DS020119 Mechanical Services

Agency: University of Connecticut
State: Connecticut
Level of Government: State & Local
  • C - Architect and Engineering Services - Construction
  • J - Maintenance, Repair, and Rebuilding of Equipment
  • R - Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
Opps ID: NBD14304786934322660
Posted Date: Feb 7, 2019
Due Date: Mar 7, 2019
Solicitation No: DS020119
Source: Members Only
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RFP ? Request For Proposal

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2/8/2019 DS020119 Mechanical Services
The University of Connecticut is seeking proposals from experienced and qualified firms to provide ¡°Mechanical Services¡± to meet the needs of the University. Services will be required as described in scope of work. The contract(s) resulting pursuant to this RFP will be based on CT DOL Standard Wage Rate regulations.
3/7/2019 2:00p.m.
(860) 486-4950

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RFP # DS020119
Mechanical Services Contract
Proposal Release Date
February 8, 2019
Proposal Due Date
March 7, 2018 @ 2:00 PM (ET)
Buyer: Dennis Sienna
Purchasing Agent II
Procurement Services
3 Discovery Drive Unit 6076
Storrs, CT 06269-6076
Phone: (860) 486-4950
Email: dennis.sienna@uconn.edu
Page 1
Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Background About UConn
3.0 Scope of Work
4.0 Instructions to Proposers
5.0 Submission Instructions
6.0 Standard RFP Requirements
7.0 Standard Contract Terms and Conditions
8.0 Form of Proposal
Appendix A Contract Form (Provided later via Addendum)
Appendix B Company Profile
Appendix C Gov. Jodi M. Rell Ethics Memo
Appendix D Anti Collusion
Appendix E - Vendor Code of Conduct
Appendix F - Pricing Workbook
Appendix G - References
Page 2
1.0 Introduction
The University of Connecticut (hereinafter referred to as the “University”) is seeking proposals from
experienced and qualified firms (hereinafter referred to as "vendor", "proposer", "bidder", “firm”, or
"respondent") to provide “Mechanical Servicesto meet the needs of the University. Services will be
required as described in scope of work. The contract(s) resulting pursuant to this RFP will be based on CT
DOL Standard Wage Rate regulations.
2.0 Background - About UConn
The University is a Land, Sea, and Space Grant consortium institution which occupies over 4302 acres,
enrolls over 30,450 students, and produces over 7,600 undergraduate, graduate, and professional
degrees annually. The main campus is located in Storrs, Connecticut and regional campuses are located
in the following Connecticut towns: Avery Point, Hartford, Stamford, Waterbury, and UConn Health
located in Farmington. Detailed University demographics are available via the following link:
3.0 Summarized Scope of Work
The University of Connecticut Facilities Operations Department maintains all buildings and infrastructure
components at the Storrs/Depot and branch campuses. Contractor labor and equipment is used as
required to supplement the University’s in-house resources. Services shall include all labor, equipment
and materials required to complete licensed, registered, and/or non-licensed services covered under the
awarded contract.
3.1 Scope of Services:
3.1 Services shall include the following trade classifications: The contractor is required to have
been licensed and/or registered with the State of Connecticut in the trade(s), which they are
proposing for a minimum of five (5) years at the time of the bid opening.
3.1.1 Air Conditioning and Ventilation System Service and Repair including HVAC Control
System Service and Repair and Duct Cleaning Services
3.1.2 Boiler/Burner Service and Repair
3.1.3 Electricians Service
3.1.4 Medium Voltage Electricians Service
3.1.5 Plumbers Service
3.1.6 Welders Service
Page 3
3.1.7 Sewer/Mechanical Contractors
3.2 Contractors Equipment: The Contractor shall supply all tools and equipment required for the
execution of the assigned work. A detailed Equipment List must be provided in your response.
3.2.1 Non-compensable Equipment: All trade related equipment, hand tools and power tools,
normally supplied with the labor to complete services are not compensable. The provision and
use of this equipment shall be included in the Labor rate.
3.2.2 Compensable Equipment: When “special equipment” (as agreed to by the University) is
required to perform the Work, compensation to the Contractor shall be as follows: Rented Equipment (Used directly on the Work and by the Contractor’s or
Subcontractor’s own forces) shall be compensable at actual rental invoice cost to the
contractor with no markup allowance.
3.3 Material Inventory: The Contractor must maintain adequate stocks of parts and materials both
on service vehicles and at local office locations to allow for the timely completion of assigned
3.3.1 All equipment, parts and materials shall be provided and installed in accordance with
the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), American National Standards Institute
(ANSI) and all State and Local Building and Fire Codes.
3.3.2 All equipment and materials provided must meet University specifications or approval.
3.4 Warranty Workmanship and Materials: All equipment, materials and labor provided under
this contract shall be warranted by the providing Contractor. Equipment and material
warranties are the responsibility of the Contractor.
3.4.1 Contractors shall warranty all work performed under this contract award for a period of
one (1) year from the completion date of service provided.
3.4.2 If during that one (1) year period of warranty, any part installed under the contract fails
or does not function properly due to any fault in materials, workmanship or installation, the
contractor shall, under notice from the University, promptly proceed to repair or replace the
faulty item at no cost to the University.
3.4.3 One (1) year is the minimum material and equipment warranty period, if the
manufacturer’s warranty period exceeds this minimum the longer term shall prevail.
3.5 Response Times: The Contractor must be able to respond to the needs of the University in a
timely fashion.
Page 4
3.5.1 The contractor must provide twenty-four (24) hour emergency telephone numbers at
which qualified staff can be reached in case of an emergency. The telephone numbers shall not
be forwarded to an answering machine.
3.5.2 Contractors are required to respond within two (2) hours after notification of an
emergency call.
3.5.3 Contractors are required to respond within forty eight (48) hours after notification of
routine maintenance requirements.
3.5.4 Contractors estimating staff are required to respond within forty eight (48) hours after
notification of a quotation request. Quotations must be provided in a timely fashion as
determined by the University.
3.6 Worksite Conditions:
3.6.1 All work must be performed in a safe manner in compliance with all University policies
found in the University’s “Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Requirements for
Construction, Service and Maintenance Contractors” Manual. The referenced manual can be
found here:
Awarded Contractors shall provide the referenced manual to all assigned staff and insure said
staff understands and complies with all policies referenced therein.
3.6.2 The Contractor shall at its sole expense immediately correct any dangerous condition
caused by or as a result of the Contractor’s work.
3.6.3 The Contractor shall be held solely responsible for any damage to existing structures,
systems, equipment and/or site caused by their representatives, employees and sub-
contractors and shall repair or replace same to its original condition at no additional cost to the
3.6.4 If any shutdown of services is required, the Contractor must contact the University prior
to shut down.
3.6.5 The Contractor shall keep the site cleaned and swept on a daily basis, or more often if
required to keep premises clean and safe.
3.6.6 The Contractor must remove all rubbish, materials, and debris from the work site on a
daily basis.
3.6.7 Existing walks, driveways and parking areas are to be kept free and clean at all times.
3.7 Contractor’s Responsibilities: It is not the intent of this document to describe all existing
Page 5
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