Investment Accounting System

Agency: State Government of North Carolina
State: North Carolina
Level of Government: State & Local
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Opps ID: NBD12271126719146859
Posted Date: Jul 31, 2020
Due Date: Sep 4, 2020
Solicitation No: 65-RFI07312020-AMW
Source: Members Only
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65-RFI07312020-AMW Investment Accounting System
7/31/2020 9/4/2020 03:00 PM ET

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RFI NUMBER: 65-RFI07312020-AMW
ISSUE DATE: July 31, 2020
104 AIRPORT DRIVE, SUITE 2700, CB #1100
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Finance Division
Responses must be submitted via eBid (NC BIDS) on the State of North Carolina Interactive Purchasing System
(IPS). For more information on NC BIDS, please reference the following website as provided by the NC Department
of Administration’s Division of Purchase and Contract:
Attempts to submit a response via facsimile (FAX) machine, telephone, or e-mail will NOT be accepted.
a) Submit one (1) signed, original electronic response via eBid (NC BIDS) on the State of North Carolina IPS
b) All File names should start with the offeror’s name first, to easily determine all the files to be included
as part of the offeror’s response. For example, files should be named as follows: Offeror Name-your file
c) File contents MUST NOT be password protected; the file formats must be in .pdf, .jpeg, or .png format;
and must be capable of being copied to other sources.
Responses must be submitted no later than 3:00 PM Eastern Time on Friday, September 4, 2020. Responses not
submitted by 3:00 PM Eastern Time on Friday, September 4, 2020 will not be considered.
Submitting a response to this RFI does not guarantee that any offeror will be awarded a contract to provide
services to the University, nor does completion of this application imply that any offeror has any type of
procurement/contractual relationship with the University. Information provided by offerors is subject to
disclosure pursuant to the laws of the State of North Carolina.
All questions concerning this RFI must be submitted via email to Alicia Waymack at no later
than 3:00 PM Eastern Time on Friday, August 14, 2020. Please ensure that the subject line of your email states
“Questions for 65-RFI07312020-AMW”. A summary of all questions and answers will be disseminated as an
addendum via email (if possible) and posted on the State of North Carolina IPS. It is the offeror’s responsibility to
ensure that all addenda, if any, have been reviewed, signed and returned in accordance with this RFI and the
applicable addendum.
RFI Posted:
Offeror Questions Due:
Answers to Questions Issued:
Offeror Responses Due:
July 31, 2020
August 14, 2020 by 3:00 PM Eastern Time
August 21, 2020
September 4, 2020 by 3:00 PM Eastern Time
All events, dates, and times are subject to change at the discretion of the University.
This Request for Information (RFI) is being issued to identify the range of options available for a software
application to track and maintain investment account information (e.g., market value, contribution value,
estimated payout) for University endowments and funds of associated entities that invest through the UNC-Chapel
Hill Foundation Investment Fund, Inc. This application would replace an internally developed application.
The software solution is required to provide a variety of capabilities, including but not limited to the following:
Close and open financial periods.
Process monthly gifts to endowments.
Enter and calculate market value, share price, price per share.
Separately track reinvested income.
Process one-time or frequent withdrawals.
Calculate administrative fees based on formula (currently based on time-weighted endowment
Process and store annuity payment information.
Add or delete annuitant.
Calculate and track investment income distribution (payout) accruals by individual endowments
within each participating unit (University Foundations, University Endowments, and other).
Set up annual administrative fees and for processing, in absolute dollar amount, in subsequent year.
Set up accrual rate and apply rate each month to endowment shares to accumulate accrued payout.
Process periodic annuity distribution to annuitants.
Create and modify endowment profiles.
Import or export data representing one or more withdrawals.
Import accounting attributes from PeopleSoft.
Export data to PeopleSoft general ledger for recording financial transactions (administrative fees,
additions, withdrawals, accruals, realized and unrealized gains/losses, payouts, etc.).
Provide a variety of reports to participants, campus users and accounting personnel.
The Investment Accounting Organization currently utilize the in-house developed application (referred to as ‘UAS’)
to manage the following investment pools:
o Real Estate Fund (comprised of only University endowments);
o Diversified Fund (External (Government) Investment Pool); and
o Florida Annuities Fund (all held in one Foundation business unit, comprised of less than 10
There are 23 active foundations, with over 4200 endowments, that participate in the Diversified Fund. The
activities and performance by endowments and by participants are to be tracked and reported on.
