ADVERTISEMENT FOR PROPOSALS COUNTY OF MOORE REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL 2023-02 PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM SERVICES PURSUANT to Section 143-129 of the General Statutes of North Carolina sealed proposals titled "RFP 2023-02 – PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM SERVICES,” may be

Agency: State Government of North Carolina
State: North Carolina
Level of Government: State & Local
  • R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
Opps ID: NBD12271647329757962
Posted Date: Aug 13, 2022
Due Date: Aug 29, 2022
Solicitation No: 386-082922
Source: Members Only
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386-082922 ADVERTISEMENT FOR PROPOSALS COUNTY OF MOORE REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL 2023-02 PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM SERVICES PURSUANT to Section 143-129 of the General Statutes of North Carolina sealed proposals titled "RFP 2023-02 – PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM SERVICES,” may be 8/13/2022 8/29/2022 4:00 PM ET 386-

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ISSUE DATE: August 13, 2022
RFP#: 2023-02
TITLE: Public Relations Firm Services
County of Moore Financial Services
Attn: Terra Vuncannon
206 S. Ray Street
Carthage, NC 28327
Sealed Proposals will be received until 4:00:00 pm EST Monday, August 29, 2022 from qualified
firms for Public Relations Firm Services utilizing federal funding, for the County of Moore Health
Department. All inquiries for information concerning Instructions for Proposals, Bid Submission
Requirements or Procurement Procedures shall be directed to (in writing):
Terra Vuncannon, Purchasing Manager
PO Box 905
Carthage, NC 28327
(910) 947-7118 (Telephone)
Proposals shall be mailed and/or hand delivered to the Issuing Department shown above, and the
envelope shall bear the name and number of this Request for Proposal. It is the sole responsibility
of the Bidder to ensure that its bid reaches the Issuing Department by the designated date and
hour indicated above.
In compliance with the Request for Proposals and to all the terms and conditions imposed herein,
the undersigned offers and agrees to furnish the services described in accordance with the
attached signed bid.
Firm Name: _________________________________________ Date: ____________________
Address: ____________________________________________ Phone: ___________________
____________________________________________ By: ______________________
By: ______________________
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1. Proposals shall be submitted to the Issuing Department on the enclosed Proposal Form.
Proposals should include one (1) original and one (1) copy. In order for a proposal to be
considered, it shall be based on the terms, conditions and specifications contained herein and
shall be a complete response to this RFP. The County reserves the right to make an award in
whole, or in part, and to reject and all proposals, and to waive any informality in proposals unless
otherwise specified by the Bidder. The Bidder shall sign the bid correctly and bids may be
rejected if they show omissions, alterations of form, additions not called for, conditional bids or
any irregularities of any kind.
2. All labor costs, direct and indirect, shall have been determined and included in the proposal. The
cost and availability of all equipment, materials, and supplies associated with performing the
services described herein shall have been determined and included in the proposal. Please list
any sales tax separately on your proposal form. All price quotes shall include delivery to the
delivery point, installation, and set-up charges, as necessary. Goods shall be set in place ready
for owner’s use. All goods shall be new and of average quality. No remanufactured, refurbished
or used goods will be accepted. Appropriate product information (e.g. brochures, catalog cuts,
etc.) shall be included with the proposal.
3. After the RFP issue date, all communications between the Issuing Department and prospective
Bidders shall be in writing. No oral questions shall be accepted. Any inquiries, requests for
interpretation, technical questions, clarifications, or additional information shall be directed to
Terra Vuncannon via e-mail to All questions concerning this
RFP shall reference the RFP number, section, and page number. Questions and responses
affecting the scope of the goods will be provided to all prospective Bidders by issuance of an
Addendum. All written questions shall be e-mailed to
with RFP 2023-02IN THE SUBJECT HEADER OF E-MAIL, no later than 10:00 am
Monday, August 22, 2022. NO EXCEPTIONS.
