SW Vets Home, Idaho Division of Veterans Services, Boise, Idaho

Agency: State Government of Idaho
State: Idaho
Level of Government: State & Local
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Posted Date: Aug 10, 2022
Due Date: Aug 15, 2022
Solicitation No: 19607
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July 25, 2022
�t-f\ FROM:
Architects, Engineers, and Constru�M�
Pat Donaldson, DPW Administr�
19607 IDVS: SW Vets Home, Boise
Owner's Representative Services
Division of Public Works
Boise, ID
RFQ submittal packages will be received at the Division of Public Works (DPW) office, located at
502 N. 4th Street, PO Box 83720 Boise, ID 83720-0072, by 3:00 p.m., Mountain Standard Time
Zone, on August 15, 2022, for furnishing Owner's Representative services to the State ofldaho.
Questions that arise as a result of this Request for Qualifications should be addressed to:
Barry Miller, Deputy Administrator
Division of Public Works
502 N. 4th St.
PO Box 83720
Boise ID 83720-0072
(208) 332-1916
Modifications (addenda) to this RFQ, if any, will be posted on the Division of Public Works web
page at https://dpw.idaho.gov/professional-services/. It is recommended that responders to this RFQ
check this page prior to making their submittal.
The services will be funded by state and federal funds. The Division of Public Works (DPW) will
manage the individual and/or team according to the terms and conditions of the award, State laws and
guidelines. The Owner’s Representative Individual(s) and/or Team(s) will receive general
instructions through the State. A Project Manager from DPW will be assigned to provide oversight
and act as liaison between the Department of Administration, the Agency, and the selected Owner’s
Representative is needed.
The scope of work includes an anticipated $105 mil. 5-story (165,276 sf) 152 bed Skilled Nursing Home
Facility on the existing Boise Veterans Home site located in Boise, Idaho. The building will consist of
private rooms with private bathrooms within a home like environment. Each home unit will also have a
shared common bathing suite, dining, living, patio and den/day area spaces. The facility will also include
a common food preparation area, laundry facility, maintenance and supply areas, a covered drop off/pick-
up area, and general parking space for approximately 260 vehicles. All home units will have direct access
to the community center via passenger elevators. The community center includes common multi-purpose
spaces, canteen/bistro, therapy, pharmacy, administration support spaces, and other common use spaces.
Design work for this project has already begun and a CM/GC RFQ has been issued.
A portion of the existing Veterans Home will be demolished to provide adequate space for the new
building. Once substantially complete, and the Owner is in full occupancy of the building, the remainder
of the existing building will be demolished and at that time the remaining parking lot and sitework will be
Additional work may include Owner’s Representative services for an approx. $55 mil. addition/renovation
of the Lewiston Veterans Home and $60 mil addition/renovation of the Pocatello Veterans Home.
All work is contingent upon award of federal grants associated with each project.
Serving as the State’s representative providing oversight of the IDOC Prison Project(s), the Owner’s
Representative will be responsible for managing one or multiple projects. Services may include the
1) The Owner’s Representative, in collaboration with DPW, will review the objectives and goals
to define and implement the project. Services may include:
Collaborate with IDVS and DPW to define project scope of work.
Assist DPW to establish the overall project budget.
Assist DPW to establish the project schedule.
Develop project communication plan.
Develop budget and schedule control plans.
Develop project quality assurance plan.
Develop and/or review applications VA grant/reimbursement documentation
The Owner’s Representative will be responsible for managing one or multiple projects ranging in
value from $55,000,000 to $106,000,000. Services may consist of the following:
1) Design Phase:
Assist DPW in selection of the project delivery method.
Assist DPW with selection of design professionals and consultants, including preparation
of requests for qualifications and contracts.
502 North 4th Street, P.O. Box 83720 Boise, Idaho 83720
Telephone (208) 332-1900
Review project scope with design professionals to communicate agency requirements.
Manage the project budget and federal 424C budget (allocating funds for various
categories such as consultant fees, construction, contingency, testing and plan review)
working closely with agency.
Evaluate initial requirements to ensure that project scope and budget are aligned.
Develop overall project schedule adjusting for scope and delivery method.
Perform constructability / technical reviews of design documents.
Identify scope changes and inform DPW of potential impacts to project budget, schedule,
Coordinate design consultant teams and user groups through the design process.
Attend meetings with program committees and advisory groups related to each project.
Agency coordination - identify key project influences such as research projects, existing
building conditions, etc.
Review contract amendments and pay applications (Owner’s web-based construction
management system).
Prepare documents and make presentations to the Permanent Building Fund Advisory
Council (PBFAC) for project approval.
2) Construction Phase:
Coordination of Bid Process, including attendance at pre-bid meetings and review of bid
proposal to comply with state statues.
Assist DPW with preparation of contracts.
Review and monitor contractor’s schedule.
Review submittals for compliance with design documents.
Review contractors pay applications.
Coordination of commissioning agent, testing services and special inspection
Attend construction meetings, review construction site activities, and evaluate
construction correspondence.
Assist DPW with coordinating the testing and abatement of any identified hazardous
Perform on-site observations of the progress and quality of the work, followed by written
field reports.
Review and ensure that all design professional’s and contractors’ documentation, such as
RFI’s, submittals, proposal requests and pay requests are being addressed in a timely
Evaluate contractor’s requests for changes or claims and make recommendations to the
design professional and DPW.
