Baxter Rotating Rack Ovens and Accessories

Agency: State Government of Ohio
State: Ohio
Level of Government: State & Local
  • 65 - Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Equipment and Supplies
  • 73 - Food Preparation and Serving Equipment
Opps ID: NBD14186206233961327
Posted Date: Jul 29, 2020
Due Date: Aug 19, 2020
Solicitation No: 0B100021
Source: Members Only
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Baxter Rotating Rack Ovens and Accessories

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Baxter Rotating Rack Ovens and Accessories

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Commodity Category 1:
Food, Food Mgmt Svcs, Food Related Equip & Related Svcs
Opportunity Type:
Invitation To Bid
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Document/Bid #:
Requesting Agency:
Administrative Services, Department of
Issued By:
Administrative Services, Department of
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7/29/2020 thru 8/12/2020 8:00:00 AM
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State of Ohio
Department of Administrative Services
General Services Division
Office of Procurement Services
The original signed bid must be submitted to the Office
of Procurement Services to receive consideration for award.
OPENING DATE (1:00 p.m.)
Check if remit address is different and list on separate sheet
August 19, 2020
General Services Division
Office of Procurement Services
4200 Surface Road
Columbus, OH 43228-1395
Attn: Bid Desk
July 29, 2020
In addition to the standard terms for payment, the payment terms for state agency(ies) will
be 2%,10 Days, Net 30 Days unless otherwise stated in the following space. If no discount
is offered, bidder should circle “Net 30 Days”.
_______%, _______Days, Net 30 Days
Dept. of Rehabilitaion & Correction
4545 Fisher Road Suite “D”
Columbus, OH 43228
London Correctional Institution
1580 OH-56
London, OH 43140
See Delivery and Acceptance Paragraph on page 3
F.O.B./DEST. P.P.D. 77 Days ARO
Baxter Rotating Rack Ovens and Accessories
QUANTITY AND DURATION: This Invitation to Bid, which is not a contract, is considered to be a one-time procurement offer for the
product(s)/service(s) as listed herein. The successful Contractor may commence performance of the awarded contract upon receipt of
an official State of Ohio Purchase Order (ADM0523/ORDE). Upon completion of the contract and upon receipt of proper invoices,
payment will be provided by the ordering agency. The contract will then be considered as complete and no further purchases may be
placed against the contract. With the exception of approved overrun/underrun tolerances, any deviations from the quantity listed in the
awarded contract shall not be permissible nor acceptable.
INSTRUCTIONS TO BIDDERS and STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS, Revised 05/15/2020, are a part of this Invitation to Bid.
Copies may be downloaded by clicking the link above. All prior versions of Instructions to Bidders, Contract Terms and Conditions are
null and void.
Contract Components. Once awarded, the Contract will consist of: the complete Invitation to Bid, including the Instructions to Bidders,
the Standard Contract Terms and Conditions, any Special Contract Terms and Conditions, the bid specifications and any written addenda
or amendments to the Invitation to Bid or Contract; the completed competitive sealed bid, including proper modifications, clarifications
and samples; and applicable, valid State of Ohio purchase orders or other ordering documents (“Contract”).
INQUIRIES: All inquiries should be submitted a minimum of five (5) working days prior to the bid opening date through the Procurement
website, Locate the “Quick Links” menu on the right, select “Bid Opportunities Search”; Step 1, enter the “Bid
Number”; Step 2, click “Search”; Step 3, click the “Document/Bid Number.” The “Submit Inquiry” button is at the bottom right of the
Opportunity Detail page. Bidders will not receive a personalized e-mail response to their question, nor will they receive notification when
the question is answered. Responses may be viewed by clicking the “View Q & A” button located beneath the “Submit Inquiry” button.
The original signed bid must be submitted to the Office of Procurement Services by 1:00 o'clock p.m. on the above listed opening date to receive consideration for award. It is
requested that the bidder not sign their bid in black ink. Bidder certifies, by signature affixed to its bid, that the information provided by it in its bid including the certified statements,
is accurate and complete. Bidder declares to have read and understood and agrees to be bound by all of the instructions, terms, conditions and specifications of this Invitation to
Bid and agrees to fulfill the requirements of any awarded contract at the prices bid.
