Train Stations Ground Maintenance

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Posted Date: Jul 10, 2018
Due Date: Jul 24, 2018
Solicitation No: 6100046191
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Department for this solicitation: Procurement
Date Prepared: 07/10/18 Types: IFB
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Solicitation/Project#: 6100046191 Solicitation/Project Title: Train Stations Ground Maintenance
Description: Procuring services for grounds maintenance at the Lancaster and Middletown Train Stations (two sites). Services include snow and ice removal, mowing, fertilizer, weed control/herbicide, and litter pick-up. Services will be for two (2) year with a renewal option (at the Department's discretion) for a three (3) year term. An allowance of $5,000 will be given for materials - reimbursable for materials purchased.
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Department/Agency: Transportation Delivery Location: Middletown Train Station And Lancaster Train Station
County: Multiple Duration: 60 months
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First Name: Emily Last Name: Adams
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717-787-8197 Email:
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Bids must be received by the purchasing agency on the Solicitation Due Date no later than the Solicitation Due Time as set forth in the solicitation. Any conflict between the dates and/or times contained in the solicitation itself or its attachments and this advertisement shall be resolved in favor of the solicitation.

Solicitation Start Date: 07/10/18
Solicitation Due Date: 07/24/18 Solicitation Due Time: 12:00 PM
Solicitation Opening Date: 07/25/18 Solicitation Opening Time: 11:30 AM
Opening Location:
No. of Addendums: 0
Amended Date: 07/10/18
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Test Title

PennDOT Multimodal Deputate

Statement of Work – Train Stations Grounds Maintenance


Purchase Order Overview

Scope of Work


Manner and Time to Conduct Services

Invoice and Billing Instructions

Measurement and Payment

Eligibility Requirements

Bidding Information



The purpose of this Statement of Work is to relay details regarding the performing of Grounds Maintenance Services for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

(hereinafter referred to as PennDOT) located at 400 North Street, 8th Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17105-3541. All work will be in accordance with specifications and attachments as herein specified.

The Contractor shall perform Grounds Maintenance in the form of Landscape Maintenance and Snow/Ice Removal from walkways as identified in this document at the locations detailed in Attachment A – Map of Service Areas. All quantities are estimated.

The Purchase Order awarded from this solicitation will have an additional line item for a materials allowance. This allowance will be in the amount of $5,000.00, to be used for reimbursement for materials purchased by the Contractor in the course of performing services as described in the statement of work. The Contractor will be required to submit detailed invoices for any materials purchased. Receipts must be submitted with invoices as part of the Contractor’s normal invoice process.



A. PennDOT Purchase Order Contact will be the Multimodal Station Maintenance Coordinator (MSMC) primarily by telephone, secondarily by e-mail.

B. Grounds Maintenance Seasons:

Landscape Maintenance work to be performed from April through October each year.

Snow/Ice Removal work to be performed from October through May each year.

Seasons may begin earlier and/or run later dependent on the weather.

C. Pre-Award Meeting: Equipment and required documentation presented by the apparent low bidder for MSMC inspection.

D. Pre-Service Meeting: The MSMC will contact the Contractor to schedule a Pre-Service Meeting after the purchase order is issued. The Pre-Service Meeting will be held at 400 North Street, 8th Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17105-3541 or an alternate location at the discretion of the MSMC. The Contractor will have five (5) business days to be ready to start work after the Pre-Service Meeting is held.

E. Pre-season & Post-season Site Inspection

1) MSMC will schedule mandatory Pre-and Post-Season meetings with the Contractor each year to walk through the grounds for Landscaping Maintenance and the Walk Ways for Snow/Ice Removal.

2. Pre-season – looking for areas of damage to be noted on the Pre-Season Inspection form.

3. Post-season – looking for areas of damage to be noted on the Post-Season Inspection form, highlighting damage which was not on the Pre-Season Inspection Form which will be the responsibility of the Contractor to repair.

