Electrical Utility Rate Design and Cost Allocation Study

Agency: State Government of North Carolina
State: North Carolina
Level of Government: State & Local
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Posted Date: Nov 28, 2019
Due Date: Dec 13, 2019
Solicitation No: 663-2020-0022
Source: Members Only
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663-2020-0022 Electrical Utility Rate Design and Cost Allocation Study
Will Only Accept Written Submittals
11/27/2019 12/13/2019 2:00 PM ET 663

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DUE: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2019 @ 2:00 P.M.
Request for Proposals to Perform an Electric Utility Rate Design and Cost Allocation Study for
the Town of Wake Forest’s Electric Utilities (Wake Forest Power)
I. Purpose
The purpose of this document is to solicit proposals to perform a review of electric distribution
rates and fees. We invite qualified firms to respond to this request for proposals by submitting
a proposal to provide the required services consistent with the terms and conditions set forth.
II. Delivery Requirements
The delivery of submissions to the Town of Wake Forest prior to the specified date and time is
solely the responsibility of the responder. Proposals received after the due date and time will
not be considered. Proposals shall be sent in an envelope marked: RFP # 2020-0022 – Electric
Utility Rate Design and Cost Allocation Study. Proposals are due by 2:00 P.M. on Friday,
December 13, 2019.
Proposals shall be submitted to: Randy Driver, Purchasing Manger
Town of Wake Forest
234 Friendship Chapel Road
Wake Forest, NC 27587
III. Instructions
The following instructions establish the procedures to the preparation of proposals and the
acceptable minimum requirements for the format and content of the proposals.
1) Submitted proposals should contain 6 copies of all information requested in the RFP.
2) Each responder shall bear all expenses associated with the preparation of this proposal and
with the understanding that no claims for reimbursement shall be submitted to the Town.
3) Any firm that proposes to perform any work under this RFP will not discriminate against any
worker, employee, applicant, or member of the public because of age, religion, race, sex,
sexual orientation, color, national origin, nor otherwise commit an unfair employment
4) The firm selected will be the solely responsible to any parties to whom it will deal with in
carrying out the terms of this RFP and will hold the Town harmless against all claims of
whatever nature by the third parties.
5) The firm selected will be the primary provider of services to the Town. No third party shall
be responsible for the majority of the services pertaining to this RFP.
6) The proposal must be signed and the authority of the individual signing must be stated on
the proposal.
7) All requested paperwork from the firm selected must be received within 3 working days of
the request. Violation may result in the contract being terminated.
8) The proposer and the Town shall endeavor to restrict distribution of the information and
data provided with this RFP as it is confidential and proprietary in nature. Nevertheless,
proposers are cautioned that all information is subject to disclosure under the North
Carolina Public Records Act.
9) Each proposer shall thoroughly examine the RFP and judge for itself all matters relating to
the location and the character of the services it agrees to perform. If the proposer should be
of the opinion that the meaning of any part of the RFP is doubtful, obscure or contains
errors or omissions, they should report it to the Town promptly and before submitting a
10) Proposer shall state payment dates and terms in their proposal submission. The Town of
Wake Forest must agree to those dates and terms.
11) Either party may terminate the contract with a 10 day written notice. Proposer will only be
compensated for work that has been submitted and approved.
12) Proposers must provide any questions via email before 4:00 P.M. on Monday, December 9,
2019. Questions shall be emailed to Alan Antwan Morrison, Assistant Finance Director at
13) The Town reserves the right to include in any contract document such terms and conditions
as it deems necessary for the proper protection of the rights of the Town.
14) The Town of Wake forest reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to make the
award as deemed in the best interest of the Town. Cost will not be the primary determining
factor in selection.
IV. Insurance /Hold Harmless
The following establishes the types and minimum amounts of insurance that will be acceptable
by the Town of Wake Forest. The required insurance and amounts must be kept in force
throughout the duration of the contract between the proposer and the Town of Wake Forest. A
valid certificate of insurance will be required before a contract will be executed with chosen
1) Workers’ Compensation: Insurance covering all employees meeting Statutory limits in
compliance with the applicable state and federal laws. The coverage must include
employer’s liability with a minimum limit of $1,000,000 for each accident.