Rev. 03/05/19
Effective: 03/2019
Page 2
Bidders claiming preference for Domestic Source End Products, the Ohio preference, and/or the Veteran Friendly Business
Enterprise (VBE) must complete the following information. Any bidder who intentionally submits false or misleading
information in an attempt to receive a bid preference will be immediately disqualified and may be subject to legal action
up to and including debarment. The state reserves the right to clarify any information during the evaluation process.
A. DOMESTIC PREFERENCE (BUY AMERICAN): Revised Code 125:11 and Administrative Code 123:5-1(K)
[Not applicable to “Excepted Products”]
1. Where is each product/services being offered mined, raised, grown, produced or manufactured?
United States:
(State) Canada
(Go to B-1)
Other: (Specify Country)
(Go to A-2)
2. End product is manufactured outside the United States and at least 50% of the cost of its components are produced,
mined, raised, grown or manufactured within the United States. The cost of components may include transportation
costs to the place of manufacture and, in the case of components of foreign origin, duty whether or not a duty free entry
certificate is issued.
Yes (Go to Section B-1)
No (Go to Section A-3)
3. The Bidder hereby certifies that each end product, except the products listed below, is a domestic source end product
as defined in the Buy American Act and that components of unknown origin have been considered to have been mined,
produced, grown or manufactured outside the United States.
(Country of Origin)
(Country of Origin)
B. OHIO PREFERENCE (BUY OHIO): Revised Code 125:09 and Administrative Code 123:5-1-06
1. The products/services being offered are raised, grown, produced, mined or manufactured in Ohio.
No (Go to B-2)
2. Bidder has significant economic presence within the state of Ohio. Yes (Answer a, b, c, d below) No (Go to B-3)
a) Bidder has paid the required taxes due the state of Ohio Yes
b) Bidder is registered with the Ohio Secretary of State
Yes (Charter/Registration No.:
Questions regarding registration should be directed to (614) 466-3910 or visit their web site at:
c) Bidder has ten or more employees based in Ohio or border state.
Yes No (Go to B-2d)
d) Bidder has seventy-five percent or more employees based in Ohio or border state. Yes No (Go to B-3)
3. Border state bidder:
Yes (Specify which state then go to B-2c): KY MI NY PA IN
No (Go to B-4)
4. Border state bidder: mined products mined in respective border state Yes
No Not Applicable
C. VETERANS PREFERENCE (BUY VETERAN): Revised Code 9.318 and Administrative Code 123:5-1-16
Is the bidder a certified Veteran Friendly Business Enterprise as defined in Administrative Code 123:5-1-01(KK)
Yes No
Rev. 03/05/19
Bid No.: 0B100021
Page 3
AMENDMENTS TO CONTRACT TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The following Amendments to the Contract Terms and Conditions
do hereby become a part hereof. In the event that an amendment conflicts with the Contract Terms and Conditions, the
Amendment will prevail.
DELIVERY AND ACCEPTANCE: Supplies will be delivered and installed to the participating agency. The delivery location is
noted below:
Madison Correctional Institution Warehouse
1851 OH-56
London, OH 43140
Location of Installation:
London Correctional Institution
1580 OH-56
London, OH 43140
Acceptance (transfer of title) will occur upon the inspection and written confirmation by the ordering agency that the supplies
delivered conform to the requirements set forth in the Contract. Unless otherwise provided in the Contract, acceptance shall be
conclusive except as regards to latent defects, fraud, or such gross mistakes as amount to fraud.
The Rotating Double Rack Ovens, Roof Mounted Exhaust Fans, and Roll-In Double Oven Racks must be transported by the
awarded Contractor to the location of installation from the Madison Correctional Institution Warehouse.
