Provide Legal Services for the MOA Self-Administered Workers' Comp Prog

Agency: City of Anchorage
State: Alaska
Level of Government: State & Local
  • R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
Opps ID: NBD10077246809207713
Posted Date: Aug 13, 2022
Due Date: Sep 2, 2022
Solicitation No: 2022P032
Source: Members Only

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Municipality of Anchorage
Dave Bronson, Mayor
Purchasing Department
August 12, 2022
RFP 2022P032
Provide Legal Services for the MOA Self-Administered Workers’ Compensation
The Municipality of Anchorage is an equal opportunity employer.
Enclosed is pertinent information for use in preparing your proposal.
Pre-Proposal Conference:
1:30 P.M. Local Time, August 18, 2022
Site Visit:
Questions Due:
12:00 P.M. Local Time, August 22, 2022
Proposals Due:
5:00 P.M. Local Time, September 2, 2022
ONE SIGNED ORIGINAL, single sided, unbound, plus five (5) complete copies of your proposal must be submitted.
In addition to the copies, a flash-drive containing a PDF copy of the complete proposal, including attachments must
also be provided.
If applicable, the call-in phone number for Pre-Bid Conferences is 907-343-6089. Conference lines
are opened 5 minutes prior to the Pre-Bid Conference times. To attend meetings in person; you
may do so at 632 W. 6th Avenue, Suite 520, Anchorage, AK 99501. FOR AUXILIARY AIDS,
For further information contact Purchasing at (907) 343-4590 or email All
correspondence should include the RFP number and title.
The Municipality of Anchorage reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and to waive any
informalities in procedures.
Chris Hunter
Deputy Purchasing Director
632 West 6th Ave., Suite 520 | Mail: P.O. Box 196650 | Anchorage, Alaska 99519-6650 | | Phone: 907-343-4590
DocuSign Envelope ID: 971EE181-2E40-49CC-B734-E367B86C3095
Provide Legal Services for the MOA Self-Administered
Workers’ Compensation Program
RFP 2022P032
Section 1 - General Information
Section 2 - Rules Governing Competition
Section 3 - Scope of Work
Section 4 - Proposal and Submission Requirements
Section 5 - Evaluation Criteria and Process
Section 6 - Selection Process
Section 7 - Sample Contract or Minimum Mandatory Contract Provisions
Section 8 - Attachments
1.1 Purpose
The Municipality of Anchorage is seeking written proposals from qualified legal firms
to provide legal services to the Municipality of Anchorage self-administered workers
compensation claim program. The Municipality anticipates a contract amount not to
exceed Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,000) per year.
1.2 Background
The Municipality of Anchorage began the self-administration of all workers
compensation claims in April 2013.
The Municipality has approximately 2600 active employees. The average number of
open workers’ compensation claims is 280. The workers’ compensation claims staff
consists of one Workers’ Compensation Claims Coordinator and two Workers’
Compensation Claim Adjusters. The vast amount of claims are handled without legal
assistance. The Municipality seeks outside counsel to assist as assigned.
1.3 Questions
Any questions regarding this Request for Proposal are to be submitted in writing to:
Municipality of Anchorage
Purchasing Department
RFP 2022P032
Provide Legal Services for the MOA Self-Administered Workers’ Compensation Program
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DocuSign Envelope ID: 971EE181-2E40-49CC-B734-E367B86C3095
For ease of identification please identify the RFP number in the subject line of any
Purchasing Office hours of operation are: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time Monday
through Friday, excluding Municipal holidays. All questions must be received prior
to the deadline indicated on the RFP cover letter.
1.4 Preparation Costs
The Municipality will not be responsible for proposal preparation costs, nor for costs
including attorney fees associated with any (administrative, judicial or otherwise)
challenge to the determination of the highest ranked Proposer and/or award of
contract and/or rejection of proposal. By submitting a proposal each Proposer agrees
to be bound in this respect and waives all claims to such costs and fees.
2.1 Examination of Proposals
Proposers should carefully examine the entire RFP and any addenda thereto, and
all related materials and data referenced in the RFP. Proposers should become fully
aware of the nature of the work and the conditions likely to be encountered in
performing the work.
