IFB 155910 Mounted Ditcher

Agency: State Government of Virginia
State: Virginia
Level of Government: State & Local
  • 58 - Communications, Detection and Coherent Radiation Equipment
Opps ID: NBD14089186741254299
Posted Date: Mar 24, 2020
Due Date: Apr 13, 2020
Solicitation No: IFB 3626-2
Source: Members Only
IFB 3626-2
  • IFB 155910 Mounted Ditcher
  • Status: Open
  • Time Left:19 days
  • Closing: 4/13/20 10:00 AM
  • Issued: 3/20/20 12:30 PM
  • Last Amended: 3/24/20
  • Buyer:Brandon Amsel
  • brandon.amsel@vdot.virginia.gov
  • 804-371-2617

  • Issued By:Virginia Department of Transportation
  • Type:Invitation for Bids (IFB)
  • Category:Equipment - Non-Technology
  • Work Location: Statewide
  • PreBid Conference: 3/31/20 10:00 AM Pre-Bid Conference
  • Open Responses: 4/14/20
  • Description:Contractor shall provide Mounted Ditcher in accordance with the specifications of this solicitation
  • Amendment/Cancellation Information:3/24/2020 - Addendum 1 - Bid Closing and Opening Dates remain the same

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IFB 155910 Truck-Mounted Ditcher Spec.pdf (343.46 KB) IFB 155910 Truck-Mounted Ditcher Specs 03/20/20 Solicitation
IFB 155910 Required Forms.pdf (101.04 KB) IFB 155910 Required Forms 03/20/20 Solicitation
155910 Notice to Bidders.pdf (52.43 KB) IFB 155910 Notice to Bidders 03/20/20 Solicitation
155910 ADD1.pdf (73.48 KB) IFB 155910 Addendum 1 03/24/20 Solicitation

