Contract Labor for Scoreboard Repair

Agency: Mobile County Public Schools
State: Alabama
Level of Government: State & Local
  • J - Maintenance, Repair, and Rebuilding of Equipment
  • Z - Maintenance, Repair or Alteration of Real Property
Opps ID: NBD16875170998932781
Posted Date: Jan 11, 2021
Due Date: Jan 25, 2021
Solicitation No: Bid #21-01
Source: Members Only

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Purchasing Department
Phone (251)221-4473
Fax (251)221-4472
Bid No. 21-01
January 11, 2021
Sealed proposals will be received by the Board of School Commissioners of Mobile County, Alabama at
its Purchasing Department, 1 Magnum Pass, Mobile, Alabama 36618, until Monday, January 25, 2021
@ 2:00 PM at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud.
1. The submission of the bid by the vendor, acceptance and award of the bid by the School Board of
Mobile County, Alabama, and subsequent purchase orders issued against said award shall constitute
a binding, enforceable contract. Unless stipulated in the bid documents, no other contract documents
shall be issued.
2. The undersigned, as bidder, hereby declares that I have examined the Instructions, General Terms,
Conditions and Specifications, and affirm that I have not been in any agreement or collusion among
bidders, employees of the Mobile County Public School System, or prospective bidders in restraint of
freedom of competition. Furthermore, I understand that fraudulent and collusive bidding is a crime
and can result in fines and prison sentences.
3. Bidder has become fully familiar with the general terms, conditions and specifications of this bid request
and agrees to abide by all conditions stated herein:
4. Bidder agrees to VISA® Virtual Credit Card Program through AOC/Regions Bank for invoice
payments in place of a check to pay for purchases from this solicitation. See payment terms
for more information.
Legal Name of Vendor:_________________________________________________________
Mailing Address:_______________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip Code:___________________________________________________________
(List Toll Free Number if Applicable)
Telephone Number:__________________________ Fax ______________________________
Authorized Signature of Bidder
Director of Purchasing
Mobile County Public Schools
Authorized Name(Typed or Printed)
Name(Typed or Printed)
Our records indicate you are registered to receive “Invitation to Bids” from Mobile
County Public School System. The Mobile County School System is changing the way
vendors are notified for Invitation to Bids. Currently, we are sending post card
notifications by US Mail to all vendors who are registered.
The NEW NOTIFICATION PROCESS will begin and consist of the vendor receiving an
email notification of Invitation to Bids. A web site has been established for vendors to
register and select the bid categories from which they want to receive bid invitations.
These are the steps you need to take:
1. Go to Https://
2. Select “New Applicant” and you will create a user name and password, and then
follow the prompts.
3. Please note the email bid notifications will be sent from
save this in your address directory to prevent email being sent to SPAM.
Even though vendors are currently registered to receive bids, all vendors MUST register
in the new database in order to receive an ITB “Invitation to Bid” . If you do not register,
you will not receive an ITB. Also, all vendors are responsible for maintaining their
vendor profile in the database for such things as address, contact info, email, bid
categories, etc…… This information needs to stay current to assure you receive ITB’s. I
would strongly encourage vendors to visit once a week to be knowledgeable
of all bid activity.
Thank you for your cooperation as this will allow us to drastically reduce postage costs
and work more efficiently. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions at 251-221-
As a Contractor/Vendor as defined in the Act, to the
Local Board of Education (Board), it is crucial to
your relationship (future or continuing) with the
Board that you comply with the Immigration Reform
Act of 1986, as amended by the Immigration Act of
1990, and the Beason-Hammon Alabama Taxpayer
and Citizen Protection Act. Accordingly please
provide your Affidavit of Immigration Compliance.
These documents can be found in the following bid
package along with a compliance check list.
