Plumbing Contractor Services - Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC)

Agency: Greenville County School District
State: Michigan
Level of Government: State & Local
  • C - Architect and Engineering Services - Construction
Opps ID: NBD16707485779692189
Posted Date: Jul 21, 2021
Due Date: Aug 19, 2021
Solicitation No: 121-62
Source: Members Only
Solicitation # Description Addendum Closing Date Closing Time
121-62.pdf Plumbing Contractor Services - Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC) 8/19/2021 10:00 A.M. EDT

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Procurement Department
2 Space Drive • Taylors, South Carolina 29687-6072 • (864) 355-1279 •
The School District of Greenville County
August 21, 2021
Invitation for Bid
The School District of Greenville County
Indefinite Delivery Contract Plumbing Contractor Services
IFB No. 121-62-8-19
The School District of Greenville County invites responsible Contractors to submit sealed bids to
provide Plumbing Contractor Services to the District’s Schools Facilities/Construction
Department in accordance with the requirements of this solicitation.
The term “Indefinite Delivery Contract” (IDC) means a contract that does not procure or specify
a defined quantity of services and that provides for the issuance of delivery orders for the
performance of tasks during the period of the contract. A Plumbing Contractor Services IDC is a
contract whereby the contractor agrees to provide plumbing services on an “as-needed” basis
during the term of the contract.
Bids shall be submitted in accordance with the requirements of this solicitation and applicable
regulations and statutes. Bidders shall address and thoroughly answer all concerns or inquiries
as enumerated in this solicitation. The District requires the awarded entity or entities to perform
the Scope of Work as defined within this solicitation.
Only the names of the responding bidders shall be read at the time of the public bid recording.
Definition of Terms
The terms, “vendor”, “contractor”, “prime contractor”, “firm”, “offeror”, “proposer”,
“responder”, “supplier” or “bidder” may be used interchangeably and refers to the entity offering
a proposal. These terms are defined as being a legal business association of one (1) or more
persons existing at the time of the proposal submission. The term "Agreement" means any
transaction or contractual arrangement contemplated or created as a result of, arising out of, or
relating to the solicitation and subsequent award. The terms, “The School District of Greenville
County”, “Greenville County Schools”, “Owner”, “District”, “SDGC”, “GCSD”, “GCS”, “Board
of Trustees” and “Board” may be used interchangeably and refer to the entity issuing the
solicitation, receiving and reviewing the proposals and issuing an award. The term “Day” or
“Days” refers to calendar days, unless noted otherwise.
Brief Description - Scope of Work
The solicitation’s Scope of Work requirements and program specifications were prepared by
District’s Facilities/Construction Department.
The District is interested in selecting Plumbing Contractors for “Indefinite Delivery Contracts”
to be used on an as-needed basis. As a result of this solicitation, under the provisions for
“Indefinite Delivery Contracts”, opportunities to bid on individual projects would be issued to
the selected Plumbing Contractors to be awarded on a competitive basis per project. Projects are
limited to a total expenditure of $750,000 per Plumbing Contractor over a two (2) calendar year
period. Individual project expenditures shall not exceed $150,000 per Plumbing Contractor.
Material-only purchases or equipment-only purchases are not applicable to contract(s)
resulting from this solicitation. Only projects which include installation are applicable
to any contract(s) which may result from this solicitation.
The Plumbing IDC package is specifically tailored to work covered under Section
40-11-410 paragraphs as inserted below. This IDC includes work described as
a. (5)(f) "Plumbing" which includes the installation, replacement, alteration, and
repair of all plumbing including solar water heating when performed solely within
property lines and not on public easements or rights-of-way except to make
connections to water meters or sewer taps as allowed by the utility owner; and the
installation, alteration, and repair of all piping, fixtures, and appliances related to
water supply, including pressure vessels and tanks, and excluding municipal or
related water supply systems; venting and sanitary drainage systems for all fluid
and semi-fluid and organic wastes; roof leaders; water-conditioning equipment;
piping and equipment for swimming pools; and installation of a system of pipes,
fittings, fixtures, drains, and all necessary component parts upon the premises or in
a building to supply water to buildings and to convey sewage or other waste
products from buildings. If this equipment is gas-fired, the necessary gas lines may
be installed under this subclassification used in connection with this
subclassification. Plumbing contractors in license groups three, four, and five are
not required to be licensed under Chapter 45, Title 23 to install standpipe systems,
including water hose connections, water hose cabinets, and related branch lines if
the water hoses do not supply water to automatic fire protection sprinklers.