DESCRIPTIVE LITERATURE: The Bidder may be required to submit descriptive literature of the supplies or services being
offered. If requested, the literature will be used in the evaluation process to determine the lowest responsive and responsible
bidder. If not provided as part of the bid response, the Bidder must provide said literature within five (5) business days after
request/notification by the Office of Procurement Services to do so. Any references, that may appear in the descriptive literature,
that may alter the terms and conditions and specifications of the bid (e.g. F.O.B. Shipping Point or Prices Subject to Change),
will not be part of any contract and will be disregarded by the state of Ohio. Failure of the bidder to furnish descriptive literature
either as part of their bid response or within the time specified herein will deem the bidder not responsive.
NON-MANDATORY SITE VISIT: A site visit will be held on 08/06/20 at the London Correctional Institution, 1580 OH-56, London,
OH 43140 to survey the facility and discuss the requirements of the bid. The site visit will commence promptly at 1:00 p.m.,
barring any unforeseen circumstance that results in a delay of the site visit. Attendance will be taken. The State will not be
responsible to a bidder for their failure to obtain information discussed during the site visit due to their arriving after the site visit
has convened or their failure to attend. The State shall not be responsible for any additional costs the awarded bidder may incur
due to any unforeseen site restriction(s) the bidder failed to obtain. Bidders should plan to arrive by 12:15 p.m. to clear facility
security. No more than one representative will be permited for each company in attendance. Representatives will be required to
wear facial coverings, submit to a temperature check, and answer screening questions for entry.
Bidders will be required to show a government issued photo ID, such as a state issued Driver’s License in order to enter the
facility. Bidders will not be permitted to bring any electronics, including cellular phones into the facility. Bidders will not be
permitted to carry any bags, including briefcases and purses into the facility. Padfolios and writing instruments are permitted.
Please contact Travis Ball by 08/03/20, 4:00 P.M. at 614-752-9292 or by email at to make
arrangements for authorization to enter the facility.
NOTICE TO BIDDERS: Security considerations at correctional institution(s) could create abnormal delays or rejection of
shipment(s). This would be due to fog alert, COVID-19 restrictions, emergency lockdown or other inclement weather. It is very
important to call the contact person prior to sending a truck for delivery. These delays are rare but may happen several times
per institution per year.
EVALUATION: Bids will be evaluated in accordance with Article I-17 of the “Instructions to Bidders”. In addition, the State will
multiply the unit cost by the quantity listed in the bid and then add each of the totals together to arrive at a low lot total for all
items. Failure to bid all items may result in the bidder being deemed not responsive.
CONTRACT AWARD: The contract will be awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder by Brand Name or Approved
Equal in accordance with Ohio Administrative Code 123:5-1-10(I). Bidders who offer alternate items to the Brand Names listed
must provide detailed written justification with their Bid, describing how the alternate items offered meet or exceed the Brand
Name items specified. The specifications for the Brand Names listed are considered necessary only to establish functional
requirements. Proprietary design, exact dimensions, capacities, or restrictive features will not preclude acceptance of other
recognized alternates meeting comparable performance requirements as determined by the State. Bidder signifies compliance
or non-compliance with specifications by listing and outlining all deviations from specifications on company letterhead and
returning it with the bid. Failure to provide this information may deem the bid not responsive.
WARRANTY: One-year parts and labor warranty with an additional 9 years for heat exchanger tubes.
Rev. 03/05/19
Bid No.: 0B100021
Page 4
Contractor will indicate, by checking the appropriate box(es) below, which mode of transportation will apply to this contract.
Bidder/Broker (“The Contractor”) or their Sub Contractor will make delivery or be performing services using a vehicle
that is owned, leased or rented. Provide Certificate of Insurance documenting automobile liability with a Combined
Single Limit of $500,000.00.
Goods/Services will be delivered via common carrier.
No employee or representative of the contractor will have cause to be on state property to make deliveries or to perform
List names of subcontractors who will be performing work under the Contract.
