder. The bidder
shall print or type his company's name and give his price in words and figures, sign his name, print his name, and
print his title and company name on the quotation form. No items involved in the bid may be changed or corrected
after the bid opening.
f. Alternate amount(s) shall be listed where indicated. Add Alternates are not to be included in the Base Quotation
Scope of Work. Deduct Alternates are to be included in the Base Bid Scope of Work. Unit prices and/or Equipment
List shall be included with quotation as required and signed. Note that signing this document is acknowledgment of
procurement of all addenda and certification by bidder that the quote recognized all items in all addenda.
g. The quotation form, and any other forms which may be required by the specifications, must be submitted in a
single sealed envelope. The envelope must be plainly marked with the name of bidder, project description,
requisition number, bid time, and bid date. Quotation shall be rejected if all required documents are not in the
single sealed envelope, or if the envelope does not identify the material as a quotation.
h. There will be no purchase order issued for this work until a W-9 Form is completed and returned to Public Works.
The W-9 form may be submitted with your bid.
i. If the contractor (bidder) is not currently registered and does not have a Bidder ID number with the Department of
Administration, the contractor is to register online at to obtain a Bidder ID number.
j. The Contractor shall perform a minimum of 15% of the value of work (measured in dollars of the total contract price)
with his own forces, and not more than 85% of the value of work is to be subcontracted.
State Form 21234
Page 2 of 16
DAPW 35 REV. 9/15
FOLLOWING REASONS (IC 4-13.6-5-2; IC 4-13.6-6-1; 25 IAC 2-6-5)
a. If the envelope is not sealed at the time of submission; if the envelope does not clearly identify the requisition
number and description of work; if the name of the bidder is not clearly indicated on the outside of the envelope
and/or if the envelope is not date and time stamped by Public Works Division prior to the stated time for receipt of
b. If the bidding contractor is under suspension by the Director of Public Works or by the Public Works Certification
c. If the bidding contractor is a trust and does not identify all beneficiaries and empowered settlors of the trust.
a. If the Contractor's Bid/Contract (DAPW 35 Last Page) is not signed as required by these instructions.
b. If all required bid or alternate(s) amounts, or unit prices are not submitted with the bid when specifically called for
by the specifications issued for the project.
c. When the bidder adds any provision reserving the right to accept or reject the award, or if the bidder adds
conditions or alternates to his bid not requested (voluntary alternates), or if there are unauthorized additions or
irregularities of any kind which tend to make the proposal incomplete, indefinite or ambiguous as to its meaning or
d. When no bids received are under or within funds that can be appropriated, or when situations develop which make
it impossible or not practical to proceed with the proposed work.
e. If, subsequent to the opening of the bids, facts exist which would disqualify the bidder, or that such bidder is not
deemed by the Director of Public Works to be responsive or responsible.
a. Prior to execution of the Contract, the State of Indiana will issue to the successful Bidder a letter stating that his
bid was the lowest responsible and responsive bid and that the enclosed contract document is submitted to him for
his consideration. If he finds it in accordance with the bid documents, it is to be returned to Public Works Division by
certified mail or in person within ten (10) calendar days after receipt for further execution and with the caution that a
contract will not exist until it is signed by all signatories required.
State Form 21234
Page 3 of 16
DAPW 35 REV. 9/15
1. General Conditions.
A. Control and possession of the premises shall remain with the Owner (State) and the Contractor shall respect the
State's rights therein. The Contractor shall be responsible for and make good any and all damage to the Owner's
property due directly or indirectly to his operations.
B. The Contractor shall be required to conform to the rules and regulations of the Owner, pertaining to receiving
materials, equipment, and the conduct of its employees while on the premises. The Contractor shall be held
responsible for the actions of its employees, together with their conformance with the rules and regulations of the
C. The premises shall be kept in a clean and orderly condition by the Contractor. At no time shall any great
accumulation of debris be allowed on the site. The Contractor shall keep all debris hauled away from the site and
properly dispose of same. At no time shall any material, equipment or tools be placed in such manner as to prevent
the usual usage of the premises by the Owner. At the conclusion of the work, the premises shall be restored as
originally found by the Contractor.
D. All building construction work, alterations, repairs, mechanical installations, electrical installations, and appliances
connected therewith shall comply with all State Building Rules and Regulations, Local ordinances and Federal laws
or other statutory provisions, as if they are a part of these contract conditions.
E. The Contractor shall employ only competent employees skilled in the work and shall enforce good order among
them. The Contractor shall be called upon to dismiss any employee when, in the opinion of the Owner, the employee
is disobedient, incompetent, unfaithful, disrespectful, or otherwise exhibits conduct inappropriate to this state
F. Any item not specifically described, but necessary for a complete and satisfactory installation shall be considered
as implied and it shall be required. The plans and specifications are incorporated into these documents by reference.
