Fd05 Heavy Equipment Rentals

Agency: State Government of Pennsylvania
State: Pennsylvania
Level of Government: State & Local
  • W - Lease or Rental of Equipment
Opps ID: NBD13138947424595661
Posted Date: May 3, 2021
Due Date: May 17, 2021
Solicitation No: 6100053145
Source: Members Only

General Information
Department for this solicitation: Procurement
Date Prepared: 05/03/21 Types: IFB
Advertisement Type:
Service Materials Service & Materials PW Construction Agency Construction Real Estate
Solicitation/Project#: 6100053145 Solicitation/Project Title: FD05 Heavy Equipment Rentals
Description: The Commonwealth of PA, Dept of Conservation & Natural Resources (DCNR), Bur of Forestry, Rothrock State Forest Dist 05 requires services for the rental of:
1. One-Small Trail Dumper-CanyCom S25A 2.5 T Tracked Dumper or approved equivalent
2. One-Mini-Excavator-Bobcat E26 Mini-Excavator or approved equivalent
3. One-Mid-Sized Excavator-Doosan DX140LCR Excavator or approved equivalent
4. One-Large-Sized Excavator-Doosan 300LC Excavator or approved equivalent
Please refer to Statement of Work, Terms and Conditions, and attachments for specific information.
Department Information
Department/Agency: Conservation & Natural Resources Delivery Location: 2 Locations Musser Gap Recreational Trlhd 3260 Shingletown Rd Forestry Gate 226 350 Whitetail Ln State College Pa 16801
County: Multiple Duration: Upon execution of fully approved Purchase Order through September 30, 2021
Contact Information
First Name: Lynda Last Name: Cashner
Phone Number:
717-783-4884 Email: lcashner@pa.gov
Solicitation Information
Bids must be received by the purchasing agency on the Solicitation Due Date no later than the Solicitation Due Time as set forth in the solicitation. Any conflict between the dates and/or times contained in the solicitation itself or its attachments and this advertisement shall be resolved in favor of the solicitation.

Solicitation Start Date: 05/03/21
Solicitation Due Date: 05/17/21 Solicitation Due Time: 11:00 AM
Solicitation Opening Date: 05/17/21 Solicitation Opening Time: 11:01 AM
Opening Location:
No. of Addendums: 0
Amended Date: 05/03/21
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SOW-FD05 Heavy Equipment Rental.pdf
01-Terms & Conditions.pdf
Musser Gap-Equipment Delivery Location Map.pdf
Whitetail-Equipment Delivery Location Map.pdf
Reciprocal Limitations Act Requirements Form.pdf
Small Business Procurement Initiative_11-2020.pdf