Attachment Preview

Administrative Services/Procurement
Maintenance Division
Truck-Mounted Ditcher
IFB #155910
I. Purpose
II. Questions Regarding This Invitation For Bid
III. General
IV. Specifications/Contract Requirements
V. Pre-Bid Conference
VI. Method for Payment
VII. Invoicing
VIII. Bidders Instructions When Submitting Paper Bids
IX. General Terms and Conditions
X. Special Terms and Conditions
District Shop and Delivery Addresses and Points of Contact
Make and Model of Equipment
VA State Corporation Commission Form
Normal and Emergency Contacts
Subcontractor Approval Request
See Required
See Required
See Required
See Required
See Required
Note: This public body does not discriminate against faith-based organizations in accordance with the Code of Virginia, § 2.2-
4343.1 or against a bidder because of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity,
political affiliation, or veteran status or any other basis prohibited by state law relating to discrimination in employment. Faith-based
organizations may request that the issuing agency not include subparagraph 1.e in General Terms and Condition C. Such a request shall be
in writing and explain why an exception should be made in that invitation to bid.
Administrative Services/Procurement
Maintenance Division
Truck-Mounted Ditcher
IFB #155910
The Virginia Department of Transportation (herein referred to as “VDOT”) is soliciting sealed bids from qualified firms to
provide truck-mounted ditcher for delivery Statewide.
The solicitation contains a provision for additional users to be added during the life of the contract. Refer to the
ADDITIONAL USERS clause in Section X, Special Terms and Conditions of this solicitation.
Quantities shown reflect the estimated initial equipment orders for fiscal year 2020/2021. Refer to the ESTIMATED
QUANTITIES clause in Section X, Special Terms and Conditions of this solicitation.
PERIOD OF CONTRACT: One (1) year from date of award with option to renew for four (4) successive one (1) year periods.
Any questions regarding this invitation for bid shall be addressed to Brandon Amsel (Brandon.amsel@vdot.virginia.gov,
804-371-2617). The issuing office shall determine whether any addendum should be issued as a result of any questions or
other matters raised. Provide questions by close of business on April 8, 2020.
For the purpose of clarification, each firm receiving this Invitation for Bid is referred to as a “Bidder” and the Bidder
awarded the contract to supply the goods and services is referred to as the “Contractor”. Virginia Department of
Transportation is referred to as “Department” or as “VDOT”, and “Representative” refers to the VDOT Contract
Administrator who will be administering the contract. This Invitation for Bids states the instructions for submitting bids, the
procedure and criteria by which a contract may be awarded, and the contractual terms which will exclusively govern the
contract between VDOT and the Contractor.
This IFB is for complete turn-key equipment, to include options and equipment as specified.
The equipment offered in response to this Invitation for Bids shall be new, unused, current production model. No prototype,
demonstrator, or rebuilt product will be accepted.
The following contains information that is considered vital to Bidders in developing their bid
response and to the Contractor in providing a completed product which meets or exceeds
specification requirements.
Special Instructions
1. General
The machine furnished shall be a truck-mounted, self-contained ditching machine. The unit shall be a Ditch
Master® Model 800 or equivalent.
2. Optional Items
This specification contains options that may be used during the life of this contract to purchase various optional
equipment, technician training, and operational training for the equipment denoted in the product specification.
3. Current Model
Equipment supplied as result of this solicitation must be a standard proven model of manufacturer’s latest current
production and include all standard equipment as advertised with additional optional equipment as specified herein.
All components, unless otherwise required by the product specification, shall be the standard or optional equipment
specifically advertised and installed by the manufacturer. The model furnished must have been in production and in
use by customers for at least the previous five (5) years or be the latest version of a previous model
Administrative Services/Procurement
Maintenance Division
Truck-Mounted Ditcher
IFB #155910
4. Manufacturing Experience
Manufacturers of any equipment supplied as result of this solicitation must have been in the business of producing
operational equipment units comparable to the specifications herein for at least the previous five (5) years. If proof
of manufacturing experience is requested, documentation of proof shall be provided to VDOT within 48 hours of
The bidder shall provide documentation to VDOT that validates a significant number of the make and model bid has
been sold in the United States within the previous five (5) years. If not provided with the bid, the bidder must
provide it within 48 hours of request from the Contract Officer.
A list of owners and/or user references along with telephone numbers may be requested by VDOT. If not provided
with the bid, the bidder must provide it within 48 hours of request from the Contract Officer. (See attached
Contractor Requirements
1. Literature
Bidders are required to provide descriptive product information (manufacturer's specifications/cut sheets) on all
items offered by Bidder to include any up-fit items. The literature shall clearly and specifically identify the product
being offered and include complete and detailed product information which demonstrates that offered product meets
the bid specifications. If literature does not meet ALL specifications herein the bid may be deemed non-
responsive. If literature is not provided with the bid, the bidder must provide it within 48 hours of request from the
Contract Officer.
2. Standardization
All ditcher trucks provided as a result of this solicitation must be the same brand.
3. Pre-Delivery Service And Inspection (PDI) Of Truck Chassis
The Contractor shall be responsible for obtaining chassis PDI. PDI shall be done by an authorized dealer and
factory qualified technicians for the make and model chassis being serviced. PDI can also be done by the Original
Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) prior to shipment or by a factory authorized up fitter shop.
a. Shall be processed on a regular work order and entered into the vehicle’s maintenance history with the
b. Shall be done at the factory, the selling dealer’s shop, an up fitter’s shop, or any authorized dealer shop
convenient to the up fitter. PDI shall be done in the USA.
c. Shall warrant that PDI was satisfactorily completed in accordance with factory standards.
d. PDI done by upfitter technicians at a non-authorized upfitter shop or sub-let to any provider other than an
authorized dealer shop is not acceptable.
4. Advertisement and Markings
No stickers, decals, or plates displaying dealer or distributor name or logo shall be affixed to equipment. The
manufacturer’s plate with model and serial number shall be affixed to each equipment unit.
5. General Workmanship
Construction and assembly, unless otherwise agreed to by VDOT, shall be new, in first class condition, in
accordance with industry standards and in accordance with specifications described herein. The following may be
cause for corrective action by the Contractor at no additional cost of VDOT.
a. Inappropriate or incorrect use and/or location of hardware or fasteners
