Interstate Herbicide Services District 4

Agency: State Government of Pennsylvania
State: Pennsylvania
Level of Government: State & Local
  • F - Natural Resources and Conservation Services
  • S - Utilities and Training Services
Opps ID: NBD13138266183533160
Posted Date: Jan 11, 2021
Due Date: Jan 25, 2021
Solicitation No: 6100052223
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General Information
Department for this solicitation: Procurement
Date Prepared: 01/11/21 Types: IFB
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Service Materials Service & Materials PW Construction Agency Construction Real Estate
Solicitation/Project#: 6100052223 Solicitation/Project Title: Interstate Herbicide Services District 4
Description: PennDOT Engineering District 4-0 requires Interstate Herbicide Services for Lackawanna, Luzerne, Pike, Susquehanna, and Wayne Counties.
Department Information
Department/Agency: Transportation Delivery Location: 55 Keystone Industrial Park Dunmore Pa 18512
County: Multiple Duration: 1 yr w/ 4 renewals
Contact Information
First Name: William Last Name: Fives
Phone Number:
570-963-4016 Email:
Solicitation Information
Bids must be received by the purchasing agency on the Solicitation Due Date no later than the Solicitation Due Time as set forth in the solicitation. Any conflict between the dates and/or times contained in the solicitation itself or its attachments and this advertisement shall be resolved in favor of the solicitation.

Solicitation Start Date: 01/11/21
Solicitation Due Date: 01/25/21 Solicitation Due Time: 11:00 AM
Solicitation Opening Date: 01/25/21 Solicitation Opening Time: 12:00 PM
Opening Location: 55 Keystone Industrial Pak Dunmore Pa 18512
No. of Addendums: 0
Amended Date: 01/11/21

This procurement is set aside for bid and award to small businesses only.
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2021 Interstate Herbicide Contract Specs Revised.pdf

