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Agency: University of Mississippi.
State: Mississippi
Level of Government: State & Local
  • 70 - General Purpose Information Technology Equipment (including software).
Opps ID: NBD15480585769548983
Posted Date: Aug 30, 2020
Due Date: Sep 14, 2020
Solicitation No: ITSS - 192
Source: Members Only
Solicitation Title Submission Deadline Date Submission Deadline Time Request Documents Submission Types
ITSS - 192 BizMiner License September 14, 2020 10:00 AM ITSS 192 - Notice of proposed sole source purchase.pdf


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Notice of Intent to Certify Sole Source
# ITSS 192
The University of Mississippi (UM) anticipates purchasing the item(s) listed
below as a sole source purchase. Anyone objecting to this purchase as a sole
source shall follow the procedures outlined below.
Commodity or commodities to be purchased (manufacturer, model, description):
BizMiner License
The need to be fulfilled by this item(s) and why it is the only one that can meet the
specific needs of the department:
BizMiner offers Standard Commercial Subscriptions to businesses and individuals who plan to
use BizMiner data in-house or in conjunction with value-added reports or projects for clients.
The Standard Commercial Subscription includes access to these BizMiner database licenses
(Licensed Content) during the license period. BizMiner provides tens of thousands of financial
and industry market trend reports each year to business valuation professionals whose
judgments are used to establish fair prices for business sales, litigation and merger transactions.
BizMiner provides accountants with thousands of industry financial analyses to help their clients
establish business goals and benchmarks. They provide benchmarking content to over 15,000
bank agents who use it to assess risk, develop business loans and market their services. Business
owners access their reports to help create business plans, for use in loan applications or to find
new business markets and opportunities. BizMiner helps 170,000 business students train for the
future, equipping them with the tools to make the most of entrepreneurship, accounting,
finance and marketing programs as they grow into tomorrow's business leadership. BizMiner is
an excellent resource for researching local industry market conditions. Their reports drill deeper
into industry segments than other research tools we’ve used. Their financial reports include
larger sample sizes for more accurate benchmarking, and all their reports provide a detailed list
of sources.
Name of company/individual selling the item and why that source is the only
possible source that can provide the required item(s):
BizMiner is unique in the industry. No other source presents clear-eyed market and financial
content for 9000 industries in reports covering any US market area: national, state, metro,
county, zip or radius. They provide customized local market analysis and financial benchmarks.
Market data is refreshed monthly, financial content twice a year. They provide personal, voice-
to voice customer service. They provide meaningful market analysis of local and regional market
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Why the amount to be expended is reasonable:
BizMiner is unique as it has statistical data that is useful to use as a benchmark and it can tell
possible trends in the market. This assists our Counselors to access our reports to help our
Business Clients create business plans, for use in loan applications or to find new business
markets and opportunities.
Efforts to obtain the best possible price for this purchase:
BizMiner is the only source for these detailed reports.
Submission Instructions and Format of Response from Objecting Parties:
Interested parties who have reason to believe that the item(s) above should not be
certified as a sole source should provide information in the following format for
UM to use in determining whether or not to proceed with awarding the Sole
Source purchase.
1.1 Interested Party Information
1.1.1 Contact Name, Phone Number, Address and email address
1.1.2 Company Website URL, if applicable
1.2 Objection to Sole Source Certification
1.2.1 Interested parties must present specific objections to the Sole
Source certification using the criteria listed above.
1.2.2 A statement regarding the Interested Party's capabilities as
related to this Sole Source Certification Request.
1.3 Comments will be accepted at any time prior to Monday, S e p t e m b e r
1 4 , 2 0 2 0 at 1 0 : 0 0 a m (Central Time) and should be sent to at The University of Mississippi Procurement Services
Department, 164 Jeanette Phillips Drive, PO Box 1848, University,
Mississippi 38677. Responses may be delivered by hand, via regular mail,
overnight delivery, or e-mail. T h e e n v e l o p e o r e m a i l s h o u l d
r e f e r e n c e t h e s o l e s o u r c e n u m b e r . U M WILL NOT BE
It is solely the responsibility of the Interested Parties that responses reach
UM on time. Interested Parties may contact Katherine Jones or Frank
Kemp at 662-915-7448 to verify the receipt of their Responses. Responses
received after the deadline will be rejected.
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If after a review of the submitted notice and documents, UM determines that the
commodity in the proposed sole source request can be provided by another person
or entity, then UM will withdraw the sole source certification and submit the
procurement of the commodity to an advertised competitive bid or selection process.
If UM determines after review that there is only one (1) source for the required
commodity, then UM will follow applicable ITS procedures for making the
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