Bid - 9th Street Median & 36th Avenue Sidewalk Improvements Project Bid Noticepdf

Agency: City of Tuscaloosa
State: Alabama
Level of Government: State & Local
  • Y - Construction of Structures and Facilities
  • Z - Maintenance, Repair or Alteration of Real Property
Opps ID: NBD16883709986942307
Posted Date: Jan 11, 2021
Due Date: Jan 28, 2021
Source: Members Only
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Bid - 9th Street Median & 36th Avenue Sidewalk Improvements Project

January 28, 2021, 10:00 AM Office of the City Attorney

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( 2020 )
The Bid Opening is scheduled for Thursday the 28th day of January, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. CST. In order to
reduce exposure of all parties during current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, ONLY electronic bids will be received
by the City of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a Municipal Corporation, designated as the office of the awarding authority
for this purpose, prior to the bid opening via submission at OR by email prior to the bid opening
to Electronic bids must be submitted in .pdf format to the City of Tuscaloosa., via submission
to or email to BEFORE Thursday the 28th day of January, 2021
until 10:00 a.m CST. If submitting by email, please put “ELECTRONIC BID FOR 9th Street Median & 36th Avenue
Sidewalk Improvements Project” in the subject line of your email with your bid attached to your email. The .pdf file
shall be submitted with the Contractor Name and General Contractors License Number.
Please submit the entire Bid Package, including (all in .pdf format): Bid Proposal Form completed with
acknowledgement of addendum, references and signatures (signed either electronically or physically signed and
scanned in), Bid Schedule, copy of General Contractors License, Bid Bond, and Forms, 3, 4, and 5.
The electronic bids will be read aloud via web-based videoconferencing software Zoom. This virtual public
bid opening is open to any member of the public and instructions for log in will be given by Meredith Mullins who can
be reached at (205)248-5381 and Instructions for video conferencing of the bid opening
will be emailed to all plan holders.
Award of the contract will be made within forty-five (45) calendar days from the date of the bid opening.
1. The Project:
A. The Project shall be known as 9th Street Median & 36th Avenue Sidewalk Improvements Project and the
general character of said public works project shall consist of the following:
This project shall include the installation of a 16’ wide grassed median on 9th Street and the installation
of a 5’ wide concrete sidewalk on 36th Avenue. Both items of work include associated demolition and
replacement of concrete driveway, curb & gutter, asphalt pavement, handicap ramps, and other items.
B. The approximate quantities of said Project are as follows:
500 Square Yards of 4” Thick Concrete Sidewalk w/ Stone
180 Linear Feet of Type N Curb
200 Linear Feet of Type C Curb & Gutter
950 Square Yards of Existing Pavement Removal
1450 Square Yards of Planing Existing Pavement (1” – 2” Thick)
90 Tons of Asphalt Wearing Surface Layer (110 lbs/sy)
60 Tons of Asphalt Patching
1 Street Light
70 Linear Feet of Chain Link Fence Relocation
C. Special instructions are as follows: N/A
D. The City will furnish the following: N/A
E. Time of Construction: From the date stated in the Notice to Proceed, the Project time of construction is
60 consecutive calendar days.
2. Plans and Specifications:
Plans and specifications and all related Contract Documents are open for public inspection at the office of
Volkert, Inc. located at 6834 Highway 69 South, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35405 and plans, specifications and other
elements of the contract documents may be obtained from the office of the Volkert, Inc. located at 6834 Highway
69 South, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405, designated as the office of the awarding authority for this purpose. The contact
person for the project is Ethan Hand. They can be reached at 205-391-0955 or
A. Plans, specifications and Contract Documents may be obtained at the above location upon the
deposit of $100, which amount does not exceed twice the cost of printing, reproduction, handling
and distribution of each set of such documents. Deposits by prime Contractor bidders are refundable
in full upon return of all documents in reusable condition within ten (10) days of bid opening.
Additional sets of bid documents for prime Contractor bidders, subcontractors, vendors or dealers
may be obtained upon payment of the same deposit. Such deposits will be refunded, less the cost
of printing, reproduction, handling and distribution, if all the documents are returned in reusable
condition within ten (10) days of bid opening.
B. All eligible refunds of deposits for plans and specifications will be made by the City within twenty (20)
days of bid opening.