2.ADDITIONAL ORDERS: Unless it is specifically
stated to the contrary in the bid response, the School
District reserves the option to place additional orders
against a contract awarded as a result of this solicitation
at the same terms and conditions; to extend the renewal
date until a new bid is in place, if it is mutually
3. ADDENDA: If it becomes necessary to revise any
part of this bid, a written addendum will be provided to
all bidders that are registered with the Purchasing
Department. The Board is not bound by any oral
representations, clarifications, or changes made in the
written specifications by the school’s employees, unless
such clarification or change is provided to bidders in
written addendum form from Purchasing Department.
4. APPLICABLE LAW: This contract shall be
construed and interpreted according to Alabama Law.
BRIBERY: The bidder hereby declares and affirms that,
to its best knowledge, none of its officers, directors, or
partners and none of its employees directly involved in
obtaining contracts has been convicted of bribery,
attempted bribery or conspiracy to bribe under the laws
of any state or Federal government.
factors will be considered in determining the lowest
responsible bidder:
Overall quality, Conformity with specifications both
general and specific, Purposes for which materials or
services are required, Delivery dates and time required
for delivery, Unit acquisition cost, financial ability to
meet the contract, previous performance, facilities and
equipment, availability of repair parts, experience,
delivery promise, terms of payments, compatibility as
required, other costs, and other objective and
accountable factors which are reasonable.
security is required, a bid bond or cashier’s check in the
amount indicated on the bid cover must accompany the
bid and be made payable to Board of School
Commissioners of Mobile County. Corporate or certified
checks are not acceptable. Bonds must be in a form
satisfactory to the School District and underwritten by a
company licensed to issue bonds in the State of
Alabama. If bid security fails to accompany the bid, it
shall be deemed unresponsive, unless the Purchasing
Manager deems the failure to be nonsubstantial. All
checks will be returned to the bidders within five (5)
days after the contract has been Board approved. If a
performance bond is required, the successful bidder will
be notified after the awarding of the contract.
8.BRAND NAMES: The name of a certain brand,
make, model number, manufacturer, or definite
specification is to denote the quality standard of the
article desired, but does not restrict the bidder to the
particular brand, make, model number, manufacturer, or
specification named. It is set forth to convey the general
style, character, and quality of the item desired to the
prospective bidder. Whenever the words "or approved
equal" appear in the specifications, they shall be
interpreted to mean an item of material or equipment
similar to that named, which is approved by the
Purchasing Department or their designated
representatives. The burden of proof that alternate
brands are in fact equal or better falls on the bidder, and
proof must be to the Board’s satisfaction.
9. CONFLICT OF INTEREST: Section 36-25-9 of the
Code of Alabama states: “No member of any county or
municipal agency, board, or commission shall vote or
participate in any matter in which the member or family
member of the member has any financial gain or
interest” Employees may not use their offices or
positions for personal gain and must adhere to applicable
provisions of the Alabama Ethics Law and the MCPSS
Board policy 6.10 concerning Ethics. Further
information can be found on both the Alabama Ethics
Commission’s and MCPSS Website.
10.DELIVERY OF BIDS: Bids must be received in the
Purchasing Office by the the date and time specified on
the bid cover. All bids will be accepted until the time
and date stated on the bid cover. No bids will be
accepted that extend past the time and date on the bid
cover. The time of receipt shall be determined by the
time clock stamp in the Purchasing Department. Bids
submitted by U.S. Mail must be addressed to the Board
of School Commissioners, Purchasing Office, P.O. Box
180069, Mobile, AL 36618; when using other couriers,
send to the Board of School Commissioners, Purchasing
Office, 1 Magnum Pass, Mobile, AL 36618. The School
District accepts no responsibility for premature opening
REVISED 08/13/20
of bid response not properly identified or late arrival of a
bid response for whatever reason. No fax or emails will
be accepted. The Board will not be responsible in the
event the U.S. Postal Service or any other courier system
fails to deliver the proposal to the Board of School
Commissioners, Purchasing Department by the time
stated in the bid request. All bids shall remain firm for
acceptance by the Board for a period of 60 days from the
date of bid opening.
