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Agency: State of Vermont
State: Vermont
Level of Government: State & Local
  • 48 - Valves
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Posted Date: Jul 31, 2020
Due Date: Aug 14, 2020
Source: Members Only
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Tax Laser Check Stock 08/07/2020 03:00PM 08/14/2020 04:30PM

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Department of Buildings and General Services
Office of Purchasing & Contracting
109 State Street
[phone] 802-828-2211
Montpelier VT 05609-3001
Agency of Administration
Tax Laser Check Stock
August, 7, 2020 3:00pm
August, 14, 2020 4:30 PM (EST)
Linda Wortman
(802) 828-4658
1.1. SCOPE AND BACKGROUND: Through this Request for Proposal (RFP) the Office of Purchasing &
Contracting (hereinafter the “State”) on behalf of the Tax Department is seeking to establish contracts
with one or more companies that can provide Laser Check Stock.
1.2. CONTRACT PERIOD: Contracts arising from this RFP will be for a period of 24-months with an option to
renew for up to two additional twelve-month periods. The State anticipates the start date will be
September 1, 2020.
1.3. SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT: All communications concerning this RFP are to be addressed in writing
to the State Contact listed on the front page of this RFP. Actual or attempted contact with any other
individual from the State concerning this RFP is strictly prohibited and may result in disqualification.
1.4. QUESTION AND ANSWER PERIOD: Any vendor requiring clarification of any section of this RFP or
wishing to comment on any requirement of the RFP must submit specific questions in writing no later
than the deadline for question indicated on the first page of this RFP. Questions may be e-mailed to the
point of contact on the front page of this RFP. Questions or comments not raised in writing on or before
the last day of the question period are thereafter waived. At the close of the question period a copy of all
questions or comments and the State's responses will be posted on the State’s web site Every effort will be made to post this information as soon as
possible after the question period ends, contingent on the number and complexity of the questions.
1.5. CHANGES TO THIS RFP: Any modifications to this RFP will be made in writing by the State through the
issuance of an Addendum to this RFP and posted online at .
Verbal instructions or written instructions from any other source are not to be considered.
1.6. CONTRACT QUANTITY: Any quantities stated in the detailed requirements of this RFP are estimates
only based on prior usage, and are annual quantities, unless otherwise stated. Actual purchases may be
higher or lower depending on the state’s needs.
2. DETAILED REQUIREMENTS: Tax Refund Laser Check with Control Number. Number to be determined.
2.1. STOCK: 24# check stock with security features:
On the face of the check to include: void pantograph to show up when scanned or copied,
blue/pink/blue background dyes and design across check, warning border printed in reverse type.
On back of the check to include: Endorsement area on back in gray ink, anti-splice laid lines across
back of check, watermark with “Protected Document” wording on it.
2.2. SIZE: 8-1/2” X 11” with horizontal perforation on bottom of sheet where check is, 3-1/3” from bottom.
2.3. PRINTING: Forms must be able to be printed on Lexmark ST Optra ST9530 and ST9630 printers.
2.4. FOLDER AND INSERTER: Forms must be able to be folded and inserted in envelopes via MBO Type B26
Folder and Bell & Howell Forerunner 11.
2.5. PACKAGING: Forms to be packed 2,500 sheets per carton. Internal packaging is required in packages of
500 with cardboard in between each package. Check stock must lie flat with no bending.
2.6. ORDERS: Estimated forms ordered 100,000-200,000 per order. The estimated yearly quantity is
2.7. SAMPLES: Tax Department to receive 50 of the check stock with all the features prior to contract being
2.8. All Printing will be done in accordance with the State of Vermont Brand Standards and Style Guide which
can be found at:
3.1. Paper Stock
Production costs and conditions must be based on the paper stock(s) stated in specifications or
functional equivalent regarding quality, recycled content, and performance.
Revised May 18, 2020
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3.2. Quality Control
All work shall be performed by the contractor in accordance with the specifications in a thoroughly first-
class manner and must be satisfactory to the agency. Presswork shall be first grade, producing a clear,
sharp impression.
In order to avoid unnecessary changes in composition and presswork, the agency’s representative
shall provide the contractor with directions.
All cost for the movement of proofs and/or copy shall be the responsibility of the contractor.
If the agency’s complete copy, artwork, etc. are not ready for the contractor on the date listed in the
specifications, the delivery date may have to be extended.
