Remote Document Ordering Services

Agency: State Government of Tennessee
State: Tennessee
Level of Government: State & Local
  • R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
Opps ID: NBD13285586501329945
Posted Date: Jan 31, 2019
Due Date: Feb 11, 2019
Solicitation No: RFP 34320-08719
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RFP 34320-08719
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1/31/2019-UPDATED Remote Document Ordering Services

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02-15-18 RFP
RFP # 34320-08719
6.1. Response Statement of Certifications & Assurances
6.2. Technical Response & Evaluation Guide
6.3. Cost Proposal & Scoring Guide
6.4. Reference Questionnaire
6.5. Score Summary Matrix
6.6. Pro Forma Contract
02-15-18 RFP
The State of Tennessee, Tennessee Department of Health, hereinafter referred to as “the State,” issues
this Request for Proposals (RFP) to define minimum contract requirements; solicit responses; detail
response requirements; and, outline the State’s process for evaluating responses and selecting a
contractor to provide the needed goods or services.
Through this RFP, the State seeks to procure necessary goods or services at the most favorable,
competitive prices and to give ALL qualified respondents, including those that are owned by minorities,
women, service-disabled veterans, persons with disabilities and small business enterprises, an
opportunity to do business with the state as contractors, subcontractors or suppliers.
1.1 Statement of Procurement Purpose
The Division of Vital Records & Statistics (VRS) seeks to obtain a Remote Document Ordering System
with Call Center Services for customers wanting to obtain a copy of a vital records certificate (marriage,
divorce, birth and/or death certificate) issued by the State of Tennessee.
The Contractor will develop, install and maintain a Remote Document Ordering and Credit Card
Processing Interface, referred to as the Remote Document Ordering System. The system will allow
customers to use the Internet or a telephone, fax machine or kiosk to order marriage, divorce, birth and
death certificates through expedited payment using, at a minimum, a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or
American Express credit card, or those company’s debit cards (where existing), and enable overnight
delivery service when requested by the customer. The Contractor may accept credit and debit cards from
other companies as later approved by the State.
The Contractor’s software application shall verify the identity (with 95% or better reliability rate) of the
customer requesting the certificate to have legal access to the certificate requested, authorize the credit
card transaction, and “push” the applicant, certificate order and shipping information into the VRS’s
existing mainframe/web-based order tracking/fulfillment system. The Remote Document Ordering
System will collect the required information from the requestor for VRS staff to either locate or conduct a
thorough search for the record being requested. Any issues arising from the identity verification process,
typically due to questionable relationship issues for legal right to the record or information being
requested, are to be resolved by Contractor Call Center staff contacting the customer by telephone.
Historically, approximately 8% of orders fail identity verification. The Contractor shall collect the required
State fees and remit the fees to the State daily.
All required services must be provided by one Contractor and seamless to VRS operations and to the
public who utilize these ordering options without increasing existing VRS workload or having a negative
financial impact on VRS. Because a break in processing credit card orders for vital records would
negatively impact operations, revenue collections and create an extreme hardship to the public, any new
system must be thoroughly tested, and the system must be proven operational through parallel
Remote ordering of vital record certificates by telelphone, fax, or internet has been available to the public
for over 20 years. There were approximately 30,000 Internet orders in 2018. Customers who utilize the
telephone/fax options typically do not have access to the internet or do not know how to use the internet.
Approximately 8% of orders proceesed annually are telephone/fax orders. Approximately 65% of the
remote orders received are from out of state. Expedited shipping is requested for more than 66% of the
A mainframe-based, legacy order Tracking System (Vital Records Automated Tracking System) is
currently used to record incoming requests for record copies or other services and to document the status
of the requested services. The State shall provide the Contractor technical assistance to enable
connectivity to the Vital Records Automated Tracking System. The Tracking system interfaces with a
legacy searchable index system (AIRS or Automated Index Retrieval System) also located on the State’s
mainframe where the vital record certificate files are currently located. VRS staff utilize the order
information in Tracking to locate in AIRS the certificate(s) being requested, issues the requested
certificate(s), and dispatches the order in the manner requested by the customer.
RFP # 34320-08719
02-15-18 RFP
The Division of Vital Records & Statistics is moving forward with re-engineering the existing vital records
system. The re-engineered Vital Records Information Systems Management (VRISM) system will be web-
based replacing the legacy mainframe Tracking and AIRS systems with up-to-date technology. The
“back-office” vital records order fullfillment module of VRISM will be a Windows application in VMware
environment with a table driven SQL/Oracle database, enabling a more flexible platform for interfacing
with a web-based remote document ordering system. The State shall provide the Contractor technical
assistance to enable connectivity to VRISM. The Contractor will ensure that their interface is adaptable
and compatible to the Division of Vital Records and Statistics current system. As regulations, internal
operations and fees periodically change the State shall provide the Contractor with accurate materials
and contact information to perform the contracted services.
Proposals for the services requested must be at NO COST to the State of Tennessee with the Proposer
designating customer costs as a fee per order, inclusive of customer service fee, identity verification fee,
credit card authorization per transaction fee and a fee for overnight delivery service. Any necessary
equipment, such as kiosk(s), on-site server, hand-held scanners, is at NO COST to the State of
Tennessee. VRS will specify the Vital Records expedite fee and the certificate fee schedule which will
not include the Proposer’s order fee and overnight delivery service fees. An authorized transaction will
constitute an order regardless of the number of records requested.
