Design and installation services for parking structure security upgrades

Agency: City of Casper
State: Wyoming
Level of Government: State & Local
  • C - Architect and Engineering Services - Construction
  • Y - Construction of Structures and Facilities
Opps ID: NBD15839348468667537
Posted Date: Nov 24, 2020
Due Date: Dec 4, 2020
Source: Members Only
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Design and installation services for parking structure security upgrades Andrew Colling Request for Proposal

5:00 p.m. MST December 4, 2020 Bidding

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Date: October 14, 2020
Proposals are being requested from qualified contractors to furnish design and installation
services for the Parking Structure Security Upgrades Project.
Such proposals will be received by the City of Casper Public Services Department, City
Engineering Division, 200 North David, Casper, Wyoming, until 5:00 p.m., Local time,
November 13, 2020.
The project consists of the following work at the City of Casper Downtown Parking Structure,
located at 237 South Center Street:
Design of video surveillance system in conjunction with the City of Casper and to
meet the desires of the Owner and Operator.
Furnishing and installation of all equipment to include: cameras, cables, electrical
wiring, conduit, monitor(s), storage device(s), hardware, and any other necessary
equipment to provide a fully functional video surveillance system.
Programming, testing, and owner training of complete system.
The total project budget is $50,000. This total dollar amount includes system design, complete
equipment procurement and installation, programming, testing and Owner training of the system.
The Scope of Services shall, as a minimum, include the following:
A. Design Phase.
1. The Contractor shall meet with City representatives to discuss proposed
security system configuration and layout.
2. The Contractor shall prepare plan sheets that illustrate system design and
camera coverage, and all details necessary for construction, operation, and
B. Construction:
1. General Administration of Construction Contract. Contractor shall consult
with and advise Owner as provided in Articles 1 through 11, inclusive, of the
Standard General Conditions of the Construction Contract, No. 1910-8 (1990
edition) of the Engineers' Joint Contract Documents Committee, as amended
by the Supplementary Conditions. The extent and limitations of the duties,
responsibilities and authority of Contractor, as assigned in said Standard
General Conditions, as amended, shall not be modified, except as Contractor
and Owner may otherwise agree in writing. All of Owner's instructions to
Contractor(s) will be issued through the Owner or Owner’s Representative
who will have authority to act on behalf of Owner to the extent provided in
said Standard General Conditions, as amended, except as otherwise provided
in writing. Contractor shall meet with Owner throughout the construction
phase as deemed necessary by the Contractor or Owner, but not less than one
(1) time per week.
2. Pre-construction Conference. Contractor shall organize and conduct a pre-
construction conference, and shall invite representatives of all affected
members, the City staff, and the project team. The Contractor will prepare
minutes of this conference for future reference, and shall supply a copy to the
3. Project Coordination. Contractor shall be responsible for coordination with
all entities as required to construct the improvements, as well as with all
affected property owners within the project areas. This shall include timely
notification of construction activities as necessary and the procurement of all
necessary certifications from the appropriate agency or agencies.
4. Defective Work. Owner may disapprove of or reject Contractor(s)' Work
while it is in progress if Owner believes that such Work does not conform to
the Contract Documents or that it will prejudice the integrity of the design
concept of the Project as reflected in the Contract Documents.
5. Interpretations and Clarifications. Contractor shall request necessary
interpretations and clarifications of the Contract Documents and in
connection therewith prepare Work Directive Changes and Change Orders as
required, for submittal to Owner.
6. Shop Drawings. Owner shall review and approve, or take other appropriate
action with respect to, Shop Drawings (as that term is defined in the aforesaid
Standard General Conditions), samples and other data which Contractor(s)
are required to submit, but only for conformance with the design concept of
the Project and compliance with the information given in the Contract
Documents. Such reviews and approvals or other action shall not extend to
means, methods, techniques, sequences or procedures of construction or to
safety precautions or programs incident thereto.
7. Inspection and Tests. Contractor shall provide for testing as specified in the
Contract Documents and the City of Casper Standard Specifications for
Public Works Construction and Infrastructure Improvements.
8. Contractor(s)' Completion Documents. Contractor shall receive and review
tests and approvals which are to be assembled by Contractor(s) in accordance
with the Contract Documents (but such review will only be to determine that
their content complies with the requirements of, and in the case of tests and
approvals the results certified indicate compliance with, the Contract
Documents), and shall transmit them to Owner with written comments.
9. Walk-Through. Contractor shall conduct a walk-through with the City to
