Agency: State Government of Virginia
State: Virginia
Level of Government: State & Local
  • 81 - Containers, Packaging, and Packing Supplies
Opps ID: NBD14089925967956761
Posted Date: Jul 30, 2020
Due Date: Aug 3, 2020
Solicitation No: QQ EVA001_QQ235842
Source: Members Only
  • Micro Business Set-Aside Award Priority
  • Status: Open
  • Time Left:3 days, 20 hours
  • Closing: 8/3/20 6:00 PM
  • Issued: 7/30/20 8:03 AM
  • Last Amended:
  • Award Method:Line
  • Award date:
  • Buyer:Kevin Davis
  • kevin.davis@dgs.virginia.gov
  • 804-328-3228

  • Issued By:Department of General Services
  • Type:QQ
  • Category:Supplies - Non-Technology
  • Bid Valid (Days):30
  • Service Area: Statewide
  • Special Terms and Conditions: SEE ATTACHED "VDC SPECIAL TERMS & CONDITIONS". A "Quick Quote Evaluation" (for awarded bids) is now available through eVA. BUYING VOLUME PROHIBITS GIVING RESULTS BY FAX OR PHONE.**EXTERIOR OF CASES SHALL CONTAIN A U.P.C. BAR CODE.

Attachment Preview

July 2019
AWARD: Awards made for VDC quick quote solicitations are in accordance with the current Commonwealth of Virginia
regulations, found in Chapter 3.10, section “g”, (pages 44-45), of the Agency Procurement and Surplus Property Manual.
If cash discount for prompt payment is offered, it must be clearly shown in the “comments” area of the bid document.
Discounts for early prompt payment will beconsidered in making awards (up to 3%, and no less than 20 days).
BID PRICES: Bid shall be in the form of a firm unit price for each item. “All or None” bids are permissible and can be for
all items or a group of items. You may provide both prices; “All or None” and “Individual”. Use the bid comments area to list
groupings and if desired the “Individual” price. Always enter the lower price as your primary bid. All items shall be quoted
F.O.B. delivered full freight allowed to the Virginia Distribution Center, Sandston, Virginia 23150.
QUALIFIED PRODUCT LISTS (QPL): For many VDC quick quote items it is necessary to pre-qualify products. When
approved brands and manufacturer item #’s are listed you are required to bid only those products. Bids for products that are
not pre-qualified shall result in your bid being considered non-responsive. Contact the buyer for instructions on how to
submit samples for evaluation and consideration to add to the QPL for future quick quotes.
SPECIFICATIONS: For many VDC quick quote items it is necessary to mandate minimum specifications. When
specifications are listed you must meet or exceed them. Bidders are required to make their supplier aware of our stated
minimum specifications. Upon request the awarded bidder shall supply documentation from their supplier verifying
compliance (before or after delivery). Falsifying or misrepresenting your offered product’s specifications shall be cause for
CERTIFICATION: Bidders certify that all products offered in their bid response meet or exceed the requirements as stated
in the solicitation, USDA IMPS, Virginia Department of Agriculture regulations, Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act,
Federal Wholesale Meat Act, USDA Grade Standards, Federal Specifications and Commercial Item Descriptions as specified.
All Products awarded and delivered against this bid shall be subject to inspection for compliance to the applicable
LATE DELIVERIES: The delivery period as stated on the bid will also appear on the resulting purchase order and shall
remain firm unless a change is authorized by the Virginia Distribution Center. If a delivery is late or non-conforming to
specifications, the vendor will be considered to be in default for the item(s). If a vendor is late on the delivery of any item and
is the low bidder for a subsequent delivery of the same item, the Commonwealth reserves the right to immediately terminate
that portion of the late or nonconforming contract without notice to cure given and purchase from another source holding the
defaulted contractor liable for any excess costs in accordance with Section 7.14 of the Vendor’s Manual. If a vendor
encounters a problem with the delivery date as stated on the purchase order, the vendor shall notify the Virginia Distribution
Center, stating his/her earliest firm delivery date. If it is found to be in the best interest of the Commonwealth, an extension
on the delivery date may be approved. If the new delivery date is not met, the vendor shall be placed in default.
EARLY DELIVERIES: Early deliveries will not be accepted without prior approval from the Virginia Distribution Center.
If a vendor asks to ship early, the VDC may accept such a shipment up two weeks early depending on inventory. The
designated contact person for approval of early delivery is the VDC Warehouse Manager at (804) 328-3224. Any exception to
his decision must be approved by the VDC Manager. If approval is granted, the vendor shall not bill the Virginia Distribution
Center prior to the contract delivery date, at which time the invoice shall be sent directly to the Virginia Distribution Center,
rather than to the Fiscal Office of the Department of General Services. If the VDC requests a vendor to make an early
delivery, the invoice shall be processed by the vendor directly to the Fiscal Office upon delivery of product.
SHIPMENT QUANTITIES: No over or under shipments are allowed without prior approval from the VDC buyer.
USDA GRADE CERTIFICATES: When a USDA Grade certificate is required on any item(s) being delivered to the VDC,
the following shall apply to any and all such certificates:
a. An original USDA “CERTIFICATE OF QUALITY AND CONDITION” is preferred; however, photocopies will be
b. The date of the certificate shall be within 12 months of the date of shipment to the Virginia Distribution Center.
c. The certificate shall show the Commonwealth of Virginia as “Receiver or Buyer”. Certificate shall state “Meets
requirements of the Commonwealth of Virginia.”