3. Qualification of Bidders:
A. All bidders must be responsible, meeting the criteria and requirements set forth in the Instructions to
Bidders and bid proposal.
B. Prequalification of Bidders IS
; IS NOT X required.
If prequalification of bidders is indicated to be required by the preceding sentence, then written
prequalification information is available for review at the same office where plans, specifications and
Contract Documents are available.
C. The attention of all bidders is called to the provisions of State law governing "general Contractors,"
as set forth in Ala. Code §34-8-1, et seq. (1975), and rules and regulations promulgated pursuant
D. If a construction manager is being utilized and this contract is one of a multiple of trade contracts,
then the bidder shall be fully licensed for the trade, as determined by applicable law.
E. The City may not enter into a contract with a non-resident corporation or entity which is not qualified
under State law to do business in the State of Alabama.
F. All bidders shall possess all other licenses and/or permits required by applicable law, rule or
regulation for the performance of the work.
G. All bidders must submit with their proposal, Contractor's license number and a copy of the license.
State law, Ala. Code §34-8-8(b), requires all bids to be rejected which do not contain the General
Contractor's current license number.
H. The City reserves the right to reject all bids and/or reject and rebid the Project should it determine
the same is in the best interest of the City.
4. Construction Manager:
If the preceding blank is marked with an affirmative indication, it means that this contract involves
the use of a construction manager and this contract is one of several multiple trade and/or multiple
prime contracts for work on the Project. Bidders attention is called to the supplemental conditions
attached to the General Conditions of the Contract Documents regarding this topic.
5. Bid Bonds: Each bidder must submit with its bid a cashier's check drawn on an Alabama bank or a fully executed
bid bond on the form that is contained in the Contract Documents executed by a surety company duly authorized and
qualified to make bond in the State of Alabama. All bonds, sureties and/or cashier checks will be made payable to the
City for an amount not less than 5 percent of the City's or its engineers or architects estimated cost of the Project or of
the total bid in the proposal, but in no event more than $10,000.00.
6. Sales and Use Tax Savings: Alabama Department of Revenue Rule 810-6-3.69.02(2010) exempts certain
payment of state, county, and municipal sales and use taxes by the contractor or subcontractor on tangible personal
property to be incorporated into the realty pursuant to a contract with a municipal corporation such as the City of
Tuscaloosa. All tax-exempt purchases shall be in accordance with the laws of this state and the Alabama Department
of Revenue. It is the sole responsibility of the successful contractor to make the necessary inquiries and determinations
as to what materials or items of tangible personal property to be incorporated into the project qualify as tax exempt in
the opinion of the Alabama Department of Revenue. Unless otherwise noted, the project will be bid and administered
in compliance with the State of Alabama Act 2013-205, Certificate of Exemption from Sales and Use Tax for
Governmental Entities, regarding sales and use taxes. Sales and use taxes shall not be included in the bid. The
Contractor shall be responsible for obtaining a certificate of exemption from the Alabama Department of Revenue for
purchases of materials and other tangible property made part of the project. Any subcontractors purchasing materials
or other tangible personal property as part of the project shall also be responsible for obtaining a certificate of
exemption. The estimate sales and use tax saving must be accounted for on the bid proposal. Failure to provide the
estimated sales and use tax savings may render the bid as non-responsive. Other than determining responsiveness of
the bid, sales and use tax accounting shall not affect the bid pricing nor shall be considered in the determination of the
lowest responsible and responsive bidder.
7. Pre-Bid Conference: A Pre-Bid Conference IS X ; IS NOT
is required, see below for specific instructions.
required for this Project. If a conference
There will be a mandatory Pre-Bid Conference held via web-based videoconferencing software Zoom
on Thursday, the 21st day of January, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. local time. This Pre-Bid Conference is open to any
member of the public and instructions for log in will be given by Meredith Mullins who can be reached at
(205)248-5381 and
All bidders are advised to carefully read the Instructions to Bidders contained in the Contract
Documents, which provisions and requirements are adopted herein by reference.
Walter Maddox, Mayor
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