Online Insurance Verification System

Agency: State Government of Arkansas
State: Arkansas
Level of Government: State & Local
  • 65 - Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Equipment and Supplies
  • D - Automatic Data Processing and Telecommunication Services
  • R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
Opps ID: NBD10010425056350644
Posted Date: Jan 10, 2019
Due Date: Jan 24, 2019
Solicitation No: SP-18-0132Final
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Bid Information
Bid Number: SP-18-0132Final
Agency: DFA - OIS
Amended: 01/10/2019 01:37 PM CST
Opening Date & Time: 01/24/2019 02:00 PM CST
Description: Online Insurance Verification System
Buyer's Email:
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SP-18-0132 Online Insurance Verification RFP Final
Attachment A - Current List of Insurance Companies
T-1 Executive Summary and Vendor Information
T-2 Contractor Experience and References
T-3 Contractor Staffing
T-4 Functional Requirements
T-5 Requirements Approach
T-6 Required Plans
T-7 Submission Checklist
C-1 Cost Proposal - Final
SP-18-0132 Q and A
Contract Disclosure Form
NIST Standards

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1509 West 7th Street, Room 300
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201-4222
Note: Updates to this final RFP are designated by red font.
Solicitation Number: SP-18-0132
Solicitation Issued: 12/12/2018
Arkansas Online Insurance Verification System
Department of Finance and Administration Revenue Services
Proposal Opening Date: 01/24/2019
Proposal Opening Time: 2:00 p.m., Central Time
Deliver proposal submissions for this Request for Proposal to the Office of State Procurement on or before the designated
proposal opening date and time. In accordance with Arkansas Procurement Law and Rules, it is the responsibility of
Prospective Contractors to submit proposals at the designated location on or before the proposal opening date and time.
Proposals received after the designated opening date and time may be considered late and may be returned to the
Prospective Contractor without further review. It is not necessary to return "no bids" to OSP.
Delivery Address:
Proposal’s Outer
Office of State Procurement
1509 West 7th Street, Room 300
Little Rock, AR 72201-4222
Delivery providers, USPS, UPS, and FedEx deliver mail to OSP’s street address on a schedule
determined by each individual provider. These providers will deliver to OSP based solely on the
street address. Prospective Contractors assume all risk for timely, properly submitted
Seal outer packaging and properly mark with the following information. If outer packaging of
proposal submission is not properly marked, the package may be opened for proposal identification
Solicitation number
Date and time of proposal opening
Prospective Contractor's name and return address
OSP Buyer:
Email Address:
OSP Website:
Shane Phillips
Buyer’s Direct
Phone Number:
OSP’s Main Number:
Bid Solicitation Document
Bid No. SP-18-0132
Do not provide responses to items in this section unless specifically and expressly required.
The Office of State Procurement (OSP) issues this Request for Proposal (RFP) on behalf of Arkansas Department
of Finance and Administration (DFA) to obtain proposals and a contract for a fully functional turn-key statewide
online motor vehicle insurance verification and processing system. DFA is looking for an online verification of
motor vehicle insurance and compliance solution that consists of Contractor supported software and hardware
products which includes requirements gathering, design, development, customization, training, testing,
implementation, transition management of insurance companies, printing and mailing of letters to citizens not in
insurance compliance, and public customer support.
A. As a result of this RFP, OSP intends to award a contract to a single Contractor.
B. The anticipated starting date for any resulting contract is 05/01/2019, except that the actual contract start date
may be adjusted forward unilaterally by the State for up to three calendar months. By submitting a signed
proposal in response to the RFP, the Prospective Contractor represents and warrants that it will honor its
proposal as being held open as irrevocable for this period.
C. The initial term of a resulting contract will be for one (1) year. Upon mutual agreement by the Contractor and
agency, the contract may be renewed by OSP for up to six (6) additional one-year terms or portions thereof, not
to exceed a total aggregate contract term of seven (7) consecutive years.
OSP, as the issuing office, is the sole point of contact throughout this solicitation process.
Proposals will be opened at the following location:
Office of State Procurement
1509 West Seventh Street, Room 300
Little Rock, AR 72201-4222
A. A Prospective Contractor must unconditionally accept all Requirements in the Requirements Section(s) of this
RFP to be considered a responsive Prospective Contractor.
