Side by Side - UTV

Agency: City of Grand Junction
State: Colorado
Level of Government: State & Local
  • 23 - Ground Effect Vehicles, Motor Vehicles, Trailers, and Cycles
Opps ID: NBD15349208476372080
Posted Date: Feb 20, 2024
Due Date: Mar 13, 2024
Source: Members Only

Side by Side - UTV

Responses Due March 13, 2024, before 1:00 P.M.

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Invitation for Bids
March 13, 2024 prior to 1:00 P.M. Local Time
Accepting Electronic Responses Only
Responses Only Submitted Through the Rocky Mountain E-
Purchasing System (BidNet)
(Purchasing Representative does not have access or control of the vendor side
of RMEPS. If website or other problems arise during response submission,
vendor MUST contact RMEPS to resolve issue prior to the response deadline.
Kassy Hackett
Phone (970) 244-1546
NOTE: All City solicitation openings will be held virtually.
See Section 3A for details.
Table of Contents
Section I.
Section II.
Section III.
Section IV.
Section V.
A. A.D.A Document Compliance Requirements: All work documents, and/or bid/proposal
documents submitted, as a result of this solicitation must comply with all applicable provisions of
§§24-85-101, C.R.S., et seq., and the Accessibility Standards for Individuals with a Disability, as
established by the Office Of Information Technology according to Section §24-85-103 (2.5), C.R.S.
and 3) all State of Colorado technology standards related to technology accessibility and with Level
A.A. of the most current version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), incorporated
in the State of Colorado technology standards.
B. Purpose: The Owner is interested in purchasing one (1) two (2) passenger side by side - UTV.
In comparing responses, consideration will not be confined to price only. The successful vendor will be
one whose product is judged to best serve the interests of the City.
With the exception of Pre-Bid or Site Visit Meeting(s) all questions, inquiries, comments, or
communication pertaining to t this solicitation (whether process, specifications, scope, etc.)
must be directed in writing to the Purchasing Agent. Other communication may result in
C. The Owner: The Owner is the City of Grand Junction, Colorado and is referred to throughout
this Solicitation. The term Owner means the Owner or its authorized representative.
D. Procurement Process: The most current version of the City of Grand Junction Purchasing
Policy and Procedure Manual is contracting.
E. Timeline:
Invitation for Bids Available on or about
Last Day for Questions, prior to 5:00 PM
Addenda Issued (If required)
Responses Due prior to 1:00 P.M.
February 20, 2024
March 5, 2024
March 6, 2024
March 13, 2024
A. Equipment Details and Literature Required: All bids must be accompanied by specification
sheets and/or descriptive brochures showing the detailed specifications of the equipment you propose
to furnish for the bid price. All equipment will be furnished with all standard equipment as described
by the literature presented with the bid proposal. References to items shown on the literature, which
the bidder does not intend to supply, must be so noted in writing as an amendment to the literature.
It is the bidder’s responsibility to provide specific equipment details to permit proper evaluation of the
bid; failure to do so may result in disqualification of the bid.
The body, finish, fittings and all components shall be the latest and most current model and shall not
have been used as a demonstrator or any other service and shall be factory standard in all respects
not in conflict with the attached Owner bid specifications. If the Owner is interested in a demonstrator,
such information will be supplied in the bid specifications.
The design of the vehicle/equipment must be such that it does not hamper or restrict subsequent
installation and use of emergency equipment, such as emergency lights and backup alarms.
When specifications for particular items are not defined, manufacturer’s standards are satisfactory,
provided the item is required for the proper performance of the equipment.
B. Emissions Standards: As applicable by law: Vehicles/Equipment must be supplied with
manufacturer’s standard equipment and all devices necessary to be in compliance with the most
current State of Colorado code, and the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Vehicle must
comply with all Federal and Colorado motor vehicle pollution control requirements and be capable of
passing State emissions tests. Delivery must include any EPA documentation. Vehicles and/or
Equipment not meeting the aforementioned standards will not be accepted.
C. Error and Omissions: If the bidder discovers any errors, omissions, lack of clarity or desires
further information about the specifications, the Purchasing Representative should be contacted
D. Guarantee: All equipment, units and components shall be guaranteed in accordance with the
following clauses:
a. Guarantee that the equipment offered is free from defects in design and construction and
