RFQ Lake Warren Watershed Management Plan, Phase 1: Stormwater Best Management Practices

Agency: State Government of New Hampshire
State: New Hampshire
Level of Government: State & Local
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Posted Date: Jan 12, 2021
Due Date: Feb 12, 2021
Solicitation No: RFQ DES 2021-06
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RFQ Lake Warren Watershed Management Plan, Phase 1: Stormwater Best Management Practices RFQ DES 2021-06 2/12/2021 05:00PM Open Marcoux, Jeffrey ENGINEERING SERVICES, PROFESSIONAL

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Lake Warren Watershed Management Plan
Implementation Phase I: Pine Cliff Road, Arbor Way and
Property Owner Stormwater Best Management Practices
Alstead, NH
Lisa Murphy, Senior Planner
Southwest Region Planning Commission
37 Ashuelot Street
Keene, NH 03431
The Lake Warren Watershed Management Plan (WMP) was completed in 2017. The WMP identified and
prioritized 62 actions to improve the water quality of Lake Warren, which is impaired largely due to
nonpoint source pollution. This next phase of the project is to begin implementing Best Management
Practices (BMPs) in areas identified in the Plan. Specific actions include:
1. Provide a conceptual design for stormwater management improvements to Arbor Way, a heavily eroded
private drive along Pine Cliff Road. Provide technical assistance to homeowners for implementation of
BMP(s) selected.
2. Provide a conceptual design for improvements to Pine Cliff Road including options for road surface
material and reducing the road width to create a larger buffer and walkway between the edge of the road
and the shoreline. This will include a design package and cost estimate to be presented to the Alstead Board
of Selectmen with the intention of submitting an application for additional funding to implement the design.
3. Provide technical assistance and install 3 to 6 BMPS at residential shoreland properties or town
properties/right of ways.
4. A strong outreach component to help homeowners and lake users identify potential problems and make
appropriate changes.
SWRPC has prepared this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) in cooperation with the New Hampshire
Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) to solicit submittals from engineers to provide the
deliverables requested in the subject Scope of Work.
Selection Procedure:
1. Applicants are required to submit one (1) electronic copy in a pdf format of their qualifications
package. Documents should be emailed to Lisa Murphy at lmurphy@swrpc.org. The submittal
shall include:
a. Technical proposal, not to exceed ten (10) typed, single-spaced pages. This is a maximum,
however, concise proposals are encouraged. This must not contain any fee schedule or
cost proposal.
b. Statement of qualifications and directly relevant work experience, not to exceed seven (7)
pages. This is a maximum, however, concise submittals are encouraged. The applicant
shall clearly identify a primary contact for their proposal and clearly provide that person’s
phone number and email address.
c. List of references who may be contacted about the applicant’s qualifications and work
experience, not to exceed one (1) page.
d. Curriculum vitae or resumes for project team members, not to exceed two (2) pages per
team member.
e. A proposed project schedule.
2. The review team will evaluate the qualification packages based on the following criteria:
a. Experience with stormwater BMP design and installation, including experience with
roadways and small-scale homeowner projects.
b. Experience with development of Quality Assurance Project Plans and Site-Specific Project
Plans as required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and NHDES.
c. Familiarity and/or experience with Lake Warren Watershed or lakes/watersheds with
similar characteristics.
d. Demonstrated success at modeling and documenting pollutant load reductions.
e. Knowledge of the local, state and federal permits and authorizations required for
stormwater BMP implementation projects in New Hampshire.
f. Demonstration of successful cooperation with local, State and Federal agencies, project
stakeholders, and the public on a watershed scale.
3. The review team will rank the applicant’s qualifications for this project according to a
predetermined ranking system that is based upon the specific criteria identified in item 2 above.
The review team reserves the right to request interviews with any or all applicants to further inform
the selection process if necessary. After the ranking is complete, the highest-ranked applicant will
be invited to develop a detailed scope of services and to negotiate conditions of the contract with
SWRPC, including a fair and equitable fee. If negotiations are unsuccessful, SWRPC will contact
the second ranked applicant and proceed with contract negotiations with that entity, and so on until
a formal contract is agreed to, or the list of qualified applicants is exhausted (subject to conditions
listed below).
Acceptance or Rejection of Responses:
The contract may be awarded to the applicant that most closely satisfies the needs of SWRPC and is deemed
to be the most advantageous to the project. SWRPC reserves the right to accept or reject any item or group
of items in a response.
SWRPC also reserves the right to waive any informality or irregularity in any response. SWRPC also
reserves the right to reject any and all responses, or portions thereof, received in response to the RFQ, to
negotiate separately with any source whatsoever, in any manner necessary, to serve the best interest of
SWRPC. SWRPC also reserves the right to eliminate the need for the selected applicant to complete one
or more tasks, pending the outcome of preceding related tasks or issues, and/or the availability of project
partners to complete that task.
Additionally, SWRPC may, for any reason, decide not to award a contract as a result of this RFQ. Non-
acceptance of any response shall not imply that the proposal was deficient.
SWRPC will not reimburse any applicant for any costs associated with the preparation and submission of
a response to this RFQ or expense incurred in making a presentation, participation in an interview, or
negotiating a contract with SWRPC.
SWRPC reserves the right to reject any or all submittals while adhering to applicable laws. To participate
in the project and receive payment, the selected applicant will be required to enter into a contract which
stipulates that the contractor is eligible to receive Federal funding, and certifies compliance with State and
Federal rules related to grant funded projects.