B. A Prospective Contractor’s proposal will be rejected if a Prospective Contractor takes exceptions to any
Requirements in the Requirements Section(s) of this RFP.
A. The State Procurement Official has made every effort to use industry-accepted terminology in this Bid
Solicitation and will attempt to further clarify any point of an item in question as indicated in Clarification of Bid
B. Unless otherwise defined herein, all terms defined in Arkansas Procurement Law and used herein have the
same definitions herein as specified therein.
C. Prospective Contractor” means a person who submits a proposal in response to this solicitation.
D. Contractor” means a person who sells or contracts to sell commodities and/or services.
E. The terms “Request for Proposal”, “RFP,” “Bid Solicitation,” and “Solicitation” are used synonymously in this
F. “Responsive proposal” means a proposal submitted in response to this solicitation that conforms in all material
respects to this RFP.
Page 2 of 38
Bid Solicitation Document
Bid No. SP-18-0132
G. “Proposal Submission Requirement” means a task a Prospective Contractor must complete when submitting a
proposal response. These requirements will be distinguished by using the term shall” or “mustin the
H. “Requirement” means a specification that a Contractor’s product and/or service must perform during the term
of the contract. These specifications will be distinguished by using the term “shall” or “mustin the
I. “State” means the State of Arkansas. When the term “State” is used herein to reference any obligation of the
State under a contract that results from this solicitation, that obligation is limited to the State agency using such
a contract.
J. AIRS systemmeans the Arkansas Integrated Revenue System.
K. Host System (Contractor System)” means an online insurance verification computer system hosted and
maintained by the Contractor.
L. Normal Business Hours” means State revenue office business hours 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM Central Time,
Monday through Friday, excluding any State holidays. Since State law enforcement is a primary user of the
System, the System must be available 24x7x365.
M. State Revenue Office” means an office operated by the State for the public for registering vehicles, obtaining
vehicle tags and titles, along with other driver services such as driver licenses, among other products, as well
as collecting state fees, revenue payments, and fines.
N. System” means unless otherwise clarified in context, the Arkansas Online Insurance Verification System.
O. “State Entities” means, at a minimum, any combination or all of the following:
Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DFA)
DFA Office of Motor Vehicle (OMV)
DFA Office of Driver Services (ODS)
Arkansas Insurance Department (AID)
Arkansas State Police (ASP)
Arkansas Crime Information Center (ACIC)
Arkansas Highway Police (AHP)
Arkansas Courts
A. It is strongly preferred that the Proposal be in the order of the Response Templates, and that all questions in
each Response Template be completed. Prospective Contractor(s) shall use the Response Templates
provided by the State. Proposals that are incomplete may be deemed non-responsive at the sole discretion of
OSP or may have a significant negative impact on their score due to the impact on the Proposal evaluation
process. It is the Prospective Contractor’s responsibility to ensure its Proposal is submitted in a manner that
enables DFA-OIS to easily locate all response descriptions and exhibits for each requirement in the respective
scope of work (SOW) within this RFP.
B. Original Technical Proposal Packet
1. Package 1 Technical Proposal (see below)
This portion of the Proposal should include the sections that correspond to the Response Templates listed
in the table below. Prospective Contractor(s) shall use the Response Templates provided by the State.
The State strongly encourages each Prospective Contractor to fully complete each Response Template.
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Bid Solicitation Document
Bid No. SP-18-0132
Section /
Cover Letter and
Executive Summary
Prospective Contractor
Prospective Contractor
Organization and
Required Plans
RFP Response
The response should include an executive summary,
Prospective Contractor contact information and locations,
subcontractor contact information and locations, and
demonstration of the fulfillment of the Minimum Mandatory
The Prospective Contractor shall provide a signature by an
individual authorized to bind the Prospective Contractor on
the Response Template T-1 marked “ORIGINAL.” The
signature must be a wet original signature in black or blue
The Technical Proposal should include an overview of the
Prospective Contractor organization, corporate background,
and documentation of the Prospective Contractor’s
experience providing similar services, and other required
forms. If the Proposal includes the use of subcontractor(s),
projects completed by the subcontractor must be provided.
The Technical Proposal must include at least one (1)
reference for the Prime Contractor from a project performed
that demonstrate the Prospective Contractor’s ability to
provide services described in the SOW of this RFP. If the
Proposal includes the use of subcontractor(s), the
Prospective Contractor must provide one (1) reference for
each subcontractor proposed. There is a strong preference
for references that demonstrate where the Prime and
subcontractor(s) have worked together in the past.