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Attachment Preview

A. General Information
B. Estimated Quantities
C. Pesticide Spray Program Information
D. Contractor Qualifications Requirements
E. Equipment Demonstration and Calibration
F. PreSeason Meeting
G. Contractor’s Representative
H. Personnel Requirements
I. Work Status/Jobsite Reporting
J. General Equipment Requirements
K. Project Requirements
L. Work Zone Traffic Control Requirements (WZTC)
M. Invoice and Billing Instructions
N. Liquidated Damages
O. Pesticide Spray Programs Maps
P. Spill Response Plan
Q. PennDOT’s Strategic Environmental Management Program (SEMP) Requirements
R. NPDES Permit and compliance information.
S. Equipment Specifications
A. Bare Ground
(a) General Information
(b) Material
(c) Payment
B. Broadleaf and Brush
(a) General Information
(b) Material
(c) Payment
A. Tree Growth Control/Side Trimming Spraying
(a) General Information
(b) Material
(c) Payment
Attachment 1 – Contractor Information Form
Attachment 2 – Certified Pesticide Applicator Licensing Form
Attachment 3 – List of Vehicles and Equipment
Attachment 4 – List of Spare Parts and Tools Required for Each Spray Truck
Attachment 5 – Accessing PennDOT iPad Applications for Business Partners
Attachment 6 – Instruction for Completing Confirmation of Service Form, OS501
Attachment 7 – Confirmation of Service Form, OS501
Attachment 8 – Green Plan Policy
Attachment 9 – Summary of Bid Items: Herbicide Spraying Program
Attachment 10 List of Interstates, LookaLikes, and Ramps
Attachment 11 – NPDES Permit
Attachment 12 – PennDOT Herbicide List
The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, hereinafter referred to as PennDOT requires roadside
pesticide spraying services within the guidelines describe in Chapter 13.4 of PennDOT’s Maintenance Manual
(Publication 23) and this Statement of Work. PennDOT Publication 23 is available on PennDOT’s website at the “Forms, Publications & Maps” page. Work is to be performed within
PennDOT Engineering District 40, including Lackawanna, Luzerne, Pike, Susquehanna, and Wayne Counties for
a period of one (1) year, with the possibility of four (4) renewals. Unit price will escalate 3% per each yearly
renewal. The services provided shall be consistent with standard operating procedures and applicable Federal,
State and Local laws, rules and regulations for the protection of public health and the environment. This
includes following OSHA safety requirements and other agencies involved in the application and regulation of
All pesticide applications shall be performed in accordance with PennDOT Publication 23Maintenance
Manual, Chapter 13, Section 13.4 (except in cases where it conflicts with direction contained within this
contract in which cases the contract prevails). The District’s project manager for this contract will be the
District Roadside Specialist II (DRSII)
To avoid delay in the daily schedule of pesticide treatments, the Contractor shall not perform preliminary litter
removal at any site unless a particular debris object may cause a safety hazard or damage to the pesticide
equipment and /or crew. Safety hazards including large dead animals, vehicle parts, and any other large
obstruction should be moved (not disposed of) as directed by the DRSII and will be considered a nonbillable
incidental expense.
The Contractor shall follow the recommendations of the most current Penn State University College of
Agriculture Annual Report for Herbicide Use. The DRSII will provide the study upon request of the Contractor.
The study can be accessed at the following link: (
The herbicides must be applied in a manner consistent with the use directions on the label and in compliance
with the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act as amended (FIFRA) and the Pennsylvania
Pesticide Act of 1973 as amended.
The Contractor shall not apply pesticides in the following circumstances
1. Directly to a water source
2. When wind speed exceeds 10 mph.
3. Near homes, gardens, flower beds, lawns, or beyond the rightofway
4. One hour before, during, or on hour after a rain event. When rain does occur within one hour of
treatment, retreat the area, unless pesticide label directions indicate otherwise.
The Contractor shall exercise extreme care when applying pesticides adjacent to agricultural crops and other
sensitive vegetation.
A material usage report for all chemicals used during the preceding calendar year shall be provided to the
DRSII on or before December 1st. This report must contain the Product name, Manufacturer, EPA Regulatory
Number, Maximum Annual Dose/ Acre, Units (example in: lbs, qts, oz), Target (example: weeds), and Total
Amount (example: lbs, oz, pints, gallons)
All quantities are estimated and PennDOT reserves the right to increase or decrease these quantities based upon
need. See Attachment 9, Summary of Bid Items: Herbicide Spraying Program and Attachment 10, List of
Interstates, LookaLikes, and Ramps.
Unless indicated otherwise within this Statement of Work, the Contractor shall furnish all equipment, personnel,
and materials for roadside pesticide spraying service work. Maintain the equipment in good condition for the
duration of the Contract.
The contractor should be capable of supplying a minimum forty hours of production work per crew each week;
however, the estimated hours in the Purchase Order govern for hourly pay items. The Contractor shall be
permitted to work extended workdays as long as it is in the best interest of PennDOT and permission is granted
in writing by the DRSII or designee. In the event of programming needs, weather conditions or major equipment
failure that affects the application timing of the herbicide programs, the Contractor, at PennDOT’ s discretion,
shall be required to work in excess of the normal fortyhour work week. This shall require an extended workday
