Forest Management Plan - Rolland Perry City Forest

Agency: City of Bangor
State: Maine
Level of Government: State & Local
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Posted Date: Jul 28, 2020
Due Date: Aug 26, 2020
Source: Members Only
Forest Management Plan - Rolland Perry City Forest

The City of Bangor requests proposals for a Forest Management Plan for the Rolland Perry City Forest.

Due by 2:00 PM, Wednesday, August 26, 2020

General Information

Attachment #1

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Request for Proposals
Forest Management Plan
Rolland Perry City Forest
Proposal No. FY21-01
Purchasing Department
73 Harlow Street
Bangor, Maine 04401
Issue Date: July 28, 2020
I. Introduction
The City of Bangor requests proposals for a Forest Management Plan for the Rolland
Perry City Forest.
II. General Information
General information is available on the City’s website at the following web address: By submitting a response to this solicitation, the
Proposer accepts the responsibility for downloading, reading and bidding by the terms
and conditions set forth in the City’s “General Information for Vendors”.
III. Submission
To be considered, submit one (1) original and one (1) digital copy of the Proposal, with
all materials requested in Section X. Proposal Content, in an envelope clearly marked
“Proposal No. FY21-01: Forest Management Plan” by 2:00 PM, Wednesday,
August 26, 2020 to the Purchasing department, City Hall, 73 Harlow Street, Bangor,
Maine 04401.
The digital copy may be submitted by flash drive or by emailing to:
If emailing Proposal, please reference “Proposal No. FY21-01: Forest Management Plan”
in the subject line. Proposals will be publicly opened at the time stated above.
Please indicate in or with your proposal whether you have or are working on a policy
regarding domestic violence. If you do not have a domestic violence policy, please
indicate whether you would like the City of Bangor to provide you a copy of its policy as
an example.
A tabulation of all proposals received will be available after 4:00 PM on the date of bid
opening. Bid results may be viewed on the City’s website at
Proposal No. FY21-01
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Forest Management Plan
IV. Questions
Any questions must be directed in writing to no later than 4:30
PM, Tuesday, August 11, 2020.
The City will issue a response on or before 4:30 PM, Friday, August 14, 2020. The
response will be in the form of an addendum, which will be available on the City’s
website. Notifications will be sent out at the time of release of all addendum to the
appropriate Registered Vendor List.
V. Late Proposals
It is the responsibility of the Proposer(s) to see that their Proposals have sufficient time
to be received by the Purchasing Department before the submittal deadline.
Any Proposal, portion of a Proposal, or unrequested Proposal revision received at the
City of Bangor Purchasing Department after the time and date specified, will be returned
to the Proposer unopened.
VI. Withdrawal of Proposals
No Proposer may withdraw their Proposal for a period of ninety (90) days from the date
of opening. All Proposals shall be subject to acceptance by the City during this period.
To withdraw a Proposal prior to the opening, the Proposer shall request the withdrawal
in writing. All costs associated with the withdrawal (i.e. mailing fees) will be borne by the
VII. Rejection
The City of Bangor reserves the right to reject any and all Proposals, to waive any
informalities or defects in Proposals or to accept a higher cost Proposal if it is deemed
to be in the best interest of the City of Bangor. The City also reserves the right to
negotiate with the successful Proposer.
VIII. Information for Proposers
All materials requested in Section X. Proposal Content of this request must be included
in the Proposal submission in order to be considered.
All Federal and State taxes must be excluded from the price. A tax exemption certificate
for the City of Bangor shall be furnished to the successful Proposer upon request.
IX. Scope of Services
The Scope of Services will include a Forest Management Plan for the Rolland Perry City
Forest. The Bangor City Forest Stewardship Incentive Plan from July 1999 is included
as Attachment #1. The Rolland Perry City Forest Management Plan will address how
the City can ensure the Forest thrives and remains a safe recreational asset for the City.
The management plan will identify short term and long maintenance activities to
promote overall forest health. The plan will consist of the following sections:
Proposal No. FY21-01
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Forest Management Plan
A. Review and inventory to the extent possible current tree species within the
Rolland Perry City Forest.
B. Recommendations for open space and natural resource management.
C. Recommendations on species selection.
D. Harvesting recommendations if applicable.
E. Implementation plan with any applicable documents.
The Successful Proposer will meet with City Staff that are responsible for tree
planting/maintenance and management. The City may require the Successful Proposer
to attend and present findings at two City advisory/governing bodies in support of the
Management Plan.
X. Proposal Content
A. State Proposer’s name, address, principal office, and type of entity. State the
date of incorporation/organization and the state in which the Proposer is
incorporated or organized.
B. The education, training, experience, licensing, and qualifications of key
employees assigned to this project.
C. The experience, qualifications, and expertise with this type of project.
D. Provide a breakdown showing hourly rates for personnel who will be assigned to
the project.
E. A list of the three most recent projects Proposer has performed of similar
services. List should include the name, contact person, address, and other
contact information for a representative of each project.
F. A description of the methodology, including potential strategies and techniques,
that may be employed by the Proposer to ensure a comprehensive plan is
developed that provides for not only proper forestry management, but the
protection and safety of the recreational opportunities, as well.
G. A performance schedule containing typical timelines necessary to perform the
Scope of Services and a completed plan.
H. Total proposed “Not to Exceed” cost of services should be provided and include
a fee schedule describing all charges and hourly rates for additional services not
included in the Scope of Services with a description.
Proposal No. FY21-01
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Forest Management Plan
XI. Selection Procedure
The City intends to conduct a comprehensive, fair and impartial evaluation of Proposals
received as a response to this RFP. The selection of the Successful Proposer will be made
using evaluation criteria established by the City.
1. A selection team from the City will review and evaluate all written
submissions properly made in response to this RFP in accordance with the
submittal requirements set forth in Section X. Proposal Content, based on
such other information and matters as they deem necessary or desirable to
determine the qualifications, responsibility, and suitability of each firm
submitting a Proposal in response.
2. The Selection Team may conduct interviews at their discretion.
Proposal No. FY21-01
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Forest Management Plan
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