The Technical Proposal should include: key staff;
subcontractor(s) key staff, if applicable.
The Prospective Contractor’s Technical Proposal should
include the proposed approach to: roles and responsibilities;
summary of skill sets; total years of experience in the
proposed role; qualifications; and resumes.
The objective of the Requirements Template is to provide the
Prospective Contractor’s with a clear understanding of the
system requirements their solution must meet and provide
DFA-OIS with a method to evaluate the degree to which each
Prospective Contractor will satisfy the Requirements.
This section of the Technical Proposal should include a
narrative of the Prospective Contractor’s proposed approach
to addressing the Requirements. The response should detail
the approach to meet the various requirements as
documented in the RFP.
This section of Technical Proposal should include the
complete proposed plan, including the Implementation Plan,
Testing Plan, Training Plan, Disaster Recovery and Business
Continuity Plan, Data Security Plan, Maintenance Plan, and
Ongoing User & Technical Support Plan. These plans should
demonstrate that the Prospective Contractor has a thorough
understanding of the SOW and what should be done to
satisfy the requirements.
This section of the Technical Proposal should include the
completed checklist verifying that all the RFP response
requirements have been completed. Additionally, the
Prospective Contractor should provide the forms required
prior to contract award.
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Bid Solicitation Document
Bid No. SP-18-0132
2. Package 2 Cost Proposal (see below)
This portion of the Proposal shall include Template C-1 Cost Proposal Sheet as described below.
The Prospective Contractor shall follow all the instructions contained within the Response Template. See
section 1.12 for more information and instructions.
C. Additional Copies and Redacted Copy of the Package 1- Technical Proposal and Package 2 Cost Proposal
In addition to the original Package 1- Technical Proposal and the Package 2 Cost Proposal, the following
items should be submitted:
1. Additional Copies of the Package 1- Technical Proposal
a. Six (6) complete hard copies (marked "COPY") of the Package 1- Technical Proposal.
b. Six (6) electronic copies of the Technical Proposal Packet on flash drives. Do not send electronic
copies via email or fax.
c. All additional hard copies and electronic copies must be identical to the original hard copy. In case of
a discrepancy, the original hard copy governs.
d. If OSP requests additional copies of the proposal, the copies must be delivered within the timeframe
specified in the request.
2. Additional Copies of the Package 2 Cost Proposal
a. Prospective Contractor should also submit one (1) electronic copy of the Package 2 Cost Proposal,
on a flash drive. Do not send electronic copies via email or fax.
i. The Package 2 Cost Proposal, including the hard copy and electronic copy, must be separately
sealed from the Package 1- Technical Proposal and should be clearly marked as “Pricing.
Prospective Contractor shall not include any pricing in the hard copies or electronic copies of
their Package 1- Technical Proposal.
3. One (1) redacted (marked “REDACTED”) copy the original Package 1- Technical Proposal on a flash
drive. Do not send electronic copies via email or fax. (See Proprietary Information.)
A. Submit any questions requesting clarification of information contained in this Bid Solicitation in writing via email
by 4:00 p.m., Central Time on or before 12/20/2018 to the OSP buyer as shown on page one (1) of this Bid
1. The Prospective Contractor shall submit questions using Response Template O-1 Written Questions. The
questions must be submitted in the original file format "Microsoft Excel" as denoted in Template O-1.
2. For each question submitted, Prospective Contractor should reference the specific solicitation item number
to which the question refers.
3. Prospective Contractors’ written questions will be consolidated and responded to by the State. The State’s
consolidated written response is anticipated to be posted to the OSP website by the close of business on
01/04/2019. If Prospective Contractor questions are unclear or non-substantive in nature, the State may
request clarification of a question(s) or reserves the right not to respond to that question(s).
B. The Prospective Contractor should notify the OSP buyer of any term, condition, etc., that precludes the
Prospective Contractor from submitting a compliant, responsive proposal. Prospective Contractors should note
that it is the responsibility of the Prospective Contractor to seek resolution of all such issues, including those
relating to the terms and conditions of the contract, prior to the submission of a proposal.
C. Prospective Contractors may contact the OSP buyer with non-substantive questions at any time prior to the
proposal opening.
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