By the signature affixed to Page 1 of this Bid, Bidder hereby certifies that the above information is true and accurate. The Bidder
agrees that no changes will be made to this list of subcontractors or locations where work will be performed, or data will be
stored without prior written approval of DAS. Any attempt by the Bidder/Contractor to change or otherwise alter subcontractors
or locations where work will be performed or locations where data will be stored, without prior written approval of DAS, will be
deemed as a default. If a default should occur, DAS will seek all legal remedies as set forth in the Terms and Conditions which
may include immediate cancellation of the Contract. Failure to complete this page may deem your bid not responsive.
Rev. 03/05/19
Bid No.: 0B100021
Page 5
I. SCOPE: The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction seeks to purchase two (2) Rotating Double Rack Ovens,
two (2) Roof Mounted Exhaust Fans and six (6) Roll-In Double Oven Racks, for the inmate kitchen area at the London
Correctional Institution in London, Ohio. These machines are to replace old equipment that is currently being used in the
facility. The bidder will include the cost of shipping and delivery charge, installation, final connections, start-up, check out,
operator training, and removal and disposal of the two (2) existing rack ovens and Roof Mounted Exhaust Fans at the
London Correctional Institution. The awarded contractor shall provide, labor, equipment, supplies, components and any
other incidentals required to complete this project according to the specifications and requirements. There shall be no other
billable expenses. At the conclusion of each workday the awarded Contractor must remove all equipment from inside the
London Correctional Institution. Equipment may be stored on London Correctional Institution premises but must be removed
from inside the facility.
II. MANDATORY TRAINING: The Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) requires the completion of the
following training prior to beginning any work at ODRC facilities:
A. All individuals, contractors, volunteers and employees performing services inside ODRC facilities must read,
understand, sign and date the Standards of Conduct for Contractors, volunteers and interns, bid Attachment 1. A copy
of the signed documents shall be kept on file at the institution.
B. All Individuals, contractors, volunteers and employees performing services inside the ODRC facilities must also
undergo a background check conducted by the ODRC’s Centralized Background Checks Unit and complete up to
three (3) hours of PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) training prior to beginning any work at ODRC facilities. The
contractor must complete, sign and submit the following ODRC forms to the ODRC Project Manager. The following
forms and instructions on completing them as well as scheduling any PREA training required will be provided by the
ODRC Project Manager upon award of a contract. The ODRC Project Manager will coordinate all required training.
a. Independent Contractor Information Form (DRC1641)
b. Authority for Release of Information Form (DRC1404)
c. Prison Rape Elimination Act Background Check Authorization Form (DRC1422)
d. Staff Nexus Form (DRC1500)
e. Contractor, Volunteer, Interns Supplemental Questionnaire Form (DRC2013)
III. OVEN REQUIREMENTS: Rotating Double Rack Oven – Energy Efficient Gas (Baxter Manufacturing, Model Number
OV500G2-EE or equivalent).
A. Construction:
1. Stainless Steel Construction
2. The footprint shall be 72.0” W x 62.0” D x 104.5.0” H. The oven must fit with no building modifications.
3. Two (2) Single or One (1) Double Oven Rack
4. Type 1 Hood:
a. Minimum of 31” and Maximum of 35” overhang
b. UL710 listed
c. Single point exhaust
d. Grease Filter
5. In shot Burner System:
a. Heat exchanger consisting of 18 independent high-temperature, stainless steel tubes
b. No moving parts
6. Field reversible oven door
7. Viewing window with a safe to touch exterior
8. Independent electrically interlocked air safety switches for the draft inducer and hood
9. Adjustable Flush Floor
10. Floor Extender Package which includes a walk-in ramp
11. Prison Safety Features:
a. Tamper resistant Hardware
b. Lockable Control Cover with Clear Acrylic Window
c. Separate Hasp for Service panel Access
B. Controls:
1. Control Panel:
a. Programmable settings
b. Auto on/off feature
c. 4-step bake/roast setting
2. Diagnostic Center:
a. Status Indicator Lights
b. Built-in levelers
3. Manual back-up Control
Rev. 03/05/19
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