Lease of Industrial Building

Agency: San Juan County
State: New Mexico
Level of Government: State & Local
  • 56 - Construction and Building Materials
  • X - Lease or Rental of Facilities
  • Y - Construction of Structures and Facilities
Opps ID: NBD12488226247291482
Posted Date: Jan 7, 2019
Due Date: Jan 21, 2019
Solicitation No: Application 18-19-05
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County Executive Office
Deadline to Submit Applications: November 15, 2018
Time: 5:00 PM (Local Time)
On-Site (San Juan County Industrial Park), Hwy. 170, La Plata, NM 9am
Inspection of Site, Building, and Plans will be available
NIGP Code: 971.35 Leas of Land
Jaime Jones
Contract Analyst
Phone: 505-334-4548
Fax: 505-334-4561
Purchasing Department
213 S. Oliver Drive
Aztec, NM 87410
San Juan County is soliciting applications for lease of a 45 acre tract of land and industrial
building to support an industrial based company. The 41,937 sq. ft. building is located on land
owned by San Juan County approximately 16 miles north of Farmington on Hwy. 170. The facility
was constructed in 1985 and served as the headquarters for BHP Billiton’s La Plata mine
headquarters until 2006. PESCO, Inc. out of Farmington, NM has occupied the building since
2008. Their lease is expiring at the end of December 2018. The facility consists of a shop and
truck bay with an overhead gantry crane (19,283 sq. ft.), warehouse space (8,233 sq. ft.), lower
level locker rooms and support areas (5,778 sq. ft.) and office space (8,623 sq. ft.). See attached
Exhibit B for Building Plan.
San Juan County’s currently leases an adjacent 8.66 acre tract of land just the west of the
45 acre tract available for lease to PESCO, Inc. In addition, a 7.25 acre tract of land immediately
to the north of the property is leased to Kinder Morgan. The successful applicant must be willing
to work with adjacent lessees. See attached Exhibit A for site map.
The following conditions are applicable to all offers:
A. San Juan County is providing the building, the proposed necessary surrounding
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land, and access to the property via the current access road in its present condition
for lease.
B. Negotiations may be conducted, at the County’s discretion, with the Offeror or Offerors
whose applications are resonantly liked to be selected for award.
C. Offerors submitting applications may be asked to discuss the application with County
personnel after the deadline for submission of applications.
D. The County reserves the right at any time before award of a written contract to reject
any or all applications, waive technicalities, re-advertise or to otherwise proceed in the
best interest of the County.
E. Offerors shall obtain all appropriate governmental and environmental licenses to
operate the facility.
G. The successful Offeror shall execute a written lease agreement. The lease agreement
shall contain language indemnifying and holding the County harmless from any and all
claims of any nature arising from the Offeror’s activities on the premises, including
claims of creditors. The lease agreement shall require the successful Offeror to obtain
and maintain in force comprehensive general liability insurance coverage with a policy
limit of at least.
F. The successful Offeror will be required to indemnify the County for any claims made
against the County by the Offeror’s creditors.
H. The successful Offeror may be required to obtain a fidelity bond to insure the successful
performance of lease agreement.
Each Application shall identify the organization submitting the applications, and shall further
identify its organizational structure (e.g. sole proprietorship, corporation, etc.) whether the
organization is authorized to do business in the State of New Mexico, where the organization is
based, and where its principal place of business is located and incorporated.
Describe the project. Each Applicant should provide a description of the anticipated project. This
may be done in as much detail as the Applicant chooses to utilize.
based, and where its principal place of business is located and incorporated.
To be considered for award of a contract pursuant to this Application, each applicant shall
address the following below. In addition, the application shall contain the materials required
herein, and also comply with the format described. Failure to provided required documentations
and information as requested may result in rejection.
A. Business Plan
Applicant’s proposed business plan and site plan to include but not limited to the
-Necessary acreage requirements
-Location of all existing and planned buildings and facilities
-Ingress and egress needs
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-Anticipated on-site circulation patters (auto, truck, and other, as appropriate)
-Detailed list of proposed applicant provided infrastructure and capital equipment
improvements including the estimated cost and value of those improvements.
-Detailed list, if any, of proposed County provided infrastructure improvements the
applicant is requesting including the estimated cost and value of those
-Degree to which products manufactured or services provided are exported out of
the county
-Degree to which required goods and services will be purchased by the
prospective business from other San Juan County businesses.
-Degree to which a critical or very beneficial service or other business complement
will be provided to the geographic area
B. Experience and Qualifications of Offeror
Describe the experience and qualifications in engaging in the activities offered under this
C. Financial Resources of Offeror
Identify the financial resources available to carry out the proposed plan and development of a
sustainable operation. Financial statements for the most recent 3 years should be provided and
audited Financial Statements are preferred.
