Geotechnical Engineering Services 2020

Agency: State of Vermont - Agency of Transportation
State: Vermont
Level of Government: State & Local
  • C - Architect and Engineering Services - Construction
Opps ID: NBD16045345267602610
Posted Date: Jun 26, 2020
Due Date: Jul 24, 2020
Source: Members Only
Geotechnical Engineering Services 2020 07/10/2020 07/24/2020

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Contract Administration
Barre City Place
219 North Main Street, Suite 105
Barre VT 05641
June 26, 2020
State of Vermont
Agency of Transportation
Finance & Administration
[phone] 802-622-1285
[fax] 802-479-5500
Request for Proposals (RFP): Geotechnical Engineering Services 2020
The Highway Division of the Vermont Agency of Transportation, hereinafter referred to as VTrans, is seeking Contractor
services to assist in the geotechnical evaluation of transportation projects on an on-call basis. The selected Contractors,
hereinafter referred to as the Contractor, shall be responsible for performing geotechnical engineering evaluations that
will include subsurface explorations, geological site characterization, boring log preparation, and geotechnical
recommendations for a variety of bridge, roadway and related transportation facilities.
This RFP will result in multiple awards.
All work will be accomplished in accordance with the following:
Scope of Work (SOW) dated May 19, 2020
Attachment C: Standard State Provisions for Contracts and Grants dated December 15, 2017
2020 General Terms and Conditions for Contracts and Services
2018 Federal Terms and Conditions Services (Non-Construction)
all of which are attached hereto, in addition to all applicable local, state and federal regulations.
Prequalification is not required in order to submit a proposal for this RFP.
All questions related to this RFP shall be forwarded to Doreen Carminati, AOT Contract Administration,
in writing to the address above, by e-mail at . All such questions and requests
shall be received no later than 2:00 p.m. on Friday, July 10, 2020. VTrans will not be bound by any oral
communications. All questions or requests for clarification received will be documented and answered after this
date. Communication with other VTrans personnel regarding this RFP is prohibited and may result in the
rejection of your proposal.
Proposers’ Conference: There will not be a mandatory or optional pre-bid meeting.
Addendums(s) / Modifications. In the event that it becomes necessary to revise, modify, clarify, or otherwise
alter this RFP, including VTrans’ responses to questions and requests for clarification, such
addendum(s)/modification(s) shall be posted to the VTrans Contract Administration website.
They will be posted on the VTrans Contract Administration website at:
Reservation of Rights. All proposals become the property of VTrans upon submission. The cost of preparing,
submitting and presenting a proposal is the sole expense of the Proposer. Unselected proposals shall be securely
disposed of at VTrans’ discretion. VTrans reserves the right to reject any and all proposals received as a result
of this solicitation, to negotiate with any qualified source, to waive any formality and any technicalities or to
cancel this RFP in part or in its entirety if it is in the best interest of VTrans. This solicitation of proposals in no
way obligates VTrans to award a contract.
RFP - Geotechnical Engineering Services 2020
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Exceptions to Terms and Conditions. The proposer must state in the business proposal any exceptions taken
to the terms and conditions in this RFP. For each exception the proposer shall identify the term or condition,
state the reason for the exception, and provide any other information concerning the exception. Such exceptions,
deviations or conditional assumptions may, however, result in rejection of the proposal as unresponsive. Failure
to note exceptions when responding to the RFP will be deemed to be acceptance of the State contract terms and
conditions. If exceptions are not noted in the response to this RFP but raised during contract negotiations, the
State reserves the right to cancel the negotiation if deemed to be in the best interests of the State.
Multiple Award Anticipated. VTrans intends to select more than one (1) Contractor to perform these services
under a primary contract. Each contract will contain a variety of specific services the Contractor will be
awarded. VTrans will enter into contracts, with an initial term of three (3) years with the option of extending
for two (2) additional one (1) year periods.
Maximum Amount. The maximum amount(s) for the contract(s) will be set at a level to permit a Contractor
to be awarded all work assignments if they are judged to be the most qualified. Qualification Based Selection
will be determined by experience, specialists’ availability, required specialized equipment, capacity, creative
and technical solution, and past performance. Award of a contract does not guarantee payment of any or all the
maximum amount. Payment is based on products or services actually delivered or performed.