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Attachment Preview

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Bureau of Forestry
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), Bureau of
Forestry, Rothrock State Forest District 05 requires services for the rental of:
1. One (1) Small Trail Dumper - CanyCom S25A 2.5 Ton Tracked Dumper or approved equivalent
2. One (1) Mini-Excavator - Bobcat E26 Mini-Excavator or approved equivalent
3. One (1) Mid-Sized Excavator - Doosan DX140LCR Excavator or approved equivalent
4. One (1) Large-Sized Excavator - Doosan 300LC Excavator or approved equivalent
Refer to Section C. for specified components for each heavy equipment listed above.
Approval of equivalent equipment is at the sole discretion of the DCNR.
The equipment will be rented for a minimum of one (1) month and not to exceed three (3) months. One month
will be defined as any thirty-one (31) consecutive days. Please see Section C. Break Down and Non-Operational
Equipment for exception to definition of consecutive days.
The contractor’s per month price shall include all labor, tools, insurance, transportation, delivery, handling
charges, and any other items necessary for the equipment rentals.
DCNR shall provide the operators for the equipment.
Questions regarding the technical aspects of this bid should be directed to David Yeager at dyeager@pa.gov or
814.643.2340. Questions regarding the bidding or contracting procedures should be directed to Lynda Cashner
at lcashner@pa.gov or 717.783.4884.
Contractor shall provide the requested equipment with specified components.
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Manufacturer names and models for equipment are furnished only for the convenience of bidders in
determining the size and capacity of the equipment being rented. Any equipment, regardless of manufacturer,
may be acceptable provided it is in satisfactory working condition, is of the size, type, power, and capacity
specified, and approved by the DCNR.
1. Small Trail Dumper Rental Specifications - One (1) CanyCom S25A Tracked Dumper
a. Small trail dumper must be a tracked machine.
b. Small trail dumper must have a 2.5 ton carrying capacity.
Small trail dumper shall be delivered to and retrieved from the Musser Gap Recreational
Trailhead, 3260 Shingletown Road, State College, PA 16801.
2. Mini-Excavator Rental Specifications - One (1) Bobcat E26 Mini-Excavator
Mini-excavator must be equipped with quick attach bucket with hydraulic thumb.
b. Contractor will provide 12” and 18” buckets for use with mini-excavator.
Mini-excavator will be equipped with a cab that has functioning air conditioner (AC).
d. Mini-excavator will have options to utilize either ISO or SAE hydraulic operator control
e. Mini-excavator shall be delivered to and retrieved from the Musser Gap Recreational
Trailhead, 3260 Shingletown Road, State College, PA 16801.
3. Mid-Sized Excavator Rental Specifications - One (1) Doosan DX140LCR Excavator
a. Mid-sized excavator must be equipped with a dozer blade and Krypto Klaw bucket.
b. Mid-sized excavator will have options to utilize either ISO or SAE hydraulic operator
control styles.
Mid-sized excavator will have steel tracks.
d. Mid-sized excavator will be delivered to and retrieved from the Musser Gap
Recreational Trailhead, 3260 Shingletown Road, State College, PA 16801.
4. Large-Sized Excavator Rental Specifications - One (1) Doosan 300LC Excavator
a. Large-sized excavator must be equipped with a Krypto Klaw bucket.
b. Large-sized excavator will have options to utilize either ISO or SAE hydraulic operator
control styles.
Large-sized excavator will have steel tracks.
d. Large-sized excavator will be delivered to and retrieved from the Forestry gate (behind
First Energy Substation off State Route 45) at 226-350 Whitetail Lane, State College, PA 16801.
The DCNR will contact the Contractor to coordinate a date and time for delivery of the equipment to the
specified locations listed above for each piece of rental equipment. The DCNR will send an email confirmation to
the Contractor to include the date and time of delivery.
All equipment shall be provided in satisfactory operating condition, capable of efficiently and safely performing
the designated work.
An inspection of the equipment shall be conducted by the DCNR and Contractor at the beginning and end of
each rental period. Each party shall record in writing deficiencies in the equipment and each be provided a
written copy of these findings.
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Equipment will be returned to the Contractor in the same condition and with the same fuel levels as it was
If the rental equipment breaks down and becomes non-operational in the field, the DCNR will notify the
Contractor verbally and by email. After notification, the Contractor will repair or replace the equipment with
the same or an approved equivalent determined by the DCNR within forty-eight (48) hours. If the equipment is
out of service for more than 48 hours (2 days), the rental period will be extended by the number of days that the
equipment is non-operational; any extensions required due to extended breakdown will be deemed part of the
originally contracted rental period and will not incur additional costs beyond the original bid price. If the
equipment is non-functional at any time during work hours of the DCNR personnel, the entire day will be
considered as non-operational.
If the rental equipment cannot be driven safely as determined by the DCNR or repaired, it will be retrieved by
the contractor at its break down location with the replacement equipment being delivered to that same
After bid opening and prior to awarding of the contract, the Department has the right to request three (3)
references (names, addresses and telephone numbers) of similar heavy equipment rental services performed in