Term of Performance
The initial term of the contract shall be for one (1) calendar year commencing on the date of the
notice of award and ending one (1) calendar year later. The District reserves the right to renew a
contract for each one (1) year period over four (4) additional years. The contract term shall not
exceed five (5) years in total.
District Schedule
For information on the District calendar, interested parties may refer to the District website
Pre-Bid Conference
The District will not conduct a Pre-Bid Conference for this solicitation.
All inquiries/comments shall be submitted in writing to both Patricia Phillips, Senior Buyer, and
Tonya Stroud, 2 Space Drive, Taylors, South Carolina 29687 no later than August 5, 2021, at
10:00 A.M. EDT. Firms may deliver their questions to SDGC Procurement Department or
email questions to both and Verbal
inquiries and comments will not be addressed at any time. Bidders shall not contact any other
District employees or representatives in any way other than the method described herein.
After the Inquiry Deadline, prospective bidders who are on record as possessing a solicitation
will be notified by an addendum of any changes, additional information or clarifications to the
solicitation, approved products lists, project design and/or specifications, or other information.
There will be no responses from the District until after the Inquiry Deadline has been reached.
Questions and comments received after the inquiry deadline will not be addressed.
Important Note: During the solicitation and evaluation process, inquiries or contacts made to
District employees outside of the District Procurement Department may cause the associated
firm’s bid to be deemed nonresponsive.
Bid Form
Enclosed is the official Information/Qualification Bid Form (Bid Form) to be used in submitting
a response. Only this Bid Form is to be used; no other form is acceptable. Indicate the bidding
firm’s name on each page of the Bid Form and have each page signed and dated by a person
authorized to do so. The Bid Form shall be completely filled out and returned with the bid. Do
not change the Bid Form. Bidders must complete the Bid Form. Failure to complete the form
may cause the bidder to be determined nonresponsive.
NOTE: Bidders that alter the Bid Form are qualifying the bid response and are subject to
disqualification. A cover letter on the bidder’s corporate stationery should include any
information the bidder determines to be important to the evaluation of the bid.
Solicitation Information
The submitted sealed bid must be signed by an authorized individual who may bind the bidder to
provide the service(s) in accordance with the specifications contained in this solicitation. The
bid must contain a statement to the effect that the bid is firm and valid for a period of sixty (60)
days from the bid due date or longer for evaluative purposes, if so required by the District.
This solicitation does not commit the District to award a contract, to pay any costs incurred in the
preparation of the response to this solicitation or to procure any goods or services. Do not
change the Evaluation/Bid Form. Bidders that change or otherwise alter the Evaluation/Bid
Form are qualifying the response and are subject to disqualification.
The District reserves the right to accept or reject, in part or in entirety, any or all bids, to
negotiate with all qualified bidders and to cancel in part or in entirety, this solicitation if in the
best interest of the District. Furthermore, the District reserves the right to waive any
informalities or technicalities in order to serve the best interest of the District.
The School District of Greenville County’s Procurement Code and Regulations govern and
supersede any and all documents, bids and policies, whether stated or implied. Bidders may
have the right to protest this solicitation or subsequent award in accordance with Article XIV of
the District Procurement Code.
Purpose of Solicitation
Specifications and required information are included in this solicitation document. Bids are
requested in accordance with the information and instructions contained in the solicitation and
scope of work. The requirements herein are to be considered as providing minimum desirable
features. Any limitations, deviations or broader features proposed should be designated on a
separate sheet(s) of paper and submitted with the bid. Otherwise, companies and firms offering
bids shall be required to implement the scope of work and other salient requirements, if awarded.