4. The County will not be responsible for any oral instructions. Should a Bidder find discrepancies
in, or omissions from the documents, or should be in doubt as to their meaning, s/he should at
once notify the Issuing Department, and a written addendum shall be issued. Acknowledgement
of any Addendum received during the time of the bidding shall be noted on the Bid Form in the
spaces provided. In closing of a contract, any Addendum issued shall become a part thereof.
5. Proposals will be examined promptly after opening and award will be made at the earliest
possible date. The prices quoted must be held firm, and no bids may be withdrawn until 90 days
after bid opening date. The County reserves the right to conduct any test/inspection it may deem
advisable to ensure services/materials/supplies/equipment, as appropriate, conform to
6. Pursuant to North Carolina General Statutes Section 143-129, “award shall be made to the lowest
responsible Bidder or Bidders, taking into consideration quality, performance and the time
specified in the proposals for the performance of the contract.”
7. The materials/supplies/equipment furnished under any resulting contract shall be covered by the
manufacturer’s most favorable commercial warranty. Each Bidder shall plainly set forth the
warranty for the goods in the bid. Operations and maintenance manuals for equipment shall also
be provided, as appropriate.
8. All purchases for goods or services are subject to the availability of funds for this purpose.
9. The General Statures of the State of North Carolina, insofar as they apply to purchasing and
competitive bidding, are made a part hereof.
10. The County of Moore is committed to creating and maintaining and environment free from
harassment and other forms of misconduct that fundamentally compromise the working
environment of the County. All contractors performing work/services at a County facility shall
take all necessary steps to assure that none of its employees engage in harassment or intimidation
relating to personal beliefs or characteristics of anyone on the County’s premises, including but
not limited to, race, religion, age, color, sex, national origin, or disability. Such harassment is
unacceptable and will not be condoned in any form at the County of Moore. If such conduct
occurs, the contractor will take all necessary steps to stop it and prevent its future occurrence.
This policy shall be strictly enforced.
11. For all the work being performed under this Contract, the County of Moore has the right to
inspect, examine, and make copies of any and all books, accounts, records, and other writing
relating to the performance of the work. Audits shall take place at times and locations mutually
agreed upon by both parties, although the vendor/contractor must make the materials to be
audited available within one (1) week of the request for them.
12. The Bidder agrees that it will not identify the County of Moore as a client in any other proposal,
resume, or informational brochure without first requesting and obtaining, in writing, the
permission of the County of Moore Board of Commissioners.
13. All Bidders must complete and submit the Vendor Application Form with their bid package. This
information will be used to create or update the County’s bidder/vendor file.
14. The County of Moore reserves the right to reject any and/or all proposals. It further reserves the
right to waive informalities insofar as it is authorized so to do where it deems it advisable in
protection of the best interests of the County.
15. Proposals will be tabulated, reviewed and a recommendation presented to the County of Moore
Board of Commissioners and/or County Manager for their approval.
16. Any and all exceptions to the Specifications must be stated in writing, giving complete details of
what is to be furnished in lieu of requested Specifications.
17. The County of Moore reserves the right to cancel and terminate any resulting contract, in whole
or in part, without penalty, upon forty-five (45) days notices to the Vendor(s). Any contract
cancellation shall not relieve the Vendor(s) of the obligation to deliver any outstanding services
issued prior to the effective date of the cancellation.
18. Moore County will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by a vendor in the development
of a response to this Request for Proposal or any other activities associated with this procurement
including but not limited to onsite (or otherwise) interviews and/or presentations, and/or
supplemental information provided
19. As this purchase of services will be funded with federal grant funds, all applicable Federal
laws, policies, and standards must apply to all aspects of the grant.
20. The contract for this RFP will be awarded to the lowest price responsible responsive bidder. The
County reserves the right to reject any and/or all proposals. The County reserves the right to
reject and and/or all proposals.
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