Owner’s Representative shall ensure that all project plans, correspondence, and fiscal
information is maintained in DPW’s construction management software.
3) Project Close-out Phase:
Participate in substantial and final completion inspections and verify contractor has
corrected any deficiencies.
Ensure required close-out documentation has been provided by the contractor.
502 North 4th Street, P.O. Box 83720 Boise, Idaho 83720
Telephone (208) 332-1900
The Owner’s Representative must disclose promptly to the Division of Public Works any
matters that may give rise to a potential conflict of interest on their part while performing
their duties hereunder.
Except as required for the discharge of its duties to DPW under this contract, or required
by subpoena or court order, the Owner’s Representative agrees to hold in the strictest
confidence all information documents, and materials obtained or developed in connection
with its services under this contract, and that the Owner’s Representative should
reasonably know to be of a confidential or sensitive nature.
Owner’s Representative to provide all necessary office equipment and supplies to perform
required duties and responsibilities, computer, cell phone, etc.
Work Product Ownership: All products of the Owner’s Representative’s work, including
reports, charts, sketches, plans, specifications, computer programs, or similar documents
become the sole property of the State of Idaho and may not be copyrighted or resold by
the Owner’s Representative. Access to State files, software, programs, and contracted
services will be provided as necessary to facilitate consistency with the State’s Project
Management procedures and policies.
Plan Security: The Owner’s Representative acknowledges that the plans pertaining to any
DPW State project have been declared exempt from public record inspection for security
reasons. The Owner’s Representative hereby expressly acknowledges and agrees to
disclose plans only to a licensed architect, engineer, or contractor who is bidding on or
performing work on or related to buildings, facilities, infrastructures, systems, or other
structures owned, operated, or leased by the state.
Attend weekly meetings, or as needed with assigned DPW Project Manager Supervisor to
discuss project progress, issues, potential challenges, and overall performance of the
Provide monthly project status reports, or as required by DPW.
Pricing: Owner’s Representative shall be paid based on documentation and itemization of
work performed and included in invoicing. Invoicing must contain a detail of services
including rates and hours of work performed and rates of pay. Invoicing must also contain
a detail of mileage from the work location to DPW’s office. The State shall not be
responsible for any unauthorized expenses of the Owner’s Representative.
The State agrees to pay the Owner’s Representative an hourly rate of pay with straight
time for any time over eight hours, including weekends and holidays based on hours
worked. Hours are on an as-needed basis with a schedule developed with the Owner’s
Representative. Invoicing shall be submitted on a monthly basis.
The Owner’s Representative shall provide professional liability insurance, unless waived
in writing by the Owner, in an amount no less than $3,000,000 combined single limit. If
liability insurance required by this section is obtained through a “claims made” policy,
this coverage or its replacement shall have a retroactive date of no later than the inception
of this Agreement. The Owner’s Representative must maintain such liability insurance for
two (2) years from the date services are last provided under this Agreement. The Owner’s
502 North 4th Street, P.O. Box 83720 Boise, Idaho 83720
Telephone (208) 332-1900
Representative shall be responsible to pay all premiums, deductibles, and all costs not
covered by such insurance.
Any insurance provided under this article shall be in the form of policies or contracts for
insurance with insurers of good standing. Evidence of such insurance coverage or self-
insurance shall be in the form of a certificate of insurance or statement of financial
responsibility and shall include a provision that cancellation, refusal to renew the policy,
or change in any material way the nature or extent of the coverage provided by such policy
or policies will be ineffective without first giving the State thirty (30) calendar days
written notice by certified, or registered mail, return receipt requested.
The Owner’s Representative shall have technical knowledge of building design practices,
general construction methods and contract administration, Federal VA grant funding; state
and local building codes including IBC and electrical, plumbing, fire, and life-safety
codes; and accessibility code requirements. Should have good knowledge of Federal
paperwork 424c, Davis-Bacon, ect.
The Owner’s Representative shall indemnify, defend and save harmless the State of Idaho,
the Division of Public Works, (name of agency), their officers, agents and employees from
and against any liability, claims, damages, losses, expenses, actions and suits whatsoever,
including injury or death of others or any employees of the Owner’s Representative or the
Owner’s Representative’s consultants caused by or arising out of the negligent
performance, act or omission by the Owner’s Representative of any term of this contract.
The Owner’s Representative and any associated sub-consultants will be ineligible to act
as a design professional or general contractor for this project.
The Owner’s Representative and any associated sub-consultants may be required to
submit to a security screening which may include fingerprinting and criminal background
checks. A person with a conviction of certain crimes may be precluded from accessing
the site(s) or working on the project.
A. Specific Qualifications: Provide information relative to a person or firm's size, history,
experience, personnel, resources available, and general information who would be performing the
owner’s representative services. The Owner’s Representative should have a demonstrated
understanding of the local area, demographics, Federal VA grant funding and state public works
statutes. List educational background, professional licenses, certifications, and professional
affiliations for the past five years
Describe who will perform the various tasks under Sections 1 & 2 of the Required Services listed
above. Include their involvement, responsibilities, and relevant special expertise for three (3) projects,
with brief descriptions. The projects should demonstrate the person’s ability to perform the owner’s
representative services.
B. Management Experience: Describe the person or firm’s experience with various construction
delivery methods, constructability review, construction scheduling and estimating.
502 North 4th Street, P.O. Box 83720 Boise, Idaho 83720
Telephone (208) 332-1900
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