COVID-19 Sanitizing and Cleaning Services

Agency: State Government of Arkansas
State: Arkansas
Level of Government: State & Local
  • S - Utilities and Training Services
Opps ID: NBD10010185656947654
Posted Date: Sep 10, 2020
Due Date: Sep 17, 2020
Solicitation No: NP-20-002109/09/2020 CDT
Source: Members Only

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Bid Information
Bid Number: NP-20-0021
Agency: National Park College
Amended: 09/09/2020 10:09 AM CDT
Opening Date & Time: 09/17/2020 09:00 AM CDT
Description: COVID-19 Sanitizing and Cleaning Services
Buyer's Email:
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NP-20-0021 RFP
Contract Grant and Disclosure Form
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101 College Dr.
Hot Springs National Park, AR 71913
Bid Number:
COVID Sanitizing and Cleaning Services
I I Solicitation Issued: September 1, 2020
National Park College
I I I Bid Submission Deadline: September 16, 2020; 4:30 p.m. CT Bid Opening: September 17, 2020; 9:00 a.m. CT
Deliver proposal submissions for this Request for Proposal to National Park College on or before the designated bid
opening date and time. In accordance with Arkansas Procurement Law and Rules, it is the responsibility of Prospective
Contractors to submit proposals at the designated location on or before the bid opening date and time. Proposals
received after the designated bid opening date and time may be considered late and may be returned to the Prospective
Contractor without further review. It is not necessary to return "no bids" to NPC.
Delivery Address:
Proposal’s Outer
National Park College
ATTN: Kurt Markish, Purchasing
Fisher Bldg, Ste 300
101 College Dr.
Hot Springs National Park, AR 71913-9173
Delivery providers, USPS, UPS, and FedEx deliver mail to NPC’s street address on a schedule
determined by each individual provider. These providers will deliver to NPC based solely on the
street address. Prospective Contractors assume all risk for timely, properly submitted
Seal outer packaging and properly mark with the following information. If outer packaging of
proposal submission is not properly marked, the package may be opened for bid identification
Bid number
Date and time of bid opening
Prospective Contractor's name and return address
Agency Buyer:
Kurt Markish
Buyer’s Direct Phone Number: 501-760-4351
Email Address:
Agency’s Main Number: 501-760-4222
RFP Sanitization Cleaning Services
Bid No. NP-20-0021
National Park College (NPC, Agency) is requesting proposals from qualified vendors to provide decontamination
cleaning and sanitation services on an as-needed basis for the National Park College campus. Sanitization shall be
for confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 as well as preventative sanitization.
A. Original Technical Proposals shall be submitted digitally, preferably on a flash drive. A CD shall also be
accepted. Do not send digital copies via email, fax, FTP, Dropbox or other digital transfer service.
1. The following items are Proposal Submission Requirements and must be submitted with the original
Technical Proposal.
a. Signed Proposal Signature Page.
b. One (1) digital copy of the Technical Proposal response which includes:
i. Technical Proposal response to the Requirements section. Proposal response must be in the
English language.
ii. Pricing/cost information. Pricing must be proposed in U.S. dollars and cents
2. The following items should be submitted with the original Technical Proposal.
EO 98-04 Disclosure Form
3. DO NOT include any other documents or ancillary information, such as a cover letter or
promotional/marketing information unless requested to do so within this solicitation.
B. Redacted Copy of the Technical Proposal (Optional)
One (1) redacted digital copy (marked “REDACTED”) of the original Technical Proposal, and should be
included on the flash drive. A CD will also be acceptable. Do not send redacted digital copies via email, fax,
FTP, Dropbox or other digital transfer service. (See SECTION 1.3 PROPRIETARY INFORMATION.)
A. Submission documents pertaining to this Bid Solicitation become the property of the State and are subject to
the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
B. In accordance with FOIA and to promote maximum competition in the State competitive bidding process, the
State may maintain the confidentiality of certain types of information described in FOIA. Such information may
include trade secrets defined by FOIA and other information exempted from the Public Records Act pursuant to
C. Prospective Contractor may designate appropriate portions of its response as confidential, consistent with and
to the extent permitted under the Statutes and Rules of FOIA, by submitting a redacted copy of the response.
