General Hydraulic Engineering Services, Division, Statewide

Agency: State Government of Hawaii
State: Hawaii
Level of Government: State & Local
  • C - Architect and Engineering Services - Construction
  • R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
  • S - Utilities and Training Services
Opps ID: NBD10986728059579744
Posted Date: Sep 13, 2020
Due Date: Oct 12, 2020
Solicitation No: HWY-DH-HE2021-02
Source: Members Only

General Information

Department Solicitation Number HWY-DH-HE2021-02
Jurisdiction Executive
Department Transportation
Division Highways
Category Professional Services
Type of Notice Professional Service (PN)
Professional Services Category Architecture and Engineering (i.e. civil/mechanical engineering, landscape architecture etc.)
Solicitation Title General Hydraulic Engineering Services, Division, Statewide
Solicitation Description Project Assignments will be in support of Federal-aid and/or State-funded projects being designed by the Highways Division, Department of Transportation. The contract will be an Indefinite Quantity Contract, in accordance with §3-122-143, HAR. A contract time of performance of 5 years and a budget of $5,000,000, subject to availability of funds, are anticipated.
Release Date 09/11/2020
Offer Due Date & Time (HST) 10/12/2020 04:00 PM
Islands Statewide
Comments --
Files Guidelines for Preparing Consultant Proposals for Highways Division Projects (1).pdf
HWY-DH-HE2021-02 Contract.pdf
HWY-DH-HE2021-02 Notice to Providers for Professional Services.pdf
HWY-DH-HE2021-02 Scope of Work.pdf
Commodity Code(s) 541330 Engineering consulting services

Attachment Preview

The purpose of these guidelines, developed by the Department of Transportation (HDOT) -
Highways Division, is to standardize the format and content of consultant proposals to help
assure fair and proper evaluation. This standardized format should also reduce the proposal
preparation time, and simplify the review process by HDOT personnel.
In order for HDOT’s consultant screening committee to evaluate each proposal properly, it is
important that each submittal be clear, concise, and prepared in accordance with the proposal
format requirements in the table below. The table lists the criteria by which proposals will be
evaluated, and the maximum number of pages allowed to discuss each criterion. Proposals must
address all criteria listed, and must include a completed certification of non-exclusion to be
considered complete in accordance with these guidelines. Incomplete proposals will not be
considered for selection. Please tab the various sections in the submittal for easy reference.
Introductory letter, number of years in business,
references and office locations
Experience and professional qualifications relevant to
the project.
Past performance on projects of similar scope for
public agencies or private industry, including
corrective actions and other responses to notices of
Capacity to accomplish the work in the required time.
Innovative or alternative methods and anticipated
concepts for furnishing the required services.
Appendix: Resumes of key personnel
Appendix: Company Brochure (optional)
Appendix: Completed Certification of Non-Exclusion
Max. No. of Pages
1 pg/person Max.
The number of pages per consultant proposal must not exceed the maximum pages allowed per
criterion. A page is considered to be letter size, printed on one side, single-spaced, with
characters no smaller than 12 point (Times New Roman font, or similar, preferred). Any
proposal containing pages in excess of the maximum number allowed per criterion excluding the
title page, introductory letter, table of contents, tabs, and appendices will receive a 5-point
penalty for each page over the limit. Only the first two pages of an introductory letter and the
first page of the resume will be considered for review.
After the selection letter has been received by the consultant, any change in key personnel or
sub-consultants will require written approval by the State.
Page 1 of 3
The criteria presented below will be used for evaluating proposals from interested consultants.
The consultant receiving the highest total score will be the top ranked consultant for the project.
If the total score of two or more firms are equal, past performance will be the governing criteria.
1. Experience and professional qualifications relevant to the project.
The prime consultant’s and/or sub-consultant’s project manager must be experienced in
managing projects of similar nature and scope, and shall be a professional engineer
licensed in the State of Hawaii. The resume of the project managers must be included in
the proposal.
The consultant shall designate experienced professional and technical staff to
competently and efficiently perform the work, either through their own personnel or sub
consultants. The proposal shall identify the project team composition, project leadership,
reporting responsibilities, and address how sub consultants will fit into the management
structure. The HDOT evaluation will be performed on the team, and not just the
personnel of the prime consultant, so resumes of key design team members must be
included in the proposal.
2. Past performance on projects of similar scope for government and public agencies,
or private industry, including corrective actions and other responses to notices of
The consultant proposal shall include a list of similar projects that the consultant worked
on and successfully completed. The project name, contact person, and phone number of
the government, public and/or private agencies should be included in the list. The
proposal shall indicate the consultant’s past performance in terms of cost control, quality
of work and compliance with performance schedules.
3. Capacity to accomplish the work in the required time.
The consultant must demonstrate that sufficient knowledgeable staff is available, and that
any sub consultant hired by the consultant is experienced and capable of performing the
The consultant proposal shall contain a list of current HDOT projects. The list should
include project name, start date, and estimated consultant contract completion date. In
addition, the list should identify any key team members and sub consultants proposed for
this project presently assigned to the list of current projects.
4. Innovative or alternative methods, and anticipated concepts for furnishing the
required services.
The consultant shall indicate any innovative, unique or alternative methods that would be
used to perform the required services. Proposals should include anticipated concepts to
complete the project, and should present any modern and cost-effective design methods
or special project related techniques that would benefit the project.
Page 2 of 3
Name of Prime Consultant Firm:
List of Sub-Consultants Proposed for the Project:
I certify that my firm and its principals, and the sub-consultant firms proposed for
this project and their principals, are not currently excluded by the State of Hawaii or
the Federal Government from providing the services to be furnished for the
proposed project, and that none of the parties listed herein appear on the following
suspension or debarment lists:
Hawaii State Procurement Office Circulars
Federal Government Excluded Party Listing System (GSA List)
Current Suspensions/Debarment Actions List by FHWA
Name of Officer and Title
Signature of Officer
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