21-14 Houston County Detention Center HVAC Upgrades

Agency: Houston County
State: Georgia
Level of Government: State & Local
  • J - Maintenance, Repair, and Rebuilding of Equipment
  • Y - Construction of Structures and Facilities
  • Z - Maintenance, Repair or Alteration of Real Property
Opps ID: NBD15233804771690883
Posted Date: Jan 12, 2021
Due Date: Feb 16, 2021
Source: Members Only


21-14 Houston County Detention Center HVAC Upgrades

Start Date/Time:

1/12/2021 12:00 PM

End Date/Time:

2/16/2021 02:00 PM


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The Owner will receive sealed bids from Contractors in, Public Works Department, 2018 Kings Chapel Road
Perry, GA 31069 . Bids must be physically on the table in the Bid Room by 2:00 PM o’clock, at the time
legally prevailing in Atlanta, Georgia on
Tuesday, February 16, 2021
for the construction of
Houston County Detention Center HVAC Upgrades
located in
, Georgia. At the time and place noted above, the bids will be publicly opened and
Bidding Documents may be obtained Share File Site of the office of the Design Professional, JMA Architecture
Planning, If problems occur with downloading, call 478-987-1814. The Shared File Site link is:
Internet browser - Go to the https://jmaarch.sharefile.com/d-s0766a93e51ec40f2a235824f1fa3c3bd
Bidders are cautioned that acquisition of Bidding Documents through any source other than the office of the
Design Professional is not advisable. Acquisition of Bidding Documents from unauthorized sources places
the bidder at risk of receiving incomplete or inaccurate information upon which to base a bid.
There will be a pre-bid conference held on
Tuesday, January 26, 2021
, at
10:00 AM at
Public Works Department, 2018 Kings Chapel Road Perry, GA 31069 . Attendance at this conference
is MANDATORY for any Contractor intending to bid on this project. Others may attend if they so desire.
Interested firms are required to meet state licensure requirements and document minimum experience requirements with
construction as indicated in the documents. These requirements are specified in Section 01 4000 – Quality
Requirements. A copy of this section is available upon request.
Bidders' attention is called to Section 01 4000 – QUALITY REQUIREMENTS, which establishes minimum qualifications
for Contractors bidding this project. The Statement of Qualifications specified shall be submitted in writing to the Owner
as required in the Supplementary General Conditions. Bids will not be accepted from Contractors failing to meet the
qualifications established or from Contractors failing to submit the required documentation of qualifications. A listing of
qualified bidders will be published and distributed to plan holders of record. All protests of decisions regarding
qualifications must be submitted in writing to the Owner by not later than three working days thereafter.
Contract, if awarded, will be on a lump sum basis. No bid may be withdrawn for a period of thirty-five days after time has
been called on the date of opening except in accordance with the provisions of Georgia law. Bids must be accompanied
by a Bid Bond made payable to the Owner in an amount equal to not less than five percent of the Bid. Both a
performance bond and a payment bond will be required, each in an amount equal to 100 percent of the Contract Sum
prior to execution of contract.
The Owner reserves the right in its sole and complete discretion to waive technicalities and informalities. The Owner
further reserves the rights in its sole and complete discretion to reject all bids and any bid that is not responsive or that is
over the budget. The Owner anticipates that the contract will be awarded to the responsive and responsible bidder who
provides the lowest bid within the budget. In judging whether the bidder is responsible, the Owner will consider, but is not
limited to, the following:
Whether the bidder or its principals are currently ineligible, debarred, suspended, or otherwise excluded from
bidding or contracting by any state or federal agency, department, or authority;
Whether the bidder or its principals have been terminated for cause or are currently in default on a public works
Whether the bidder can demonstrate sufficient cash flow to undertake the project as evidenced by a Current
Ratio of 1.0 or higher;
Whether the bidder can demonstrate a commitment to safety with regard to Workers' Compensation by having
an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) over the past three years not having exceeded an average of 1.2; and
Whether the bidder’s past work provides evidence of an ability to successfully complete public works projects
within the established time, quality, or cost, or to comply with the bidder’s contract obligations.
In the event all responsive and responsible bids are in excess of the budget, the Owner, in its sole and absolute discretion
and in addition to rejecting all bids, reserves the right either to supplement the budget or to negotiate with the lowest
responsive and responsible bidder (after all deductive alternates are taken) but only for the purpose of making changes to
the project that will result in a cost to the Owner that is within the budget, as it may be supplemented.
1. Basis of Contract. Contract, if awarded, will be on a lump sum basis and will be substantially in accordance with the
Contract shown on pages Contract – 1 to Contract – 4.
2. Examination of Site. In undertaking the work under this Contract, the Contractor acknowledges that he has visited
the Project Site and has taken into consideration all observed conditions that might affect his work.
3. Surety and Insurance Companies. The Contract provides that the surety and insurance companies must be
acceptable to the Owner. Only those sureties listed in the Department of Treasury’s Listing of Approved Sureties
(Department Circular 570) are acceptable to the Owner. At the time of issuance, all insurance and bonds must be issued
by a company licensed by the Georgia Insurance Commissioner to transact the business of insurance in the State of