D. By so redacting any information contained in the response, the Prospective Contractor warrants that it has
formed a good faith opinion having received such necessary or proper review by counsel and other
knowledgeable advisors that the portions redacted meet the requirements of the Rules and Statutes of FOIA.
E. Under no circumstances will pricing information be designated as confidential.
F. One (1) complete copy of the submission documents from which any proprietary information has been redacted
should be submitted on a flash drive in the Technical Proposal. A CD is also acceptable.
G. Except for the redacted information, the redacted copy must be identical to the original hard copy, reflecting the
same pagination as the original and showing the space from which information was redacted.
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RFP Sanitization Cleaning Services
Bid No. NP-20-0021
H. The Prospective Contractor is responsible for identifying all proprietary information and for ensuring that the
electronic copy is protected against restoration of redacted data.
I. The redacted copy will be open to public inspection under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) without
further notice to the Prospective Contractor.
J. If a redacted copy of the submission documents is not provided with Prospective Contractor’s response packet,
a copy of the non-redacted documents, with the exception of financial data (other than pricing), will be released
in response to any request made under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
K. If the State deems redacted information to be subject to FOIA, the Prospective Contractor will be contacted
prior to release of the documents.
L. The State has no liability to a Prospective Contractor with respect to the disclosure of Prospective Contractor’s
confidential information ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction pursuant to FOIA or other applicable law.
A. As a result of this RFP, NPC intends to award contracts to MULTIPLE CONTRACTORS. Up to five (5)
contractors shall be chosen.
B. The anticipated starting date for any resulting contract is October 17, 2020, except that the actual contract start
date may be adjusted forward unilaterally by the State for up to three calendar months. By submitting a signed
proposal in response to the RFP, the Prospective Contractor represents and warrants that it will honor its
proposal as being held open.
C. The initial term of a resulting contract will be for one (1) year. Upon mutual agreement by the Contractor(s) and
agency, the contract may be renewed by NPC for up to six (6) additional one-year terms or portions thereof, not
to exceed a total aggregate contract term of seven (7) consecutive years.
NPC, as the issuing office, is the sole point of contact throughout this solicitation.
Proposals will be opened at the following location:
National Park College
Gerald Fisher Building, 3rd Fl.
101 College Dr.
Hot Springs National Park, AR 71913
A. A Prospective Contractor must unconditionally accept all Requirements of this RFP to be considered a
responsive Prospective Contractor.
B. A Prospective Contractor’s proposal may be disqualified if a Prospective Contractor takes exceptions to any
Requirements in the Requirements Section(s) of this RFP.
A. The NPC Procurement Official has made every effort to use industry-accepted terminology in this Bid
Solicitation and will attempt to further clarify any point of an item in question as indicated in Clarification of Bid
B. Unless otherwise defined herein, all terms defined in Arkansas Procurement Law and used herein have the
same definitions herein as specified therein.
C. Prospective Contractor” means a person who submits a proposal in response to this solicitation.
D. Contractor” means a person who sells or contracts to sell commodities and/or services.
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RFP Sanitization Cleaning Services
Bid No. NP-20-0021
E. The terms “Request for Proposal”, “RFP,” “Bid Solicitation,” and “Solicitation” are used synonymously in this
F. “Responsive proposal” means a proposal submitted in response to this solicitation that conforms in all material
respects to this RFP.
G. “Proposal Submission Requirement” means a task a Contractor must complete when submitting a proposal
response. These requirements will be distinguished by using the term “shall” or “must” in the requirement.
H. “Requirement” means a specification that a Contractor’s product and/or service must perform during the term
of the contract. These specifications will be distinguished by using the term “shall” or “mustin the
I. “State” means the State of Arkansas and its Agencies. When the term “State” is used herein to reference any
obligation of the State under a contract that results from this solicitation, that obligation is limited to the State
agency using such a contract.
J. “OSP” means the Arkansas Office of State Procurement.
A. It is strongly recommended that Prospective Contractors adhere to the following format and suggestions when
preparing their Technical Proposal response.