The Division or Agency Representative shall be permitted, by appointment, to visit the contractor’s
plant during the time the job is being printed.
All disputes or problems between the agency and contractor that cannot be settled at the agency level
shall be referred to the Office of Purchasing and Contracting.
When equipment that forms are run on is listed on the form specification, by submission of a bid, the
Bidder is guaranteeing that the items bid will run on the equipment listed.
Days meaning working days.
Unless otherwise stated, the State will not accept overruns.
3.3. Packaging
All printed matter must be securely wrapped in paper or other material of adequate strength to protect
the contents from damage, and the packages shall be sufficiently tight to keep out dust.
Packages or containers shall be approximately uniform in size and convenient for handling and shall
contain equal numbers of copies, when applicable.
Each package must be marked with a description of the printed materials, quantity, and name of the
department ordering the work, and printing order number. The quantities stated on the labels must
coincide with the quantities in the packages.
If any job is rejected because of error attributable to the contractor, the contractor shall promptly reprint
the job without any additional charges to the agency.
3.4. Delivery
All completed work must be delivered in good order to the designated location(s) and at the
contractor’s expense.
Delivery terms shall be FOB delivered. It is agreed by the parties hereto that delivery by the contractor
to the common carrier does not constitute delivery to the State. Any claim for loss or damage shall be
between the contractor and the carrier(s).
3.5. Record Keeping
The contractor shall be responsible for the safekeeping of all materials submitted by facility, that are
used in a contract. The contractor shall be held as the insurer of the same and save and keep harmless
the State from all damages or loss by fire or otherwise.
If any such materials are damaged or lost, they shall be replaced by the contractor at no cost to the
State. All materials used in a contract are the property of the State, and the contractor must keep these
materials on file for a period of 2 years.
The contractor must notify the Agency before destroying the material.
The Office of Purchasing and Contracting or Agency may request that these materials be returned when
the contract is completed and may withhold payment until such time as the materials are returned.
Revised May 18, 2020
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4.1. PRICING: Bidders must price the terms of this solicitation at their best pricing. Any and all costs that
Bidder wishes the State to consider must be submitted for consideration. If applicable, all equipment
pricing is to include F.O.B. delivery to the ordering facility. No request for extra delivery cost will be
honored. All equipment shall be delivered assembled, serviced, and ready for immediate use, unless
otherwise requested by the State. No charge for packing, shipping, or for any other purpose will be
allowed over and above the price quoted. Prices quoted for printing are to include printing, binding,
wrapping, and packaging.
4.1.1.Prices and/or rates shall remain firm for the initial term of the contract. The pricing policy submitted by
Bidder must (i) be clearly structured, accountable, and auditable and (ii) cover the full spectrum of
materials and/or services required.
4.1.2.Cooperative Agreements. Bidders that have been awarded similar contracts through a competitive
bidding process with another state and/or cooperative are welcome to submit the pricing in response
to this solicitation.
4.2. STATEMENT OF RIGHTS: The State shall have the authority to evaluate Responses and select the
Bidder(s) as may be determined to be in the best interest of the State and consistent with the goals and
performance requirements outlined in this RFP. The State of Vermont reserves the right to obtain
clarification or additional information necessary to properly evaluate a proposal. Failure of vendor to
respond to a request for additional information or clarification could result in rejection of that vendor's
proposal. To secure a project that is deemed to be in the best interest of the State, the State reserves the
right to accept or reject any and all bids, in whole or in part, with or without cause, and to waive
technicalities in submissions. The State also reserves the right to make purchases outside of the awarded
contracts where it is deemed in the best interest of the State.
4.2.1.Best and Final Offer (BAFO). At any time after submission of Responses and prior to the final
selection of Bidder(s) for Contract negotiation or execution, the State may invite Bidder(s) to provide a
BAFO. The state reserves the right to request BAFOs from only those Bidders that meet the minimum
qualification requirements and/or have not been eliminated from consideration during the evaluation
4.2.2.Presentation. An in-person or webinar presentation by the Bidder may be required by the State if it
will help the State’s evaluation process. The State will factor information presented during
presentations into the evaluation. Bidders will be responsible for all costs associated with providing
the presentation.
For bid amounts exceeding $25,000.00 Bidders are requested to complete the Climate Change
Considerations in State Procurements Certification, which is included in the Certificate of Compliance for
this RFP.