Georgia for the applicable line of insurance. Such company shall be an insurer (or, for qualified self-insurers or group
selfself-insureds, a specific excess insurer providing statutory limits) with an A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating of "A-"
or better and with an A.M. Best Financial Size Category of Class V or larger.
4. Bidding Documents. The Bidding Documents comprise the Construction Documents, the Invitation to Bid, the
Instructions to Bidders, the Bid Form, and all Addenda, upon which the bidder submits a bid.
5. Addenda. All Addenda issued prior to bid date adjust, modify, or change the drawings and specifications as set forth
in the Addenda. No Addenda will be issued within five days of the date set for opening bids without an extension of the
bid date. All such Addenda are part of the contract.
6. Interpretations. No oral interpretation will be made to bidders as to the meaning of the drawings and specifications.
Requests for interpretation of drawings and specifications must be made in writing to the Design Professional not later
than six days prior to the date set for receipt of the bids. Failure on the part of the successful bidder to request
clarification shall not relieve him as Contractor of the obligation to execute such work in accordance with a later
interpretation by the Design Professional. All interpretations made to bidders will be issued in the form of Addenda to the
plans and specifications and will be sent to all plan holders of record. Acknowledgement of receipt of such Addenda shall
be listed in the Bid Form by the Contractor.
7. Alternates. Unless otherwise stipulated, all alternate bids are deductive. It is in the best interest of the public, and
the intent of the Owner is, that the entire Project be constructed within the funds allocated in the Project budget. The
acceptance of any deductive alternate will be utilized as a last resort to accomplish the Project without requiring a
redesign and rebidding of the Project. Any alternate, or alternates, if taken, will be taken in numerical sequence to the
extent necessary.
8. Sales Tax. Unless otherwise provided for in the Contract Documents, the Contractor shall include in his bid all sales
taxes, consumer taxes, use taxes, and all other applicable taxes that are legally in effect at the time bids are received.
9. Trade Names, Specifications.
(a) No Restriction of Competition. When reference is made in the Contract Documents to trade names, brand
names, or to the names of manufacturers, such references are made solely to indicate that products of that
description may be furnished and are not intended to restrict competitive bidding. If it is desired to use products of
trade or brand names or of manufacturers’ names that are different from those mentioned in the Bidding Documents,
application for the approval of the use of such products must reach the hands of the Design Professional at least ten
days prior to the date set for the opening of bids (see 9(b) below). This provision applies only to the party making a
submittal prior to bid. If approved by Design Professional, the Design Professional will issue an addendum to all
bidders. This provision does not prevent the Owner from initiating the addition of trade names, brand names, or
names of manufacturers by addendum prior to bid.
(b) Request for Approval of Substitute Product. All requests for approval of substitution of a product that is not listed
in the Bidding Documents must be made to the Design Professional in writing. For the Design Professional to
prepare an addendum properly, an application for approval of a substitute product must be accompanied by a copy of
the published recommendations of the manufacturer for the installation of the product together with a complete
schedule of changes in the drawings and specifications, if any, that must be made in other work in order to permit the
use and installation of the proposed product in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer of the
product. The application to the Design Professional for approval of a proposed substitute product must be
accompanied by a schedule setting forth in which respects the materials or equipment submitted for consideration
differ from the materials or equipment designated in the Bidding Documents.
(c) Burden of Proof. The burden of proving acceptability of a proposed product rests on the party making the
submission. Therefore, the application for approval must be accompanied by technical data that the party requesting
approval desires to submit in support of its application. The Design Professional will consider reports from reputable
independent testing laboratories, verified experience records showing the reputation of the proposed product with
previous users, evidence of reputation of the manufacturer for prompt delivery, evidence of reputation of the
manufacturer for efficiency in servicing its products, or any other written information that is helpful in the
circumstances. The degree of proof required for approval of a proposed product as acceptable for use in place of a
named product or named products is that amount of proof necessary to convince a reasonable person beyond all
doubt. To be approved, a proposed product must also meet or exceed all express requirements of the Contract
(d) Issuance of Addenda. If the Design Professional approves the submittal, an addendum will be issued to all
prospective bidders indicating the approval of the additional product(s). Issuance of an addendum is a
representation to all bidders that the Design Professional in the exercise of his professional discretion established
that the product submitted for approval is acceptable and meets or exceeds all express requirements. If a submittal
is initially rejected by the Design Professional, but determined to be acceptable to Design Professional after a
conference with the Owner, an addendum covering the said submittal will be issued prior to the opening of bids. The
