Design and Construction Administration Services for the Westridge Improvements Project

Agency: City of Casper
State: Wyoming
Level of Government: State & Local
  • C - Architect and Engineering Services - Construction
  • Y - Construction of Structures and Facilities
Opps ID: NBD15839992567400561
Posted Date: Aug 9, 2022
Due Date: Aug 29, 2022
Source: Members Only
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Design and Construction Administration Services for the Westridge Improvements Project Steven Stolte Request for Proposals 5:00 PM MST August 29, 2022 Bidding

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Date: August 9, 2022
Proposals are being requested from qualified engineering consultants to furnish design and
construction administration services for the Westridge Improvements Project.
Such proposals will be received by the City of Casper Public Services Department, City
Engineering Division, 200 North David, Casper, Wyoming, until 5:00 p.m., Local time, August
29, 2022.
The project consists of the following work on Westridge Circle (Westridge Ter to Westridge Dr),
Westridge Ter (15th St to Westridge Cir), and Westridge Circle (Westridge Ter to Westridge Dr):
Water, Sanitary Sewer, Storm Sewer, Drainage, Asphalt, Sidewalk/Curbwalk, and
ADA Improvements.
The Local Assessment District (LAD) process will be included with this project.
The total project budget is $1.4 million. This budget includes all permitting, bidding, engineering,
construction administration services, materials testing, and construction.
The Scope of Services shall, at a minimum, include the following:
A. Design Phase.
1. The Consultant shall meet with City representatives to discuss proposed
project configuration and layout.
2. The Consultant shall conduct field surveys to collect topographic data,
existing utilities, and surface elevations for the purpose of providing an
appropriate alignment and to establish grades needed to provide positive
drainage throughout the corridor.
3. The Consultant shall prepare plan sheets that have been approved and signed
by a licensed Professional Engineer registered in the State of Wyoming. The
Westridge Improvements Project RFP - 1
plan sheets shall include the proposed area showing the final elevations,
grades, alignments, typical sections, right-of-way and utility plans, and all
details necessary for construction, and other details necessary to insure safe
passage for the public.
4. The Consultant shall prepare final drawings on a computer-aided drafting
format. Digital format shall be DXF and be compatible with AUTOCAD
Version 2020 release or later. The Consultant shall also provide a final set of
plans in 11x17 paper copy designated as “Bid Set” approved and signed by a
licensed Professional Engineer registered in the State of Wyoming, and a
complete set of plans electronically in a pdf format that can be printed as a
complete set and to scale, ready for reproduction if needed and all CAD file
associated to the project. The project will be designed and presented to the
City of Casper in accordance with Casper Municipal Code 16.16.020.
5. The Consultant shall prepare, and submit to the City Engineering office, a
project cost estimate when preliminary plans are at approximately fifty
percent (50%) complete, at ninety percent (90%) complete, and at the
completion of the design at One Hundred percent (100%).
6. Consultant shall provide the City Engineering Office Two (2) hard copies
(paper) and digital PDF copies of the preliminary construction drawings and
project manuals to be reviewed by City Staff at 50% and 90% and to conduct
review meetings involving city staff to go over all comments at each phase.
7. Consultant shall be responsible for coordination with the Department of
Environmental Quality (DEQ) and other entities as required to obtain a
permit to construct the improvements. It is anticipated that Geotech
Investigations must be conducted in order to obtain a permit to construct
from DEQ. A preliminary geotechnical investigation was performed in 2022
and is available upon request. Consultant shall conduct and include all
additional geotechnical investigations necessary for design, permitting, and
construction of the work.
8. Consultant shall provide assistance to City staff in the LAD processes. This
assistance shall include providing figures, quantities, measurements,
communications, and methods of assessment.
B. Project Manual.
1. Consultant shall prepare Technical Specifications covering the required work
for the Project.
2. Consultant shall prepare Construction Drawings and Specifications in
Westridge Improvements Project RFP - 2
accordance with the City of Casper Standard Specifications for Public Works
Construction and Infrastructure Improvements.
3. General Conditions and Supplemental Conditions of the Specifications shall
be based on current City of Casper approved documents.
4. The Consultant shall prepare a Project Manual to include the following:
Technical Specifications.
b. Bid Schedule to accompany the Owner's Bid Form.
c. Edited "front end" documents of the Project Manual supplied by the
City Engineering Office. Documents supplied will consist of
Advertisement for Bids, Instruction to Bidders, Performance and
Payment Bonds, Bid Bond and Form, Agreement between Owner and
Contractor, General Conditions, and Supplementary Conditions.
Consultant shall review these documents, insert modifications where
necessary, and return them for final review. After front end
documents are reviewed by the Owner, Consultant shall incorporate
any changes into the Project Manual.
