Radiology Equipment Allied Health

Agency: St. Louis Community College
State: Montana
Level of Government: State & Local
  • J - Maintenance, Repair, and Rebuilding of Equipment
  • Q - Medical Services
Opps ID: NBD15546506168194048
Posted Date: Feb 6, 2019
Due Date: Feb 22, 2019
Solicitation No: B0003785
Source: Members Only
bid number managing coordinator/buyer telephone area code product/services description closing date/time Note
B0003785 KeJuan Torrence 539-5226 Radiology Equipment Allied Health Feb. 22
2 p.m.

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Purchasing Department
3221 McKelvey Rd
Bridgeton, MO 63044
KeJuan Torrence, Buyer
Phone: (314) 539 5226 Email:
All questions regarding this IFB should be submitted in writing to Please do not contact
anyone other than KeJuan Torrence for information regarding this solicitation.
Friday, February 22, 2019
2:00 p.m., CST
Date Issued: February 5, 2019
General Requirements
St. Louis Community College (the “College”) requires that all bids be signed by a duly authorized representative of
the bidder and received in the College’s Purchasing Department by emailing to on or before
the time and date of the bid opening specified below or their BID MAY BE REJECTED.
The College retains the right to reject any and all bids, to award a bid on an item-by-item or all-or-nothing basis and
to make the sole determination of what constitutes an acceptable equal product. If bidders offer alternate products in
their bid, they must include complete written specifications or their bid may be rejected. Bidders must also include
copies of all applicable documents such as, but not limited to, contracts, sales agreements and licenses. The
College retains the right to include these documents in the evaluation of the bid and to reject any bid where they are
in conflict with the College’s specifications, terms or conditions of purchase. Bidders may submit more than one
response to this bid request.
The College will accept no changes, additions or deletions to a bid after the time and date of the bid opening stated
below. By signing and submitting this bid, the bidder is offering to provide the specified items and services at the
price quoted, under the terms and conditions set forth in their bid response. If this bid is accepted by the College, it
becomes a binding contract and the successful bidder will be required to honor all prices, terms and conditions
specified therein. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in forfeiture of the bid award and may also result
in suspension from the College’s list of bidders in good standing.
DATE & TIME OF BID OPENING: Friday, February 22, 2019
Date Issued: February 5, 2019
Item/Service Requested: Radiological Lab Equipment
Purchased For: Forest Park Radiological Lab
Buyer: KeJuan Torrence
Telephone: 314-539-5226
College request ship date of: May 15, 2019
Bidder quotes ship date of:
Freight: $_________________________
College requests Net 30
terms & FOB destination.
Bidder quotes:
Payment Terms:
Bidder guarantees quotation for __________ calendar days from bid closing date.
FOB Point: __________________
(Authorized Signature)
(SELLER - Company Name)
(Print Name and Title)
Area Code/Telephone # / FAX #)
(Company Address)
(City/State/Zip Code)
St. Louis Community College is soliciting bids for the purchase of one (1) New Del Medical Radiographic System, one (1)
DelWorks Digital Radiography (DR) System and one (1) Delworks 17C Fixed Flat Panel Detector for use by the Radiological Lab
Department at the Forest Park campus, 5600 Oakland, St. Louis, MO. 63110.
Bids will be accepted on the equipment specified herein or an approved equal equipment meeting or exceeding the
specifications. The equipment described in this Invitation for Bid is identified by brand name and model number to facilitate the
understanding of the level of quality and workmanship required by the College. However, the College does retain the right to
make the sole determination of what constitutes an equal product meeting specifications.
If you are submitting an alternate brand/model, you are required to include with your response detailed specifications on the
brand/model offered. Failure to include this information will result in the disqualification of your bid. Bidders offering
alternate bids, must be prepared to demonstrate “on-site” the product offered, if the College finds it necessary for evaluation
purposes, after the bid closing has taken place. Equipment must be new, no refurbished or demo will be accepted.