successful bidder may furnish no products of any trade names, brand names, or manufacturers' names except those
designated in the Contract Documents unless approvals have been published by addendum in accordance with the
above procedure. Oral approvals of products are not valid.
(e) Conference with the Owner. Any party who alleges that rejection of a submittal is the result of bias, prejudice,
caprice, or error on the part of the Design Professional may request a conference with a representative of the Owner,
provided: that the request for said conference, submitted in writing, shall have reached the Owner at least six days
prior to the date set for the opening of bids, time being of the essence.
10. Employment of Georgia Citizens and Use of Georgia Products. The work provided for in this Contract is to be
performed in Georgia. It is the desire of the Owner that materials and equipment manufactured or produced in Georgia
shall be used in the work and that Georgia citizens shall be employed in the work at wages consistent with those being
paid in the general area in which the work is to be performed. This desire on the part of the Owner is not intended to
restrict or limit competitive bidding or to increase the cost of the work; nor shall the fulfillment of this desire be asserted by
the Contractor as an excuse for any noncompliance or omission to fulfill any obligation under the contract.
11. Trading with the State Statutes, Ethics. By submitting a bid, the bidder certifies that the provisions of law
contained in O.C.G.A. Sections 45-10-20 to 45-10-71, which prohibit officials and employees of the state from engaging in
certain transactions with the state and state agencies, and the Governor’s Executive Orders governing ethics, have not
and will not be violated in any respect in regard to this contract and further certifies that registration and all disclosures
required thereby have been complied with.
12. Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act Requirements. No bid will be considered unless the
Contractor certifies its compliance with the Immigration reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA), D.L. 99-603 and the
Georgia Security Immigration Compliance Act OCGA 13-10-91 et seq. The Contractor shall execute the Georgia Security
and Immigration Compliance Act Affidavit, as found in Section 7 of the Construction Contract. Contractor also agrees that
it will execute any affidavits required by the rules and regulations issued by the Georgia Department of Audits and
Accounts. If the Contractor is the successful bidder, contractor warrants that it will include a similar provision in all written
agreements with any subcontractors engaged to perform services under the Contract.
13. Owner’s Policy Statement. The policy of the Owner is that minority business enterprises shall have the maximum
opportunity to participate in the Owner’s purchasing process. The Owner encourages all minority business enterprises to
compete for, win, and receive contracts for goods, services, and construction. In addition, Georgia law provides a state
income tax credit available to any business that subcontracts with a minority-owned business. [See O.C.G.A. §48-7-38
and O.C.G.A. §50-5-130. See also Executive Order of the Governor No. A-11-0002-1992.]
14. Bids.
(a) Bid Opening. Bids will be opened and announced as stated in the Invitation to Bid.
(b) Bid Submission. All bids must be submitted on the Bid Form as attached hereto and must be signed, notarized
by a notary public, and sealed with corporate E-Verify Number on outside of envelope. All blanks for information
entry in bid forms submitted to Owner should be filled. Blanks left unfilled constitute irregularities in the bid and place
the bidder at risk of having the bid rejected unless the Owner rules the irregularity to be an informality or technicality
that the director can waive, as is made clear in Paragraph 16 of these “Instructions to Bidders” and on the Bid Form.
Numbers shall be written in English words and in Arabic numerals. The inclusion of any condition, alternate,
qualification, limitation, or provision not called for shall render the bid nonresponsive and shall be sufficient
cause for rejection of a bid.
(c) Bid Security. Bids must be accompanied by a Bid Bond made payable to the Owner in an amount not less than
five percent of the Bid. Bid Bonds should be furnished on forms accepted as standard by the insurance industry, but
shall be substantially in accordance with the Bid Security Form attached hereto.
(d) Delivery of Bids. Bids are to be addressed to the Owner, at the address and room number shown in the
Invitation to Bid. Bids must be enclosed in an opaque, sealed envelope; marked with the Bid Date, Bid Time, Bid
Number, Name of Project; and identified with the words "Bid for Construction.” Bids must be placed in the hands of
the Owner at the specified location by not later than the hour and date named in the Invitation to Bid. After that time,
no bids may be received. It is the sole responsibility of the bidder to ensure the delivery of the bids to the required
(e) Alternates. A bid must be submitted for all alternates. Failure to so may render the bid nonresponsive and be
sufficient cause for rejection of a bid.
(f) Withdrawal of Bids. Bids may be withdrawn by bidders prior to the time set for official opening. After time has
been called, no bid may be withdrawn for a period of thirty-five days after the time and date of opening except as
provided in O.C.G.A Section 13-10-22 (appreciable error in calculation of bid). Negligence or error on the part of any
bidder in preparing his bid confers no right of withdrawal or modification of his bid after time has been called except
as provided by Georgia law.
15. Contract Award. Award shall be made on a lump sum basis to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. The
lowest bid will be the bid whose price, after incorporating all accepted alternates, is the lowest responsive bid that was
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