Water: RFP - Storage Warehouse Structure

Agency: City of Manchester
State: New Hampshire
Level of Government: State & Local
  • 54 - Prefabricated Structures and Scaffolding
Opps ID: NBD12328187196572783
Posted Date: Sep 11, 2020
Due Date: Nov 2, 2020
Solicitation No: FY21-804-08
Source: Members Only
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Water: RFP - Storage Warehouse Structure

Questions: Phil Croasdale at pcroasdale@manchesternh.gov

Structure Proposals due: Nov. 2 by 2:00 PM

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Manchester Water Works
281 Lincoln St.
Manchester, NH 03103
Request for Proposal
Proposal # FY21-804-08
Sealed Proposals will be received at the Manchester Water Work office, 281 Lincoln St.,
Manchester, New Hampshire, before or at 2pm prevailing time of the 2nd day of November,
2020 for the following items:
Storage Warehouse Structure
Questions regarding this Request for Proposal should be expressed in writing and directed to Phil
Croasdale at pcroasdale@manchesternh.gov.
The Board of Water Commissioners reserves the right to waive any irregularities, reject any or
all Proposals, and to accept the Proposal that appears to be in the best interest of Manchester
Water Works. Failure to submit all information called for may be sufficient grounds for
Philip W. Croasdale
Director, Manchester Water Works
Storage Warehouse Structure Request for Proposal
1. Proposals will be received by the Manchester Water Works at the place and until the time
specified in the Request for Proposal and then publicly read aloud for the information of
Proposers and other properly interested parties who may be present either in person or by
2. The following meanings are attached to the defined words when used in this document:
a. The word “Proposer” means the person, firm, or corporation submitting a
Proposal on these specifications or any part thereof.
b. The word “Contractor” means the person, firm, or corporation with whom the
Contract is being made by carrying out the provisions of this Sealed Proposal
Request and the Contract.
c. The words “firm price” shall mean a guarantee against price increase during the
life of the Contract.
3. Strict compliance with the requirements of the Request for Proposal, terms and
conditions, and the specifications is necessary. All destinations and prices shall be fully
and clearly set forth. All blank spaces must be filled in. For the convenience of Proposers,
additional Request for Proposal are available at no cost and on demand at the City of
Manchester Purchasing website:
4. Each Proposal must give the full business address of Proposer and be signed by him with
his usual signature. Proposals by partnerships must furnish the full names of all partners
and must be signed with the partnership name by one of the members of the partnership
or by an authorized representative, followed by the signature and title of the person
signing. Proposals by corporations much be signed with the legal name of the
corporations, followed by the state of incorporation and by the signature and title of
president, secretary, or other person authorized to bind it in the matter. The name of each
person signing shall also be typed or printed below the signature. A Proposal by a person
who affixes to his signature the word “president”, “secretary”, or “agent”, or other title
without disclosing is principal may be held to be the Proposal of the individual signing.
When requested by the Manchester Water Works, satisfactory evidence of authority of
the officer signing on behalf of the corporations shall be furnished.
5. Proposals must be securely sealed in a suitable envelope, addressed and clearly marked
on the outside as follows:
Storage Warehouse Structure
November 2, 2020 2:00pm
Storage Warehouse Structure Request for Proposal
6. No oral interpretations will be made to any Proposer as to the meaning of the
specifications or terms and conditions of the sealed Request for Proposal. Every request
for such interpretation or request for change in the specifications or terms and conditions
shall be made in writing to:
And shall be done so five (5) or more working days before the date fixed for the opening
of Proposals. Every interpretation made to a Proposer will be in the form of an addendum
to the Request for Proposal which, if issued, will be posted promptly as practical on the
City of Manchester Purchasing website;
It is the Proposers responsibility to check the website for addendums prior to submission
to ensure a complete Proposal package. MWW will not be held responsible for missing
information on the Proposers part. All such addenda shall become part of the Request for
7. Proposals that are incomplete, not properly endorsed or signed, or otherwise contrary to
these instructions may be rejected as informal by the Board of Water Commissioners.
The Proposal must be filled out completely and accurately. Please explain in detail any
exceptions or deviations taken on this bid. Separate pages may be used if required.
8. Conditional Proposals will not be accepted.
9. As Manchester Water Works is exempt from the payment of Federal excise taxes, all
prices quoted herein are not to include these taxes.
10. All prices and delivery times quoted must be firm, FOB destination, City of Manchester,
New Hampshire, unless otherwise indicated by Manchester Water Works.
11. Proposals shall include all charges for mobilization, delivery, packing, crating, containers
etc. Unless otherwise stated by the Proposer, prices quoted will be considered as being
based on delivery to the destination designated, including any and all freight and packing
12. Unless otherwise stated by the Proposer, the Proposal will be considered as being in strict
accordance with the specifications outlined in this Request for Proposal. References to a
particular trade name, manufacturer’s catalogue, or model number, are made for
descriptive purposes to guide the Proposer in interpreting the requirements of Manchester
Water Works. They should not be construed as excluding Proposals on other types of
materials, equipment and supplies. However, the Proposer, if awarded a Contract, will be
