Professional Development Assessment and Analysis

Agency: State Government of Ohio
State: Ohio
Level of Government: State & Local
  • U - Education and Training Services
Opps ID: NBD14186206242548595
Posted Date: Jul 29, 2020
Due Date: Aug 5, 2020
Solicitation No: EDU20209207
Source: Members Only
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**Please Note** This opportunity was not issued by a DAS procurement program.
Please refer to the opportunity information in the attached document.

Opportunity Title

Professional Development Assessment and Analysis

Opportunity Description

Provide TTI TriMetrix EQ report, self-debriefing guide, and DISC workbook to thirty-one (31) employees. Following the self-assessment, provide a two (2) hour debriefing session regarding the assessment and two (2) additional one (1) hours support and reinforcement sessions.

General Information
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Administrative, Financial, Managerial, Courier, Insurance & Temp Svcs
Commodity Category 2:
School, Educational & Library Equipment, Supplies & Svcs
Opportunity Type:
Request For Quote
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Requesting Agency:
Education, Department of
Issued By:
Education, Department of
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Inquiry Period:
7/29/2020 thru 8/3/2020 8:00:00 AM
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Attachment Preview

Date: 7/27/2020
Request for Quotation Number: EDU 20209207
Please consider this as the Ohio Department of Education Request for Quotation for:
Professional Development Assessment and Analysis
Scope of Work:
Provide TTI TriMetrix EQ report, self-debriefing guide, and DISC workbook to thirty-one (31) employees.
Following the self-assessment, provide a two (2) hour debriefing session regarding the assessment and two
(2) additional one (1) hours support and reinforcement sessions.
The selected vendor shall provide the following:
(1) Provide thirty-one (31) assessments to ODE employees;
(2) Provide two (2) debriefing sessions regarding the results of the assessments; and
(3) Provide two (2) support and reinforcement sessions following the two (2) debriefing sessions
***Please provide a summary and/or overview of the content to be addressed in each session.
Minimum Requirements:
(1) TTI TriMetrix Certification; and
(2) DISC Certification
Evaluation Criteria:
The following criteria shall be considered to select a vendor. All criteria shall carry equal weight.
Qualifications to complete the work;
Availability of sufficient resources to complete the assignment expeditiously
Experience in offering assessments to education professionals; and
Value of content for de-briefing and enforcements sessions.
Special Work Information:
Bids must include all costs; travel and miscellaneous expenses shall not be paid as a separate itemized
Calendar Events:
Estimated Contract Start date:
Estimated Contract End date:
RFQ Issued Date:
Inquiry Period Begins: 7/28/2020
Inquiry Period Ends:
8:00 AM
Quotation Date:
by 1:00 PM
Fee Schedule or Rate:
Fee schedule, Flat fee or Hourly rate
Note: state cannot reimburse for travel expenses. Contractor may incorporate projected travel
reimbursements into the response, however they cannot exceed the General Service Administration
rates, nor be itemized.
Debriefing meeting
Support sessions
Unit of
Unit Cost
Shipping & Handling (if applicable)
Include the following required information:
1. Request for Quotation number EDU 20209207
Total Cost
Professional Development Assessment and Analysis
as described in this bid document.
3. Cost breakdown as described in the Fee Schedule/Rate section of this bid document.
4. Quote date expiration at least 06/30/2021
5. See additional requirements below.
Additional Requirements:
Affirmative Action
Before a contract can be awarded or renewed, for any amount in excess of $2,500.00, an Affirmative Action
Program Verification Form must be submitted to the DAS Equal Opportunity Division to comply with the Ohio
affirmative action requirements. An Affirmative Action Program Verification Form submitted to the Equal
Opportunity Division to comply with the affirmative action requirements pursuant to the Ohio Revised Code
New Supplier
If you are a new Supplier, a Supplier Information Form must be completed and submitted to Ohio Shared
Services. Both the instructions and the form can be found at:
If you have not received any payment from any State of Ohio department or agency within the past two years, or if
your business name or address has changed since the last payment, you will need to complete the attached IRS
form W-9. If you have received a payment within the past two years and if you have not changed your business
name or address since that payment, you will not need to complete this form. If you have difficulty opening or
printing the “pdf” file attached to this e-mail, you can find a blank form on the Ohio Office of Shared Services (OSS)
website also:
Contractor is required to provide electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment information and maintain such an
account for all associated payments. Contractor may sign up at
Please e-mail quotes to the attention of ODE Procurement Services by
1:00 pm and include the above Request for Quotation number in the email subject line.
Please submit all inquiries for the RFQ accordingly:
All questions regarding this RFQ should be submitted online only. Accordingly, the Department will post
responses online so that interested vendors may access and share the same information. Please limit
questions to no more than 5 questions per submission. (Note: Inquiry function is not available after 8:00 A.M.
Eastern on the specified closing date for inquiry. The system shuts down early to allow time to process
Note: Solicitation documents larger than two (2) megabytes cannot be posted on the state web portal.
To locate solicitation on State web portal and submit inquiry questions, please click here.
Insert bid document number “X” under “Document/Bid Number” field and click “Search.”
Click the bid document number hyper-link to view the document summary page.
To view the document, scroll and click the document link to open the document.
If you have questions, click “Submit Inquiry” to submit questions. If you would like to view previous
questions and answers click on “View Q and A.”
Office of Fiscal Services
25 South Front Street, 1st Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-4183
(877) 644-6338
Learn more about #EachChildOurFuture, Ohio’s plan to ensure each child is challenged, prepared and empowered.
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