Questions and Due Dates:
Neither SWRPC or NHDES will respond to telephone questions about this RFQ. Any questions about this
RFQ raised by an individual/firm will be answered in a summary digest. The summary digest will be
provided to those who contact SWRPC and request to be put on an e-mail list to receive the digest. The
cut-off date for questions and requests to be put on the e-mail list to receive the summary digest is January
22, 2021. Please e-mail Lisa Murphy of SWRPC at lmurphy@swrpc.org to ask a question or to be put on
the e-mail list to receive the summary digest. The summary digest will be provided via e-mail on January
27, 2021 to all applicants on the response list.
Each applicant shall submit their RFQ response in pdf format to Lisa Murphy, Senior Planner at
lmurphy@swrpc.org by 5:00 p.m. EST on February 5, 2021. Proposals received after this deadline
shall not be considered.
Time line:
January 11, 2021
January 22, 2021
January 27, 2021
February 12, 2021
March 2021
Request for Qualifications release
Deadline for submittal of questions on this RFQ (5:00 p.m.)
Questions and answers summary digest distributed to applicants
Deadline for receipt of qualification packages to this RFQ (5:00 p.m.)
Anticipated final selection of engineering firm and notification to all firms.
SWRPC reserves the right to conduct interviews with selected applicants. The
decision to conduct interviews and other factors may affect the specified time
Objective 1: SWRPC project management. This is a task for SWRPC only.
Objective 2: Develop a Site-Specific Project Plan (SSPP) under the NHDES Nonpoint Source Management
Program Quality Assurance Program Plan RFA# 20097. The SSPP will cover pollutant load reduction
modeling for the designed BMPs.
Complete draft SSPP and submit to SWRPC for review.
Complete final SSPP incorporating responses to any NHDES comments and submit the final
version to SWRPC.
Objective 3: Conduct technical site visits and develop BMP designs for Arbor Way and selected
homeowner project sites.
Conduct technical site visits to proposed project sites in the Lake Warren watershed, including
Arbor Way (private road). Discuss observed stormwater issues with landowners and Alstead Road
Agent; collect field data on the size and source of the stormwater issue.
Complete a technical report for each project site including conceptual BMP design
recommendations, along with specific materials and costs required for homeowners or other entities
to implement the BMPs.
Submit to SWRPC, NHDES, and landowners for review and comment.
Incorporate review comments on the conceptual designs to prepare the final BMP designs;
distribute the finalized designs to the landowners and SWRPC for approval.
Objective 4: Obtain all necessary permits, cost-share agreements, and Operation and Maintenance (O&M)
plans to implement the final BMP designs.
Draft and submit permit applications to appropriate agencies. Assist landowners with filling out
and submitting all necessary town and state permits for each project site prior to implementation.
Respond to any changes required in the permitting process to update the conceptual designs and
create full construction ready designs.
Develop cost-share agreements with landowners for each project site to approve estimated project
implementation costs and identify the landowner's level of involvement in the implementation
process (cash or in-kind contribution).
Draft O&M plans in coordination with landowners and NHDES. Submit a final version of O&M
plans to landowners for signature; provide final O&M to SWRPC and NHDES.
Objective 5: Implement final BMP designs at project sites.
Complete site walks with landowners and volunteers to review the final BMP designs at project
SWRPC will oversee the coordination of landowners and volunteers to implement the BMP designs
at each project site. The consultant will be available via phone for any follow-up questions prior
to, and during implementation. Landowners will be responsible for obtaining materials and
implementing the BMP designs, unless assistance is requested. The landowner will keep all
receipts and submit to the consultant for reimbursement. Obtain and review match documentation
related to this work. Complete photo documentation of each BMP implementation site for use in
outreach materials and reports, and obtain any pre-construction measurements necessary from the
sites to complete load reduction estimates (following SSPP).
Prepare Non-Point Source (NPS) site reports and Pollutants Controlled Reports (PCRs). Prepare
NPS Site Reports detailing the process and outcome of the BMP construction and PCRs for each
site. Include load reduction calculations for the PCRs following the approved SSPP.
Objective 6: Develop a conceptual design for improvements to Pine Cliff Road, which will also include a
larger buffer and walkway between the edge of the road and the shoreline.
Design a plan for improvements to the unpaved portion of Pine Cliff Road including a full
construction bid package that can be used for implementation of the design in a future project. It
is anticipated that improvements will include an alternative(s) to the current road surface to reduce
the amount of dust particles from being carried into the lake. An option for a greater buffer between
the road and lake, and a walkway should be included.
Attend a meeting of the Alstead Board of Selectmen to discuss the findings and conceptual design
of the unpaved portion of Pine Cliff Road.
Examination of Proposed Materials:
The submission of a response shall be deemed a representation and warranty by the consultant that it has
investigated all aspects of the RFQ, that it is aware of the applicable facts pertaining to the RFQ process
and its procedures and requirements, and that it has read and understands the RFQ.
No requests for modification in the provisions of the response shall be considered after its submission on
the grounds that the applicant was not fully informed as to any fact or condition.
SWRPC’s Use of Material:
All material submitted shall become the property of SWRPC, unless it is clearly marked as proprietary
information. SWRPC reserves the right to use any ideas presented in the submission, without compensation
paid to the applicant.
Insurance Requirements:
The selected applicant shall procure and maintain, for the duration of the contract, insurance against claims
which may arise from or in connection with the performance of the work by the applicant, its agents,
representatives, or employees. Proof and coverage amounts of such insurance, in the form of a Certificate
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