Due care and diligence have been used in the preparation of the scope of work and the
specifications and the information contained therein is believed to be substantially correct;
however, the responsibility for determining the full extent of the exposure and the verification of
all information presented herein shall rest solely upon the bidder. The District will not be
responsible for any errors or omissions in the bidder’s response nor for the failure on the part of
the bidder to determine the full extent of the solicitation requirements and exposures.
The District reserves the right to determine if minor deviations from the listed specifications are
acceptable to the District. The District reserves the exclusive right to determine the relative
performance and acceptability of a service or respondent/bidder when compared to solicitation
specifications and the experience and past performance of the bidder.
It will be assumed that the proposed services and scheduling conform precisely with all of the
provisions of the indicated salient specifications of this solicitation, unless specifically noted
Bidders shall furnish any information deemed important for District review. The District is not
required to accept any submitted, non-pertinent documentation. When applicable, the awarded
bidder shall provide other information that may be used by the District so that the District may
evaluate the bid properly. The District reserves the right to determine the acceptability of any
proposed alternative service not requested in the solicitation. The District solely shall determine
the acceptability of any proposed service.
Permits, Licenses and Taxes
The vendor shall, at its own expense, prior to an award and prior to commencing
services/operations on behalf of the District or under contract with the District, acquire all
necessary permits, licenses and other approvals as required by law to provide the required
services and/or actions in conjunction with a contract award with the District. It is recommended
that proposers contact the following to learn of any pertinent requirements or licenses:
1. The South Carolina Secretary of State’s office (
2. The South Carolina Department of Revenue
3. The City of Greenville
4. The County of Greenville
The District shall not interpret the requirements of other public entities on behalf of the proposer.
Bidders/proposers shall obtain all necessary permits and licenses required by local, state and
Federal law prior to any award or agreement and shall remain in compliance with all applicable
statutes and pertinent regulations throughout the term of performance. Should any permits or
licenses be revoked or lapse during the period of performance, the undersigned Procurement
Officer shall be notified immediately.
The bidder/proposer shall pay all excise taxes, retail taxes and other fees imposed. The
bidder/proposer assumes full responsibility for payment of all State and Federal taxes for
unemployment, pensions or any Social Security legislation for all its employees and will further
comply with all requirements that may be specified in regulations hereafter promulgated by the
District’s administrative officials.
Prior to the bid due date and time and throughout the program/project, the bidding firm, the
Prime Contractor and any Subcontractors, shall be licensed in full accordance with the provisions
of Section 40-11-10 through 40-11-340 of the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, as
Bidder’s Information
A cover letter on the bidder’s corporate stationery should include any information the bidder
determines to be important regarding the evaluation of the bid. Bidders may enclose additional
pages to describe their services, experience, and qualifications.
Contractor Responsibility
Each bidder is required to submit three (3) professional references for verification as to the
quality of work. The District reserves the right to contact any or all professional references and
discuss the bidder’s past and present performance. The District reserves the right to utilize all
data collected from professional references and project site visits to evaluate the contractor’s
responsibility or capability.
The District retains the right to visit and inspect project jobsites, as well as the bidder’s
business/shop location(s) and applicable equipment which may be assigned to a District project.
The District reserves the right to utilize all data collected from professional references and
project jobsite/business location visits to evaluate the contractor’s responsibility or capability.
Bid Evaluation Information
Bidders shall provide information as requested within this solicitation for evaluative purposes.
The evaluation team may request written or oral clarifications. The District may, at its sole
discretion, refuse to accept in full or in part, the response to a clarification request provided by
any bidder. Bidders are cautioned that the evaluators are not required to request a clarification;
therefore, all offers should be complete. The District reserves the right to reject any and all
responses when such rejection is deemed to be in the best interest of the District.
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