that it will give continuous and efficient service under normal conditions for the duration of the
warranty period.
b. Guarantee that the equipment or vehicle is the manufacturer’s standard design in
construction and that no changes or substitutes have been made, unless otherwise stated.
E. Warranty: All equipment bids must include the manufacturer’s standard warranty, and this
information shall be provided with the bid. Additional or extended warranties may be requested; if so,
specific warranty information must be provided with the bid. The warranty period shall commence
after the equipment/vehicle is received and accepted by the Owner, unless special provisions are
made with the successful provider.
F. Operating/Maintenance Instruction: Where specifically requested in the specifications, the
bidder/supplier will instruct a given number of Owner employees in the operation and maintenance of
equipment. The instructions shall be of the scope and length to orient personnel in: operating
techniques, safety precautions, frequent inspection and servicing requirements, mechanical
adjustments and repairs unique to the equipment or vehicle. Instructions will be required at the Owner
site specified and provided on a schedule arranged after delivery of the equipment. If available,
manufacturer shall provide an operational safety video for specialty equipment (chippers, stump
cutters, leaf machines, etc.) Instruction schedules will be agreed to prior to invoice payment.
G. Delivery Date: All bids must be submitted with a delivery date.
H. Pre-delivery: Prior to delivery, new equipment/vehicle must be completely serviced in
accordance with standard new vehicle “Make Ready” and to the manufacturer’s specifications.
I. Delivery: All costs for delivery of the new unit will be assumed by the Bidder and included in
the net price. Unless stated elsewhere in this bid document, all deliveries will be made to the City of
Grand Junction, Fleet Services, 333 West Avenue, Building C, Grand Junction, CO 81501.
J. Prices: Prices quoted shall exclude Federal Excise and State taxes. Prices quoted shall be
F.O.B. City of Grand Junction, CO 81501.
K. Final Payment: Final payment for equipment and vehicles delivered under these specifications
will not be made until all terms and conditions have been satisfied.
L. Bid Evaluation Criteria: The evaluation of this bid will be based on, but not limited to, the
following: Compliance with specifications; proven performance; ease of operation, life-cycle cost, net
cost, supplier performance history; delivery time; compatibility with existing equipment, parts or
supplies; service/parts availability; and, advantageous superior design features.
M. Repair and Parts Manuals: An Operator’s and Service manual will be supplied with each new
unit, except when units are duplicate orders and then only one of each is required. Manuals must be
received prior to payment. Whenever available, the Owner prefers the manual in a CD format.
N. Additional Information: For information concerning the bid process, please contact the
Purchasing Department at (970) 244-1533 or check the City of Grand Junction web page at Copies of this bid document can be obtained online electronically on Bidnet at, from the Purchasing Division, 250 North 5th Street, Grand
Junction, CO 81501 or on the City of Grand Junction website,
O. Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin: The new Unit shall be delivered with the Manufacturer’s
Statement of Origin (MSO). Failure to provide MSO shall be grounds to refuse to accept vehicle.
P. Title: The awarded supplier shall provide Title work for the new vehicle within 10 days after the
receipt of payment from the City. Mail or deliver the Title to: Fleet Services, 333 West Avenue,
Building C, Grand Junction, CO 81501. If a problem arises in obtaining the Title within the 10 day
window contact Tim Barker in Fleet Services at (970)-244-1532, or via E-mail
Name on title shall read “City of Grand Junction”.
A. Submission of Bids: No bids will be considered in which the specifications, provisions or
conditions of the price proposal have been modified. Bids shall be received and acknowledged only
so as to avoid disclosure of process. However, all bids shall be open for public inspection after the
contract is awarded. Trade secrets and confidential information contained in the bid so identified by
Bidder as such will be treated as confidential by the Owner to the extent allowable in the Open
Records Act.
Solicitation Opening, Side by Side - UTV IFB-5399-24-KH
Mar 13, 2024, 1:00  1:30 PM (America/Denver)
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B. Assignment/Contract not used as Collateral: Neither party shall assign or otherwise transfer
any of the rights or delegate any of the duties set forth in this contract without prior written consent of
the other party. The bidder shall not use this contract, or any portion thereof, for collateral for any
financial obligation.
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