F. The Contractor shall provide all labor, materials, tools, equipment, insurance, transportation, hauling, dumping, and all other items needed to provide the services outlined in this Scope of Work.

G. All work will be subject to inspection by the MSMC or designee during the term of this Purchase Order. Payment will not be made until work is satisfactorily performed. Failure to satisfactorily meet all the requirements of this Purchase Order or the refusal to promptly correct all deficiencies timely may be cause to assess liquidated damages and or termination of this Purchase Order per Terms and Conditions Sections V.28 and V.44.

H. After work for the day said work was performed, the Contractor will email the MSMC a brief description of the work performed, the labor, equipment and material utilized for said work, the time the work was performed, and before and after photos of each site after either Landscape Maintenance or Snow/Ice Removal was performed on the day the work was performed so that the work can be verified by PennDOT. The work report template is to be agreed upon at the Pre-Service Meeting. An example template is attached as Exhibit Y



1) Lawns shall be kept in a healthy, vigorous condition, free of disease and pests, except as noted below.

2) Equipment to be provided includes two (2) 48” mower rotary mowers or rotary mowers appropriate for the project site, two (2) gasoline powered string trimmers, and necessary hand tools such as rakes and pruning shears. Provide all lubricants, fuel and other items needed for the satisfactory performance of all equipment.

3) Lawn height shall not exceed 4 inches (10 cm) at any time.

4) Mow, edge and trim lawns weekly or as required to maintain an even, well-groomed appearance.

5) Remove visible lawn clippings and dispose of them off-site in a legal manner. The Contractor is encouraged to use mulching mowers which cut clippings into small pieces that sift down into the lawn.

6) Submit a quote for replacement sod within two weeks of the identification of dead areas. Replacement sod shall be similar in all respects to the existing grass. Do not seed dead lawn areas, use sod only for replacement, unless directed, in writing, by the MSMC.


1) Lawn areas are to be fertilized in the spring and fall growing seasons.

2) Foliar applied fertilizer shall be water soluble and non- burning. Formulation shall be 15-30-15 or similar. Apply at manufacturer's maximum recommended concentration for plant type. Saturate the entire foliage of each plant with foliar spray until it runs off.

3) Granular fertilizer shall be 16-16-16 formulation or similar, applied at maximum label rate for plant type a 90-day interval. Water immediately after applying to move the fertilizer into the soil and wash the fertilizer off plant surfaces.

4) See INVOICE AND BILLING section for specifics for billing FERTILIZER materials.


1) Weeds in planted areas, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, or pavement shall be removed or killed weekly as the weeds emerge.

2) Weeds shall be removed (not just killed) if they are larger than 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter.

3) Dispose of weeds off-site.

4) Pre and post-emergent herbicides may be used at the Contractor's option.

5) No additional payments will be made for herbicide applications. The cost of all weed control work shall be included in the Purchase Order price for Landscape Maintenance.


1) Sweep or blow-off all walks, curbs, and gutters after every mowing and at least bi-weekly. Sweeping of parking lots is not part of this work unless noted otherwise in the Purchase Order.

2) Cleaning up of litter in the designated areas will be performed every week the lawn is mowed and bi-weekly when the lawn is not mowed.

3) Do not sweep or blow trash, leaves, clippings, or landscape debris onto adjacent property or public thoroughfares. All trash, litter, leaves, etc. shall be collected, hauled away, and disposed of legally. All litter shall be removed from sidewalks, regardless of the size of the litter.

4) The Contractor shall examine the site on a bi-weekly basis, looking for problems or potential problems affecting Landscape Maintenance or Snow/Ice Removal.

5) Do not use blowers prior to 7:00 A.M. or after 8:00 P.M. or at any other hours restricted by law. Do not use blowers around parked vehicles to avoid scratching vehicle paint with blowing sand and debris. Blowers may not be used where prohibited by law.