If the School System is closed for any reason, including
but not limited to: Acts of God, strikes, lockouts, riots,
acts of war, epidemics, governmental regulations
superimposed after the fact, fire, earthquakes, floods, or
other natural disasters (the “Force Majeure Events”)
which closure prevents the opening of bids at the
advertised date and time, all bids received shall either be
publicly opened and read aloud on the next business day
that the department opens at the advertised time or the
bid opening will be extended by sending out an
addendum that states the new date and time to all
registered bidders.
11.ERRORS IN BIDS: Bidders are assumed to be
informed regarding conditions, requirements, and
specifications prior to submitting bids. Failure to do so
will be at the bidder’s risk. Bids already submitted may
be withdrawn without penalty prior to bid opening.
Errors discovered after the bid opening may not be
Expenditure of federal monies require the bidder to
comply with all applicable standards, orders, or
regulations issued pursuant to the following:
Clean Air Act (42 U.S.C. 7401-7671q); Federal Water
Pollution Control Act as amended (22 U.S.C. 1251-
1387) Buy American provision (7 CFR §210.21); Equal
Employment Opportunity (41 CFR §60); Davis-Bacon
Act (40 U.S.C. 3141-3148) ;Contract Work Hours and
Safety Standards Act (40 U.S.C. 3701-3708); Rights to
Inventions Made Under a Contract or Agreement
(37 CFR §401.2); Debarment and Suspension
(Executive Orders 12549 and 12689), Copeland “Anti-
Kickback” act (18 U.S.C. 874 and 40 U.S.C. 276c)
Byrd Anti-Lobbying Amendment (31 U.S.C. 1352)
Procurement of Recovered Materials (See §200.322)
National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Section
Bidder must comply with all applicable Federal, State,
County and City laws, ordinances and regulations
relating to hazardous and toxic substances, including
such laws, ordinances and regulations pertaining to
information hazardous and toxic substances, and as
amended from time to time. Bidder shall provide the
School District with a “Material Safety Data Sheet” if
Invoices shall be prepared only after ordered materials
have been delivered. Payment will be made in
accordance with Terms of Payment in the Minimum
Specifications. District personnel may choose to use a
VISA® Purchasing Card and E-Payables process for
invoice payments in place of a check to pay for
purchases from this solicitation. Unless exception is
noted in the bid response, the bidder by submitting a
bid, agrees to accept the VISA® purchasing card and
E-Payables process, as an acceptable form of
payment and may not add additional service
fees/handling charges to purchases made with the
VISA® purchasing card. Refusal to accept this
condition may cause your bid to be declared non-
All invoices must show the purchase order number.
Vendors shall not ship any material without an
authorized purchase order from the Board of School
Commissioners of Mobile County or local school. All
packages delivered must show the purchase order
number. The successful bidder will be required to
furnish all materials, equipment, and/or service called for
at the bid price quoted. In the event the bidder fails to
deliver within a reasonable period of time, as determined
by the Board, the right is reserved to cancel the award
and subsequent purchase order and purchase from the
next lowest responsible bidder the items needed. The
original bidder will be back charged the difference
between the original contract price and the price the
Board has to pay as a result of the failure to perform by
the original contractor. All bids will remain firm for
acceptance for 60 days from the date of bid opening.
Prices shall be net F.O.B.; School Site, Mobile County,
AL. The title and risk of loss of the goods will not pass
to the Board, Departments, Schools until receipt and
acceptance takes place at the F.O.B. point.
times, the Board may inspect those areas of the
contractor’s place of business that are related to the
performance of a contract. If the Board makes such an
inspection, the contractor must provide reasonable
assistance. The Board reserves the right on demand and
without notice all the vendor’s files associated with a
subsequent contract where payments are based on
contractor’s record of time, salaries, materials, or actual
REVISED 08/13/20
expenses. This same clause will apply to any
subcontractors assigned to the contract.
16. INSURANCE: If a contract results from this bid, the
contractor shall maintain such insurance as will
indemnify and hold harmless the School District from
Workmen’s Compensation and Public Liability claims
for property damage and personal injury, including
death, which may arise from the contractor’s operations
under this contract, or by anyone directly or indirectly
employed by him/her.