required to furnish he particular item referred to in the specification or descriptions unless
a departure or substitution is clearly noted and described in the Proposal.
Storage Warehouse Structure Request for Proposal
13. Should the successful Proposer fail to make delivery or complete the contract within the
agreed upon timeframe Manchester Water Works reserves the right to assess liquidated
damages in the amount of $200 per day.
14. Manchester Water Works reserves the right to postpone the delivery date to allow for any
change in operating conditions or for any other cause not now foreseen. In the event
Manchester Water Works elects to exercise this right, all prices quoted pursuant to this
Request for Proposal will remain firm, and Manchester Water Work shall incur no
additional obligation to the Contractor on account of any delay of delivery date ordered.
15. The Proposer must certify that no official or employee of Manchester Water Works or
State of New Hampshire has a pecuniary interest in the Request for Proposal or Contract
that the Proposer offers to execute or in the expected profits to arise therefrom, and that
this bid is made in good faith without fraud or collusion or connection with any other
person submitting a Proposal.
16. Proposals may be withdrawn upon written or electronic request received from Proposer
prior to the time affixed for opening. Negligence on the part of the Proposer in preparing
the Proposal convers no right for the withdrawal of the Proposal after it has been opened.
17. The Board of Water Commissioners reserves the right to waive any informality in
Proposals, to reject any and all Proposals wholly or in part, and to make awards in a
manner deemed in the best interest of Manchester Water Works.
18. Awards will be made to the “lowest responsible Proposer” quoting the lowest net price in
accordance with the specifications. In determining the “lowest responsible Proposer”, the
following shall be considered:
a. The ability, capacity, and skill of the Proposer to perform the Contract or provide
the services required.
b. Whether the Proposer can perform the Contract or provide the service promptly or
within the time specified, without delay or interference.
c. The character, integrity, reputation, judgement, experience and efficiency of the
d. The quality of performance of previous contracts or services.
e. The previous and existing compliance by the Proposer with laws and ordinances
relating to the Contract or service.
f. The sufficiency of the financial resources and ability of the Proposer to perform
the Contract or provide the service.
g. The quality, availability, and adaptability of supplies or contractual services to the
particular use required.
h. The ability of the Proposer to provide future maintenance and services for the use
of the subject of the Contract.
i. The number of scope of conditions attached to this Proposal.
Storage Warehouse Structure Request for Proposal
19. Manchester Water Works reserves the right to make awards on this Proposal by item or
to accept all or part of the Proposal or prices quoted. In addition, Manchester Water
Works reserves the right to award materials on the basis of the lowest total cost of the
Proposal item to Manchester Water Works, including the cost of transportation to and
from the source. In cases where two or more Proposers have the same net bid,
Manchester Water Works may give preference to firms located close to the City of
Manchester, NH as long as all other criteria set in time 18 above are equal.
20. The Contract Agreement will be in the form customarily employed by Manchester Water
Works and will incorporate the Request for Proposal and terms and conditions of this
Request for Proposal. A copy of the Contract Agreement is attached hereto.
21. The Proposer, if awarded an order or Contract, agrees to protect, defend and hold the City
of Manchester, Manchester Water Works, MWW’s officers, director, partners, employees
and agents harmless against any demand for the use of any patented material, process,
article or device that may enter into the manufacture, construction or form a part of the
work covered by either order or Contract.
22. The Proposer, if awarded an order or Contract, agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold
harmless the City of Manchester, Manchester Water Works, MWW’s officers, directors,
partners, employees and agents from all damages to life and property arising out of the
performance of this Contract due to the Bidder’s negligence, that of his employees,
subcontractors, etc., or due to the negligence of Manchester Water Works, it’s
employees, representatives, agents, etc.
23. The Proposer to whom a Contract is awarded guarantees to Manchester Water Works that
all items furnished under this contract shall be free of defects in design, materials and
workmanship and for a period of one year after final inspection and acceptance, a 10-year
panel warranty and 20-year warranty against rust for metal structures or 20-year warranty
on the tensioned fabric building structure. The Proposer/Contractor shall repair or
replace, at the sole option of, and no additional cost to Manchester Water Works for any
work found to be defective within said warranty period. Such repair or replacement shall
include the cost of removal and reinstallation.
24. Payments: Payments shall be made within 15 – 45 days of delivery and acceptance of
contracted item(s) or upon receipt of a verified claim for payment, whichever is later.
Payment will only be made for work that has been completed.
25. The Proposer, if awarded an order or Contract, agrees to provide the City proof of
Federal Identification Number (IRS Code Section 6732). Acceptable forms of
documentation are; a copy of a Federal tax depository ticket, copy of IRS label showing
name and Federal ID Number, IRS letter of taxpayer Identification Number assigned,
other correspondence from the IRS with both individual/business name and Federal
Storage Warehouse Structure Request for Proposal
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