1) This work is the application of PennDOT approved turf management products (lime, fertilizers, weed control, herbicides, etc.) as needed. Most notable, is the 6” (on-center) section under fence at the Middletown location, within the sidewalks and sidewalk-to-curb conditions in designated areas where herbicides may be necessary. Fertilizer application must be made in accordance with Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture recommendations based on a soil test analysis performed by the Contractor or an independent laboratory certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. Annual turf management recommendations must include, at a minimum:

a) A list of all products to be used, including MSDS sheets;

b) Rate of Use;

c) Application method;

d) Application schedule & proposed date(s).

2) All chemicals shall be used in accordance with label directions and the manufacturer's recommended handling methods. All chemicals shall be handled in accordance with all applicable regulations.

3) Only herbicides currently on the annual list reported to the PADEP as part of PennDOT’s NPDES Permit will be permitted.

4) For turf products that are not registered with the EPA (lime and fertilizers), the applicator is not required to be certified.

5) The Landscape Maintenance Contractor shall take precautions to keep persons away from pesticide and herbicide-treated areas until the applied material is fully dry and the treated area is safe for entry.


1) The Contractor is to perform Snow/Ice Removal activities when the snowfall is ½” or more and/or sidewalks are iced. Deicing materials are to be placed within 4 hours of the conclusion of the storm.

2) Provide trucks and/or hauling equipment for the hauling of snow and ice removal equipment, and transportation of equipment operator and laborers to and from the Middletown location specified in Attachment A – Map of Service Areas.

3) Provide equipment operator and laborers to remove snow and ice from the sidewalks at the Middletown location specified in Attachment A – Map of Service Areas.

4) The Contractor is to supply for each crew one 6.5 horse power (or larger) 2-stage snow blower machine, a snow shovel for each laborer, one (1) each hand-driven mechanical spreader, and all ancillary items including fuel and lubricants for equipment.

5) The Contractor is required to have up to one (1) laborer(s) (in addition to equipment operators) available during the length of the Purchase Order to cover the demands of each storm.

6) See INVOICE AND BILLING section for specifics for billing SNOW/ICE REMOVAL materials.


1. The services provided shall be consistent with standard operating procedures and applicable Federal, State, Local laws, rules, and regulations for the protection of public health and the environment and includes following OSHA safety requirements.

2. All Landscape Maintenance and Snow/Ice Removal equipment, operation of said equipment, transport of said equipment and equipment utilized to transport said equipment to conform to all applicable Federal, State, Local laws, rules, and regulations; inclusive of all applicable Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Laws. Contractor is responsible for both obtaining permits and paying fees if applicable to transport the necessary Landscape or Snow Removal equipment.

3. All services are to be performed in accordance with PennDOT Publication 408 (latest edition) specifications which can be viewed on PennDOT’s Home Page ( by selecting Publications.

4. Contractor must provide each crew with the following:

1) Cellular phone with clear reception throughout areas designated in

Attachment A – Map of Service Areas. The phone must have the ability to

take photos

2) Copy of all applicable MSDS and labels.

3) One five-pound fire extinguisher that is classified as ABC type.

4) First Aid supplies

5. The Contractor shall repair or replace, at no additional cost to PennDOT, any PennDOT property or private property damaged by the Contractor while providing the services required by the Purchase Order.

6. Contractor will notify the MSMC within 14 days of any changes to equipment and/or personnel made after the award. Please refer to the list below in Section 2 of the BIDDING section below for the required information.

7. Herbicide Applicators must be PA Certified in the appropriate category in advance of the equipment inspection date. For herbicide applications, use a Pesticide Applicator Certified under the current pesticide law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for categories 10 and 14. The Contractor must possess a Pesticide Application Business License issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

8. The Contractor name, logo, if applicable, and contact information must be visible on all motor vehicles used on the Purchase Order.


1. Purchase Order Validity Period: This service is for a two (2) year period. There is one (1) Purchase Order renewal for three (3) years in duration and is at the discretion of PennDOT.

2. Any renewal will be under the same terms, covenants and conditions, provided; the rates under the contract may be increased up to 3.00 % during each renewal term. No further document is required to be executed to renew the term of the contract.

