Request for Proposal (RFP) Indoor Recreation & Aquatics Facility

Agency: City of Great Falls
State: Montana
Level of Government: State & Local
  • S - Utilities and Training Services
Opps ID: NBD14523547176764713
Posted Date: Sep 11, 2020
Due Date: Sep 21, 2020
Source: Members Only

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Monday, September 21, 2020
2:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time
City of Great Falls
Attn: Lisa Kunz
Civic Center
Room 204
2 Park Drive South
Great Falls, MT 59401
Requests for information regarding this Request for Proposal (RFP) should be
directed to:
Steve Herrig, Director, Park and Recreation
City of Great Falls
1700 River Drive North
Great Falls, MT 59403
1. SCOPE: The purpose of this RFP is to find a qualified consultant or consultants to
assist the City of Great Falls in final design, bid documents, bidding process,
construction documents, construction oversight, and grant management for a new
Indoor Recreation & Aquatics Facility with a total budget of $20 million. At a minimum,
the facility should meet current and future programming needs for swim lessons,
aquatic therapy classes, lap swim, open swim, pool parties, military training needs,
basketball, volleyball, fitness with child watch, classroom and meeting space. Park
and Recreation staff will provide data upon request of current projected and military
programming needs. There is interest in the community to include a 50 meter indoor
pool, indoor walking track, and climbing wall. Respondents are invited to provide
alternatives to accommodate those services if it does not exceed available grant
funding and budget of $20 million. The facility will be located on a 10 acre parcel
south of the Seibel soccer complex and should be planned with expansion in mind
and possibly commercial partnership or lease area to generate operating revenue
(pending a successful land swap, otherwise it may be located on a 3.7 acre parcel).
Attached to this RFP (titled Attachments C, D, and E) is a preliminary design and
renderings that were submitted with the proposal. The concept is offered to provide
proposed respondents an idea of what the Department of Defense approved and
anticipates. This RFP will only be awarded if the Federal Grant application request is
successful and is subject to approval of the City Commission.
a. The term “request for proposal”, also referred to as “RFP” means a solicitation
of a formal sealed proposal.
b. The term “respondent” means the person, firm, or corporation who/which
submits a formal sealed proposal.
c. The term “City” means the City of Great Falls, Montana.
3. COMPLETING PROPOSAL: All information must be legible. Each proposal must be
signed in ink by an authorized representative of the respondent and all required
information must be provided. The contents of the proposal submitted by the
successful respondent of this RFP shall become a part of any contract award as a
result of this solicitation.
sealed and submitted in or under cover to provide confidentiality of the information
prior to the submission date and time, pursuant to the Official Code of the City of Great
Falls (OCCGF) § 3.8.040. Upon opening, all proposals and supporting documents
are subject to disclosure consistent with Montana law.
5. SUBMISSION OF PROPOSAL: The respondent must submit five (5) copies of each
proposal in a sealed, opaque envelope marked on the outside of the envelope: “RFP:
Indoor Recreation and Aquatics Facility. Proposals are to be submitted to the City of
Great Falls, Attn: Lisa Kunz, City Clerk, 2 Park Drive South, Room 204, Great Falls,
MT 59401, prior to the date and time indicated on the cover sheet. Proposals may be
mailed or hand-delivered prior to the date and time for opening. No oral, telegraphic,
telephonic, electronic or facsimile submissions will be considered.
6. INQUIRIES AND ADDENDA: Interested respondents may contact Steve Herrig at
(406) 771-1265 or regarding questions about the proposal.
Steve Herrig will also receive written requests for clarification concerning the meaning
or interpretation of this RFP until seven (7) days prior to the submittal date. The City
may record its responses to written and oral inquiries and provide any supplemental
instructions in the form of a written addendum. The City may issue written addenda
before the date fixed for receiving the proposals. RFP addenda will be posted on the
City’s website at: It is the responsibility of the
respondents to check the website for any addenda prior to submitting a proposal in
response to the RFP.
received after the date and time indicated on the cover sheet shall not be considered
and, if the respondent is identified on the proposal envelope, shall be returned
unopened. Proposals may be withdrawn or modified in writing prior to the proposal
submission deadline. Negligence upon the part of the respondent in preparing the
proposal confers no right of withdrawal after the time fixed for the submission of
8. PROPOSALS BINDING: All proposals submitted shall remain valid and be binding
upon the respondent if accepted by the City within sixty (60) calendar days of the
proposal submission date.
9. PROPOSAL COSTS: Neither the City nor its representatives shall be liable for
expenses incurred in connection with preparation of a response to this RFP.
10. TAX EXEMPT: The State of Montana is exempt from sales taxes. The City of Great
Falls is a tax-exempt municipal corporation.
