Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) Revision Consultation

Agency: State Government of Delaware
State: Delaware
Level of Government: State & Local
  • R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
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Posted Date: Jan 8, 2019
Due Date: Feb 12, 2019
Source: Members Only
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Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) Revision Consultation,
Solicitation Ad Date 1/8/2019
Deadline for Bid Responses 2/12/2019 at 2:00 p.m. Local Time
Supporting Documents ? RFP - Professional Services
Contact Information Meaghan.brennan@doe.k12.de.us

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Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) Revision Consultation
I. Overview
II. Scope of Services
III. Required Information
IV. Professional Services RFP Administrative Information
V. Contract Terms and Conditions
VI. RFP Miscellaneous Information
VII. Attachments
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I. Overview
The State of Delaware Department of Education, seeks professional services to enter
purpose for solicitation. This request for proposals (“RFP”) is issued pursuant to 29 Del. C.
§§ 6981 and 6982.
The proposed schedule of events subject to the RFP is outlined below:
Public Notice
Date: January 8, 2019
Deadline for Questions
Date: January 22, 2019
Response to Questions Posted by:
Date: January 29, 2019
Deadline for Receipt of Proposals
(Local Time)
Date: February 12, 2019 at 2:00 PM
Estimated Notification of Award
Date: March 2019
Each proposal must be accompanied by a transmittal letter which briefly summarizes the
proposing firm’s interest in providing the required professional services. The transmittal
letter must also clearly state and justify any exceptions to the requirements of the RFP which
the applicant may have taken in presenting the proposal. (Applicant exceptions must also be
recorded on Attachment 3).
Furthermore, the transmittal letter must attest to the fact, at a minimum, that the Vendor
shall not store or transfer non-public State of Delaware data outside of the United States.
6982(b) Version: July 7, 2017
Department of Education
For technology related solicitations, Vendors may refer to the Delaware Department of
Technology and Information identified terms and conditions included in this solicitation.
The State of Delaware reserves the right to deny any and all exceptions taken to the RFP
A mandatory pre-bid meeting has not been established for this Request for Proposal.
II. Scope of Services
Delaware Stars for Early Success (Delaware Stars) was created in 2008 as a response to
both the national trend of implementing Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS)
and the local desire to ensure the availability of high quality early learning programs to all
children. Initially a building block QRIS model, Delaware Stars was revised in 2012 to be a
hybrid model QRIS with required observation components. Delaware Stars was last revised
in 2014 as a result of Delaware receiving a Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge
grant. That revision’s primary emphasis was on the implementation of six essential
standards in Delaware’s hybrid model QRIS.
Also as a result of the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge grant, Delaware
contracted with an independent evaluator to conduct an evaluation of Delaware Stars. The
purpose of the evaluation was to support Delaware in its efforts to design and implement an
effective, robust system for measuring and reporting on the quality of early learning and care
programs in home and center settings. The evaluation further aimed to inform efforts to
improve the quality of programs in ways that are beneficial for participating children and their
families. The project entailed a series of interrelated research tasks designed to provide
objective and rigorous empirical evidence of the extent to which rating tiers reflect relevant
differences in the quality of home- and center-based programs and whether the system is
operating effectively in terms of technical assistance (TA), financial support, and other
The independent evaluation was completed in 2016 and resulted in several
recommendations, including:
Learn from other QRIS validation studies;
Consider further refinements to the Delaware Stars rating structure;
Strengthen the marketing of Delaware Stars to families;
Enhance administrative data systems to support ongoing system monitoring and
quality improvement.
The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE), Office of Early Learning (OEL) began the
process of further revising Delaware Stars at the end of 2017. The initial phase of the
revision included the formation of a leadership team to oversee the revision and several
modes of data collection focused primarily on the collection of stakeholder feedback. Data
collection focused on topic areas including general feedback, standards, assessment and
verification, financial incentives, and family engagement. Data collection methods/resources
Listening sessions/focus groups, conducted by the Mid-Atlantic Comprehensive
Department of Education
Community conversations, conducted by OEL and partners; and
Survey of Providers and Stakeholders, conducted by the University of Delaware
OEL gleaned guiding principles for the revision from the data collection process. They are:
1. The existing structure of Stars shows improvement in children’s executive
2. Multiple indicators of quality exists, including child-level outcomes and quality of staff,
environments, and interactions;
3. Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) must be reflected in all levels of Stars; and
4. Equity must be woven throughout the revised Stars.
Conclusions drawn from this process include:
The early childhood workforce and other stakeholders embrace the concept of a
state-sponsored, cross-sector framework. In fact, they look for further alignment
among Stars and the Office of Child Care Licensing. Additionally, they desire more
interaction with both Stars staff and peers. While participation in data collection
methods by Family Child Care providers was limited, they overwhelmingly support a
system that embraces and supports the differences between in-home care and
center-based care.
The standards associated with Stars are useful for guiding the improvement efforts of
providers. Furthermore, stakeholders value the coupling of flexibility with some
required standards. It is important to note the positive relationship between
Management and Administration and Qualifications and Professional Development
standards and children’s cognitive skills.