Campus users, foundations, and accounting personnel in select offices utilize the current application to access
A cloud-based solution is preferred.
The software solution / offeror must:
Adhere to all applicable UNC Chapel Hill Information Technology Services (ITS) security requirements and
Pass an ITS Security Risk Assessment and maintain a passing status upon re-review.
Provide a SOC 2 Type II report, comparable third-party assessment, or complete a questionnaire provided
by the University and submit accompanying documentation at any time upon request by the University.
Integrate with Shibboleth for use of UNC SSO (Onyen) using SAML 2. UNC Chapel Hill prefers use of the
Eduperson schema.
All responses are subject to the conditions outlined herein. All responses shall be controlled by such conditions
and the submission of other terms and conditions as part of an offeror’s response shall be waived and have no
effect on this RFI.
Qualified firms are encouraged to submit a response for providing the software and performing the services as
described herein. All responses shall be submitted in accordance with the requirements of this RFI.
Responses shall be prepared simply and succinctly providing a straightforward, concise description of the offeror’s
abilities to satisfy the requirements of this RFI. Emphasis shall be on completeness and clarity of content. The
information shall be prepared and submitted in a clear and logical order.
Describe how your proposed solution addresses the required features in Appendix A and the preferred
features in Appendix B.
Share similar customer use stories and case studies as well as contact information for current customers
to discuss these experiences.
Provide recommendations for an implementation timeline and services.
Provide details for maintenance and support services.
Address the questions in Appendix C.
Provide pricing for initial and recurring costs – reference Appendix D.
Provide documentation described in Appendix E.
Identify any contract(s) that may be utilized by the University in procuring the services described in this RFI. Any
proposed contract must be for Public, Education, and/or Government agencies or institutions and comply with the
public bidding requirements as required by the State of North Carolina. Offeror shall provide samples of all
contract documents for the proposed contract(s). In addition, all pertinent contact information shall be provided
for the consortium organization as well as the public agency sponsoring/hosting the contract, as applicable.
Designated University staff members shall evaluate the responses received in accordance with the following
factors. These factors are not necessarily listed in order of priority. After all responses have been evaluated, the
University may request any number of offerors to provide a demonstration of their proposed solution either on-
site at the University’s campus in Chapel Hill, NC or via virtual demo tools to see how system features are best
A. Solution match with required and preferred features
B. Overall experience and qualifications of the offeror
C. Experience and/or credentials in providing implementation, training, data conversion, maintenance,
and support services
D. Performance of the offeror as evaluated by the references supplied
E. Pricing
F. Security
Offerors are cautioned that this is an RFI, not a request to contract, and the University reserves the unqualified
right to reject offers for any reason when such rejection is deemed to be in the best interest of the University.
The University at its option may request oral presentations, or discussions with any or all offerors for the purpose
of clarification or to amplify the material presented in any part of the response. However, offerors are cautioned
that the University is not required to request clarification; therefore, all responses should be complete and
concise. The University shall not be bound by oral explanations or instructions given at any time during the
Only information which is received in response to this RFI shall be evaluated; references to information previously
submitted shall not be evaluated.
Any costs incurred by the offeror in preparing or submitting responses are the offerors sole responsibility; the
University shall not reimburse any offeror for any costs incurred to include costs associated with presentations or
demonstrations, if requested.
To promote maximum participation and to protect the RFI process from being used to obtain information that
would normally not be available otherwise, the University shall maintain the confidentiality of certain types of
information. All such information intended to be kept confidential must be designated in writing as “Confidential.”
The obligations of non-disclosure shall not apply to the following:
A. Information which, at the time of disclosure is in the public knowledge;
B. Information which, after disclosure becomes part of the public knowledge by publication or
otherwise, except by breach of this section;
C. Information which was in the possession of the University at the time of disclosure and which was not
acquired, directly or indirectly by recipient from the disclosing party, and which prior possession can
be proven by documentary evidence;
D. Information received from third parties, provided such information was not obtained to their
knowledge by said third parties, directly or indirectly, on a confidential basis;
E. Information which is independently developed by the University’s personnel not privy to the
F. Information contained in any pricing schedules.
In submitting the response, the offeror agrees not to use the results therefrom as a part of any news release or
commercial advertising without prior written approval of the University.
Titles and headings in this RFI and any subsequent documents are for convenience only and shall have no binding
force or effect.
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