BGS-BAT-150042-Georgia NB & SB Rest Area Renovations-201708

Agency: State Government of Vermont
State: Vermont
Level of Government: State & Local
  • Z - Maintenance, Repair or Alteration of Real Property
Opps ID: NBD14073986898808135
Posted Date: Sep 29, 2017
Due Date: Oct 18, 2017
Source: Members Only
BGS-BAT-150042-Georgia NB & SB Rest Area Renovations-201708 Request Date: 9/29/2017 9:33:10 AM
Open Date:
Closing Date: 10/18/2017 2:30 PM
Intent To Bid Deadline:
Est. Dollar Value: $118,000.00
RFQ Number:

Buildings & General Svs, Office of Purchasing & Contracting

109 State Street
Montpelier , VT 05633-7501

Bid Type:
Request for Proposal

Construction (Building)

Bid Description:
INVITATION TO BID DEPARTMENT OF BUILDINGS AND GENERAL SERVICES STATE OF VERMONT Contractors are invited to bid on the: Georgia IM REST (4) 301,303,304,305 (BGS-BAT-150042-Georgia NB & SB Rest Area Renovations-201708) project for the Department of Buildings and General Services at the Georgia Northbound and Southbound Rest Areas I89 in Georgia, Vermont. Project Name: Georgia Project #: IM REST(4) 301,303,304,305 This project consists of, but is not limited to Rest Area Preventative Maintenance Program for the I-89 Georgia NB/SB Rest Areas in Georgia, Vermont. Work will include but not limited to replacing existing roof with standing seam, replacing existing lighting fixtures and bulbs, replacing one rear door and all door hardware and the adding of a mini split cooling system. Sealed Bids accompanied by proper Bid Security will be received by the Department of Buildings and General Services, at 109 State Street, Montpelier, Vermont 05609-3001, until October 18, 2017 at 2:30 PM , at which time they will be opened and publicly read aloud in the department conference room. Documents may be obtained from Blueprints Etc, 20 Farrell Street, South Burlington VT 05403, by phone at 802-865-4503, by fax at 802-865-0027 or email to: Project Manuals and Plans are available for preview and download at: in the Public Plan Room. Any and all notifications, releases and amendments associated with this project will be posted at There is a non-refundable fee of $35.00 for each set of documents. Hard Copy Fee: $35.00 Downloadable Fee: $35.00 Downloadable Fee: $TBD 1. Please be advised that all notifications, releases, and addendums associated with this RFP will be posted on-line in the plan room where the original solicitation resides unless otherwise determined that a hard copy is necessary. The state will make no attempt to contact contractors with updated information. It is the responsibility of each contractor to periodically check the posting site for any and all notifications, releases and addendums associated with the RFP. 2. NOTE: On occasion hard copy addendums may be required due to size or type of media/requirements. If applicable and as determined by the Department of Buildings and General Services, addendums that require hard copy distribution, a copy of such addenda will be mailed or delivered for each set of plans and specifications issued to the bidders, prior to the bid date. However, it is the responsibility of the bidder to be sure they have received all addenda, and must so state the number of addenda they have received on the proposal. There will be a pre-bid meeting at the site on October 11, 2017 at 10:00 AM. Interested parties will meet in the lobby of the Northbound Rest Area. Bidders attention is directed to: 1. General Conditions: General Conditions for Construction Contracts. It is the Bidders responsibility to thoroughly read and comply with all requirements. Please pay close attention due to changes that have been made. 2. Funding Source: This project is being funded using federal monies and shall require compliance with the Davis-Bacon Act. Wages shall be paid using rates no less than those established under the Davis-Bacon prevailing wage rates. Complete information related to Davis-Bacon and Related Acts is available at: . 3. BID SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: a. CLOSING DATE: The closing date for the receipt of proposals is DATE/TIME. b. The bid opening will be held at 109 State Street, Montpelier, VT and is open to the public. c. SECURITY PROCEDURES: Please be advised extra time will be needed when visiting and/or delivery information to 109 State Street. All individuals must present a valid government issued photo ID when entering the facility. d. SEALED BID INSTRUCTIONS: All bids must be sealed and must be addressed to the State of Vermont, Office of Purchasing & Contracting, 109 State Street - Montpelier, VT 05609-3001. BID ENVELOPES MUST BE CLEARLY MARKED SEALED BID AND SHOW THE REQUISITION NUMBER AND/OR PROPOSAL TITLE, OPENING DATE AND NAME OF BIDDER. e. All bidders are hereby notified that sealed bids must be received and time stamped by the Office of Purchasing & Contracting located at 109 State Street - Montpelier, VT 05609-3001 - by the time of the bid opening. Bids not in possession of the Office of Purchasing & Contracting at the time of