The anticipated term of the contract is June 1, 2019 through May 31, 2024. The contract start date allows
the successful Proposer sufficient development time to begin testing operations on-site no later than June
13, 2019. The Remote Document Ordering System must begin online operation June 14, 2019.
1.2. Scope of Service, Contract Period, & Required Terms and Conditions
The RFP Attachment 6.6., Pro Forma Contract details the State’s requirements:
Scope of Services and Deliverables (Section A);
Contract Period (Section B);
Payment Terms (Section C);
Standard Terms and Conditions (Section D); and,
Special Terms and Conditions (Section E).
The pro forma contract substantially represents the contract document that the successful
Respondent must sign.
1.3. Nondiscrimination
No person shall be excluded from participation in, be denied benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to
discrimination in the performance of a Contract pursuant to this RFP or in the employment practices of the
Contractor on the grounds of handicap or disability, age, race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin,
or any other classification protected by federal, Tennessee state constitutional, or statutory law. The
Contractor pursuant to this RFP shall, upon request, show proof of such nondiscrimination and shall post
in conspicuous places, available to all employees and applicants, notices of nondiscrimination.
1.4. RFP Communications
1.4.1. The State has assigned the following RFP identification number that must be referenced in all
communications regarding this RFP:
RFP # 34320-08719
1.4.2. Unauthorized contact about this RFP with employees or officials of the State of Tennessee
except as detailed below may result in disqualification from consideration under this
procurement process.
RFP # 34320-08719
02-15-18 RFP Prospective Respondents must direct communications concerning this RFP to the
following person designated as the Solicitation Coordinator:
Jennifer Garrison
Department of General Services
Central Procurement Office
312 Rosa L. Parks Ave
3rd Floor, Tennessee Tower
Nashville, TN 37243
615-532-2440 Notwithstanding the foregoing, Prospective Respondents may alternatively contact:
a. staff of the Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise for assistance
available to minority-owned, woman-owned, service-disabled veteran-owned,
businesses owned by persons with disabilities, and small businesses as well as
general, public information relating to this RFP
contacts.html for contact information); and
b. the following individual designated by the State to coordinate compliance with the
nondiscrimination requirements of the State of Tennessee, Title VI of the Civil
Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and associated
federal regulations:
Helen Crowley
Tennessee Department of General Services
312 Rosa L. Parks Ave
Nashville, TN 37243
1.4.3. Only the State’s official, written responses and communications with Respondents are binding
with regard to this RFP. Oral communications between a State official and one or more
Respondents are unofficial and non-binding.
1.4.4. Potential Respondents must ensure that the State receives all written questions and comments,
including questions and requests for clarification, no later than the Written Questions &
Comments Deadline detailed in the RFP Section 2, Schedule of Events.
Respondents must assume the risk of the method of dispatching any communication or response
to the State. The State assumes no responsibility for delays or delivery failures resulting from the
Respondent’s method of dispatch. Actual or digital “postmarking” of a communication or
response to the State by a specified deadline is not a substitute for the State’s actual receipt of a
communication or response.
1.4.6. The State will convey all official responses and communications related to this RFP to the
prospective Respondents from whom the State has received a Notice of Intent to Respond (refer
to RFP Section 1.8).
The State reserves the right to determine, at its sole discretion, the method of conveying official,
written responses and communications related to this RFP. Such written communications may
be transmitted by mail, hand-delivery, facsimile, electronic mail, Internet posting, or any other
means deemed reasonable by the State. For internet posting, please refer to the following
RFP # 34320-08719
02-15-18 RFP
1.4.8. The State reserves the right to determine, at its sole discretion, the appropriateness and
adequacy of responses to written comments, questions, and requests related to this RFP. The
State’s official, written responses will constitute an amendment of this RFP.
Any data or factual information provided by the State (in this RFP, an RFP amendment or any
other communication relating to this RFP) is for informational purposes only. The State will make
reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of such data or information, however it is the
Respondent’s obligation to independently verify any data or information provided by the State.
The State expressly disclaims the accuracy or adequacy of any information or data that it
provides to prospective Respondents.
1.5. Assistance to Respondents With a Handicap or Disability
Prospective Respondents with a handicap or disability may receive accommodation relating to the
communication of this RFP and participating in the RFP process. Prospective Respondents may contact
the Solicitation Coordinator to request such reasonable accommodation no later than the Disability
Accommodation Request Deadline detailed in the RFP Section 2, Schedule of Events.
1.6. Respondent Required Review & Waiver of Objections
Each prospective Respondent must carefully review this RFP, including but not limited to,
attachments, the RFP Attachment 6.6., Pro Forma Contract, and any amendments, for questions,
comments, defects, objections, or any other matter requiring clarification or correction (collectively
called “questions and comments”).
1.6.2. Any prospective Respondent having questions and comments concerning this RFP must provide
them in writing to the State no later than the Written Questions & Comments Deadline detailed in
the RFP Section 2, Schedule of Events.
1.6.3. Protests based on any objection to the RFP shall be considered waived and invalid if the
objection has not been brought to the attention of the State, in writing, by the Written Questions &
Comments Deadline.
1.7. Pre-Response Conference
A Pre-response Conference will be held at the time and date detailed in the RFP Section 2, Schedule of
Events. Pre-response Conference attendance is not mandatory, and prospective Respondents may be
limited to a maximum number of attendees depending upon overall attendance and space limitations.
The conference will be held at:
WRS Tennessee Tower
312 Rosa L Parks Ave
Nashville, TN 37243
CPO Conference Room B
Via WebEx
Join WebEx
RFP # 34320-08719
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