After consideration of all relevant factors, a bidder that demonstrates business practices that promote
clean energy and address climate change as identified in the Certification, shall be given favorable
consideration in the competitive bidding process. Such favorable consideration shall be consistent with
and not supersede any preference given to resident bidders of the State and/or products raised or
manufactured in the State, as explained in the Method of Award section. But, such favorable
consideration shall not be employed if prohibited by law or other relevant authority or agreement.
4.4. METHOD OF AWARD: Awards will be made under the provisions of 29 V.S.A. § 903. The State may
award one or more contracts and reserves the right to make additional awards to other compliant bidders
at any time if such award is deemed to be in the best interest of the State. All other considerations being
equal, preference will be given first to resident bidders of the state and/or to products raised or
manufactured in the state, and then to bidders who have practices that promote clean energy and address
climate change, as identified in the applicable Certificate of Compliance.
4.4.1.Evaluation Criteria: Consideration shall be given to the Bidder’s qualifications and experience,
ability to provide the products/services within the defined timeline, and cost below.
Revised May 18, 2020
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4.5. CONTRACT NEGOTIATION: Upon completion of the evaluation process, the State may select one or
more Vendors with which to negotiate a contract, based on the evaluation findings and other criteria
deemed relevant for ensuring that the decision made is in the best interest of the State. In the event State
is not successful in negotiating a contract with a selected Vendor, the State reserves the option of
negotiating with another Vendor, or to end the proposal process entirely.
4.6. COST OF PREPARATION: Bidder shall be solely responsible for all expenses incurred in the
preparation of a response to this RFP and shall be responsible for all expenses associated with any
presentations or demonstrations associated with this request and/or any proposals made.
4.7. CONTRACT TERMS: The selected bidder(s) will be expected to sign a contract with the State, including
the Standard Contract Form and Attachment C as attached to this RFP for reference.
4.7.1.Business Registration. To be awarded a contract by the State of Vermont a vendor (except an
individual doing business in his/her own name) must be registered with the Vermont Secretary of
State’s office and must obtain a Contractor’s
Business Account Number issued by the Vermont Department of Taxes .
4.7.2.The contract will obligate the bidder to provide the services and/or products identified in its bid, at the
prices listed.
4.7.3.Payment Terms. All invoices are to be rendered by the Contractor on the vendor's standard billhead
and forwarded directly to the institution or agency ordering materials or services and shall specify the
address to which payments will be sent. Payment terms are Net 30 days from receipt of an error-free
invoice with all applicable supporting documentation. Percentage discounts may be offered for
prompt payments of invoices; however, such discounts must be in effect for a period of 30 days or
more in order to be considered in making awards.
4.7.4.Quality. If applicable, all products provided under a contract with the State will be new and unused,
unless otherwise stated. Factory seconds or remanufactured products will not be accepted unless
specifically requested by the purchasing agency. All products provided by the contractor must meet
all federal, state, and local standards for quality and safety requirements. Products not meeting these
standards will be deemed unacceptable and returned to the contractor for credit at no charge to the
4.8. SUBSTITUTION: Vendors may offer, in their bids, substitutes to items identified by a manufacturer’s
number or brand. When offering a substitution, vendor must describe any differences and provide
technical information that will assist in the evaluation.
4.9. ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION: Bidders are requested to complete the Environmental Information
Form which is included in the Certificate of Compliance for this RFP identifying the following for each
product being quoted:
a. Percent (%) of recycled content and post-consumer content; and
b. Mercury content certification.
4.10. SAMPLES:
4.10.1. Bidder Supplied Samples: The Commissioner reserves the right to request from the
Bidder/Contractor a representative sample(s) of the Product offered at any time prior to or after
award of a contract. Unless otherwise instructed, samples shall be furnished within the time
specified in the request. Untimely submission of a sample may constitute grounds for rejection of
Bid or cancellation of the Contract. Samples must be submitted free of charge and be accompanied
by the Bidder’s name and address, any descriptive literature relating to the Product and a statement
indicating how and where the sample is to be returned. Where applicable, samples must be
properly labeled with the appropriate Bid or Contract reference.
A sample may be held by the Commissioner during the entire term of the Contract and for a
reasonable period thereafter for comparison with deliveries. At the conclusion of the holding period
the sample, where feasible, will be returned as instructed by the Bidder, at the Bidder’s expense and
risk. Where the Bidder has failed to fully instruct the Commissioner as to the return of the sample
Revised May 18, 2020
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