D. Feasibility
The feasibility and probability of success of the applicant’s proposed business. This will weigh the
statements concerning the proposed business plan and use of existing building into a
commercially viable use. Describe the proposed lease term and options and the length of time
required from execution of a lease until commencement of operations.
E. Compatibility
Applicant’s ability to work with adjacent tenant and future tenants in terms of site requirements,
operation of facility, control of traffic flow into the proposed facility and other potential uses of
land surrounding the site.
F. Job Creation
The number of new economic-base jobs which will be created by the Applicant. Please
breakdown the number new of full and part time employees to be hired, projected hiring
schedule, projected wage rates and benefits, and the number of employees who will/will not be
hired from within the County.
G. Income to the County
The amount of the annual income to the County which may or may not include base rent, profit-
sharing, royalties, and any additional property and/or gross receipts tax revenue.
H. Benefit to the County At-Large
The degree to which the business will benefit or promote the general welfare of the citizens of
San Juan County.
Each Application shall identify, by title and/or position, the person authorized by the organization
to enter into a Contract with the County. That person shall sign the Application. If written
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authority exists (such as corporate minutes), a copy of that document shall be attached. The
Applications shall bind the organization to complete the work described in the Application.
Each Application shall identify the names, titles and telephone numbers of persons whom the
County may contact for clarification or for further information.
Each Application shall provide a written response to each specification and requirement. If an
applicant is unable to provide an item, which is required by the specifications, it shall take written
exception to the specification.
A. Executive Summary. Each Applicant shall provide an Executive Summary of the
B. Campaign Contribution Disclosure. Each Applicant shall provide along with its
application an executed Campaign Contribution Disclosure Form. (Attached).
Responsive applications will be reviewed in the following manner. Any application that is
incomplete or deficient may be rejected before review.
A. Review. Each responsive application shall be evaluated by the Board of San Juan
County Commissioners.
B. Evaluation. Each application shall be evaluated as to its adherence with the
requirements and specifications set forth herein. Any application which is incomplete,
deficient or fails to follow the required format may be rejected before evaluation.
C. Evaluation Criteria. The Evaluation Committee shall evaluate each application
according to the following criteria.
1. Experience and Qualifications of Offeror
Offeror’s experience and qualifications in engaging in the activities which it proposes.
2. Financial Resources of Offeror
The financial resources available to the Offeror to carry out the proposed plan and
development of a sustainable operation.
3. Feasibility
The feasibility and probability of success of the application. This factor will weigh the
Offeror’s statements in its application concerning the proposed development and operation
of the existing well bore into a salt water disposal well, the proposed business plan,
proposed term and options, proposed site and access requirements, and contingencies.
4. Compatibility
Offeror’s ability to work with adjacent tenant and future tenants in terms
of site requirements, operation of facility, control of traffic flow into the
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proposed facility and other potential uses of land surrounding the site.
5. Job Creation
The number of new economic-base jobs which will be created by the Offeror.
6. Income to the County
The amount of the annual income to the County and any proposed additional income
To the County, such as profit sharing or the like.
D. Review Process. The Board of San Juan County Commissioners will be responsible
for the review of responsive applications submitted. The review process will follow the
steps outlined below:
1. Preliminary Review: All applications received will be reviewed for compliance and
satisfactory response to the specifications and requirements. Non-responsive
applications will be eliminated from further consideration.
2. The San Juan County Chief Executive Officer, or his designee shall prepare a
cost/benefit analysis and shall make a recommendation regarding each application.
3. Selection of Applicants: The Board of County Commissioners will review and select
Finalist Applicants for further consideration.
4. Oral Presentations to the Board of County Commissioners may be requested of
Finalist Applicant(s) in order to provide additional information regarding applicant
5. Final selection.
INVESTIGATIONS. The County may, at its option, contact a given Applicant for clarification of
its response or for additional information. The Applicant(s) SHALL NOT initiate discussions with
the County. The County may make such investigations as necessary to determine the ability of
the Applicant to meet the specifications and adhere to the terms and conditions set forth within
and in any accompanying documents.
RIGHT TO CANCEL. The County reserves the right to waive minor irregularities and reserves
the right to waive mandatory requirement(s). The County reserves the right to cancel this
Request for Applications at any time, and to reject any or all responses, or otherwise to proceed
in the best interest of the County. This Request for Applications in no manner obligates the
County or any of its agencies to the eventual selection of Applicant(s), whether explicitly
described or implied herein, until confirmed by a written contract.
Questions and/or suggestions concerning this Request for Applications shall be submitted in
writing to:
Mike Stark, County Operations Officer
100 S. Oliver, Dr., Aztec, NM 87410
Phone: 505-334-4582 Email:
Note: Information provided in this Request for Applications shall only be used for the
purpose of submitting an Application to the County and shall not be used, released or
disclosed for any other purpose or use.
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