Sand-Salt Mix - Estes Park & Livermore

Agency: Larimer County
State: Colorado
Level of Government: State & Local
  • 56 - Construction and Building Materials
  • 68 - Chemicals and Chemical Products
Opps ID: NBD10637385908176319
Posted Date: Sep 15, 2020
Due Date: Sep 22, 2020
Solicitation No: B20-12
Source: Members Only
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2020-09-22 B20-12 Sand-Salt Mix - Estes Park & Livermore
Christal Bateman, Purchasing Agent

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P.O. Box 1190, Fort Collins, Colorado 80522-1190, 970.498.5955,
Sand-Salt Mix - Estes Park & Livermore
2:00 P.M.
Please bid DELIVERED PRICES on the following Goods. No bid is contingent on the purchase of all items listed.
The right is reserved to reject any and all bids or parts thereof. Prices and terms shall remain in effect for 180
days from date of opening.
The Board of Larimer County Commissioners will only be accepting bids electronically submitted via the
Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System ("RMEPS") portal, at, up to
2:00 P.M. (MT), on Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud
to consider contracting with a vendor to supply and deliver salt/sand mix on an “as-needed” basis on behalf of
the Larimer County Road & Bridge Department. Hardcopy Bids and Bids submitted by any other means will
not be accepted. See Section 1. Instructions for additional information on electronic bid submission. To attend
the bid opening virtually use the following Zoom link,, if you prefer to join by phone
you may call into +1 669 900 6833, Meeting ID: 991 5053 3199, Passcode: 491663.
Bid documents and specifications are available online at Rocky Mountain e-Purchasing at, and on the Larimer County Purchasing site at
All questions regarding this bid must be emailed to Christal Bateman, Purchasing Agent, at Questions are due no later than 10:00 a.m. (our clock) Tuesday, September 15,
2020. Please call Christal Bateman at 970-498-5956 to verify receipt of your questions. No questions will be
accepted after the date and time referenced above. All questions received will be answered via Addendum only.
Addenda will be published both on the Larimer County Bids and Proposals web site, and on RMEPS.
NOTE: Unauthorized contact with a County employee other than the Purchasing Agent regarding this bid may
result in disqualification of your bid.
As of 3/30/2020, Larimer County only accepts Bids submitted to the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System
portal (RMEPS). Hardcopy Bids and Bids submitted by any other means will not be accepted.
Bidders are required to be registered with RMEPS in advance in order to submit a bid, at; registration is free. Larimer County strongly recommends bidders
register with RMEPS well in advance of the submittal deadline to ensure they have adequate time to upload
and submit their proposals.
It is the sole responsibility of the Bidder to ensure all required Bid documents are submitted through RMEPS by
the submission deadline. Bids will be time-stamped by RMEPS upon receipt; RMEPS does not allow for
uploading or submitting Bid documents after the Bid due date and time has passed, so please allow adequate
time to upload and submit your Bid prior to the deadline. After uploading bid documents, Bidders must
click the SUBMIT button. Larimer County will not accept uploads that are “saved” but not “submitted”.
To verify that a Bid has been submitted successfully, Bidders may contact RMEPS Support or verify, via the
Bid Management tab in the Bidder’s account, that the documents are not in “Draft” status.
Larimer County does not have access to, or control of, the Vendor side of RMEPS. Please contact RMEPS at
1-800-835-4603, Option 2, for technical assistance.
Bidder shall not stipulate in their bid any conditions not contained in the specifications, unless specifically
requested in the special instructions. Any bids that fail to comply with the literal letter of these instructions and
the specifications may be rejected forthwith.
Bids shall be typewritten or written in ink on the form prepared by the County. The person signing the bid or an
authorized representative of the company shall initial all corrections or erasures made on your bid.
Any charges for freight, delivery, containers, packaging, etc., will be included in the bid price. In submitting the
bid, the vendor agrees that acceptance of any or all bids by the County within a reasonable time period
constitutes a contract. No delivery shall become due or be accepted until a purchase order has been issued by
the Purchasing Director of Larimer County.
It is understood that the Board of Larimer County Commissioners reserves the right to reject any and/or all bids
and to waive informalities and irregularities in bids, and to accept the bid that, in the opinion of the Board, is in
the best interest of Larimer County. The total cost of bid preparation and submission shall be borne by the
If, in the sole judgment of the Board of County Commissioners, the proposals are substantially equal, the Board
may grant the contract to companies located in Larimer County, however this is not applicable in the case that
Federal funds are used.
