Airport Fuel

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Posted Date: Oct 2, 2017
Due Date: Oct 18, 2017
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Issue Date: 10/02/2017 Contract Number: Bid #44-17
Airport Fuel


Oswego County is soliciting bids for delivery of aviation fuel products with branded programs for the Oswego County Airport. All fuel products proposed in this bid must conform to all federal, state, and local pollution control regulations with ASTM specifications designated.

FUEL TRUCK (Optional)

The County currently owns an AV-Gas fuel truck and a Jet-A fuel truck. The County may require the successful bidder to lease to the County an AV-Gas fuel truck on an annual basis for the term of this contract.

The County may require the successful bidder to lease to the county a Jet refueling truck on an annual basis for the term of this contract. The jet fuel truck shall be a 2000 or newer jet re-fueler with a 2,200 gallon capacity or larger and shall have both over the wing and single point capability.


Jet-A Fuel must be pre-blended with additive with confirmation of current biocidal registration meeting ASTM D-1655 and ASTM D-4171. 100 Low Lead (LL) fuel bid must meet ASTM D-910 specifications.

Type 1 UCAR PG Aircraft Deicing Fluid Dilute 55/45 or approved equivalent.

The County reserves the right to inspect and sample each delivery when it arrives using commonly accepted testing methods. The County requires written bi-annual testing reports from the vendor as part of the vendors routine quality control program. The vendor must provide an approved quality control program that allows for on-site testing, as well as periodic seminar participation by the County.


  1. All deliveries will be filled directly into Oswego County Airport tanks. Deliveries shall be maintained on call-in as needed basis. Fuel delivery must be accompanied by a delivery ticket showing brand or grade and number of gallons delivered.
  2. Delivery Standards
    1. Price of bid shall include delivery to the supply tanks located at Oswego County Airport, 40 Airport Drive, Fulton, NY 13069.
    2. Delivery must be guaranteed within twenty-four (24) hours of request.
    3. All pricing shall be based on a metered ticket and/or temperature correction.
    4. Delivery shall be in tank truck lots of approximately 8,000 gallons.


Vendor must have the ability to provide a touch screen point of sale credit card processing system with automated backup system. This system must allow for a major oil company card acceptance without a processing fee or a cost to the County, and must also be compatible with the Countys self-service system, manufactured by Applied Technologies. All fees and cards accepted must be provided on the program, sheet.


Vendor must provide and install brand recognition signs at the Oswego County Airport. Signs must be illuminated, double-faced for pole top installation or single side illuminated for wall mount installation. The County reserves the right to approve or disapprove specific signs. Vendor must provide co-op advertising and include such offering on the program sheet.


Upon the Countys request, vendor must have the ability to relocate temporary re-fuelers to the Countys facility as needed within twenty-four (24) hours and without a charge to the County.


The successful bidder must furnish, if requested, proof of financial responsibility and ability to perform the required services if awarded this bid. In all cases, the decision of the County will be considered final. Vendor must provide a list of four (4) references, including at least two airports where they supplied major brand fuel for both Jet-A and 100LL, and two locations utilizing self-service systems.


The vendor guarantees to furnish adequate protection from damage to the Countys buildings, grounds or equipment occurring from any event related to the furnishing and delivery of fuel under this contract, and shall be liable for any damages for which the vendor or his employees are responsible.


Contractor must be prepared at all times to furnish engineering service when so required, and to investigate and report to the County Airport any complaint that might arise in connection with the use of the contractors aviation fuel.


If the bidder for service and/or supply contracts requires additional documents to be signed, or in the case of equipment a maintenance agreement is purchased, the terms and conditions contained in this bid document shall take precedence and be controlling the obligations between the parties.

Due Date: 10/18/2017 2:00 PM

Contract Term: The term of the contract shall be for two (2) years effective January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2019, and may be renewed for three (3) additional one-year periods at the same terms and conditions specified.

Location: Oswego County Airport, 40 Airport Drive, Fulton, NY 13069

Ad Type: General

Primary Contact: Oswego County
Daniel Stevens
Purchasing Director
46 East Bridge Street
Oswego, NY 13126
United States
Ph: 315-349-8307
Fax: 315-349-8308
Secondary contact: Oswego County
Daniel Stevens
Purchasing Director
46 East Bridge Street
Oswego, NY 13126
United States
Ph: 315-349-8307
Fax: 315-349-8308


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