A. LIMITATION TO DAMAGE: In no event shall the
BOARD or any of its Commissioners, officers,
employees, agents, or servants be liable to the Contractor
or Vendor for any direct or indirect, special,
consequential, or incidental damages or lost profits or
punitive damages, arising out of or related to this bid
document, or to the performance of or breach of any
provision hereof.
17. INVITATION TO BID: Any provisions made in
the Invitation for Bid supersedes any provisions outlined
here in the General Terms and Conditions.
18. NON-DISCRIMINATION: The Board provides
equal opportunities for all businesses and does not
discriminate against any vendor regardless of race, color,
creed, sex, national origin, or disability in consideration
for an award.
19. PRODUCT TESTING: Vendor shall incur all cost
involved in obtaining an Independent Laboratory Test if
the Board deems necessary during the term of the
contract or before the contract is awarded. The Board
reserves the right to request a demonstration of any
product or service before making the award at no
additional cost to the school district. The time frame of
the testing will be mutually agreed upon by both parties.
20. PATENTS: Bidders guarantees that the sale and/or
use of goods will not infringe upon any U.S. or foreign
patent. Bidder will at his/her own expense, indemnify,
protect and save harmless the School District, employees
on any claims arising out of the purchase of goods or
21. PROTESTS: Any protest to the Board’s
consideration of any bid must be submitted in writing
and received by the Purchasing Director no later than
five (5) calendar days after awarding date of the bid. If
needed, The Chief Financial Officer will send a written
reply to the protesting bidder. The Board of Education is
the final authority on issues relating to this contract. The
Purchasing Director is the Board’s representative in the
award and administration of this contract, and will issue
and receive all documents, notices and correspondence.
The decision of the Board of Education is final,
conclusive, and binding on all parties concerned.
22. PREPARATION OF BID: All bids shall be
typewritten or in ink on the form(s) prepared by the
Board. Bids prepared in pencil will not be accepted. All
proposals must be signed by officials of the corporation
or company duly authorized to sign bids. Any bid
submitted without being signed will automatically be
rejected. All corrections or erasures shall be initialed and
dated by the person authorized to sign bids. If there are
discrepancies between unit prices quoted and extensions,
the unit price will prevail.
23 PRICING: Prices quoted shall be delivered prices
and shall include any and all costs, charges, taxes, and
fees i.e. the Board shall only pay the price and amount
quoted and nothing more.
24. PURCHASES: Once the bid is board approved, a
letter will be issued to the awarded vendor(s). This letter
does not authorize to make purchases. Purchase orders
will be issued as authorization for all purchases.
25. QUESTIONS/CONTACT: All questions must be
directed to the buyer listed on the particular bid.
Clarification will be made only by written addenda sent
to all registered bidders. The Board will not be
responsible for verbal answers regarding the intent or
meaning of the specifications or for any verbal
instructions given prior to the bid opening. Bidders
shall not contact any member of the Mobile County
School Board, Superintendent, or Staff regarding this
bid prior to such bid has been Board approved. Any
such contact shall be cause for rejection of your
26. REJECTION OF BIDS: Mobile County School
District reserves the right to accept or reject any or all
bids in whole or in part for any reason, to waive
technicalities or informalities, or to advertise for new
proposals, if, in the judgment of the awarding authority,
the best interest of the School District will be promoted
thereby. Bidders may be disqualified and rejection of
proposals may be recommended to for any of (but not
limited to) the following causes: Failure to use the bid
forms furnished by the Board of School Commissioners,
Lack of signature by an authorized representative on the
bid form, Failure to properly complete the bid form and
vendor compliance, Default on previous contracts,
Evidence of collusion among bidders, Unauthorized
alteration of the bid form. On the final board approved
bid tabulation, a written justification of all bidders that
were rejected will be presented and made public.
27. SAMPLES: Bidders will not be required to furnish
samples at the time of bid opening, unless specifically
REVISED 08/13/20
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