2) Commercial General Liability: Coverage shall have minimum limits of $1,000,000 per
occurrence, general aggregate, products/completed operations aggregate, personal and
advertising injury. This shall include premises and operations, independent contractors,
products and completed operations, broad form property damage, XCU coverage and
contractual liability. The coverage shall be written on an occurrence basis. This limit should
apply on a per project or per location aggregate basis. The Town of Wake Forest shall be
listed as an additional insured, under this coverage.
3) Business Auto Liability: Coverage shall have a minimum limit of $500,000 per occurrence,
combined single limit for bodily injury liability and property damage liability. This shall
include owned vehicles, hired vehicles and non-owned vehicles.
4) Umbrella/Excess Liability: At the option of the contractor, the limits of the primary general
liability, auto liability and employers’ liability may be less than stipulated herein, with an
excess policy providing the additional limits needed. This form of coverage must be
approved by the municipality and will only be acceptable when both the primary and excess
policies include the coverage andendorsements required herein.
5) Professional Liability: Coverage shall have a minimum limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence,
unless a higher limit is required by the Town. This coverage is only required for contracts
that include professional services.
6) The Town of Wake forest shall be listed as certificate holder on the certificate of insurance.
7) Hold Harmless
Vendor shall indemnify and hold harmless the Town of Wake Forest, its officers,
agents, employees and assigns from and against all claims, losses, costs, damages,
expenses, attorneys' fees and liability that any of them may sustain (a) arising out of
Vendor's failure to comply with any applicable law, ordinance, regulation, or industry
standard or (b) arising directly or indirectly out of Vendor's performance or lack of
performance of the terms and conditions of the Contract. In the event that any
Goods or Services sold and delivered or sold and performed under the Contract
Documents shall be defective in any respect whatsoever, Vendor shall indemnify and
save harmless the Town of Wake Forest, its officers, agents, employees and assigns from all
loss or the payment of all sums of money by reason of all accidents, injuries or damages to
persons or property that shall happen or occur in connection with the use or sale of
such Goods or Services and are contributed to by said condition. In the event Vendor,
its employees, agents, subcontractors and or lower‐tier subcontractors enter
premises occupied by or under the control of the Town of Wake Forest in the performance
of the Contract Documents, Vendor agrees that it will indemnify and hold harmless the
Town of Wake Forest, its officers, agents, employees and assigns, from any loss, costs,
damage, expense or liability by reason of property damage or personal injury of whatsoever
nature or kind arising out of, as a result of, or in connection with such entry.
V. Proposal Format
The following establishes the format applicable to the preparation of proposals and the
acceptable minimum requirements for the format of proposals.
1) Indicate the name, address, telephone number, of the principal member/office of the firm
responsible for administration of the contract and project manager.
2) List the names of the personnel who will be assigned to perform these services. For each
person listed, provide a one-page description of utility rate-making experience. Indicate the
time that the individual will work, perform and dedicate to the project.
3) Specify the location(s) of office(s) where the work will be performed, and a percent of work
to be performed at each.
4) Consultant shall propose a schedule for commencement and completion of the study
along with milestones for the study.
5) A comprehensive narrative of the respondent’s proposal should be included. The narrative
should include a restatement of scope of work and description of the Consultant's approach
to the work tasks
6) No sub-contracting party(s) and/or other guarantors will be permitted.
7) Respondents should include a sample contract(s) as the basis for negotiating an agreement
to provide services.
8) Initial request for a list of data and information that the Town will need to provide for use in
the study.
9) The Proposal should include a list of deliverables for the study and a fixed-price for the entire
study, meetings and presentations. Deliverables should include a single electronic PDF file of
the entire study. The price portion of the proposal should consist of a firm-fixed bid price
which includes all travel and expense costs of completing the rate study. The cost for the
rate study should not deviate from the proposal price without approval of the Town of Wake
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