As of August 7, 2006, state and local government agencies are prohibited from purchasing services from any
contractor that knowingly employs illegal immigrants to help carry out publicly funded work. Pursuant to the
provisions of Colo. Rev. Stat. §8-17.5-101, contractors must certify that they are using the E-Verify Program or
Department Program to verify the employment eligibility of new employees. If a contractor awarded a contract
violates the provisions of Colo. Rev. Stat. §8-17.5-101(2), the state or local government agency may terminate
the contract and the contractor will be liable for damages to such agency.
Vendor certifies, warrants, and agrees that (he) (she) (it) has knowledge of the “Keep Jobs in Colorado Act”
codified at Sections 8-17-101, et seq. of the Colorado Revised Statutes and that Colorado labor shall be
employed to perform at least eighty percent (80%) of the work. See
for more information regarding this Act, which applies to Public Works projects.
All information submitted in response to this bid is public after the bid opening. The bidder should not include as
a part of the response to the Invitation to Bid any information which the bidder believes to be a trade secret or
other privileged or confidential data. If the bidder wishes to include such material with their bid, then the material
should be supplied under separate cover and identified as confidential. Statements that the entire bid is
confidential will not be honored. Larimer County will endeavor to keep that information confidential, separate
and apart from the bid subject to the provisions of the Colorado Open Records Act or order of court.
No work shall commence nor shall any invoices be paid until the contractor provides the requested proof of
insurance as outlined in the “Insurance Requirements for Contractors”, and before such proof is accepted by
Larimer County Risk Management. Additionally, the contractor will provide an endorsement naming Larimer
County as an additional insured to their policy. If you have any questions concerning the insurance requirements,
please contact Risk Management at (970) 498-5963 at least one week prior to the bid opening date.
Payment for work performed or goods sold to Larimer County can be expected within 30 days after receipt of
the invoice and satisfactory acceptance from the department receiving the service or goods. Any discount
allowed by the vendor for prompt payment, etc., must be reflected in the bid figure, and not entered as
separate pricing on the bid.
Larimer County is an Equal Opportunity Employer and no otherwise qualified individual shall be subject to
discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion or religious affiliation, sex, familial status, age, genetics,
disability, or national origin in any phase of employment for this position.
Larimer County strongly encourages the use of small and minority firms, women's business enterprises, and
labor surplus area firm services. In accordance with Federal and State laws, Larimer County does not
All businesses, organizations, and individuals contracting with Larimer County must comply with Title II of the
Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended. For more information on these requirements and to read
the full Title II text, please go to the following web page:
Other governmental entities may piggyback on the award of this solicitation, assuming the award vendor is
amenable, and should contact Larimer County Purchasing for any necessary procurement documents. The
entity shall deal directly with the award vendor concerning the placement of Purchase Orders, freight charges,
contracting and disputes, invoicing, and payment. Larimer County shall not be held liable or responsible for
any liability, claims, costs, damages, demands, actions, losses, judgments or expenses incurred by the vendor
or any government entity relating to such use.
The Contractor certifies that by signing the contract, neither the contractor nor subcontractors, the organization
nor its principals are suspended or debarred or otherwise excluded from procurement by the Federal government
and do not appear on the Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) maintained by the General Services
Administration (GSA).
No vendor awarded a solicitation shall be federally debarred. Such debarment shall be checked through the
System for Award Management, at
Bids must be furnished exclusive of any Federal, State, or Local taxes.
It is the intent of the Road & Bridge Department to obtain a qualified vendor to supply and deliver salt/sand mix
on an “as-needed” basis. The quantities listed are estimates only. There is no guarantee that any/all of the
product will be purchased. On occasion, if an exigent need for material exists and delivery is not readily available
County personnel may pick up material from the vendor.
Fifteen percent (15%) Salt/Sand Aggregate Mixture:
Fifteen percent (15%) salt by volume; 15% salt shall be added/blended by the Vendor
Sand gradation shall be as follows:
o Gradation Percent passing:
1/4" sieve (100%)
Delivery shall be made in dump trucks or end dump trailers. Shipments in belly dump trailers will not be
Salt/sand aggregate shall meet Colorado Department of Health Regulation 16 regarding aggregate
Testing and Material certification reports shall be provided in accordance with Colorado Department of Health
Regulation 16.
Material shall be free flowing and void of any lumps or clods of solidified material.
The County reserves the right to inspect the product upon delivery, and to refuse delivery, if product is not in
compliance with the specifications contained herein.
Delivered prices are to include all incidental charges including but not limited to: handling and delivery.
There shall be no charges in excess of those quoted.