While the assessment and verification processes are viewed as useful for improving
quality, some measures are not supported widely by stakeholders. Specifically, the
use of Environmental Rating Scales received significant negative qualitative
Providers highly value the Training and Technical Assistance provided by Stars. In
fact, they would like more frequent interaction with staff.
Stakeholders believe the financial incentives associated with Stars are useful for
improving and maintaining program quality. However, they view the use of Tiered
Reimbursement as a tool for compliance as counter-intuitive.
Finally, stakeholders indicate more effort is needed to engage families with Stars.
Families are unfamiliar with the program and Star rating is not a major factor in their
choice of child care program.
Armed with these guiding principles and conclusions, OEL is prepared to begin the next
phase of revision. They desire to engage a research/evaluation partner to assist with
facilitation. Activities will include:
1. Review and synthesize data from previous Delaware Stars evaluation(s) and initial
phase of the revision process;
2. Review and synthesize data from other states’ QRIS evaluations;
3. With OEL and the leadership team, create and manage a process for the review and
revision of existing standards;
4. With OEL and the leadership team, create a communication plan for marketing the
revised QRIS to partners, providers, and the general public;
5. With OEL and the leadership team, create an implementation plan for the revised
QRIS; and
6. With OEL and the leadership team, create an evaluation plan for the revised QRIS.
Department of Education
III. Required Information
The following information shall be provided in each proposal in the order listed below.
Failure to respond to any request for information within this proposal may result in rejection
of the proposal at the sole discretion of the State.
A. Minimum Requirements
1. Provide Delaware license(s) and/or certification(s) necessary to perform services as
identified in the scope of work.
Prior to the execution of an award document, the successful Vendor shall either
furnish the Agency with proof of State of Delaware Business Licensure or initiate the
process of application where required.
2. Vendor shall provide responses to the Request for Proposal (RFP) scope of work
and clearly identify capabilities as presented in the General Evaluation Requirements
3. Complete all appropriate attachments and forms as identified within the RFP.
4. Proof of insurance and amount of insurance shall be furnished to the Agency prior to
the start of the contract period and shall be no less than as identified in the bid
solicitation, Section D, Item 7, subsection g (insurance).
B. General Evaluation Requirements
1. Experience and Reputation
2. Expertise (for the particular project under consideration)
3. Capacity to meet requirements (size, financial condition, etc.)
4. Location (geographical)
5. Demonstrated ability
6. Familiarity with public work and its requirements
7. Distribution of work to individuals and firms or economic considerations
8. Other criteria necessary for a quality cost-effective project
IV. Professional Services RFP Administrative Information
A. RFP Issuance
1. Public Notice
Public notice has been provided in accordance with 29 Del. C. §6981.
2. Obtaining Copies of the RFP
This RFP is available in electronic form through the State of Delaware Procurement
website at www.bids.delaware.gov . Paper copies of this RFP will not be available.
3. Assistance to Vendors with a Disability
Vendors with a disability may receive accommodation regarding the means of
communicating this RFP or participating in the procurement process. For more
Department of Education
information, contact the Designated Contact no later than ten days prior to the
deadline for receipt of proposals.
4. RFP Designated Contact
All requests, questions, or other communications about this RFP shall be made in
writing to the State of Delaware. Address all communications to the person listed
below; communications made to other State of Delaware personnel or attempting to
ask questions by phone or in person will not be allowed or recognized as valid and
may disqualify the vendor. Vendors should rely only on written statements issued by
the RFP designated contact.
Meaghan Brennan
401 Federal Street, Ste. 2
Dover, DE 19901
Email: Meaghan.Brennan@doe.k12.de.us
To ensure that written requests are received and answered in a timely manner,
electronic mail (e-mail) correspondence is acceptable, but other forms of delivery,
such as postal and courier services can also be used.
5. Consultants and Legal Counsel
The State of Delaware may retain consultants or legal counsel to assist in the review
and evaluation of this RFP and the vendors’ responses. Bidders shall not contact
the State’s consultant or legal counsel on any matter related to the RFP.
6. Contact with State Employees
Direct contact with State of Delaware employees other than the State of Delaware
Designated Contact regarding this RFP is expressly prohibited without prior consent.
Vendors directly contacting State of Delaware employees risk elimination of their
proposal from further consideration. Exceptions exist only for organizations currently
doing business in the State who require contact in the normal course of doing that
7. Organizations Ineligible to Bid
Any individual, business, organization, corporation, consortium, partnership, joint
venture, or any other entity including subcontractors currently debarred or
suspended is ineligible to bid. Any entity ineligible to conduct business in the State
of Delaware for any reason is ineligible to respond to the RFP.
8. Exclusions
The Proposal Evaluation Team reserves the right to refuse to consider any proposal
from a vendor who:
a. Has been convicted for commission of a criminal offense as an incident to
obtaining or attempting to obtain a public or private contract or subcontract, or in
the performance of the contract or subcontract:
b. Has been convicted under State or Federal statutes of embezzlement, theft,
forgery, bribery, falsification or destruction of records, receiving stolen property,
or other offense indicating a lack of business integrity or business honesty that
currently and seriously affects responsibility as a State contractor:
c. Has been convicted or has had a civil judgment entered for a violation under
State or Federal antitrust statutes:
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