determine if the Work is Substantially Complete and a final walk-through to
determine if the completed work is acceptable.
10. Record Drawings. Contractor shall provide the Owner one (1) set of
electronic drawings showing those changes made during the construction
process, based on the marked-up prints, drawings, survey data, and other data
which Contractor considers significant. Contractor shall also maintain a
regularly updated set of "as-constructed" blueprints indicating "as-
constructed" Work performed by the Contractor(s). Within thirty (30) days of
Substantial Completion, Contractor shall submit one (1) reproducible set of
11"x 17" record drawings to Owner. Contractor shall also provide to Owner
a copy of record drawings in PDF, labeled as "Record Drawings – Downtown
Parking Structure Security Upgrades.
11. Warranty Period Inspections. Contractor shall perform warranty period
inspections for completed construction, during a one (1) year period after
Final Completion of the construction phase. Warranty inspections shall
include, but not be limited to, addressing construction deficiencies during the
warranty period, attending an on-site project inspection walk-through of the
project and preparing a listing of noted construction deficiencies at
approximately eleven (11) months after the Final Completion date for
construction, and follow-up.
In submitting a proposal for this project, the contractor shall prepare and enclose one detailed fee
schedule as covered by the Scope of Services in this RFP. Selection of a contractor to provide
services for this RFP shall be based on professional qualifications and fee based criteria.
The fee shall be based on project costs, time and material, based on a not to exceed amount. The fee
schedule shall include: design, permitting, furnishing and installing of equipment, and training of
The Contractor shall be responsible and responsive to the City in its requests and requirements
within the scope of this proposal, and shall confer with and be guided by the directives of the City
through the office of the City Manager or his designated representative.
Following is the tentative timetable for this RFP:
1. Proposal Due:
2. Contractor’s Presentation and Interview:
3. Selection of Contractor by Council:
4. Completion of Services:
November 13, 2020
November 18, 2020
December 15, 2020
March 19, 2021
The submittal of a proposal will be indication that the Contractor has no problem in keeping
this schedule.
The Contractor will be required to sign a contract with the City relating to the work to be performed.
Such contract shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following articles: method of
compensation, time of performance, subcontracts, duties of the contractor, termination of the
contract, ownership of material, changes, EEO, ADA, submission of material, and obligations of the
The selection of the contractor will be based upon project team qualifications, team
management/organization, ability of firm to recognize design opportunities in the project,
demonstrated design experience, willingness to meet time requirements, and price proposal.
In making a proposal, the Contractor hereby certifies that he has reviewed this RFP and is familiar
with all conditions contained therein.
City staff will review all proposals. Final selection of the contractor will be made by the City
A. Additional Information.
In addition to the items addressed in the Scope of Services, the following information
relating to the contractor's qualifications is required.
1. The contracting firm's name, address, and telephone number.
2. Types of services which your firm is qualified to provide.
3. Names of key personnel, the experience of each available for this project, each key
personnel’s proposed work load and availability towards this project.
4. Names and addresses of outside contractors or associates which will be retained for
5. Recent list of completed projects most similar to this project, including key contacts
and references, approximate budget, and other pertinent information.
B. Addendum or Supplement to Request for Proposal.
In the event that it becomes necessary to revise any of this Request for Proposal (RFP), an
Addendum to this RFP will be provided to each Contractor. The City reserves the right to
change submission date(s) for any reason, including an Addendum or Supplement to the
C. Late Proposals.
Late proposals will not be accepted. It is the responsibility of the Contractor insure that the
proposal arrives prior to 5:00 p.m., Local Time, November 13, 2020.
D. Rejection of Proposals.
The City of Casper reserves the right to reject any or all submissions, and to waive
informalities and minor irregularities in submissions received, and to accept any portion of a
proposal or all items if deemed in the best interest of the City of Casper.
E. Response Material Ownership.
All material submitted regarding this RFP becomes the property of the City of Casper and
will only be returned to the Contractor at the City's option. Responses may be reviewed by
any person after the final selection has been made. The City of Casper has the right to use
any or all ideas presented in reply to this request. Disqualification of a Contractor does not
eliminate this right.
F. Incurring Costs.
The City of Casper is not liable for any costs incurred by the Contractor prior to issuance of
an agreement, contract, or purchase order.
G. Acceptance of Proposal Content.
The contents of the proposal of the successful Contractor may become contractual
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