11. RIGHTS RESERVED: The City reserves the right, in its discretion, to accept or reject
any or all proposals, to waive any technicalities or irregularities in any proposal, and
to negotiate any and all terms of the proposal. All respondents agree that rejection
shall create no liability on the part of the City because of such rejection, and the filing
of any proposal in response to this request constitutes agreement of respondent to
these conditions.
12. DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: The City or any of its agencies will not hold harmless
or indemnify any respondent for any liability whatsoever.
13. INDEMNIFICATION/HOLD HARMLESS: Respondent shall, to the fullest extent
permitted by law, fully indemnify, defend, and save City, its agents, representatives,
employees, and officers harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, costs,
fees, losses, liabilities or damages of whatever kind or nature arising from or related
to respondent’s duties under any agreement resulting from award of this proposal.
The indemnification obligations hereunder shall not be limited.
14. LAW GOVERNING: All contractual agreements shall be subject to, governed by, and
construed according to the laws of the State of Montana.
15. ANTI-DISCRIMINATION CLAUSE: No respondent to this request shall in any way,
directly or indirectly, discriminate against any person because of age, race, color,
handicap, sex, national origin, religious creed, or other protected class. Successful
respondent shall comply fully with all applicable state and federal laws, regulations,
and municipal ordinances including, but not limited to, all workers’ compensation laws,
and all non-discrimination statutes and regulations.
16. INVOICING AND PAYMENTS: The Proposal shall include the terms of any specific
payment schedule. Invoices shall be prepared and submitted to the address shown
on any purchase orders generated as a result of the award of this proposal. Invoices
shall itemize the materials and services for which payment is requested. City agrees
to pay invoices within fourteen (14) days of Governing Body approval which should
occur within thirty (30) days of receipt of same.
17. CONTRACT PERIOD: It is the intention of the City to enter into a contract for a term
as set forth in the proposal, not to exceed the project deadline requirements. The start
date will be negotiated. The contract to be executed by the parties shall be in
substantially the same form as the City’s standard Professional Services Agreement.
A copy of said Agreement is posted with this RFP on the City’s website at: The Agreement shall incorporate by reference the
Request for Proposal and respondent’s successful proposal.
18. OWNERSHIP OF DOCUMENTS: Successful respondent shall work with the City and
other consultants to provide information requested in a timely manner and specified
form. Any and all documents, records, disks, original drawings or other information
shall become the property of the City upon completion for its use and distribution as
may be deemed appropriate by the City.
19. SEVERABILITY: The invalidity, illegality or unenforceability of any provision of this
Request for Proposal or subsequent Agreement shall in no way affect the validity or
enforceability of any other portion or provision of the Agreement.
The City of Great Falls is the county seat of Cascade County and is the third largest
city in Montana. Situated on the Missouri River in central Montana, the City lies
approximately 50 miles east of the Continental Divide, 120 miles south of the
Canadian border and 180 miles northwest of Billings, the largest city in Montana.
The City encompasses an area of over 21 square miles with a population of 59,100
according to the 2010 census report of the United States Census Bureau.
The City is a municipal corporation, operating under a self-governing charter with
the Commission-Manager form of government. The City’s legislative and policy-
making body is the City Commission, composed of a mayor and four commissioners
elected at-large. The commissioners serve overlapping four-year terms. The mayor
is elected for a term of two years.
The City Manager serves under contract with the City Commission and is hired
based on professional qualifications. The City Manager is responsible to carry out
the policies established by the City Commission, enforce ordinances and oversee
all departments and operations of the City.
In the City’s effort to provide an atmosphere where people come to live, work, and
play, the City wants to ensure that City services continue to meet the needs of the
community and enhance the quality of life for all citizens.
To this end, the City currently provides recreation services out of five separate
locations; the Recreation Center located at 801 2nd Avenue North, the Electric City
Water Park located at 100 River Drive South, Jaycee Pool located at 4th Street &
26th Avenue Northeast, Water Tower Pool located at 34th Street & 7th Avenue South
and the Mustang pool located at 3911 Central Avenue. These five locations serve
more than 121,000 people per year, however, the City is in need of a new indoor
recreation and aquatics facility.
The purpose of the request for proposals is to design, bid, and construct an indoor
aquatics and recreation facility. The proposal shall include all aspects to be
included in the facility and shall address each item of the following scope of
a. Specify processes to be implemented in determining facility design, bidding,
construction documents, and construction oversight/management;
b. Include a preliminary design and construction cost estimate of the facility
demonstrating responsiveness to community needs, potential for revenue
generation and savings, and creativity while staying within the budget;
c. Identify the estimated square footage of the facility;
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