G. All excavation creating a trench of five (5) or more feet in depth shall strictly adhere to the shoring and other safety
requirements called for and described under OSHA Regulation 29 CFR- J.1926, subpart 'P': for trench safety
H. The Contractor shall guarantee that all materials are new and that all work, workmanship and materials shall be
free of defects for one year from date of acceptance by Director, Public Works. Any such defects that appear within
said one year guarantee period shall be repaired or replaced by the Contractor as quickly as practicable at no charge
to the Owner.
I. The contract amount and the term of the contract can be adjusted only by written change orders signed by
Director, Public Works. Verbal authorizations are not binding upon the State.
J. The State may retain ten percent (10%) of the partial payments requested by the Contractor until the work is
K. The Contractor shall do everything required by this agreement, the General Conditions of the contract, specifica-
tions and/or the drawings attached as Appendix “A”.
L. The Contractor must perform at least fifteen (15) percent of the total Contract Sum of the Work with his own
State Form 21234
Page 4 of 16
DAPW 35 REV. 9/15
2. Conflict of Interest. As used in this section:
“Immediate family” means the spouse, partner, housemate or the unemancipated children of an
individual, as defined by 42 Indiana Administrative Code 1-3-13.
“Interested party," means:
1. The individual executing this Contract;
2. An individual who has an ownership interest of three percent (3%) or more of the Contractor, if the
Contractor is not an individual; or
3. Any member of the immediate family of an individual specified under Subdivision 1 or 2.
“State” means the Indiana Department of Administration.
“State employee” means a state employee, a special state appointee or a state officer, as defined by IC 4-
2-6-1(a) (9), (a) (18) and (a) (19), respectively.
The Contractor covenants that it neither has, nor will it have, a direct or indirect financial
interest by way of an interested party in any other contract connected or associated
with this Contract. The Contractor further represents and warrants that no state
employee, who is an interested party of the Contractor as sole proprietor, or who serves
as an officer, director, trustee, partner or employee of the Contractor as a legal business
entity, participated in any decision or vote of any kind in the award of this Contract.
As such and by the execution of this Contract, the Contractor represents and warrants that
the result of this Contract does not and will not create a conflict of interest under IC 4-2-
6-9 or IC 4-2-6-10.5.
The State may cancel this Contract, without recourse by the Contractor, if an
interested party is a state employee and a violation of IC 4-2-6-9 or IC 4-2-6-10.5 has
The State will not exercise its right of cancellation under Section B above, if the
Contractor provides the State an opinion from the State Ethics Commission indicating
that the existence of this Contract and the employment by the State of the interested party
does not violate any statute or rule relating to ethical conduct of state employees. The
State may take action, including cancellation of this Contract, consistent with an
opinion of the State Ethics Commission obtained under this Section.
The Contractor has an affirmative obligation under this Contract to disclose to the
State when an interested party is or becomes a state employee. The obligation under this
section extends only to those facts that the Contractor knows or reasonably should know.
3. Licensing Standards. The Contractor and its employees and subcontractors shall comply with all applicable
licensing standards, certification standards, accrediting standards and any other laws, rules or regulations governing
services to be provided by the Contractor pursuant to this Contract. The State shall not be required to pay the
Contractor for any services performed when the Contractor, its employees or subcontractors are not in compliance
with such applicable standards, laws, rules or regulations. If licensure, certification or accreditation expires or is
revoked, or if disciplinary action is taken against the applicable licensure, certification or accreditation, the Contractor
shall notify the State immediately and the State, at its option, may immediately terminate this Contract.
4. Contractor’s Certification. The Contractor certifies that all information and documentation submitted by it in its
Application for Prequalification Certification, the Contractor’s Proposal and submitted in response to the Project, is
true, accurate and complete as of the date of this Contract’s effectiveness. The Contractor shall immediately notify
the State of any material change to such information. The Contractor shall immediately notify the State if, during the
course of performance of this Contract, it or any of its principals are proposed for debarment or ineligibility, or become
debarred or declared ineligible, from entering into contracts with the federal government or any department, agency
or political subdivision of the State.
5. Contractor Employee Drug Testing. Pursuant to IC 4-13-18, the Contractor shall implement the employee drug
testing program submitted as part of its Contractor’s Proposal. The State may cancel this Contract if it determines
that the Contractor:
Has failed to implement its employee drug testing program during the term of this
Has failed to provide information regarding implementation of the Contractor’s employee
drug testing program at the request of the State; or
Has provided to the State false information regarding the Contractor's employee drug
testing program.
State Form 21234
Page 5 of 16
DAPW 35 REV. 9/15
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