d. The certificate shall show matching primary container codes for all products being shipped to the Virginia Distribution
e. The certificate shall indicate the lot “Meets U.S. Standards for Condition of Food Containers”. A certificate which
indicates interior detaining or other interior conditions may cause the delivery to be rejected.
Where a USDA Grade certificate and corresponding product fails to meet the above requirements, delivery of such product
shall be subject to refusal by the Virginia Distribution Center. In a case where the Virginia Distribution Center refuses
product because of an unacceptable certificate, the VDC expeditor will contact the vendor immediately. The vendor will be
asked to replace it with an acceptable certificate and product.
Certification shall be provided at no additional cost to the Commonwealth.
When a USDA Grade certificate is required, it must precede or accompany the delivery. If sent early, it should go to the
attention of the VDC Warehouse Manager.
FROZEN PRODUCT REQUIREMENTS: Product must be completely frozen when received at the Virginia
Distribution Center. Product temperature must not exceed 0 degrees Fahrenheit (F) plus or minus 5 F. Product temperature
greater than 5 degrees F may be rejected. The maximum pallet height of frozen product is 64 inches.
MIXED FREIGHT DELIVERIES: Deliveries of non-refrigerated items combined with refrigerated or frozen items on
refrigerated trailers is acceptable, provided that the trailer has an entry sealing door (bulkhead) to isolate items. Dry goods
shipped on refrigerated trailers will be inspected upon delivery and are subject to refusal if packaging is found to be moisture
laden, the integrity of the packaging and/or product is deemed to be compromised, and/or the product shows evidence of
QUALITY OF PRODUCT SHIPPED: All food and beverage products shipped to the Virginia Distribution Center shall
be whole-some, commercially available, of institutional quality or better, recently produced and packaged, and at time of
delivery not be more than 12 months old. Products with maximum shelf life from mfg date of 12 months or less shall have at
time of delivery at least 90 days remaining shelf life and not be more than 60 days old. Net drain weights, label weights and/or
fill weights shall meet the minimum required as stated on the purchase order; count range shall be that shown on the purchase
order. The Virginia Distribution Center reserves the right to accept for delivery products that differ in weight, count, or other
minor variation from those specified, in which case the VDC expeditor will contact the vendor to make adjustment in price.
Any vendor who makes delivery of canned goods guarantees them to be free from swells and latent defects for a period of six
months after delivery to the Virginia Distribution Center. Should problems arise within this period due to swells or latent
defects, the vendor shall replace unacceptable product at no additional cost to the Commonwealth. Also, any products
received shall be replaced by the vendor at no additional cost to the Commonwealth should a problem arise as to foreign
matter, latent defects or damage, insect or rodent infestation, leaking, spoilage or evidence of tampering within six months
from date of delivery to the VDC.
Vendors are not restricted by any specification from bidding on a level of quality which exceeds the requirements stated on the
quote request or Invitation for Bids. However, the purchasing office will award to the lowest, responsive and responsible
bidder who can meet the specifications and any other requirements as stated.
DELIVERY LOCATION: Motor freight deliveries are accepted from 7:15 a.m. to 12:00 noon and 12:45 p.m. to 3:00
p.m., Monday through Friday, with the exception of Commonwealth of Virginia holidays and scheduled inventory
closings. Vendor shall contact the VDC for delivery appointment. E-Mail: deliver2vdc@dgs.virginia.gov, or phone
(804) 328-3224. No parking is allowed on or around the VDC facility which includes Ponderosa Drive and Riley
Ridge Road.
PALLETIZATION, SHRINKWRAP & STACKING: Deliveries shall be on 48” x 40” 4 – Way entry type hardwood
pallets, properly stacked for commodity provided and completely stretch wrapped (CLEAR WRAP ONLY) to the pallet.
Pallet gross weight shall not exceed 2600 pounds and pallet height shall not exceed 54 inches unless otherwise noted on the
purchase order. Shipments may also be rejected if: pallets are not properly rated and safe for the load or not tightly packed;
cases are crushed, sagging off center, or overhang the pallet(s); with mixed product. Tray packs for canned goods are
acceptable, if the trays are each poly-wrapped, to secure the cans within the trays. No loose product will be accepted; secure
packaging and wrapping on the pallet are required. If requested by the supplier or supplier’s carrier, pallets will be exchanged.
CASE MARKINGS: Outer shipping containers shall be properly marked as to content, brand, size, pack, etc., as applicable,
and shall be packaged in accordance with “The Fair Packaging and Label Act.” Cases shall have required markings on one end
and/or side. UPC bar coding should be present on all cases.
PROMPT PAYMENT DISCOUNTS: A discount offered for payment of 20 calendar days or longer will be calculated in
determining unit price net low bid of the item(s). Any discount in excess of 3% will not be considered in determining net low
bid but will be taken if paid in specified time frame.
ORDERING OPTION: The Virginia Distribution Center may, during the first 30 days after this contract is awarded, with
the concurrence of the contractor, place additional orders under the contract at the original unit price through issuance of
separate purchase orders. The aggregate of such orders shall not exceed 100% of the quantity originally stated in the contract.
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