the bid opening will be returned to the vendor, and will not be considered. Any delay deemed caused by Security Procedures will be at the bidders own risk. f. Office of Purchasing & Contracting may, for cause, change the date and/or time of bid openings or issue an addendum. If a change is made, the State will make a reasonable effort to inform all bidders by posting at: g. All bids will be publicly opened. Typically, the Office of Purchasing & Contracting will open the bid, read the name and address of the bidder, and read the bid amount. However, the Office of Purchasing & Contracting reserves the right to limit the information disclosed at the bid opening to the name and address of the bidder when, in its sole discretion, the Office of Purchasing & Contracting determines that the nature, type, or size of the bid is such that the Office of Purchasing & Contracting cannot immediately (at the opening) determine that the bids are in compliance with the RFP. As such, there will be cases in which the bid amount will not be read at the bid opening. Bid openings are open to members of the public. Bid results are a public record however, the bid results are exempt from disclosure to the public until the award has been made and the contract is executed. 4. BID DELIVERY METHODS: a. U.S. MAIL: Bidders are cautioned that it is their responsibility to originate the mailing of bids in sufficient time to ensure bids are received and time stamped by the Office of Purchasing & Contracting prior to the time of the bid opening. b. EXPRESS DELIVERY: If bids are being sent via an express delivery service, be certain that the RFP designation is clearly shown on the outside of the delivery envelope or box. Express delivery packages will not be considered received by the State until the express delivery package has been received and time stamped by the Office of Purchasing & Contracting. c. HAND DELIVERY: Hand carried bids shall be delivered to a representative of the Division prior to the bid opening. d. ELECTRONIC: Electronic bids will not be accepted. e. FAX BIDS: FAXED bids will not be accepted. 5. Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs): Certified DBE's are encouraged to submit proposals for the work being bid. If Certified DBEs are unable to bid the project directly, and only want to bid on portions of the work, then you are encouraged to seek out a current plan holder. Plan holder lists are posted weekly at:, and then click on Construction Bid Tabulations/Plan Holder Lists on the right hand column of the screen. For more information on the DBE Certification application process visit: or contact Sonya Boisvert, 802-828-2644, email: 6. Contractors and Subcontractors are required to follow the requirements of 46 CFR 381.7 (a)-(b). For guidance on requirements of Part 381 ? Cargo Preference ? U.S. Flag Vessels please go to the following web link: 7. Additional requirements associated with this project shall require Contractor compliance with the following: a. FHWA 1273: b. USDOL Vermont Highway Wage Decisions: : c. USDOL Building Wage Decisions:, click on: State, County then Construction Type (would be Building), then hit search. d. VTrans CR Contractor and Labor Compliance website: 8. Jobsite Posters: Contractor shall coordinate with VTrans and BGS and ensure that all required federal posters meet FHWA postering requirements on site. When a job office is not established due to the nature of the work and/or the length of the contract, the contractor and subcontractors must display all notices or posters at their home offices where hiring is conducted and each employee must be provided copies of all the notices or posters and sign a statement acknowledging they received and understood the content of all the notices or posters. The signed statement must be included with all invoices. A link to the federal poster package on VTrans website at: Required Federal Poster Package: 9. Full Bonding is required for this job. 10. SUBMITTAL EXCHANGE: Submittal Exchange, a web-based collaboration software system, shall be used to provide an on-line database and repository, which shall be used to transmit and track project-related documents. Based on an existing contract between the State and Submittal Exchange, the State anticipates that training and support during this project will be provided by Submittal Exchange at no additional cost to the selected contractor(s). 11. It is the Bidders responsibility to thoroughly read and comply with all instructions and requirements of this bid solicitation. The Project Engineer, Brian Terhume may be contacted for technical questions at 802-505-0877 or by Email at
Special Instructions:
Contact Information:
Natalie Dowling
Phone: (802) 828-2215
Fax: (802) 828-2222
For additional information:
Bid Attachments:
Site Visit: Date: 10/11/2017 10:00:00 AM

There will be a pre-bid meeting at the site on October 11, 2017 at 10:00 AM. Interested parties will meet in the lobby of the Northbound Rest Area.


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