Agency: State Government of Rhode Island
State: Rhode Island
Level of Government: State & Local
  • C - Architect and Engineering Services - Construction
  • R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
Opps ID: NBD14076086295975889
Posted Date: Jan 12, 2021
Due Date: Jan 28, 2021
Solicitation No: 21-015
Source: Members Only
Info Opening Time Solicitation Number Solicitation Status Bid Title Posting Group Posting Entity Contact Person Contact Phone
10:00 AM
21-015 Active(Scheduled) ENGINEERING SERVICES FOR ANDREW D. FERLAND WAY STREET DESIGN Municipality Pawtucket Peter Wingate (401)728-0500

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1.0 Bid/Solicitation Information
2.0 Instructions and Notifications to Bidders
3.0 Overview
4.0 Scope of Work
5.0 Insurance
6.0 Acknowledgement of Risk and Hold Harmless Agreement
7.0 Additional Insurance Requirements
8.0 SOQ Content and Organization
9.0 Evaluation Criteria
10.0 Miscellaneous
11.0 RFQ Form
12.0 Special Conditions for CDBG Contracts
Appendix A
Anti-Kickback Acknowledgement
Appendix B
City of Pawtucket Purchasing Rules and Regulations and
Terms and Conditions of Purchase
Appendix C
Locus & Street Line Plans
1.0 - Bid/Solicitation Information
Pre-Bid/Proposal Conference: No
Requests for Further Information:
January 21, 2021 by 10:00 AM
Requests for information or clarification must be made electronically to the attention of
the following:
Peter Wingate - Purchasing Director
Please reference the RFQ # 21-015 on all correspondence. Answers to questions
received, if any, will be posted on the internet as an addendum to this bid solicitation.
Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) Deadline:
January 28, 2021 by 10:00 AM
Late submittals will not be considered.
SOQs must be mailed or hand-delivered in a sealed envelope marked with the RFQ#
and Project Name to:
Pawtucket City Hall - Purchasing Office
137 Roosevelt Avenue
Pawtucket, RI 02860
Bonds/Surety Required
Surety Bond: No Yes
Bidder is required to provide a bid surety in the form of a bid bond or certified check
payable to the City of Pawtucket in an amount not less than five percent (5%) of the bid
Fidelity Bond: No Yes
Performance Bond: No Yes
The successful bidder will be required to furnish all insurance documentation as outlined
in the attached Purchasing Rules & Regulations and General Terms & Conditions of
The RFQ process and resulting contract are subject to the General Terms and
Conditions of Purchase. Submission of a SOQ in response to this solicitation is
acknowledgement and acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of
The City of Pawtucket reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids, and to act in
its best interest including, but not limited to, directly negotiating with any vendor who
submits a SOQ in response to this RFQ and to award a contract based upon the results
of those negotiations alone. SOQs found to be technically or substantially non-
responsive at any point in the evaluation process will be rejected and not considered
further. The City of Pawtucket may, at its sole option, elect to require presentations(s)
by bidders clearly in consideration for award.
2.0 - Instructions and Notifications to Respondents
It is the respondent's responsibility to examine all specifications and site
conditions thoroughly, and comply fully with specifications and all attached terms
and conditions. Respondents must comply with all Federal, State, and City laws,
ordinances and regulations, and meet any and all registration requirements
where required for contractors as set forth by the State of Rhode Island. Failure
to make a complete submission as described herein may result in a rejection of
the statement of qualifications (SOQ).
All costs associated with developing or submitting a SOQ in response to this
Request, or to provide oral or written clarification of its content shall be borne by
the respondent. The City of Pawtucket assumes no responsibility for these
A submittal may be withdrawn by written request to the Purchasing Agent by the
proposer prior to the stated SOQ submission deadline.
Prior to the SOQ submission deadline established for this RFQ, changes may be
made to a SOQ already received by the City if that respondent makes a request
to the Purchasing Agent, in writing, to do so. No changes to a SOQ shall be
made after the RFQ deadline.
SOQs are considered to be irrevocable for a period of not less than ninety (90)
days following the opening date, and may not be withdrawn, except with the
express written permission of the Purchasing Agent. Should any vendor object
to this condition, the respondent must provide objection through a question
and/or complaint to the Purchasing Agent prior to the SOQ submission deadline.
The respondent has full responsibility to ensure that the SOQ arrives at the
Purchasing Division Office prior to the deadline set out herein. The City assumes
no responsibility for delays caused by the U.S. Postal Service or any other
delivery service. Postmarking by the due date will not substitute for actual receipt
of response by the due date. SOQs arriving after the deadline may be returned,
unopened, to the respondent, or may simply be declared non-responsive and not
subject to evaluation, at the sole discretion of the Purchasing Agent. For the
purposes of this requirement, the official time and date shall be that of the
time clock in the City of Pawtucket’s Purchasing Office.
At the time and place fixed for the opening of SOQs, the Owner will cause to be
opened and publicly read aloud every SOQ received within the time set for
receiving SOQs, irrespective of any irregularities therein. Respondents and other
persons properly interested may be present, in person or by representative.
It is intended that an award pursuant to this Request will be made to a prime
Consultant, who will assume responsibility for all aspects of the work. Joint
venture and cooperative proposals will not be considered, but subcontracts are
permitted, provided that their use is clearly indicated in the respondent's
SOQ/proposal, and the subcontractor(s) proposed to be used are identified in the
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