the previous three (3) years as proof of qualifications to provide the services involved in this contract. Similar
service is defined as rental of multiple heavy equipment for a period of three (3) months.
References are an optional tool available to the Department to help determine bidder capabilities. If any of
these references are requested and the bidder cannot supply the necessary documentation and proof of
compliance, the Department reserves the right to reject the bidder. The decision to both request references or
reject bidders based on inadequate references will be made solely at the discretion of the Department.
The Contractor is required to have in place during the term of the Contract and any renewals or extensions
thereof, the following types of insurance, issued by companies acceptable to the Commonwealth and
authorized to conduct such business under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania:
1. Workmen’s Compensation Insurance for all the Contractor’s employees and those of any
subcontractor, engaged in work at the site of the project as required by law.
2. Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance to protect the Commonwealth, the Contractor,
and any and all subcontractors from claims for damages for personal injury (including bodily injury),
sickness or disease, accidental death and damage to property including the loss of use resulting from
any property damage, which may arise from the activities performed under the Contract, or the failure
to perform under the Contract, whether such performance or non-performance be by the Contractor,
by any subcontractor, or by anyone directly or indirectly employed by either. The minimum amounts of
coverage shall be $250,000 per person and $1,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury, including death,
and $250,000 per person and $1,000,000 per occurrence for property damage. Such policies shall be
occurrence rather than claims-made policies and shall not contain any endorsements or any other form
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designated to limit and restrict any action by the Commonwealth, as an additional insured, against the
insurance coverage in regard to work performed for the Commonwealth.
Prior to commencement of the work under the Contract and at each insurance renewal date during the term of
the Contract, the Contractor shall provide the Commonwealth with current certificates of insurance. These
certificates or policies shall name Commonwealth of PA as an additional insured and shall contain a provision
that the coverage’s afforded under the policies will not be cancelled or changed until at least thirty (30) days
written notice has been given to the Commonwealth.
The Commonwealth shall be under no obligation to obtain such certificates from the Contractor(s). Failure by
the Commonwealth to obtain the certificates shall not be deemed a waiver of the Contractor’s obligation to
obtain and furnish certificates. The Commonwealth shall have the right to inspect the original insurance
A copy of the insurance certificates must be emailed to the Procurement Contact at: lcashner@pa.gov.
The contract shall commence upon receipt of a fully executed Purchase Order and terminate September 30,
Bidder must complete and include the following with the bid response:
1. The electronic Invitation for Bid to be found at www.pasupplierportal.state.pa.us,
2. A properly executed Reciprocal Limitations Act form that lists the state of manufacture for any
supplies procured.
3. Literature providing the Manufacturer, Model, and specifications for each piece of equipment to
be rented. The literature must at a minimum provide information on the required specifications as
indicated in Section B.
Bids will be awarded based on lowest total sum.
The contract quantities herein are estimated only and may increase or decrease depending on the needs of the
Department. Please note that the Department will only accept out to two (2) decimal points when entering
your pricing.
Payment shall be made upon satisfactory rental of the equipment for each requested rental period.
Invoice format shall be in accordance with the IFB Invitation for Bid.
All invoices for this contract MUST either be:
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1. Emailed to the following for a Paperless Email Invoice Option: 69180@pa.gov.
For information on the Commonwealth’s E-Invoicing Program, visit:
2. Or mailed to the following address:
Commonwealth of PA PO Invoice
PO Box 69180
Harrisburg PA 17106
All invoices must include the purchase order number, your SAP Contractor Number and be itemized to include
equipment rented and rental period on the invoice. The name and address listed on the purchase order must
also be listed on each invoice. Failure to provide this information may result in a delay of payment.
Please Note: Vendors are reminded to NOT include employer identification numbers, Social Security Numbers,
bank account information, or other personally identifiable information on their invoices. That information is
uniquely tied to your SAP Vendor Number and, for security purposes, should not be explicitly stated on an
Bids will be submitted via the PA Supplier Portal, to be found at www.pasupplierportal.state.pa.us. Faxed bids
and mailed bids will not be accepted.
No responsibility will be attached to any employee of the Department for the premature opening of, or the
failure to open, a bid for any reason whatsoever.
Bidders can obtain bid results by accessing www.emarketplace.state.pa.us/bidtabs.aspx. The bids will be posted
as soon as practicable following the bid opening. The results are the apparent bidders, and all bids are under
review until final award of the purchase order.
Delivery Location Map-Musser Gap Recreational Trailhead
Delivery Location Map-Forestry Gate White Tail Ln
DCNR Small Business Initiative Letter
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