Initial needs are estimated to be approximately 1,000 tons per each location below. Additional deliveries of 1,000
tons to be supplied on an “as-needed” basis. No increases in the prices charged will be permitted for the full
term of the contract.
Quantities provided are for bid evaluation purposes only. The County reserves the right to purchase product on
an “as-needed” basis at the quoted prices during the entire contract period.
Deliveries are to be made during the entire contract period, at such time and in such amounts as required to the
following locations:
Livermore Shop
2300 CR 74E
Livermore, CO
Estes Park Shop
543 Elm Road
Estes Park, CO
Deliveries MUST only be during Road & Bridge operating hours:
Monday – Thursday
7:00 am – 5:00 pm
Should delivery not be readily available and there exists an exigent need for material, County personnel will need
to be able to pick up product from the vendor’s location. Pick-up prices, location(s), and hours shall be quoted
separately on the Bid Form.
Prior to commencement of any work, contractor shall forward Certificates of Insurance to Larimer County Risk
Management, 200 W. Oak St., #4000, Fort Collins, Colorado 80521 at The insurance
required shall be procured and maintained in full force and effect for the duration of the Contract and shall be
written for not less than the following amounts, or greater if required by law. Certificate Holder should be
Larimer County at the above address.
Workers' Compensation and Employers' Liability (waived if there are no employees)
A. State of Colorado:
B. Applicable Federal:
C. Employer's Liability:
D. Waiver of Subrogation
$100,000 Each Accident
$500,000 Disease-Policy Limit
$100,000 Disease-Each Employee
II. Commercial General Liability on an Occurrence Form including the following coverages: Premises
Operations; Products and Completed Operations; Personal and Advertising Injury; Liability Assumed
under an Insured Contract; Independent Contractors. Coverage provided should be at least as broad as
found in Insurance Services Office (ISO) form CG0001. Minimum limits to be as follows:
A. General Aggregate Limit
B. Products & Completed Operations Aggregate Limit
C. Personal & Advertising Injury Limit
D. Bodily Injury & Property Damage Each Occurrence Limit
Other General Liability Conditions:
1. Products and Completed Operations to be maintained for one year after final payment.
Contractor shall continue to provide evidence of such coverage to the County on an annual
basis during the aforementioned period (as appropriate).
2. Contractor agrees that the insurance afforded the County is primary.
3. If coverage is to be provided on Claims Made forms, contractor must refer policy to Risk
Management Department for approval and additional requirements.
III. Commercial Automobile Liability coverage to be provided on Business Auto, Garage, or Truckers form.
Coverage provided should be at least as broad as found in ISO form CA0001 (BAP), CA0005 (Garage)
or CA0012 (Trucker) including coverage for owned, non-owned, & hired autos. Limits to be as follows:
A. Bodily Injury & Property Damage Combined Single Limit
IV. Minimum required limits set forth herein may be met by utilizing a combination of excess/umbrella
policies in conjunction with primary insurance policies if necessary.
V. All Insurance policies (except Auto and Workers Compensation) shall include Larimer County and
its elected and appointed officials and employees as additional insureds as their interests may
appear. The additional insured endorsement should be at least as broad as ISO form CG2010 for
General Liability coverage and similar forms for Umbrella Liability. Additional Insured endorsement(s)
shall be attached to the certificate of insurance that is provided to the county.
VI. The County reserves the right to reject any insurer it deems not financially acceptable by insurance
industry standards. Property and Liability Insurance Companies shall be licenses to do business in
Colorado and shall have an AM Best rating of not less than A- VII.
VII. Notice of Cancellation: Each insurance policy required by the insurance provision of this Contract
shall provide the required coverage and shall not be suspended, voided or canceled except after thirty
(30) days prior written notice has been given to the County, except when cancellation is for non-
payment of premium, then ten (10) days prior notice may be given. Such notice shall be sent directly to
Larimer County Risk Management, 200 W. Oak St., #4000, Ft. Collins, CO 80521. If the insurance
company refuses to provide the required notice, the contractor or its insurance broker shall notify the
County of any cancellation, suspension, non-renewal of any insurance within seven (7) days of receipt
of insurers’ notification to that effect.
VIII. Contractor shall furnish Larimer County certificates of insurance. Contractor will receive all sub-
contractors certificates of insurance. Such certificate must meet all requirements listed above.
This solicitation will be awarded to the vendor with the most responsive, responsible, reasonable, lowest GRAND
TOTAL PRICE meeting all specifications, deemed the best fit and most advantageous to Larimer County.
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