I-84, CALDWELL TO KARCHER, Key No. 20351

Agency: State Government of Idaho
State: Idaho
Level of Government: State & Local
  • 16 - Aircraft Components and Accessories
Opps ID: NBD00168465122231692
Posted Date: Jan 31, 2019
Due Date: Feb 5, 2019
Source: Members Only

I-84, CALDWELL TO KARCHER, Key No. 20351
Project Development Services
District Three
Posted Date: January 10, 2019
Pre-Proposal Meeting: January 17, 2019 (details in RFP)
Due Date: February 5, 2019
Pre-Proposal Meeting Documentation:
? Caldwell to Karcher ? VE Report
? Conceptual Alignment Exhibit
? Franklin Rd to Karcher IC Roll Plot Concept Design
? Hydraulic Screening
? Linden Street Concept Typical
? Traffic Report
? Traffic Report Appendices

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PROJECT NO. A020(351
KEY NO. 20351
January 10, 2019
Table of Contents
General Information
Preparation Instructions
Evaluation Criteria
Scope of Work
The following items are not included in this package, but can be located at the following
web site:
General Information and Requirements
Sample Agreement and Consultant Agreement Specifications
Federal Per Diem Rates
Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, and Other Responsibility Matters form
Consultant DBE Commitment form (ITD-2398)
I-84, Caldwell to Karcher
Key No. 20351
Page 2
The Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) is seeking qualified and experienced respondents
from interested firms to submit a proposal for providing project development services for the
I-84, Caldwell to Karcher project in Canyon County.
A pre-proposal meeting will be held at which ITD will provide information regarding this project
and answer questions from consultants. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 17,
2019, from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Location: District Three Large Conference Room, 8150
Chinden Blvd., Boise, ID 83714.
This Request for Proposals (RFP) does not commit ITD to enter into an agreement or to pay any
costs incurred in the preparation of a proposal or in subsequent negotiations.
All addenda to this solicitation will be posted on the Consultant Services web page. No notice will
be given by mail.
The issuance of this RFP does not constitute an assurance by ITD that any contract will actually
be entered into by ITD, and expressly reserves the right to:
Waive any immaterial defect or informality in any response or response procedure
Reject any and all proposals
Reissue the Request for Proposals
Invite additional respondents to the proposal
Request additional information and data from any or all respondents
Extend the date for submission of responses
Supplement, amend, or otherwise modify the RFP, and cancel this request with or
without the substitution of another RFP
Disqualify any respondent who fails to provide information or data requested herein or
who provides inaccurate or misleading information or data
Disqualify any respondent on the basis of any real or apparent conflict of interest
By responding to this proposal, each respondent agrees that any finding by ITD of any fact in
dispute as to this proposal or the responses thereto shall be final and conclusive, except as
provided herein.
I-84, Caldwell to Karcher
Key No. 20351
Page 3
By the submission of a proposal, the Consultant agrees to ensure that, at the time of contracting,
the Consultant will have no interest, direct or indirect, that would conflict in any manner or
degree with the performance of the Consultant’s obligations under the Agreement. The
Consultant shall further covenant that, in the performance of the contract, the Consultant shall
not employ any person, or subcontract with any entity, having any such known interest.
Respondent, by submission of a proposal, agrees to not discriminate against any worker,
employee, application subcontractor or any member of the public because of race, color, gender,
age, national origin, or disability, or otherwise commit an unfair employment practice.
Respondent further agrees to comply with all Federal, State, and Local equal employment
opportunity requirements and the requirements of the ITD EEO Special Provisions, accessible at
the following web site: http://apps.itd.idaho.gov/apps/ocr/index.aspx.
All firms who seek to work for the Idaho Transportation Department are required to be registered
on ITD’s Bidders List. If your firm is not registered, go to the following web site for
instructions: http://apps.itd.idaho.gov/apps/ocr/index.aspx. Your subconsultants are also
required to be registered. For further information regarding this requirement, call the ITD EEO
Office at (208) 334-8884.
Prior to negotiating an agreement, the selected consultant and their subconsultants will be
required to submit certified hourly rates and their last years’ financial information and overhead
schedule in accordance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARs) and the ITD Overhead
Rate Policy. The Overhead Rate Policy can be viewed at the following web site:
http://itd.idaho.gov/business/?target=consultant-agreements .
ITD assumes no liability for disclosure of proprietary material submitted by respondents. Proposal
submittals shall be considered public documents under applicable state law except to the extent
portions of the submittals are otherwise protected under applicable law.
All proposals must contain a signed Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, and other
Responsibility Matters form for the prime and each subconsultant.
The certification form is located on the Consultant Services web page at
http://itd.idaho.gov/business/?target=consultant-agreements .
I-84, Caldwell to Karcher
Key No. 20351
Page 4
An Evaluation Committee will evaluate and determine the individual and comparative merits of
each of the proposals received. It is the responsibility of the Consultant to ensure that it complies
with this RFP and provides the information requested. If the Consultant fails to provide any
information requested in this RFP, such failure may result in either a lowered evaluation score of
the proposal or disqualification of the proposal.
It is the intent of the department to take approximately twenty days, commencing on the
submission date shown below, to evaluate the submitted proposals. The department intends to
notify the successful and unsuccessful Consultants as soon as practicable after the evaluations
have been completed, and after approval has been given on the Evaluation Committee’s
As part of the selection process, the top-ranked firms may be required, at their expense, to give a
presentation and/or answer interview questions.
If your firm is selected and approved, negotiations will begin. If negotiations break down with a
selected Consultant, they will be formally ended and negotiations will begin with the next ranked
All questions concerning the procedures of this request for proposal shall be directed to Holly
McClure at ITD via email at Holly.Mcclure@itd.idaho.gov.
All project specific questions shall be directed by e-mail to Mark Campbell at
Mark.Campbell@itd.idaho.gov . No questions will be accepted by telephone. All questions will
be responded to by e-mail, within two days of receipt of the question(s).
Interested firms are encouraged to submit a contact e-mail address to Mr. Campbell with a
request to be included on an electronic mailing list. Firms on the mailing list will receive copies
of the response to all project questions submitted. No firms will be identified in the responses.
No project specific questions will be accepted after January 29, 2019.
I-84, Caldwell to Karcher
Key No. 20351
Page 5
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