Work Orders. VTrans may use several methods for determining and distributing work orders to contracted
Contractors including but not limited to requesting technical proposals from more than one Contractor for
comparison, requesting a proposal from a single Contractor, or requesting proposals addressing more than one
project. Award of work orders will be a qualification based selection when the services are design in nature and
federal funding is involved and will be a best value selection when the services are 100% state funded, regardless
of service type.
All Work Order Requests that contain federal funding other than Federal Highway Association (FHWA) such
as Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or other federal funding
may contain special provisions required for that federal funding and/or the particular project. By returning a
work order proposal for that project, you are indicating that you understand and will abide by any additional
provisions included in the Work Order Request/Authorization.
Contractors who are awarded work orders will report to the assigned VTrans Project Manager. Work will be
performed primarily at project sites and municipalities throughout Vermont, as described in the work orders,
and some meetings may be held at VTrans headquarters in Barre.
For sub-contractors not named in the proposal, utilization of sub-contractor personnel will require written
approval by VTrans prior to the sub-Contractor performing any work under the contract. Please see additional
information regarding this process under the sub-contractor section within the Proposal Technical Format and
No work may be performed after the expiration date plus exercised extensions of the applicable Contract. In
exceptional circumstances where it might be mutually desired to have work extend beyond the term of a
Contract, written authorization will be needed, overseen by VTrans’ Contract Administration, and authorized
by the Secretary of Transportation, the Agency’s Chief Financial Officer, other State Representatives as required
and Federal oversight agencies as required. A formal amendment will be required for any such extension.
Confidentiality. All Proposals received will become part of the contract file and will become a matter of public
record, and may be disclosed to the public in accordance with the Vermont Public Records Act, 1 V.S.A. § 315
et seq. If the proposal documents include material that is considered by the proposer to be proprietary and
confidential under 1 V.S.A. § 315 et seq., the proposer shall submit a cover letter that clearly identifies each
RFP - Geotechnical Engineering Services 2020
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page or section of the proposal that it believes is proprietary and confidential. The proposer shall also provide
in their cover letter a written explanation for each marked section explaining why such material should be
considered exempt from public disclosure in the event of a public records request, pursuant to 1 V.S.A. § 317(c),
including the prospective harm to the competitive position of the proposer if the identified material were to be
released. Additionally, the proposer must include a redacted copy of its response for portions that are
considered proprietary and confidential. Redactions must be limited so that the reviewer may understand the
nature of the information being withheld. It is typically inappropriate to redact entire pages, or to redact the
titles/captions of tables and figures. Under no circumstances can the entire response be marked confidential,
and the State reserves the right to disqualify responses so marked.
Proposal Instructions General
The quality of proposals and adherence to solicitation response requirements and/or restrictions are considered
reflective of the manner in which the proposer could be expected to conduct business and will be given due
consideration throughout the evaluation process.
Failure to provide all required information, or indications that the proposer did not conform to all terms as set forth in
the RFP and attachments may make the offer non-responsive and may result in the elimination of the proposer from
further consideration for award.
Proposals or unsolicited revisions submitted after the specified due date and time will not be accepted and will be
securely disposed of.
Required Electronic Submittal Information:
Proposals will be received electronically via an FTP site. In order to upload your proposal, you must obtain a
user account. This account will be provided when Contract Administration receives your request via e-mail.
Please submit your request for a user account by e-mailing the single point of contact listed above. Your subject
should state “FTP Account Proposal Submit Request for Geotechnical Engineering Services 2020”. You
will then receive guidance on uploading your proposal and a user account will be provided by separate e-mail(s).
Please submit your request as soon as possible and no later than four (4) business days before the RFP due date
to ensure there is ample time to set up the user account(s).
When submitting your proposal(s) please use the following naming convention:
ProposalType_CompanyName_RFP Title
CostProposal_ABConsulting_GeotechnicalEngineeringServices2020 (if applicable)
FinancialInformation_ABConsulting_GeotechnicalEngineeringServices2020 (if applicable) This
file will be uploaded directly to AOT Audit Section as these documents are considered confidential.
You will receive a separate user account through AOT Audit when this document is required, and a user
account is requested.
Submit your proposals to the Office of Contract Administration, Agency of Transportation, via the provided
FTP site, prior to 2:00 P.M., on Friday, July 24, 2020.
RFP - Geotechnical Engineering Services 2020
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Technical Proposal Format and Content
The proposal shall not exceed forty (40) single sided or twenty (20) double sided pages. All pages that count
toward the page limit shall be numbered consecutively. The pages shall be formatted as 8½” x 11” sheets. Font
shall be size 12.