and up to a sixday work week. This additional work shall be paid at the normal contract unit prices. Premium
rates will not be paid by PennDOT.
When directed by the DRSII, spraying shall be done on interstates, limited access highways, and ramps on
weekends or other low volume traffic periods. All roadside herbicide spraying service work shall be scheduled,
weather permitting, on any weekday Monday through Friday. No bare ground application can be made to
Limited Access Highways on Fridays or holidays. It is anticipated that some bare ground program spraying may
be done on interstates, limited access highways, and ramps on weekends, during hours of darkness, or other
low volume traffic periods. Trucks spraying during hours of darkness shall also be equipped with sufficient
lighting to fully illuminate the spray target area.
Along the highways scheduled for pesticide spraying, crews will be confronted with sections of roadside that
pass through well maintained residential and commercial properties. Do not apply pesticides to shade trees or
ornamental trees or bushes and plants where the property owners are providing maintenance.
The Contractor shall provide proof of having been actively in the business of Commercial Pesticide Application
for the past two (2) years. The Contractor shall provide this proof with the electronic bid.
The Contractor shall also submit with their bid, the name of a contractor representative, the contractor
representative’s 24 houraday cell phone number, and provide a copy of their Commercial Pesticide
Application Business License issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Contractor must complete
and return the attached Contractor Information Form and the Certified Pesticide Applicator Licensing Form
(See Attachments 1 and 2) with the electronic bid.
The Commercial Pesticide Application Business License must include Category E (RightofWay Pest Control),
and Category F (Industrial, Institutional, Structural, and Health Related) and/or any other category necessary
to perform services in accordance with this Statement of Work.
The Contractor must provide at least one person who holds a valid Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator’s
license issue by The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture to conduct, monitor and supervise the daily
herbicide applications by the contractor.
The Contractor’s Certified Commercial Pesticide Applicator(s) shall have, at a minimum, the required training
in low volume basal, low volume foliar and granular applications and must have current certifications for
Category 10 (RightofWay) and at least one applicator with certification in Category 23 (Park/School Pest
Control) when applicable and/or any other category necessary to perform services in accordance with this
Statement of Work.
All Pesticide Application Technicians working on this contract are limited to the use of material methods and
equipment on which they have documented training. A copy of the PA Department of Agriculture Pesticide
Technician Registration card shall be required prior to start of work for any Registered Pesticide Technician
working on this contract. Pesticide Application Technicians must be under direct supervision of the Certified
Commercial Pesticide Applicator.
Subcontracting of this work will not be permitted.
Equipment Demonstration –
Bidders are required to prepare Attachment 3, List of Vehicles and Equipment and submit this document with
the electronic bid.
After the bid opening and prior to award, the apparent low bidder shall demonstrate to the DRSII that the
equipment proposed for use in meeting the requirements of the contract is of sufficient capacity and quantity,
and that all such equipment is in good working order. Additionally, the apparent low bidder must
demonstrate that the personnel employed for the purpose of providing the services required by the contract
are sufficiently trained to operate the Contractor’s proposed equipment fleet. The demonstration will also
include equipment and personnel needed for compliance with traffic safety requirements as defined in the
current version of PennDOT Publication (Pub) 213. Within 10 calendar days of the bid opening, the DRSII will
notify the apparent low bidder regarding the time and location of the demonstration. PennDOT will provide
the contractor written communication regarding the outcome of the equipment demonstration.
If the apparent low bidder fails to demonstrate the acceptability of its equipment and/or personnel, the
apparent low bidder will be deemed nonresponsive and not responsible and its bid will be rejected. The
contract will then be awarded to the next lowest responsive and responsible bidder that successfully
demonstrates the acceptability of its equipment and personnel. At the discretion of the DRSII, the apparent
low bidder may be provided with up to five (5) additional calendar days after an initial, unsuccessful
demonstration of equipment and personnel acceptability to prepare for and satisfactorily complete a second
If changes to equipment and/or personnel are made after the award, the Contractor must successfully
demonstrate the acceptability of the equipment and/or personnel as specified above.
For subsequent years under contract, the Equipment Demonstration and Calibration will take place during the
first week of February (weather permitting).
At the time of demonstration, the Contractor must submit all vehicle insurance, registration and any other
required inspections of certifications for the equipment. See “General Equipment Requirements” below for
more information.
Contractor shall present required spare parts and tools for each Spray Truck. See Attachment 4, List of Spare
Parts and Tools Required for Each Spray Truck.
Equipment Calibration – After issuance of the Purchase Order, the Contractor will be required to perform an
equipment calibration test.
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