2.2 Proposal Acceptance Period
Award of this proposal is anticipated to be announced within 45 calendar days,
although all offers must be complete and irrevocable for 90 calendar days following
the submission date.
2.3 Confidentiality
The content of all proposals will be kept confidential until the selection of the
Contractor is publicly announced. At that time the selected proposal is open for
review. After the award of the Contract, all proposals will then become public
2.4 Proposal Format
Proposals are to be prepared in such a way as to provide a straightforward, concise
delineation of the Proposer's capabilities to satisfy the requirements of this RFP.
Emphasis should be concentrated on
1) conformance to the RFP instructions;
2) responsiveness to the RFP requirements;
RFP 2022P032
Provide Legal Services for the MOA Self-Administered Workers’ Compensation Program
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DocuSign Envelope ID: 971EE181-2E40-49CC-B734-E367B86C3095
3) completeness and clarity of content.
2.5 Signature Requirements
All proposals must be signed. Proposals must be signed: by an officer or other agent
of a corporate vendor, if authorized to sign contracts on its behalf; a member of a
partnership; the owner of a privately-owned vendor; or other agent if properly
authorized by a power of attorney or equivalent document. Signature on the “Letter
of Transmittal” (See Para 4.3.4) will meet this requirement.
Failure to sign the Proposal is grounds for rejection. The name and title of the
individual(s) signing the proposal must be clearly shown immediately below the
2.6 Proposal Submission Requirements
2.6.1 ONE ORIGINAL, single sided unbound, plus five (5) complete copies
of the proposal must be received by the Municipality prior to the date and
time specified in the cover letter. Copies may be bound or enclosed in
2.6.2 IN ADDITION to the copies required by paragraph 2.6.1 above, provide a
flash drive containing a PDF copy of the complete proposal, including
2.6.3 All copies of the proposals shall be submitted in a single sealed cover which
shall be plainly marked as a Request for Proposal Response with the
Number and Title prominently displayed on the outside of the package.
2.6.4 Proposals must be delivered or mailed to:
Physical Address
Municipality of Anchorage
Purchasing Department
632 W. Sixth Avenue, Suite 520
Anchorage, AK 99501
2.7 News Releases
News releases by or on the behalf of any Proposer pertaining to the award resulting
from the RFP shall not be made without prior written approval of the Municipal
Purchasing Officer.
2.8 Disposition of Proposals
RFP 2022P032
Provide Legal Services for the MOA Self-Administered Workers’ Compensation Program
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DocuSign Envelope ID: 971EE181-2E40-49CC-B734-E367B86C3095
All materials submitted in response to this RFP will become the property of the
Municipality of Anchorage. One copy of the submitted material shall be retained for
the official files of the Purchasing Department and will become public record after
award of the Contract.
2.9 Oral Change/Interpretation
No oral change or interpretation of any provision contained in this RFP is valid
whether issued at a pre-proposal conference or otherwise. Written addenda will be
issued when changes, clarifications, or amendments to proposal documents are
deemed necessary by the Municipality.
2.10 Modification/Withdrawal of Proposals
A Proposer may withdraw a proposal at any time prior to the final submission date
by sending written notification of its withdrawal, signed by an agent authorized to
represent the agency. The Proposer may thereafter submit a new proposal prior to
the final submission date; or submit written modification or addition to a proposal prior
to the final submission date. Modifications offered in any other manner, oral or written
will not be considered. A final proposal cannot be changed or withdrawn after the
submission date, except for modifications requested by the Municipality after the date
of receipt and following oral presentations.
2.11 Late Submissions
2.12 Rejection of Proposals
The Municipality of Anchorage reserves the right to reject any or all proposals if
determined to be in the best interest of the Municipality.
2.13 Equal Employment Opportunity Contract Compliance
2.13.1 Every municipal contract shall include language substantially the same
as the following: “The contractor will not discriminate against any employee or
applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, national origin,
ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, or physical
or mental disability. The contractor will comply with all laws concerning the
prohibition of discrimination including, but not limited to, Title 5 and Title 7 of the
Anchorage Municipal Code.”
2.13.2 Every municipal contract shall state, in all solicitations or advertisements
for employees to work under the contract, that all qualified applicants will receive
RFP 2022P032
Provide Legal Services for the MOA Self-Administered Workers’ Compensation Program
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