The Consultant shall affix his professional engineer's stamp, date, and
signature to the front cover of the project manual and in accordance with
Wyoming State Registration Statutes.
C. Final Bidding Documents.
1. The Consultant shall provide the City Engineering Office one (1) hard copy
set (paper) and one (1) digital PDF set of Bidding Documents at the
completion of the design. The Consultant shall affix his registration stamp,
date, and signature to the Bidding Documents in accordance with Wyoming
State Registration Statutes.
2. The Consultant shall submit to the City, at a minimum, final drawings
consisting of plan sheets showing all necessary details related to this project,
and as follows:
a. Title Sheet that shows the project limits and location with respect to
the surrounding region. This sheet shall also have an index and
legend. The sheet shall bear the Consultants registration stamp, date
and signature.
b. Typical Section of the roadway with dimensions and stationing.
Westridge Improvements Project RFP - 3
c. Right-of-Way & Utility Plan indicating clearance of right-of-way and
plan and profiles of all utilities to be replaced or modified.
d. Grading Plan showing the grades and direction of drainage for any
runoff with proposed and existing elevations.
e. Drainage Details showing size and location of drainage features if
f. Corridor Amenities details showing location and orientation,
necessary for construction including: concrete sidewalk, curb and
gutter, ADA ramps, etc.
g. Other Details.
3. The Consultant shall provide the City Engineering Office a copy of final
drawings of the project in AUTOCAD and PDF formats, and the project
manual in Microsoft word and PDF format labeled “BIDDING
D. Advertising and Bidding:
1. The Consultant shall utilize and maintain project information with City of
Casper’s QuestCDN and QuestvBid websites for the following:
advertisement, distributing addenda and bidding information to planholders,
uploading project documents including all plans and specifications, and
distributing bid tabulations to planholders.
2. Consultant shall schedule, organize, and conduct a prebid meeting and
distribute meeting minutes. Consultant shall answer questions of prospective
bidders. The meeting shall be a minimum of 10 days prior to the bid opening.
3. Consultant shall prepare and distribute addenda through QuestCDN and
QuestvBid, if necessary.
4. Consultant shall assist the City in opening, tabulating, and evaluating bids.
5. The consultant shall provide a written opinion to the Casper Engineering
office stating their recommendation for awarding the bid.
E. Construction:
1. General Administration of Construction Contract. Consultant shall consult
with and advise Owner and act as Owner's representative as provided in
Articles 1 through 17, inclusive, of the Standard General Conditions of the
Westridge Improvements Project RFP - 4
Construction Contract, No. 1910-8 (1990 edition) of the Engineers' Joint
Contract Documents Committee, as amended by the Supplementary
Conditions. The extent and limitations of the duties, responsibilities and
authority of Consultant, as assigned in said Standard General Conditions, as
amended, shall not be modified, except as Consultant and Owner may
otherwise agree in writing. All of Owner's instructions to Contractor(s) will
be issued through Consultant who will have authority to act on behalf of
Owner to the extent provided in said Standard General Conditions, as
amended, except as otherwise provided in writing. Consultant shall meet
with Owner throughout the construction phase as deemed necessary by the
Consultant or Owner, but not less than one (1) time per week.
2. Pre-construction Conference. Consultant shall organize and conduct a pre-
construction conference with the successful bidder, and shall invite
representatives of all affected utilities, the City staff, and the project team.
The Consultant will prepare minutes of this conference for future reference,
and shall supply a copy to the Owner. At this conference, the Consultant will
deliver up to five (5) copies of the Contract Documents to the successful
3. Project Coordination. Consultant shall be responsible for coordination with
the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and other entities as
required to construct the improvements, as well as with all affected property
owners within the project areas. This shall include timely notification of
construction activities as necessary and the procurement of all necessary
certifications from the appropriate agency or agencies.
4. Visits to Site and Observation of Construction. In connection with
observations of the Work of Contractor(s) while it is in progress:
a. Consultant shall make visits to the site at intervals appropriate to the
various stages of construction as Consultant deems necessary in order
to observe as an experienced and qualified design professional the
progress and quality of the various aspects of Contractor(s)' work.
Consultant shall provide the services of a Resident Project
Representative (RPR) at the site to assist Consultant and to provide
observation of such Work. Based on information obtained during
such visits and on such observations, Consultant shall endeavor to
determine if such Work is proceeding in accordance with the
Contract Documents, and Consultant shall keep Owner informed of
the progress of the Work. The RPR will be on site for an average of
six (6) hours per day, depending on the activities of the Contractor(s)
and the progression of the Work.
Westridge Improvements Project RFP - 5
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