b. Incomplete or improper welding, riveting or bolting
c. Rough, sharp or unfinished edges, burrs, seams, corners or joints
d. Hand cutting by torch
e. Welds that exhibit irregular bead patterns, excessive spatter and/or incomplete slag removal
Administrative Services/Procurement
Maintenance Division
Truck-Mounted Ditcher
IFB #155910
f. Misalignment and uneven gaps or spacing in assembly
6. Hydraulic Workmanship
Any hydraulic components added to the equipment by the original equipment manufacturer, selling dealer, or
aftermarket supplier shall use the best practices of the industry.
a. All hydraulic lines shall be correctly sized and rated for system requirements.
b. Any threaded components requiring sealant shall be treated with thread sealant.
c. Teflon tape on fittings and other threaded connections is not acceptable.
d. All hydraulic components shall be securely attached as recommended by the manufacturer.
e. Tubing and hoses shall be protected by grommets wherever they run through metal panels.
f. Hoses shall not be installed at less than the manufacturer’s listed minimum bend radius.
g. Hoses shall be provided with a protective sheathing wherever abrasion may occur due to movement of
components. Sheathing may be a heavy duty nylon product or flexible steel product.
h. Tubing and hoses shall be installed according to industry accepted practices.
i. All hydraulic hoses and fittings shall be routed to avoid contact with any blunt or sharp metal edges, where
j. Fittings shall be of the type recommended for hydraulic systems.
7. Electrical Workmanship
Any electrical components added to the equipment by the original equipment manufacturer, selling dealer, body
company, or aftermarket supplier shall be installed in accordance with industry standards and best practices. The
following standards are required.
a. Scotchlok™ or similar quick connectors are not acceptable.
b. External wiring shall be exterior grade and permanently secured per standard industry practices.
c. External electrical connections shall be in water tight enclosures
d. External electrical components (circuit breakers, relays, switches, etc.) shall be of water tight design
e. All wire ends (both external and internal) shall be fitted with the proper size spade, lug or ring terminals
f. Terminal to wire connections shall be properly soldered and protected with proper heat shrink tubing, crimped
connections are not acceptable.
g. All spade terminals or pin type wire connections shall be coated with a corrosion preventive compound,
designed for use with electrical components. Reference: Truck-Lite NYK-77
h. All panel penetrations shall be protected with correctly sized grommets and
create a weather resistant seal.
i. A properly designed circuit with a fuse or circuit breaker for protection shall be provided.
j. Shall have internal terminal block for wiring junctions.
k. Shall use compression fittings on jacketed cable, or accept plastic conduit (not vinyl tubing), to make a weather
resistant seal.
l. Cable from cab to external equipment shall be 1 piece for improved reliability. Splices and bulkhead
connectors are not allowed. (IF configured with a separate cab)
m. Position cab controllers for easy use by vehicle operator. VDOT shall approve location prior to installation. (IF
configured with cab controllers)
n. Electrical tape is not acceptable to secure or protect electrical connections.
o. Internal wiring and electrical connections shall be in protective enclosures.
p. Electrical cables and wires shall be provided with a protective sheathing wherever abrasion may occur due to
movement of components. Sheathing may be a heavy duty plastic product or flexible steel product.
q. Electrical connections and wiring shall be in weatherproof enclosures as described or inside surface mount
plastic junction boxes with covers.
r. Junction boxes shall be Betts Part #470041 or equivalent and shall have internal terminal block for wiring
s. Shall use compression fittings on jacketed cable or plastic conduit (not vinyl tubing) to make a weatherproof
seal. If cable, shall be Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) jacketed, cold bend tested to -40°F. If conduit, shall make a
weatherproof seal with box.
Administrative Services/Procurement
Maintenance Division
Truck-Mounted Ditcher
IFB #155910
t. External/non-enclosed electrical plug/socket connections shall be completely sealed and weather resistant to
withstand corrosion from winter salt spray.
8. Operation and Maintenance Instruction
The equipment manufacturer or dealer representative shall inspect the equipment after delivery and provide pre-
operational inspection, and operation and maintenance instructions to VDOT Equipment Operators and Technicians.
Because there may be several orders and deliveries by each District, up to 3 training sessions to include a maximum
of 4 hours of instructions shall be provided for each receiving district each calendar year within 5 business days of
the request, or later if mutually agreed by VDOT and the dealer. Inspections and training must be scheduled with
the VDOT District Points of Contact identified on page 31, District Shop Delivery Addresses and Points of
Contacts. This training must be performed before the unit(s) will be accepted for payment, unless waived by
9. Paint
Manufacturer’s standard color is acceptable unless otherwise noted in the specification. All exposed hydraulic
cylinder piston rods shall be covered to prevent over spray during painting.
10. Safety
All Equipment furnished shall conform to all current state and federal regulations as applicable.
11. Critical Spare Parts Listing & Inventory Requirements
Due to the nature of emergency response required to meet VDOT’s mission, VDOT may require the Contractor to
provide a list of recommended critical parts.
The listed parts will be evaluated by VDOT’s District Fleet Management for a final determination on parts
availability thru the Contractor. It’s VDOT’s expectations that the selected critical parts be available from the
Contractor with an 24 hour lead time to our Parts Contractor Mancon.
12. Delivery and Acceptance
a. Delivery
Unless otherwise instructed or agreed to by VDOT, delivery shall occur 120 days from the receipt of the
purchase order. Each unit shall be fully assembled and ready to operate before being accepted by the
Department. VDOT will inspect each item with the delivery person and note any obvious damage or defect that
was sustained prior to delivery.
Contractor shall provide a delivery schedule for multi-unit orders within 30 days of VDOT issuing PO.
Delivery schedules for single and multiple orders shall be updated by the Contractor and shall be in a
spreadsheet format provided to the VDOT Contract Administrator. Electronic updates preferred.
Equipment delivered on a trailer shall have the capability of being unloaded directly from the trailer without the
aid of a loading ramp. VDOT personnel will not be obligated to unload any equipment delivered on a trailer
requiring a loading ramp.
Delivery shall be Statewide to the locations listed on the attachment labeled “District Shop Delivery Addresses
and Points of Contact.”
b. Delivery Hours
Delivery will be accepted between the hours of 7:30AM and 2:30PM, Monday through Friday, except
Commonwealth of Virginia holidays. Any delivery date or time other than the specified time frame shall be
coordinated and approved in advance by the VDOT District authorized Contact Person or his designee. A
Twenty four (24) hour advance notice is required for all deliveries.
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