B. The original Technical Proposal should be arranged in the following order.
Proposal Signature Page.
Signed Addenda, if applicable.
E.O. 98-04 Contract Grant and Disclosure Form.
Technical Proposal response to the REQUIREMENTS section.
A. Submit any questions requesting clarification of information contained in this Bid Solicitation in writing via email
by 4:00 p.m., Central Time on or before September 8, 2020, to the NPC buyer as shown on page one (1) of this
Bid Solicitation.
1. For each question submitted, Prospective Contractor should reference the specific solicitation item number
to which the question refers.
2. Prospective Contractors’ written questions will be consolidated and responded to by the State. The State’s
consolidated written response is anticipated to be posted to the OSP website by the close of business on
September 9, 2020. If Prospective Contractor questions are unclear or non-substantive in nature, the
State may request clarification of a question(s) or reserves the right not to respond to that question(s).
B. The Prospective Contractor should notify the NPC buyer of any term, condition, etc., that precludes the
Prospective Contractor from submitting a compliant, responsive proposal. Prospective Contractors should note
that it is the responsibility of the Prospective Contractor to seek resolution of all such issues, including those
relating to the terms and conditions of the contract, prior to the submission of a proposal.
C. Prospective Contractors may contact the NPC buyer with non-substantive questions at any time prior to the bid
D. An oral statement by NPC will not be part of any contract resulting from this solicitation and may not reasonably
be relied on by any Prospective Contractor as an aid to interpretation unless it is reduced to writing and
expressly adopted by NPC.
E. Prospective Contractors entering into a contract with NPC shall comply with all the terms and conditions
contained herein.
A. An official authorized to bind the Prospective Contractor(s) to a resultant contract must sign the Proposal
Signature Page included in the Technical Proposal.
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RFP Sanitization Cleaning Services
Bid No. NP-20-0021
B. Prospective Contractor’s signature on this page signifies Prospective Contractor’s agreement to and
compliance with all Requirements of this RFP, and that any exception that conflicts with a Requirement or
Proposal Submission Requirement of this Bid Solicitation will cause the Prospective Contractor’s proposal to be
At no time shall the contractor assign, subcontract, or sublet any part of the contract without the expressed prior
written consent of NPC. Any assignment without the expressed written consent of NPC may be considered a
breach of contract.
A. Prospective Contractor(s) shall include all pricing with Technical Proposal. If any cost is not included by the
successful Contractor but is subsequently incurred in order to achieve successful operation, the Contractor
shall bear this additional cost.
B. To allow time to evaluate proposals, prices must be valid for 60 days following the bid opening.
C. Price submission must be included on the flash drive (or CD) with Technical Proposal and should be clearly
marked as “Pricing”. DO NOT submit any ancillary information not related to actual pricing on the Official Bid
Price sheet.
A. Joint proposals shall not be accepted.
B. A single Prospective Contractor shall be identified as the prime Contractor.
C. The prime Contractor shall be responsible for the contract and jointly and severally liable with any of its
subcontractors, affiliates, or agents to NPC for the performance thereof.
A. By submission of this proposal, the Prospective Contractor certifies that in connection with this proposal:
The prices in the proposal have been arrived at independently, without collusion.
No prior information concerning these prices has been received from, or given to, a competitive
B. Evidence of collusion warrants consideration of this proposal by the Office of the Attorney General. All
Prospective Contractors shall understand that this paragraph may be used as a basis for litigation.
A. Prior to any contract award, address all communication concerning this Bid Solicitation through the NPC buyer.
B. Do not alter any language in any solicitation document provided by the State.
C. All official documents and correspondence related to this solicitation become part of the resultant contract.
D. NPC has the right to award or not award a contract, if it is in the best interest of the State to do so.
E. As requested, provide clarification regarding Prospective Contractor’s proposal response to NPC buyer.
F. Qualifications and proposed services must meet or exceed the required specifications as set forth in this Bid
G. Prospective Contractors may submit multiple proposals.
A. Only an addendum written and authorized by NPC will modify this Bid Solicitation.
B. An addendum posted within three (3) calendar days prior to the bid opening may extend the bid opening and
may or may not include changes to the Bid Solicitation.
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