Jefferson Building New Fire Alarm & Generator

Agency: State Government of Virginia
State: Virginia
Level of Government: State & Local
  • C - Architect and Engineering Services - Construction
Opps ID: NBD14089467824376527
Posted Date: Aug 12, 2019
Due Date: Sep 12, 2019
Solicitation No: IFB 194-A8194-004R-1
Source: Members Only
IFB 194-A8194-004R-1
  • Jefferson Building New Fire Alarm & Generator
  • Status: Open
  • Time Left:30 days
  • Closing: 9/12/19 2:00 PM
  • Issued: 8/12/19 5:00 AM
  • Last Amended:
  • Buyer:Nikki Harris
  • 804-786-8425

  • Issued By:Department of General Services
  • Type:Invitation for Bids (IFB)
  • Category:Construction
  • Work Location: Thomas Jefferson Building, Richmond, VA
  • Web
  • Pre-Bid Conference: 8/20/19 1:30 PM Mandatory Pre-Bid Conference
  • Open Responses:
  • Description:Jefferson Building New Fire Alarm & Generator

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Jefferson Bldg. New Fire Alarm & Generator IFB Bid Form.pdf (133.6 KB) 08/09/19 Solicitation
Jefferson Bldg. New Fire Alarm & Generator IFB Cover page..pdf (7.57 KB) 06/14/19 Solicitation
Jefferson Bldg. New Fire Alarm & Generator IFB Notice.pdf (608.12 KB) 08/09/19 Solicitation
Pre-bid question form.doc (43 KB) 06/14/19 Solicitation
S1.1.pdf (1 MB) 06/14/19 Solicitation
Jefferson Electrical Bid.pdf (27.17 MB) 06/14/19 Solicitation
263600 - transfer switches spec_revised Dec 2018.pdf (69.29 KB) 06/14/19 Solicitation
283111 jefferson building fire alarm spec_revised Dec 2018.pdf (380.81 KB) 06/14/19 Solicitation
263213.13 fl - diesel emergency engine generators spec_revised Dec 2018.pdf (197.83 KB) 06/14/19 Solicitation

Attachment Preview

(Rev. 04/15)
Standard Bid Form Format
PROJECT: Jefferson Building Fire Alarm
Upgrade and New Generator Richmond VA
Project Code: 194-A8194-004
To: Commonwealth of Virginia
Department of General Services
Office of Procurement Services
In compliance with and subject to your Invitation for Bids and the documents therein specified, all of
which are incorporated herein by reference, the undersigned bidder proposes to furnish all labor,
equipment, and materials and perform all work necessary for construction of this project, in accordance
with the Plans and Specifications dated 2-12-19, as prepared by Dunlap and Partners Engineers for the
consideration of the following amount:
Complete Fire Alarm Upgrade as noted and in accordance with the Plans and
PART A = ________________________________________ Dollars ($
Complete Generator Addition as noted and in accordance with the Plans and
PART B = ________________________________________ Dollars ($
Fire Alarm Unitary Pricing: List a unitary price for a single notification device that includes
50’ of cabling/wire, conduit, all labor, any required accessories and system integration to make
device operational. This unit pricing will be used in addition to the allowance as specified in
sheet E001 if required.
1. Device
2. Wire
3. Conduit
___________________________________dollars ($__________________).
___________________________________dollars ($__________________).
_________________________________________________ DOLLARS ($
Standard Bid Form Format
Page 1 of 4
Contract award will be based on the TOTAL BASE BID AMOUNT shown above (including any
properly submitted bid modifications) as the Owner in its discretion decides to award.
The undersigned understands that time is of the essence and agrees that the time for Substantial
Completion of the entire project shall be 120 consecutive calendar days from the date of
commencement of the Work as specified in the Notice to Proceed, and Final Completion shall be
achieved within 30 consecutive calendar days after the date of Substantial Completion as determined
by the A/E.
Acknowledgment is made of receipt of the following Addenda:
If notice of acceptance of this bid is given to the undersigned within 30 days after the date of
opening of bids, or any time thereafter before this bid is withdrawn, the undersigned will execute and
deliver a contract in the prescribed form (Commonwealth of Virginia Contract Between Owner and
Contractor, Form CO-9) within 10 days after the contract has been presented to him for signature.
The required payment and performance bonds, on the forms prescribed, shall be delivered to the
Owner along with the signed Contract.
Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986: The undersigned certifies that it does not and shall not
during the performance of the Contract for this project violate the provisions of the Federal
Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, which prohibits employment of illegal aliens, or
knowingly employ an unauthorized alien as defined in the Federal Immigration Reform and Control
Act of 1986.
DISQUALIFICATION OF CONTRACTORS: By signing this bid or proposal, the undersigned
certifies that this Bidder or any officer, director, partner or owner is not currently barred from
bidding on contracts by any Agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia, or any public body or agency
of another state, or any agency of the federal government, nor is this Bidder a subsidiary or affiliate
of any firm/corporation that is currently barred from bidding on contracts by any of the same. We
have attached an explanation of any previous disbarment(s) and copies of notice(s) of
Either the undersigned or one of the following individuals, if any, is authorized to modify this bid
prior to the deadline for receipt of bids by writing the modification and signing his name on the face
of the bid, on the envelope in which it is enclosed, on a separate document, or on a document which
is telefaxed to the Owner:
Standard Bid Form Format
Page 2 of 4
I certify that the firm name given below is the true and complete name of the bidder and that the bidder
is legally qualified and licensed by the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational
Regulation, Board for Contractors, to perform all Work included in the scope of the Contract.
Virginia License No.: ______________
Contractor Class: ________________
Specialty: _______________________
FEIN/SSN: _____________________
Bidder:_____________________________ _______
(Name of Firm)
Valid until: ______________________
Title: _______________________________
If General Partnership (List Partners' Names)
If Corporation, affix Corporate Seal &
list State of Incorporation
State: _____________________________
(Affix Seal)
Business Address:
Telephone # ________________________
FAX # _______________________________
Virginia State Corporation Commission ID No.: _______________; or
If Contractor is a foreign business entity not required to be authorized to transact business in the
Commonwealth under Titles 13.1 or 50 of the Code of Virginia, or as otherwise required by law, please
Standard Bid Form Format
Page 3 of 4
provide an explanation as to why such entity is not required to be so authorized: ____________________
[Agency Small Business Participation Requirement:] % 50
Contractor’s Proposed Small Business Participation: % [Contractor insert percentage]
Standard Bid Form Format
Page 4 of 4
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