The forty (40) pages shall include information as required below:
Proposal Substantive Content
In tabbed and labeled sections, please provide the following elements:
A. Cover Letter. All proposers or their authorized representative shall prepare and sign a cover letter.
Submission of the letter shall constitute a representation by the proposer that it is willing and able to
perform the services described in the RFP and their proposal response. This section counts toward
the forty (40) page limit.
B. Technical Capability/Approach. In this section the proposer must explain the proposer’s
understanding of VTrans’ intent, objectives, and how the proposer proposes to achieve those
objectives. The proposer must discuss the proposer’s experience, capabilities and plan for providing
the described services, including any proposed approach to project management, strategies, tools and
safeguards for ensuring performance of all required services, and any additional factors for VTrans’
consideration. This section counts toward the forty (40) page limit.
C. Business and Management Structure. Provide a description of the bidding organization’s size,
background, and structure, and a list by name and title of management personnel. Indicate which
management personnel will be responsible for the delivery of services under the contract and a
description of how the organization’s resources will be applied. This section should provide clear
information as to the lines of communication and how the Business ensures Quality Control & Quality
Assurance. Include information as to how Local, Regional and National Offices will coordinate to
provide successful services. This section counts toward the forty (40) page limit.
D. Organizational Chart. Provide a one-page organizational chart of the Proposer’s team that notes the
name and title of key individuals that are proposed to manage or perform tasks. This chart shall clearly
indicate the lines of communication for problem resolution. The use of an 11x17 page is permitted,
however ensure that the document has been scanned or saved appropriately so all information is
included. You may utilize a separate text box to contain the phone number and e-mail of each person
listed on the chart, but the text box must be located on the same page as the organizational chart. In
the case of international or national firms, please provide an organizational chart of the local office
that will be responsible for the delivery of services under the contract. This section DOES NOT
count toward the forty (40) page limit.
E. Key Personnel. Identify the name and title of all personnel who will be assigned to provide
professional services under this contract. Indicate any certifications or special licensing the individual
holds that is pertinent. Include up to two-page resumes for each individual. This section DOES NOT
count toward the forty (40) page limit.
RFP - Geotechnical Engineering Services 2020
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NOTE: The key personnel identified in the proposal are considered by VTrans to be essential to the
work being performed under the contract. Prior to diverting any of the specified individuals into other
programs, the Contractor shall notify VTrans in advance and shall submit justification (including
proposed substitutions) in sufficient detail to permit evaluation of the impact on the program. No
diversion shall be made without VTrans’ written consent.
F. Subcontracts.
A. Identify all subcontracts proposed, and provide the following information:
(1) Company name of each sub-contractor, or individual name in the case of independent
(2) Names of each sub-contractor principals and/or corporate officers
(3) Resumes of each sub-contractor’s key personnel who will be assigned to provide professional
services under the contract, including certifications or special licensing for each; and
(4) The types of work to be performed by each sub-contractor
This section DOES NOT count toward the forty (40) page limit.
NOTE: Fully executed sub-agreements must be in place for each sub-contractor prior to the sub-contractor
performing any work under this contract. Any changes to or the addition of new sub-contractors are subject to
the same notification and approval procedures applicable to key personnel described above. Contractor must
request changes or additions in writing to the Contract Manager. The request shall include justification for the
change or addition, all required items such as resumes of the sub-contractor, a description of their services, any
certifications or special licensing the individual holds that is pertinent. All sub-contractors that the proposer
anticipates utilizing under the contract should be included with the initial proposal. Changes to sub-contractors
and the addition of new sub-contractors should be the exception and be on a limited basis.
G. Past Performance. Provide at least four (4) projects that detail past performance. The projects must
be completed in the past five years or currently in process which are of similar size, scope, complexity
and contract type or otherwise relevant to the work described in this RFP.
Proposer shall use the provided Past Performance and Reference Form.
The contact person must be able to speak knowledgably about the proposer’s performance in both
technical and business aspects. The contacts provided may be directly communicated with at VTrans
The technical proposal shall not include any quoted or summarized comments or recommendations
from any in-state or out-of-state evaluations, records or reports of any kind.
VTrans reserves the right to discuss the Proposer’s past performance with any VTrans employee
who has had experience with the Proposer.
This section counts toward the forty (40) page limit.
Required Certifications/Documents Sections 1-6 DOES NOT count toward the forty (40) page limit.
Section 7 counts toward the forty (40) page limit.
RFP - Geotechnical Engineering Services 2020
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