1 Radiographic System
Brand: New Del Medical
Model: OTC 12 (or approved equal)
A. OTC 12 Ceiling Mounted Tube Suspension
- Minimum Source to ceiling distance 32.6 (830mm)
- Vertical telescope travel range (Manual only); 70.8 (1800mm)
- Longitudinal travel range: 136.4” with optional rail extension: 222.2”
- Longitudinal detent positions configurable during installation
- Transverse travel range, with standard 9.8’ rail: 84.6 min. with optional 13.1’ 137.8”
- Transverse detent positions, configurable during installation
- Tube rotation range, horizontal axis, -120®, +120
- Detent positions, horizontal axis, -90, 0®, +90
- Tube rotation range, vertical axis, -90®, 0, 90®, +180
- Vertical telescope travel range: 70.9
- Front display digital readouts: SID, horizontal tube rotation angle and generator control
- One (1) pair 80’ (24 meters) HV cables included with cable concealment and management system
- Standard 14’ fail included
- Refurbished/Reconditioned CR (new optional) 1
- Kit to convert manual collimation to auto collimation (for OTC12 Manual Tube Mount)
B. Ralco Certified Fully-Automated Collimator
- Direct control via CAN-Bus Protocol
- Possibility of operation with three Potter Buckys (a third board is required)
- High luminosity power LED for light field projection
- Timer to limit lamp exposure time is factory set at 30 seconds thus extending lamp life and preventing
overheating but may be varied with settings at 15, 30, 45 or 60 secs. Via dip-switches on the timer board
(ARSR001/C) or via CAN-Bus control
- LED indicators on the front panel show the mode of operation
- A digital ready of x-ray field dimension Focus Film Distance, (SID) and, if assembled, additional filtration
values and round field dimension
- Rotation shield: 150 kVp – 4mA
- Minimum inherent filtration 2mm aluminum equivalent (0,3mm and 1mm on request)
- Continuous film coverage from min. 00 x 00cm to max. 48 x 48 cm at 100cm FFD (SID)
- Device monitoring collimator angulation
- Linear laser to align the collimator with the cassette tray
C. Del Medical CMDR Series 40kW, 500mA, High Frequency Generator (Single or three Phase)
- 125 kVp
- Digital Interface for integration with Digital Radiography systems
- Full integration to DelWorks DR with one 23” Touch Screen Console
- One, two or three point technique selection
- Two Bucky Capability
- Power Cabinet with Auxiliary Power Supply
- Integrated service software assists in calibration and service
- Self-diagnostic circuitry with error code recording for fast trouble shooting
D. DAP Meter Kit for CM Series Generators
- Vacu-DAP Meter
- 20m cable with chamber to 9 pin Sub D at generator
- CM series generator key to enable DAP usage
E. AEC Kit with Interface Board and two (2) ion chambers
F. Mini console for Del Medical CMDR Series Generator (for us with integrated digital systems)
G. Del Medical CMDR Series Digital Interface for DelWorks DR. (Please note: applicable only for CMDR Series
H. Varian RAD 14 Tube – 90cable arms, 0.6x1.2mm FX, 300kHU, 150kVp, 12target, 3” anode
I. Del Medical EV 800 Elevating Table with Four-Way Float Top
- 800lb (363kg) patient load capacity
- 86.5 (220cm) x 35.9 (91cm) Fiber-Resin Table-top
- 21.75 – 33.77 height adjustment
- Table top movement: +/- 21.25 (54cm) longitudinal, +/- 4.5 (11.4cm) transverse
- Bucky travel:+/- 8.5 (22cm) longitudinal
- Silent Heavy-duty motor for quiet and efficient elevating action
- Recessed Foot treadle lock controls for longitudinal and transverse, table top up/down movement
- Tableside hand control provides an additional source for all table movements
- Integral collision safety sensors
J. Grid Cabinet, 17” x 17” (43cm x 43cm) and one size-sensing cassette tray
K. Table top hand control, controls all table functions (elevation and four-way float of top) For use on EV800
L. 103 line 10:1 Ratio, 33 – 44” Grid
M. Del Medical VS300 Wall Stand
- Slim Design Column
- Electric Fail Safe locks only require power to move column
- Ergonomic release handle
- Lateral patient handgrips included (standard)
- Height 84” (213.4cm) (includes vertical travel)
- Depth: 13.4” (34cm)
- Width: 24.6 (62.5 cm)
- Weight (with receptor): 200 lbs (91 kg)
- 0.4mm front panel aluminum equivalency
N. Grid cabinet for E17C/T17C fixed flat panel DR detector
O. Overhead Patient Handgrips for VS300
P. 103 Line, 10:1, 40 – 72” Grid
Specification continued…
Exceptions/Comparable Product offered:
Lead Time _________
Warranty Offered ________
2 Digital Radiography (DR) System
Brand: Del Medical
Model: E-Series (or approved equal)
1 $_________
A. DelWorks E – Series FIT Workstation with New Shimadzu Mobile
- DelWorks Workstation CPU and Software
- Tablet Docking Station
- Intuitive Technologist exposure guidance
- Advanced Image processing and algorithms
- Image reject tracking and analysis
- CD/DVD/USB Drive export/output
- DICOM store, Print and Modality Worklist
- Xplore Tech XSLATE R12: 12.5” (1920 x 1080) 800 Nit anti-smudge/reflective corning gorilla glass 4 screen,
Core i5 Processor, 8gb RAM, 256gb SSD, Windows 7 Pro
- 9 hour battery life (hot swappable capable)
- Camera: 8MP rear/ 2MP front camera
o Integrated battery charging bay, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, Ethernet, HDMIt, VGA, Serial, Audio In/Out,
DC-In, 100mm VESA hole-patterns
- Power Input
o 110 – 220v; 1.5A; 50 – 60Hz/ output: 19V; 2.64A
- Warranty Information
o Computer Hardware: three (3) year warranty on Xplore CPU
o Tablet Docking Station: one (1) year warranty on Xplore Docking Station
- Shimadzu MobileArt Evolution analog mobile x-ray unit should work seamlessly with the same DR panel and
software for image acquisition as the new Del radiographic room, and existing Delworks Radiographic
System. The DelWorks software combined with the E series 14x17 wireless DR panel is compatible with both
the radiographic room (using the DelWorks workstation) and with the Shimadzu mobile unit (using the
included tablet).
o 32kW maximum x-ray generator rating
o 40 – 133 kV tube voltage in 1 kV steps
o 0.3 – 320 mAs
o 400mA maximum tube current (under 20msec)
o 72APR setting user-selectable
o 300kHU tube capacity
o 0.7/1.3mm Dual focal spot
o Ultra-Quiet Motorized drive system with speeds up to 5km/hour forward-backware, zero turn radius
and up to a maximum driving slope of 7 degrees
o Power Assist Optimized (PAO) controls and sets the optimum traveling speed by the amount of
pressure applied to the steering bar
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