3. Work hours: The work hours for this Purchase Order will vary due to the demand and the type of work.

i. Landscape Maintenance is to be performed between 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM.

ii. For Snow/Ice Removal, Contractor is required to have the required manpower and equipment to meet the snow removal and deicing need of any storm and must be available to work twenty-four (24) hours a day seven (7) days a week including holidays. Snow storm response time is to be within four (4) hours from the end of the storm. In some cases, multiple responses may be necessary.

4. Work associated with this Statement of Work will begin once the award has been assigned and the Purchase Order has been executed.

5. There will be no overtime work during this Purchase Order; all work will be billed at the hourly rate bid by item number only.


1. Upon completion of service each month, the Contractor will complete a Confirmation of Services Form (OS-501, Attachment 2), and the Contractor shall email a copy of the OS-501 (including corresponding invoice number) to the MSMC or designee. Contractor will also mail the original OS-501 to the MSMC’s attention at the address provided in the Purchase Order.

2. An electronic version of the OS-501 form will be supplied upon request.

3. Upon receipt of the OS-501 the MSMC or designee will confirm the work performed, hours worked, materials used and will call the vendor for corrections or to ask for additional information.

4. The Contractor shall submit a commercial invoice to the address shown on the first page of the Purchase Order. The Contractor's invoice shall reflect the Purchase Order and include the date of service, purchase order number and the work listed by the item number, description and the unit price, as well as all other information required by the Terms and Conditions. Itemized receipts for fertilizer and Calcium Chloride purchased if used during the billing period, must accompany the commercial invoice.

6. Itemized receipts for fertilizer and other required soil amendments purchase (or for services of a fertilizer application company) must be submitted to PennDOT's authorized representative as proof of application. The contractor shall submit the receipts together with the next regular billing. Failure to submit receipts may result in payment delays or partial payment. Receipts must show the name and phone number of the seller and the date of sale. Receipts must also be itemized, showing the total quantity and description of each item. Prices for unrelated purchases may be blacked out.

7. The Contractor will supply the chemicals (calcium chloride) for de-icing the sidewalks. Itemized receipts for Calcium Chloride must be submitted to PennDOT's authorized representative as proof of application. The contractor shall submit the receipts together with the next regular billing. Failure to submit receipts may result in payment delays or partial payment. Receipts must show the name and phone number of the seller and the date of sale. Receipts must also be itemized, showing the total quantity and description of each item. Prices for unrelated purchases may be blacked out.


1. Turf Maintenance, Treatment – Per cycle/week per location. Chemicals and Herbicides for Landscape Maintenance are incidental to this item along with soil testing.

2. Litter Removal – Hour (Labor)

3. Fertilizer – Invoiced amount plus 15% handling cost

4. Pickup Truck (Snow Removal) – Hour, 2 HR minimum

5. Laborers (Snow Removal) – Hour, 2 HR minimum

6. Calcium chloride for snow/ice treatment – Invoiced amount plus 15% handling cost


1. The Contractor must be a registered Business Partner with the Commonwealth. For more information please utilize the following link:$vwFiles/PennDOTPrequalificationforContractors10182010/$File/PennDOT+Prequalification+for+Contractors.pdf


1. Method of Award – Award will be made to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder.

2. The Contractor will, within three (3) business days of notice of apparent low bidder status, submit the following required documentation to the MSMC:

A. Completed Attachment “B”, List of Vehicles and Equipment Form

B. List of valid driver’s licenses of all personnel who will or may be operating equipment on site

C. Current insurance for each piece of equipment that meets the minimums set forth the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

D. Proof of registration for each piece equipment that will or may be operating on site

E. Contact information (email and mobile phone number) of the Purchase Order Representative to be used for notification purposes. Notification is defined as a written (including e-mail) and oral (phone call) to the Purchase Order Representative.


Map of Service Areas

OS-501Confirmation of Service Form

Exhibit Y – Work Documentation Report

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